Black Confederates

Black Confederates

Holt Collier

Holt Collier - Black Confederate Scout Holt Collier, Mississippi Collected by the Federal Writers Project, Works Progress Administration Publishing Information -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Holt Collier from SOURCE MATERIAL FOR MISSISSIPPI HISTORY, Washington County, from microfilm; Compilation and Interview and Additional material; Historian, Lottie Armistead; Eunice Stockwell Prominent Negroes. Holt Collier -- Was born in Greenville in 1848, [...]

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Gravesite Flag

Confederate unit flag raised at black soldier's gravesite By JUSTIN BAILEY, Morning News DARLINGTON --Despite drizzling rain and an overcast sky, celebratory spirits could not be dampened as Darlington officials and Civil War re-enactment soldiers gathered to honor Henry "Dad" Brown at his Darlington grave site Thursday. Mayor Ronnie Ward, Darlington County Councilwoman Willamina Johnson [...]

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Still More..

Black History Month and “Civil War Memory” by Bill Vallante Still more Year ob’ Jubilo…. Despite editing out many of the excerpts about “yankee behavior”, it became necessary to divide this account into two parts due to its length. If you need more proof that not all the slaves welcomed the union army or were [...]

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Blacks In Uniform

Black In Gray by Steve Cole The following article presents more data on a recent BBS thread on blacks in the Confederacy. My purpose is to present these facts, which is based on a recently published book, "Black Confederates and Afro-Yankees in Civil War Virginia", by Erwin L. Jordan, Jr. Please do not attack these [...]

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Blacks DID Serve

Did Blacks Serve In The C.S. Army? You Can Bet They Did! The denial of "those people"amazes me. With very little effort, anyone can find that free blacks and slaves served in the C.S. Army. Some were pressed into service, but many volunteered of their own free will. Many argue the numbers which is moot, [...]

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Diversity In Armed Forces

Diversity In The Confederate Armed Forces Prepared by the Gainesville Vols, Sons of Confederate Veterans Camp 373, Pearl River County, MS,,, with input from the Education Committee of the Sons of Confederate Veterans and numerous other sources. Please visit the aforementioned website, as well as and, for further information on your [...]

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Negro Units

Negro Regiments In The Army Federal Official Records. Series I, Vol. XVI Part I, Page 805 Lt. Colonel Parkhurst's Report (Ninth Michigan Infantry) on General Forrest's attack at Murfreesboro, Tennessee, July 13, 1862: "The forces attacking my camp were the First Regiment Texas Rangers, Colonel Wharton, and a battalion of the First Georgia Rangers, Colonel [...]

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Why Blacks Fought

Why Blacks Fought For the Confederate States of America By: Vernon R. Padgett, Ph.D. Historians and students of history often reject out of hand the claim that African Americans fought for the Confederate States of America. Students in today’s public schools leave their day or two of U.S. History with the idea that African Americans [...]

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Soldiers Served With Distinction

Actually, black Confederate soldiers served with distinction throughout Civil War Monday, March 10, 2014 CHRISTINE BARR I appreciated Tony Kendall’s column last week, but wondered if perhaps there was, in the immortal words of Paul Harvey, a “rest of the story.” I also remembered a fine column appearing in this paper some years ago by [...]

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Their Story

Their Story The African American struggle in the United States is no different then any other ethnic origin , the Native Americans during the early days of our country. Their plight is told with ethnic cleansing with mass extermination of over 500 different tribes. Then came the Chinese immigrants who fought the cold heat and [...]

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