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South’s Impact Grows

South's influence grows, has impact across nation By Ronda Rich Dixie divas A reporter from a prominent newspaper in Washington called for an interview because he was doing an article on the sudden hip-ness of the word "y'all." Southern hip-hoppers, it turns out, have introduced the word into the slang vocabulary of the world's hippest [...]

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Backyard Is Just The Spot

Back yard is just the spot By Jane Clute, The Herald (Published September 28‚ 2004) With weather like we've had this past week, who wouldn't want to be out in the yard working? Well, maybe some golfers we know. Unfortunately some folks can't garden like they want to. Age, health problems, a bum knee, bad [...]

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Out Of Food?

Running out of food is no option in the South By Ronda Rich Dixie divas In the South, particularly to our women, food is more than a mere means to survival. It is a strong means toward our identity and the anchor that firmly secures our renowned hospitality. There are some of us who believe [...]

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State Of Mind

State of Mind Out-of-state students find themselves relocated geographically, culturally Teresa Wood, Cavalier Daily Staff Writer On an average day wandering around Grounds, a student could be overwhelmed trying to count all of the popped collars, pearls and number of times someone says "y'all." For many out-of-state first years, these common sights and sayings around [...]

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Mama’s Legacy

Mama T's legacy is Lucy the Southern Lady By Lucy Adams Life's Little Lessons My Grandmother, God rest her soul, defined herself a southern lady. I really should capitalize the "S" in southern and "L" in lady, because she'll roll over in her grave when she finds that I didn't. We called her Mama T, [...]

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Good Stuff From The South

All the really good stuff - food, music and women - is from the South Ed Williams You ever had something you wanted to say that comes straight from the heart? Something that you know without question to be true, and something that you feel the need to say out loud? Well, that's the kind [...]

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Never Feeling Full

Never feeling full is root of unhappiness Fri, Nov. 26, 2004 By golly, by the time this is in print, I'm hoping to have ingested a few delicious Thanksgiving calories. How about you? Feeling full? Did you carve the ol' turkey, slosh the gravy on the dressing, pack in the potatoes, sweet and mashed? How [...]

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Waving at Strangers 19 Sep On my first date with Geoff, after dining at a former brothel and before my favorite jug band hit the stage at Sunset Tavern, we had time for a stroll along Ballard Ave. As we passed the window of a restaurant, we noticed a group of about 8 to 10 [...]


Holiday Gift Giving

Holiday gift giving need not be costly or chaotic Here are 15 ideas for when you want to give your best November 18, 2004 Holiday gift giving seems to get more complicated each year. Many go to great lengths to find special or unusual presents. But responsible gift giving need not be costly or chaotic. [...]

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Respect And Pride

Respect and pride ride with funeral processions Fri, Nov 19, 2004 The line of traffic edged along painfully slow and I, in a hurry as always, tapped the steering wheel anxiously and craned my neck to see what the holdup was. When finally I figured it out, I relaxed and settled back in the seat. [...]

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