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Shrimp/Corn Soup

Corn and shrimp soups colorful, simple, savory Published in the Asbury Park Press 9/29/04 By TOMMY C. SIMMONS THE ASSOCIATED PRESS Corn and shrimp soup probably evolved from the fresh vegetable stews cooked in a skillet that were prepared in many Southern kitchens. The stews, which were basically pan-sauteed corn, cut directly off the cob [...]

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Cora’s Hospitality

Southern hospitality, traditional favorites and family recipes on the menu at Cora's BY DAVID NICHOLSON February 11, 2005 Restaurants often tout their "home cooking" philosophy, but few can pull it off like Cora. The Ghent eatery run by Nancy Cobb is a culinary snapshot of her family and her love of Southern foods. Named for [...]

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Recipes Tell Tale

Recipes tell the tale of a culinary artist By Kelly Perigoe : The Herald-Sun Sep 27, 2004 : 7:07 pm ET CHAPEL HILL -- Five years ago, Moreton Neal received a call from La Résidence owner Frances Gualtieri. Gualtieri was considering selling the restaurant, which she had bought from Neal in 1992, and wanted [...]

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Southern Cookin’

Cooking with a Southern drawl JW's Southern Fixins puts just the right accent on lunch, but breakfast is another matter. By Scott Joseph | Sentinel Restaurant Critic Posted February 18, 2005 Central Florida has a dearth of Southern restaurants. That's a detail that will seem odd to you only when you discover, as I did [...]

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True grits event tests uninitiated N.C. Museum of History serves up Southern culture and red-eye gravy recipe By SARAH AVERY, Staff Writer Published: Sep 27, 2004 As museum fare goes, eating grits wasn't as exotic as taste-testing cockroaches or mealworms, but those who turned out Sunday for the N.C. Museum of History's program on "Fixin' [...]


Grampa’s Cats

Catfish, mmm...mmmm...GOOD! We’ll share this: Its new location in Southwest Little Rock reels them in. Arkansas Times Staff Updated: 12/9/2004 Ah, the catfish fillet. Food of the Gods, and yet, something of a stumbling block for reviewers like Yours Truly. See, unlike pizza, or cheese dip, or even a porterhouse steak — all of which [...]

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Three’s A Charm

Five meat-n-threes to feed your Southern soul BY BILL ADDISON Whenever I want to remind my stomach that Atlanta is indeed in the heart of the South, I head for one of the city's venerated meat-n-threes. Just the designation "meat-n-three" immediately evokes a sequence of images: a modest storefront, the interior of which suggests mid-20th-century [...]

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Tea Fried Chicken

Southern fried chicken to a tea Two Dixie staples meld for sweet feast John T. Edge is a rising star in the food world. And he's going to offer us a personal lesson on the right way to fry chicken. Today's recipe is sweet tea fried chicken, his "house" chicken, the chicken he fries for [...]

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Boiled Peanuts

Boiled peanuts;  mushy, messy, a Southern tradition. By ALLISON BALLARD, The Associated Press WILMINGTON, N.C. -- People unaccustomed to eating boiled peanuts have doubts about the practice. You try to eat one for the first time, digging your way past the soggy, brine-soaked hull, only to have the thing squirt you. And, on first taste, [...]

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Rosin Baked Taters

Pie in the Sky Having spent a good part of my life moving around the U.S. as an Air Force dependent, a sailor, and a nuclear professional, I have had many opportunities to learn about the regional foods in the areas where I have lived. Louisiana, by far, has the greatest variety of food, although [...]

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