Black Confederates

Black Confederates

History Outline

Regimental History Outline Black Confederates of Co. F, 33rd Regiment NCST, "Dixie Invincibles" Robert W. Hester Lt. Comdr., Camp 1695, Sons of Confederate Veterans Belhaven, North Carolina September 11, 1996 As more and better information bobs to the surface concerning the War Between The States, the more we realize the distortions of truth presented in [...]

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Flies For Freedom

Men say Rebel flag flies for freedom TIM ISBELL THE SUN HERALD For an hour, the Confederate battle flag flew over the former site of the Eight Flags Display on U.S. 90. Dressed in Confederate gray, a black man named Anthony Hervey marched with the banner clutched in his hands. His brother, Harry, accompanied him, [...]

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Tribute To Man In Black

A Tribute To The Man In Black Comrade C. C. Cumming of Fort Worth, Texas, writes that Bob and Alf Taylor have just passed through the Fort in their double role of "Yankee Doodle and Dixie," and a crowded house greeted them, laughing and crying alternately at the comedy and tragedy of the "Old South" [...]

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Black Confederates

We are often led to believe that somehow the War for Southern Independence was fought to allow the suppression of the black man, but the articles to the Left show that to be a misconception.

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Amos Rucker

Amos Rucker, Black Confederate On August 10, 1905, Amos, Rucker, a ex-Confederate soldier and proud member of the United Confederate Veterans, died in Atlanta, Georgia. His friends of the UCV had previously bought a grave site and marker for he and his wife Martha who had limited income. Amos Rucker was one of many thousands [...]

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Forced To Fight?

Were Blacks “Forced to Fight” for the Confederacy? By: Vernon R. Padgett, Ph.D. Some historians, and students of history, will grudgingly admit that some blacks did fight for the South, but will add that they were “forced” to fight. The implication is that their service is diminished, or dismissed, if they were “forced” to fight. [...]

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Union Docs.

Union Documentation of Black Confederates We had been advised not to print the first two historical quotations because they are "too much" - but history is history and the 37th offers history without editorial opinion. It is for the visitor to assess. From Federal Official Records - (Official Records, Series I, Vol XVI Part I, [...]

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Bad History Lesson

History Professor Doesn't Know His History Confederacy created to perpetrate slavery It was disappointing to see the News-Sentinel devote front-page space in its Sunday perspective section on Feb. 27 to Edward Bardill's misconceived tribute to black soldiers in the Confederate army. His claim that tens of thousands of free and slave blacks fought for the [...]

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Blacks in War

Black Confederates Fact Page The fact page makes reference to a video entitled "Black Southern Heritage." You can order a copy of this video through DixieRising.Com. CLICK HERE to access their website)   by Scott K. Williams Black Confederates Why haven't we heard more about them? National Park Service historian, Ed Bearrs, stated, "I don't want [...]

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Bloody FIght

Black History Month and “Civil War Memory” by Bill Vallante Blood In The Fight As in the case of the word “Heritage”, I suppose you’ve got to be southern to understand the meaning of this phrase. Come to think of it, the only folks I’ve ever heard use it are Southerners!? Nelson Taylor Densen’s very [...]

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