War Facts and Causes

//War Facts and Causes

War Facts and Causes

Lost but Honorable

A Lost Cause, But An Honorable One By Lewis Regenstein The controversy over the Confederate battle flag and what it symbolizes continues to rage. But it is rarely if ever explained why many decent people of good will are so proud of their Confederate ancestry. Basically, it is because our ancestors showed amazing courage, honor, [...]

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Historical Excerpts

Lesser Known Historical Excerpts Relevant to The War for Southern Independence Author: Eric Patterson Below are but a few excerpts from history that reveal that the war between the United States of America and the Confederate States of America was not a battle of good versus evil, or even a true civil war. The facts [...]

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Shelled, Sacked, Exterminated

Charleston - Shelled, Sacked and Exterminated   From: bernhard1848@att.net   Most often left out of the army of Abraham Lincoln’s accomplishments is the sack and destruction of American farms, towns and cities – and the fate of American women and children left in the path of Northern armies consumed with hate.  The unrestrained plundering of [...]

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Chapter 9

A REBEL'S RECOLLECTIONS. CHAPTER IX. THE END, AND AFTER.     IT is impossible to say precisely when the conviction became general in the South that we were to be beaten. I cannot even decide at what time I myself began to think the cause a hopeless one, and I have never yet found one of my [...]

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Lincoln’s Warrant

Lincoln’s Presidential Warrant to Arrest Chief Justice Roger B. Taney 'A Great Crime' or a Fabrication? by Charles Adams Frederick S. Calhoun, the Chief Historian for the United States Marshal’s Service, at the Department of Justice, recently wrote a 200 year history of Federal Marshals, entitled, The Lawmen: United States Marshals and their Deputies, 1789–1989 [...]

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The Souths Side

THE SOUTHERN SIDE OF THE CIVIL WAR FACTS YOUR HISTORY TEACHER MAY NOT HAVE MENTIONED ABOUT THE WAR BETWEEN THE STATES Michael T. Griffith 2004 When I began to study the Civil War, I realized that much of what I had been taught about it in school was either wrong or incomplete. It has been [...]

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Battle Of Griswoldville

  Battle Of Griswoldville, Georgia The face off with General William T. Sherman! History is not an absolute, but cause and effect: Change the cause and you alter the effect. What if a single decision or battle had went the other way? Perhaps an election had turned out differently! We as individuals are capable of [...]

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Rape of Athens

THE RAPE OF ATHENS, ALABAMA In the middle of April 1862, the 18th Ohio under Turchin's command occupied Athens, Alabama, a prosperous town of about 1200 population. On May 1, however, they were driven out by a combined regular and partisan Confederate cavalry force of only 112 men and retreated back to Huntsville. The Confederate [...]

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Lincoln Archive


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Why the Struggle?

For What Are We Contending? From the Charleston Mercury, Saturday, April 20, 1861 For more than thirty years the people of South Carolina have been contending against the consolidation of the Government of the United States. Created a Confederation of Republics whose central power, authority, and jurisdiction, were carefully limited by the compact of the [...]

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