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Southern Cuisine

Rosin Baked Taters

Pie in the Sky Having spent a good part of my life moving around the U.S. as an Air Force dependent, a sailor, and a nuclear professional, I have had many opportunities to learn about the regional foods in the areas where I have lived. Louisiana, by far, has the greatest variety of food, although [...]

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Pirates Cove

Hungry in Colquitt? Drop anchor at Pirates Cove Colquitt-- And just like all the other towns we've visited, Colquitt has some great places to eat. A local favorite, though, stands out. It's Helen's Pirates Cove. Hundreds of customers walk the plank, or well the bridge, into the Pirates' Cove. They're here for the down home [...]

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Wherefore Cornbread

by Ric Bohy 11/24/2004 You can get into dangerous territory when the subject is cornbread. It is, of course, a staple Southern dish. And if you’ve ever discussed Southern cooking with those who know something about it, you’re definitely getting into holy territory when this phrase comes up in the conversation: No self-respecting Southern cook [...]

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Taste of the South

Hoffman Launches Taste of the South Magazine BIRMINGHAM, Ala.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--There's more to Southern cooking than fried chicken and gravy-laden mashed potatoes. That's the philosophy behind Hoffman Media's October launch of Taste of the South, a magazine dedicated to providing quick, easy-to-prepare recipes for flavorful, Southern-style dishes. "Perhaps no other area of the U.S. has a [...]

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Love for Southern

Southern food is worshipped and wolfed down By Sarah Fritschner The Courier-Journal Fri, Oct 15, 2004 Stuffed. Like so many deviled eggs, the participants of the Southern Foodways Alliance symposium last week in Oxford, Miss., partook of lectures and song, but mostly partook of Southern cuisine. More than 250 Southern food enthusiasts met and ate [...]

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The Gracious South

In the South food equals gracious hospitality By RONDA RICH It happened again. Dixie Dew, my dachshund who is a strong candidate for Weight Watchers, returned from a four-day stay at her grandmother’s with a belly so round and hard that it felt like she had swallowed a large rock. Despite my commands and pleas, [...]

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Southern Restaurant/Food

Nothing beats the South when it comes to fine food and great restaurants. G's Country Kitchen: Fine Home Cooking Collard greens, black-eyed peas and fried green tomatoes reach deep into the soul of Southern cooking. Put them alongside fried chicken or battered catfish, and the meal is complete. The Faulkner Of Food Drawing on his [...]

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A Song For You

Posted on Sun, Oct. 10, 2004 "She has a great smile, and you can tell she's singing from the heart " BY ALLISON KENNEDY Staff Writer Chef is known for culinary skills, beautiful gospel voice and special relationship with her customers It all started with a song. Last summer, Columbus resident Mary Dana Knight went [...]

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Authentic Southern

Preaching the gospel of authentic Southern Cuisine Published Wed, Sep 15, 2004 ADVERTISEMENT ERVENA FAULKNER He's "the man behind the kitchen door" when the atmosphere is comfortable in a Georgia homestyle kitchen. It is here where the secrets of authentic Lowcountry cooking! "The man behind the door" can teach in just three hours how to [...]

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G’s Country Kitchen

  Collard greens, black-eyed peas and fried green tomatoes reach deep into the soul of Southern cooking. Put them alongside fried chicken or battered catfish, and the meal is complete. G's Country Kitchen brings Deep South dining to high-tech Huntsville five days a week. Don't tell the Yankees about it, though, or it might be [...]

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