War Facts and Causes

//War Facts and Causes

War Facts and Causes

Fighting Joe Wheeler Pt. 2

Fighting Joe Wheeler - Part 2 FIGHTING JOE WHEELER Part 2 of 3 Mike Scruggs The months of June and July 1863 would prove difficult for Wheeler and for the Confederate cause. On June 27, Wheeler experienced a near disaster trying to rescue Forrest and his 3,000 men from being cut-off by Union forces at [...]

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Rebel’s Recollections

Electronic Edition Eggleston, George Cary, 1839-1911 Funding from the Library of Congress/Ameritech National Digital Library Competition supported the electronic publication of this title. Text scanned (OCR) by Christopher Gwyn Text encoded by Don Sechler and Natalia Smith First edition, 1997. ca. 550K Academic Affairs Library, UNC-CH University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, 1998. © [...]

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Secession: Treasonous Act or Constitutional choice? By Bill Ward Columnist Posted: 11:00 PM EST Monday April 24, 2006 When in the Course of human events it becomes necessary for one people to dissolve the political bands which have connected them with another and to assume among the powers of the earth, the separate and equal [...]


A Tariff War

Lincoln's Tariff War By Thomas J. DiLorenzo When Charles Adams published his book For Good and Evil, a world history of taxation, the most controversial chapter by far was the one on whether or not tariffs caused the American War between the States. That chapter generated so much discussion and debate that Adams's publisher urged [...]

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_Lincoln And Corwin

Lincoln And Corwin by Al Benson Jr. As this year passes we will continue, no doubt, to be treated to stories about Abraham Lincoln, the "great emancipator." This was supposedly the man who "freed" the slaves (he freed no one). This was the man who, supposedly, had a fond spot in his heart for all [...]

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Jacksons Class

Jackson's 'colored Sunday school' class By Richard G. Williams Jr. SPECIAL TO THE WASHINGTON TIMES May 6, 2006 A small crowd gathered one day in 1906 in front of the Lexington Presbyterian Church. They were watching as a piece of history was about to disappear. The memory of the church's most famous deacon, Thomas J. [...]

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Civil War Start

Genesis of the Civil War by Llewellyn H. Rockwell, Jr. The historical event that looms largest in American public consciousness is the Civil War. One-hundred thirty-nine years after the first shot was fired, its genesis is still fiercely debated and its symbols heralded and protested. And no wonder: the event transformed the American regime from [...]

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Facts to Support South

FACTS THAT SUPPORT THE SOUTHERN VIEW OF THE CIVIL WAR By: Michael T. Griffith Most books on the Civil War are biased in favor of the Northern view of the conflict. However, in many of these books the careful reader can find a number of facts that support the Southern view of the war. In [...]

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Father Of ‘Collective Responsibility’

The Founding Father of ‘Collective Responsibility’ by Thomas J. DiLorenzo The phrase "collective responsibility" is rather pleasant sounding, with its implication that, perhaps, we should all collectively take responsibility for our own actions. What parents should not teach their children such things? But for at least the past 150 years "collective responsibility" also has a [...]

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Chapter 8

A REBEL'S RECOLLECTIONS. CHAPTER VIII.RED TAPE.  THE history of the Confederacy, when it shall be fully and fairly written, will appear the story of a dream to those who shall read it, and there are parts of it at least which already seem a nightmare to those of us who helped make it. Founded upon [...]

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