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Important Facts You Won’t Learn In History Class

The Black Confederate Officers And Other Extremely Important Facts You Won't Learn In History Class   May 1, 2017   WAKE UP, AMERICA! THE CIVIL WAR HAD NOTHING TO DO WITH SLAVERY; IT WAS A SECOND REVOLUTIONARY WAR.   The South was rising against abusive tariffs just as patriots had rebelled against Britain’s taxation without [...]

Louis Napoleon Nelson: The First Black Chaplain Of The Civil War

Louis Napoleon Nelson: The First Black Chaplain of the Civil War   When the 7th Tennessee Cavalry Regiment requested a chaplain, there were not enough clergymen to assign to every military unit in the Confederate States Army. Fortunately, there was a man called of God in their midst. Louis Napoleon Nelson was well versed in [...]

Alice Thompson

Alice Thompson, an example of the courageous women of the South. Picking up a fallen battleflag and rallying the Confederate soldiers. From the 1900 issue of Confederate Veteran --   On the morning of March 3, 1863, the battle of Thompson Station was fought. Before day the inhabitants of this little village were in great [...]

Keep Northern Texts Out Of Southern Schools

Keep Northern Texts Out of Southern Schools “The true cause of the War Between the States was the dignified withdrawal of the Southern States from the Union to avoid the continued breaches of that domestic tranquility guaranteed, but not consummated by the Constitution, and not the high moral purpose of the North to destroy slavery, [...]

“Searching For Lincoln” – by Al Benson, Jr.

"Searching For Lincoln" by Al Benson Jr. A lady back east sent me a copy of an excellent documentary DVD on the Abraham Lincoln the "history" book don't tell us about. It arrived here yesterday. Last evening (Aug 31) I watched it. Usually I don't spend lots of time watching DVDs. I am busy enough [...]

Longstreet Finds Adversaries Lacking Honor

Longstreet Finds Adversaries Lacking Honor Southern commanders like James Longstreet expected their Northern counterparts to embrace the conviction that enemies no less than comrades merited honorable treatment, from officers down to enlisted men. To encourage a Southern soldier to desert was unthinkable; A letter from a Southern woman in 1862 stated that “the black title [...]

The Governor’s Coffin

The Governor's Coffin The occupation troops of Northern General Ambrose Burnside at New Bern in mid-1862 not only loaded their empty transports with furniture, carpets and jewelry for the return trip North, but also found New Bern cemeteries full of coffins to appropriate.  Even Lincoln’s hand-picked proconsul, Edward Stanly, who was appointed “governor” of North [...]