Women and the War

Women and the War

Alice Thompson

Alice Thompson, an example of the courageous women of the South. Picking up a fallen battleflag and rallying the Confederate soldiers. From the 1900 issue of Confederate Veteran --   On the morning of March 3, 1863, the battle of Thompson Station was fought. Before day the inhabitants of this little village were in great [...]

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Ladies in War

Women In The Civil War Women Were There. The War Between the States was also a war between brothers, cousins, friends and neighbors - and some of them were women. We know from certain military records, antique books, and lately some newer books, that women served as nurses, vivandiers, sutlers, and as Union and Confederate [...]

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Confederate Quotes Then perhaps, to relax, Ewell directed the placement of a battery to cover the fort. At that moment a woman rode up to him to report what she had seen of the Federal advance. Ewell was no romantic like Beauregard or Rosser. He had little use for such heroines, and abruptly told her [...]


Women and War

Women And The Civil War For women living in Virginia during the Civil War, the home front was very near the front lines. By Claudette Ward/Centre View September 1, 2005 During the Civil War, for many Southern women the phrase "home front" was not a metaphor. The war transformed their homes into hospitals and headquarters [...]

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All the Women

Click on the link below to learn about all of the women of the American Civil War http://www.americancivilwar.com/women/women.html

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Rebel Rose

'Rebel Rose' a spy for the ages Civil War figure left veiled diary By ANNE BLYTHE, Staff Writer Published: Sep 14, 2005 The handwriting and the spelling were so poor in the 19th-century diary that many of the entries had a cryptic quality to them. Rose O'Neale Greenhow was a spy for the Confederacy whose [...]

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La Belle Rebelle

The beautiful rebel spy from Virginia Belle Boyd hated Yankees, but she gladly used her charms on gullible Union officers for her own protection. French newspapers called her "La Belle Rebelle" (the beautiful rebel) . Boyd was born with that indefinable quality of women like Cleopatra. Men turned into putty in her hands. She was [...]

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Ladies of Kennesaw

The Women of Kennesaw Mountain By: Calvin E. Johnson, Jr., Kennesaw, Georgia Email:Dix414036@aol.com Happy Birthday, U. S. A.! July 4th is a celebration of how we became a nation. It reminds us that there were events in the past which gave us that we now take for granted. It is easy to forget such things [...]

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Brave Women Of South

Brave Women Of South Southern women faced big challenges during the Civil War. By Ned Harrison Date published: 12/29/2007 THE U.S. CENSUS of 1860 shows that we were a nation of 31,443,321 souls. Roughly, 22 million lived in the North and about 9 million lived in the South. Of these, about 3 million were slaves, [...]

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Alice Wright

Another War Heroine - Alice Wright of Missouri A little known story about a very patriotic brave Confederate Lady from Missouri, Jerry Watkins, Quartermaster Capt James V. Knox Camp#2022 Nahunta, GA 31553 Another War Heroine - Alice Wright October 1908 - Confederate Veteran Magazine By E. Louise Strother, Sherman, Texas Mrs. A. W. Clinton (née [...]

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