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Black Confederates

Black Confederates

Important Facts You Won’t Learn In History Class

The Black Confederate Officers And Other Extremely Important Facts You Won't Learn In History Class   May 1, 2017   WAKE UP, AMERICA! THE CIVIL WAR HAD NOTHING TO DO WITH SLAVERY; IT WAS A SECOND REVOLUTIONARY WAR.   The South was rising against abusive tariffs just as patriots had rebelled against Britain’s taxation without [...]

Louis Napoleon Nelson: The First Black Chaplain Of The Civil War

Louis Napoleon Nelson: The First Black Chaplain of the Civil War   When the 7th Tennessee Cavalry Regiment requested a chaplain, there were not enough clergymen to assign to every military unit in the Confederate States Army. Fortunately, there was a man called of God in their midst. Louis Napoleon Nelson was well versed in [...]

Fighting Blacks

Blacks Who Fought For The South Most historical accounts portray Southern blacks as anxiously awaiting President Abraham Lincoln's "liberty-dispensing troops" marching south in the War Between the States. But there's more to the story; let's look at it. Black Confederate military units, both as freemen and slaves, fought federal troops. Louisiana free blacks gave their [...]

Southerners In Gray

Black Southerners in Confederate gray By Shirley Farris Jones Note: The writer gratefully acknowledges Zack Malpass, Murfreesboro SCV Camp 33, for so generously sharing his extensive research, and to Dr. George Smith, for providing both research and viewpoint. February marks the beginning of Black History Month – a remembrance of important people and events of [...]


Surprising differences between Confederate, Union armies By Bill Ward Columnist Posted: Monday June 12, 2006 "To the Confederate army goes the distinction of having the first black to minister to white troops: correspondent of the SOLDIER'S FRIEND mentions a Tennessee regiment which has no chaplain; but an old negro, 'Uncle Lewis, preaches two or three [...]

Why Disbelieve?

Twelve Reasons We Don’t Believe in Black Confederates By: Vernon R. Padgett, Ph.D. Many people reject the evidence that thousands of the South's 3,880,000 blacks, both free men and slaves, labored and fought, willingly, for the Southern Confederacy. Why do they not believe, given the many accounts in the Official Records, contemporary newspaper reports, photographs, [...]

Black Confederates – Collier, Noland, etc.

Thursday, June 7, 2012 Black Confederates There are many people out there who strongly disagree at the fact that black men served as Confederates during the War for Southern Independence. They belittle these men; calling them only cooks, servants, musicians etc. Most of these people are from the north who usually have a hidden agenda. [...]