Black Confederates

Black Confederates

Letters Tell…

Letter Tells Of Black Soldiers TO THE EDITOR: I have been researching my grandfather's Civil War regiment with the help of many penpals. One of them, Doug Adams of Pennsylvania, sent me a copy of a letter he viewed while doing research at the National Archives. The below excerpts from one of these letters concerns [...]

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Black Websites

Black Confederate Websites Previews of books that present historical accounts about Black Confederates plus a news page and links to interesting websites. BROTHERS of COLOUR Good description of blacks role in the Confederate army, tells of their love for the South, and truth about Lincoln’s feelings toward blacks. Tells a story [...]

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Uppity Yankees

Black History Month and “Civil War Memory” by Bill Vallante Dem’ “Uppity”/“White Trash” Yankees Once again, popular historical wisdom holds that all slaves welcomed the Yankees and that the Yankees, being of course an army of blue-coated warm and fuzzy types, responded with love and affection. Let’s go to the historical videotape and toss a [...]

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Black Soldiers

Black Confederate Soldiers Introduction There were Black Confederate soldiers. This is a fact, not fiction. Conservative estimates state that over 50,000 African-Confederates served in the Confederate Army. Many of these men saw combat and participated in it. Some died. Although the Confederate Congress did not authorize Colored Units in the Confederate Army until 1865, when [...]

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Blacks Fought

Blacks also fought for Confederacy in Civil War By GENE SMITH The Capital-Journal Blacks in butternut descended on the Kansas Capitol on Friday to strike a blow for historical correctness. The half-dozen pioneers' purpose was simple: To show that black soldiers not only fought for the Union but also for the Confederacy during the War [...]

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A.D. Mitchell

Black Confederate: A. D. Mitchell "Floyd Lamar" 6th Alabama Infantry, Home Guard, Confederate Valet, CSA From the March 10, 1938 edition of The Coalfield Progress: A. D. Mitchell Once a Slave Dies at 95 A. D. Mitchell, 95 years old, one of the old slaves and negro preachers, one of the most beloved of his [...]

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Saluting Blacks

A salute to black confederates By Lance Spradlin We at the Colonel Thomas Alonzo Napier Sons of Confederate Veterans Camp #2040 and the Mrs. Mary Ann Forrest Order of Confederate Rose Society #3 would like to honor all those who took up arms and fought for the Confederate Army in all branches of the Confederate [...]

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Black Response

How Did Black Southerners Respond When War Was Declared? By: Vernon R. Padgett, Ph.D. When the war started in 1861 there were public demonstrations of support for the Confederacy by blacks throughout the South (Wesley, 1937, p. 141; Rollins, 1994, p. 2). The largest demonstration came in New Orleans. A mass meeting attended by black [...]

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R.E.LEE on Blacks

Robert E. Lee on Black Confederate Troops In the waning days of the Civil War, Gen. Robert E. Lee disclosed his thoughts on the subject of Negroes as soldiers for the Confederacy. In the waning days of the Civil War, when desperation drove the Confederacy to enlist Negroes in her army, General Robert E. Lee [...]

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Two For One

"Civil War group holds 'two for one' meeting" From: To:, Mballard@Library.Msstate.Edu According to your article Professor Smith, "...carefully laid out the argument groups use to insist there were black Confederate soldiers and then methodically demolished it. There was, he said, absolutely no historical documentation to support such a claim...which provided further insight into [...]

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