Black Confederates

Black Confederates

Take on History

A Take On Black History Historical re-enactor Gregory Cherry, of Newport News, is spreading the word about the role some blacks played during the Civil War. BY KIM O'BRIEN ROOT February 4, 2006 NEWPORT NEWS -- His uniform isn't gray. Rather, it's more of a cocoa color with black piping. But when re-enactor Gregory Cherry [...]

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Blacks in Combat?

Did Black Confederates Serve in Combat? By Vernon R. Padgett, Ph.D. Black Southern men served in the Confederate Army, and they served as soldiers. But did they fight in combat? Yes they did. The evidence is varied, and comes from many sources. First, eyewitness testimony from Federal physician Louis Steiner, second, a report from Frederick [...]

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Amendment to the Negro Soldier Bill: Electronic Edition. Confederate States of America. Congress. House of Representatives. AMENDMENT To the Negro Soldier Bill. 1 The Congress of the Confederate States of America do enact, 2 That the General-in-Chief commanding the armies of the Confederate 3 States be and he is hereby invested with the full and [...]


Serving South

Serving The South Readers of the Raleigh (NC) News & Observer respond below to John David Smith's assertion that "Black Confederates" is a propaganda myth circulated by "Southern conservative partisans." Serving the South John David Smith, in his Feb. 4 Point of View article "Armed, Confederate and black? Not likely" was correct in writing that [...]

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Wary Clyburn (North Carolina)

Black Confederate From North Carolina In the Charlotte (NC) Observer, Cliff Harrington reports on Wary Clyburn, a former slave from Union County, NC who volunteered for the Confederate Army. Harrington writes, "Too often when it comes to the Civil War and slavery, we hear versions of the truth that are woven from conjecture and narrow [...]

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Black Soldier

Black History Month and “Civil War Memory” by Bill Vallante A Black Confederate Civilian’s Story: One of the most entertaining of the southern civilian slave narratives comes from “Praise de Lawd” Rilla Patterson. It’s a bit on the lengthy side and like many of the Slave Narratives, the words in the passages are spelled exactly [...]

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Ex-Slave Success

Mansions symbolized success of ex-slave, descendants By GEORGE ZEPP Wednesday, 09/20/06 As young boys in the early 1940s, my friends and I would pass on walks an impressive mansion that took up half a city block at 16th Avenue North and Heiman Street. A shiny black limo with an open seat in front for a [...]

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Proud of Collier

Proud of Holt Collier and Greenville To the editor: I have never been as proud of, and especially for, Greenville as I was on Feb. 28 while I attended the dedication ceremony for the long-awaited grave marker of the former ex-slave and Confederate Army calvaryman Holt Collier. This amazing man transcended social and racial barriers [...]

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When Rucker Called The Roll

Wednesday, July 27, 2011 When Rucker Called the Roll — A Soldier’s Story By Calvin E. Johnson, Jr. Writer, Speaker, Author of book, looking to republish “When America Stood for God, Family and Country” and member of the Sons of Confederate Veterans. The following should be included in American History studies in schools. Mrs. [...]

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Blacks at War

Black Confederates Sunday, March 04, 2007 Well, another February, Black History Month, has come and gone. There were plenty of opportunities during this shortest month of the year to hear all about the civil rights movement, and “Roots”, and “Glory”, and “buffalo soldiers”. But, somehow that other side – that embarrassing Confederate side – [...]

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