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War Facts and Causes

Feds Versus Indians

The Feds Versus The Indians January 1, 1998 Thomas J. DiLorenzo The Free Market History books and the popular culture are full of stories about how “the white man” brutally mistreated the American Indians during the latter half of the nineteenth century. Greedy capitalists are usually portrayed as the villains, killing Indians by the thousands [...]

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Attack on Athens

By Jerry Barksdale Jbarks1248@aol.com “From Conciliation to Conquest,” by George C. Bradley and Richard L. Dahlen University of Ala. Press Attn: Publicity Department www.uapress.ua.edu 312 pp., $45 hardcover Described as “shabby” by a northern reporter, “an ever more unclassical place than Florence,” Athens, Alabama, was the home of 887 inhabitants in 1860, 338 of them [...]

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Secession 2

Secession: Considered as a Right in the States Composing the Late American Union of States, and as to the Grounds of Justification of the Southern States in Exercising the Right. Gentleman of Mississippi SECESSION. To the patriot, who maintains the justice of the separation of the Confederate States from the United States, it is of [...]

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NY Draft Riots

The New York Draft Riots Did you know that the biggest riots in this nation's history took place in New York City to protest the Draft then taking place for compulsory military service in the 1861-1865 war? This is one story that the mass media and government schools virtually never tell us about. But we [...]

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The Confederate Constitution

Volume 10, Number 6; June 1992 The Confederate Constitution By Randall G. Holcombe Special interests have long used the democratic political process to produce legislation for their own private benefit, and the U.S. Constitution contains flaws that make this easier. One attempt to remedy these flaws was the Confederate Constitution. The Confederate Constitutional Convention opened [...]

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Chapter 1

A REBEL'S RECOLLECTIONS. CHAPTER I. THE MUSTERING, THAT was an admirable idea of De Quincey's, formally to postulate any startling theory upon which he desired to build an argument or a story, and to insist that his readers should regard the postulate as proved, on pain of losing altogether what he had to say. The [...]

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Yankee Atrocities

Yankee Atrocities Against Civilians The following article was taken verbatim from 'The South Was Right' from the authors, Donald and Ronald Kennedy. Nothing makes the heart of a Yankee liberal beat with more profound sorrow and grief than the thought of the misuse of a rope down South. Dime-store novels, cheap tabloids, television documentaries, and [...]

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New York Slaves

Old North: Recalling the Real Slaves of New York By Michael Powell Washington Post Staff Writer Sunday, October 9, 2005 NEW YORK -- One fine morning in 1720, George Clarke sent his agent off to the market in downtown Manhattan. At the top of his shopping list was a good field slave. Alas, the market [...]

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The Danes

Lincoln Tries To Fool The Danes From: Bernhard1848@att.net Avid students of the War Between the States are aware of Lincoln's long-standing desire to colonize blacks outside the United States, but Honest Abe had another scheme in mid-1862 that would allow him a way to get them out of the country. The black slaves would cause [...]

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Confederates Thwart Grant’s Plans

Confederates thwart Grant's plans, force retreat Published: December 22, 2012 By TIM ISBELL — ttisbell@sunherald.com By November 1862, Maj. Gen. Ulysses S. Grant was preparing his first overland push into Mississippi. This endeavor, known as the Mississippi Central Railroad Campaign, came to a sudden halt, thanks to a general who lost his command and 3,800 [...]

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