Women and the War

Women and the War

Alice Thompson

Alice Thompson, an example of the courageous women of the South. Picking up a fallen battleflag and rallying the Confederate soldiers. From the 1900 issue of Confederate Veteran --   On the morning of March 3, 1863, the battle of Thompson Station was fought. Before day the inhabitants of this little village were in great [...]

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West Point Battle

The day after capturing West Point, LaGrange moved on to the town of LaGrange, Georgia. Well aware of their desperate position, a ladies auxiliary orchestrated the peaceful and non-destructive surrender of the town. This auxiliary was known as the Nancy Harts. It is important to recognize their contribution to the war effort, as well as [...]

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Women In War

The Women's Civil War 1. The Civil War is said to be the first true modern war. This conflict brought forth the use of the first air force (hot air balloons) and machine guns (the rarely used gatling gun). The War was also the first to be reported andpresented with photography. In addition, it was [...]

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Sacrificed All

Mother Who Sacrificed All Sir, Heroism was not just confined to the soldiers. "At the portico of a modest, cheerful dwelling by the roadside, there stood, as we rode along, an elderly lady in deep mourning who held by the hand a fair-haired boy of about fifteen years of age, and who asked the General [...]

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Women in Uniform

Women In Soldier's Apparel The Daily Dispatch: October 31, 1864.: [Richmond, Virginia] Local Matters. The Central cars, on Friday night, brought down two girls, named Mary Bell and Mollie Bell, who were dressed in soldier clothes. They claim to be cousins, and state that before the war they lived with their uncle in Southwestern Virginia; [...]

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Ladies in War

Women In The Civil War Women Were There. The War Between the States was also a war between brothers, cousins, friends and neighbors - and some of them were women. We know from certain military records, antique books, and lately some newer books, that women served as nurses, vivandiers, sutlers, and as Union and Confederate [...]

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Confederate Quotes Then perhaps, to relax, Ewell directed the placement of a battery to cover the fort. At that moment a woman rode up to him to report what she had seen of the Federal advance. Ewell was no romantic like Beauregard or Rosser. He had little use for such heroines, and abruptly told her [...]


Women and War

Women And The Civil War For women living in Virginia during the Civil War, the home front was very near the front lines. By Claudette Ward/Centre View September 1, 2005 During the Civil War, for many Southern women the phrase "home front" was not a metaphor. The war transformed their homes into hospitals and headquarters [...]

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All the Women

Click on the link below to learn about all of the women of the American Civil War http://www.americancivilwar.com/women/women.html

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Rebel Rose

'Rebel Rose' a spy for the ages Civil War figure left veiled diary By ANNE BLYTHE, Staff Writer Published: Sep 14, 2005 The handwriting and the spelling were so poor in the 19th-century diary that many of the entries had a cryptic quality to them. Rose O'Neale Greenhow was a spy for the Confederacy whose [...]

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