War Facts and Causes

//War Facts and Causes

War Facts and Causes

Civil War Myths

Myths of the American Civil War Sam Vaknin, Ph.D. - 9/9/2005 The Civil War (1861-5) has spawned numerous myths and falsities. The Republicans did not intend to abolish slavery - just to "contain" it, i.e., limit it to the 15 states where it had already existed. Most of the Democrats accepted this solution. This led [...]

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Tribune Papers, Western NC

THE UN-CIVIL WAR IN MISSOURI - Tribune Papers, Western North Carolina March 20, 2008 Part 1 of a Series Mike Scruggs Following the Kansas-Nebraska Act of 1854—which allowed Kansas to allow or reject the institution of slavery by popular sovereignty—a destructive and sometimes bloody border war between Kansas and Missouri partisans raged for six years. [...]

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Empire State Slavocracy

Empire State Slavocracy   From: bernhard1848@gmail.com   New York’s experience as a slave State is little discussed as is New England’s role in the infamous slave trade. From the very beginning the Puritans solved their labor shortage by enslaving Indians – in 1645 Emanuel Downing, John Winthrop’s brother-in-law, hoped that slaves could be supplied because [...]

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Year of 1865 ++

Time Line of The War For Southern Independence, 1865 - Present January 12, 1865: Francis Preston Blair, Sr., attempted, unsuccessfully, to negotiate peace with Jefferson Davis NEVER SURRENDER! LONG LIVE DIXIE! January 15, 1865: Fort Fisher at Wilmington, North Carolina, falls, leaving the Confederacy with no open seaports. The damage was heavy on both sides: [...]

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Ugly History

Documenting ugly history Film describes Northern family’s role in promoting and profiting from slavery by Nan Cobbey Section: Art & Soul 6/1/2006 Northerners like to think they bear less guilt than Southerners for our nation’s ugly history with slavery and the slave trade. They are dead wrong, according to Katrina Browne, a committed Episcopalian from [...]

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No Treason

No Treason No. 1 - By Lysander Spooner BOSTON: PUBLISHED BY THE AUTHOR, No. 14 Bromfield Street. 1867. ______________________________________________ Entered according to Act of congress, in the year 1867, By LYSANDER SPOONER, in the Clerk's office of the District Court of the United States, for the District of Massachusetts. ______________________________________________ [*iii] INTRODUCTORY. _____________ The question [...]

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The Carpetbaggers

1898 Wilmington Race Riot The Carpetbagger Class: Republican Party Corruption in the South: What experience did the white citizens of Wilmington have with the Republican party since 1865, and what were their expectations if that party returned to power, and stayed in power sustained by the votes of black voters? Given that the resurgent Republican [...]

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Forrest Interview

Interview With General N.B. Forrest     Below is an excerpt from " INTERVIEW WITH GENERAL N.B. FORREST Printed in the Cincinnati Commercial, August 28, 1868. The excerpt, and the whole file I sent you, comes from the book, ""Invisible Empire" ""The Story of the KuKluxKlan 1866-1871"" written by Stanley F. Horn in 1939 from [...]

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Peace Conference

The Hampton Roads Peace Conference During the War Between the States by John V. Denson Most establishment historians today might as well be the Orwellian historians writing for the Ministry of Truth in George Orwell’s novel 1984, especially in relation to the War Between the States. They rarely, if ever, mention the Hampton Roads Peace [...]

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Missing History

MISSING HISTORY: OMISSIONS IN JAMES McPHERSON'S BOOK THE BATTLE CRY OF FREEDOM By: Michael T. Griffith James McPherson's book The Battle Cry of Freedom: The Civil War Era (New York: Ballantine Books, 1988) has been hailed as one of the best books ever written on the War Between the States. When the book was published [...]

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