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War Facts and Causes

Chapter 2

A REBEL'S RECOLLECTIONS. CHAPTER 2. THE MEN WHO MADE THE ARMY,   A NEWSPAPER correspondent has told us that the great leader of the German armies, Count Von Moltke, has never read anything - even a history - of our war, and that when questioned on the subject, he has said he could not afford to [...]

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Forced Enlistment

The Forced Enlistment of Southern Blacks Into the U.S. Army Much is said about ex-slaves who enlisted in the U.S. army to "fight for their freedom." Much evidence is available to dispute the totality of this statement. In South Carolina, Brigadier General Rufus Saxton, Military Governor, U.S. Forces at Beaufort, on December 30, 1864, reported [...]

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NYC Atrocities

Atrocities against slaves - in NYC From: regenstein@mindspring.com The NY Times has again reviewed a book revealing the cruel treatment of slaves in New York, in Sunday's NYT Book Review. The book describes a "1741 'witch hunt' in Manhattan [in which] 30 slaves and 4 whites were put to death by gibbet & burnbing at [...]

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Moses Ezekiel

Hispanic Confederate, Moses Ezekiel The diversity of her people is the history of America. September 15th is the beginning of Hispanic Heritage Month that is celebrated through October. Make this time of remembrance a family affair and ask your children to share the following story with their teachers and class mates. You could also make [...]

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William Mack Lee

HISTORY OF THE LIFE of Rev. Wm. Mack Lee I was born June 12, 1835, Westmoreland County, Va.; 82 years ago. I was raised at Arlington Heights, in the house of General Robert E. Lee, my master. I was cook for Marse Robert, as I called him, during the civil war and his body servant. [...]

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Year of 1863

Time Line of The War For Southern Independence, 1863 January 1, 1863:  Emancipation Proclamation goes into effect. This frees all slaves in territories held by Confederates and emphasizes the enlisting of black soldiers in the Union Army. The war to preserve the Union now becomes a revolutionary struggle for the abolition of slavery. January 2, [...]

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Cults Cover Up

The Lincoln Cult’s Latest Cover-Up by Thomas J. DiLorenzo On July 19 the Associated Press and Reuter’s reported an "amazing find" at a museum in Allentown, Pennsylvania: A copy of a letter dated March 16, 1861, and signed by Abraham Lincoln imploring the governor of Florida to rally political support for a constitutional amendment that [...]

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Slavery & The South

SLAVERY AND SOUTHERN INDEPENDENCE: DID THE CONFEDERACY DESERVE TO SURVIVE? Michael T. Griffith 2005 @All Rights Reserved Second Edition In the 2003 Civil War movie Gods and Generals, the character of Colonel Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain, a famous Union officer, gives a brief, stirring speech to his brother, Tom, about slavery and the Confederate cause. In [...]

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Care Of Freedmen

Northern Care of the Freedmen "The story of the freedmen in wartime is one of gross mismanagement and neglect (on the part of the North). The problem was neither vigilantly foreseen by the government nor dealt with vigorously and promptly by it or by private organizations. The abolitionists who had called so long for emancipation [...]

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Sherman’s Plunder

Sherman's Plunder and Death THE LETTER from Union Lieutnant Thomas J. Myers: Feb 26, 1865 of the Morrill Tariff "Camp near Camden, S. C. My dear wife--I have no time for particulars. We have had a glorious time in this State. Unrestricted license to burn and plunder was the order of the day. The chivalry [...]

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