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War Facts and Causes

Lincoln Mythology

Lincoln Mythology is Born Commentary by Steve Scroggins March 4th, 2011 marks the 150th Anniversary of Abraham Lincoln’s inauguration as President of the United States. Lincoln idolators and court ‘historians’ are certain to gush forth with fluff and flowery prose about how Lincoln “saved the Union” and “freed the slaves” when history shows that he [...]

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Chapter 6

A REBEL'S RECOLLECTIONS. CHAPTER VI. LEE, JACKSON, AND SOME LESSER WORTHIES.  THE story goes that when Napoleon thanked a private one day for some small service, giving him the complimentary title of "captain," the soldier replied with the question, "In what regiment, sire?" confident that this kind of recognition from the Little Corporal meant nothing [...]

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The South Clear

The South Was Not Responsible For Slavery Neither the introduction of slaves into America nor their continued Importation can be Charged to the South. By Arthur H. Jennings, Chairman, Gray Book Com. Undoubtedly, England, Spain, Dutch (and Portugal, see "The Slave Trade, by Hugh Thomas, ISBN 0-684-81063-8, Pub. By Simon & Schuster) were primarily and [...]

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Legal Slavery

Legalized Slavery SOURCE: University Press, NY, 1940, p. 378 "In 1650 there were only 300 negroes in Virginia, about one percent of the population. They weren't slaves any more than the approximately 4,000 white indentured servants working out their loans for passage money to Virginia, and who were granted 50 acres each when freed from [...]

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Inconvenient History 2

An Inconvenient History-War for Southern Independence-Part 2 by Republicae (Libertarian) Wednesday, April 16, 2008 Slavery was an evil institution in this country, both in the North and the South however, we fail to understand the real issues concerning the War Between the States. My suggestion is that you read: The Rise and Fall of the [...]

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Northern Atrocities

A. Osceola, Missouri James H. Lane, a United States Senator from Kansas returned to his home state of Kansas in the summer of 1861 to command what was called "Lane's Brigade." Lane was to retain his Senate seat while occasionally rampaging through Missouri. His brigade was composed of Kansas infantry and cavalry. This force was, [...]

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Slavery: Did it cause secession and the War Between the States? By Bill Ward "What were the causes of the Southern independence movement in 1860? . . . Northern commercial and manufacturing interests had forced through Congress taxes that oppressed Southern planters and made Northern manufacturers rich . . . the South paid about three-quarters [...]


Union Invasion legal?

Was the Union Army’s Invasion of the Confederate States a Lawful Act? 7-29-02 | James Ostrowski This paper, included in Secession, State, and Liberty (New Brunswick, N.J.: Transaction Publishers, 1998), edited by David Gordon, was delivered at the Mises Institute’s conference on the political economy of secession. It is ©1998 by the Ludwig von Mises [...]

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Slave Quotes

Slave Quotes:   Phil Towns said, "After the close of the war the Federal Soldiers were stationed in towns to keep order.   Union Flags were placed everywhere, and a Southerner was accused of not respecting the flag if he passed under it without bowing.   Penalties for this offense was to be hung by the thumbs, [...]

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Up From Slavery

Up From Slavery: An Autobiography: Electronic Edition. Booker T. Washington (1856-1915) Text scanned (OCR) by Don Sechler Text encoded by Natalia Smith First edition, 1997. ca. 550K University Library, UNC-Chapel Hill University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, 1997. This work is the property of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. It may [...]

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