Women and the War

Women and the War

Alice Thompson

Alice Thompson, an example of the courageous women of the South. Picking up a fallen battleflag and rallying the Confederate soldiers. From the 1900 issue of Confederate Veteran --   On the morning of March 3, 1863, the battle of Thompson Station was fought. Before day the inhabitants of this little village were in great [...]

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Women And The War

Dixie Girls & The War For Southern Independence Many times history tends to leave out, or forget very important facts. We believe that the great Southern Women of the War For Southern Independence have suffered such an injustice. We hope that the links provided here will shed some light on this wonderful topic.

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Clara Barton’s Page

Clara Barton is best known as being the founder of the American Red Cross and, prior to this significant achievement, as a nurse who tended to countless wounded soldiers on Civil War battlefields. Click on the link below to know more about this Confederate heroine. http://www.geocities.com/Athens/Aegean/6732/cb.html

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Mary Custis Lee

The Life of Mary Custis Lee By Kimberly J. Largent Part I: Growing Up at Arlington Mary Custis Lee, great-granddaughter of First Lady Martha Washington, has been often portrayed in a negative light wherever her name appears in the annals. It is written that her debilitating arthritis turned her into a constant complainer and that [...]

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Female Defenders

Female 'Company' Defends Town Against Raiders  RE: NANCY HARTS by R. Chris Cleaveland Confederate General Robert E. Lee had surrendered his Army of Northern Virginia at Appomattox on April 12, effectively ending the Civil War. But 13,000 troops under Brigadier General James Wilson of the Union Military Division of the Mississippi, better known as Wilson's [...]

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Civil War Nurse

Civil War Nurses - "The Angels of the Battlefield" William Ludwell Sheppard's watercolor In the Hospital, 1861 (above) pays tribute to those women of the South who labored ceaselessly to care for the war's wounded. "I have never worked so hard in all my life and I would rather do that than anything else in [...]

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Twixt North/South

'Twixt North and South By H. W. Calhoun The Last Union Raid into Pendelton Sometime in the month of February 1865, a force of Union cavalry under the command of a Major Croxwell made a forced march into Pendleton County by way of the North Fork and Mouth of Seneca. Late in the evening they [...]

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West Point Battle

The day after capturing West Point, LaGrange moved on to the town of LaGrange, Georgia. Well aware of their desperate position, a ladies auxiliary orchestrated the peaceful and non-destructive surrender of the town. This auxiliary was known as the Nancy Harts. It is important to recognize their contribution to the war effort, as well as [...]

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Women In War

The Women's Civil War 1. The Civil War is said to be the first true modern war. This conflict brought forth the use of the first air force (hot air balloons) and machine guns (the rarely used gatling gun). The War was also the first to be reported andpresented with photography. In addition, it was [...]

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Sacrificed All

Mother Who Sacrificed All Sir, Heroism was not just confined to the soldiers. "At the portico of a modest, cheerful dwelling by the roadside, there stood, as we rode along, an elderly lady in deep mourning who held by the hand a fair-haired boy of about fifteen years of age, and who asked the General [...]

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