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School Ban Correspondence

Open Letter

An Open Letter To Schools Considering Banning Dixie Outfitters Shirts           We at Dixie Outfitters have been contacted by many students and parents advising us of the banning and/or considered banning of shirts featuring the Confederate Flag and in particular Dixie Outfitters brand shirts at their school.      School Boards and Principals please be advised [...]

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Dr. McNeel

To: South Caldwell High School Parents and Teachers From: Tom McNeel, Superintendent Re: Resolution of South Caldwell High School Issues Date: March 26, 2004 As Superintendent of the Caldwell County Schools, I regret that the Confederate Flag issue at South Caldwell High School has become the focal point of the school rather than teaching and [...]

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HK Edgertons

April 8, 2004 Dr. Jeanette F. Hedrick Superintendent Cherokee County Schools 911 Andrews Road Murphy, North Carolina 28906 By facsimile: (828) 837-5799 Dear Dr. Hedrick: The Southern Legal Resource Center (SLRC) has been contacted with respect to several recent incidents at Andrews High School regarding students who were ordered to remove articles of Confederate clothing [...]

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The Wrights

DAVID & MARGARET WRIGHT 274 Cope Road Andrews, NC 28901 (828) 321-5921 April 7, 2004 Dr. Janette Hedrick Superintendent Cherokee County Board of Education 911 Andrews Road Murphy, NC 28906 Re: William David “Will” Wright and incident at March 27, 2004 Junior Prom Dear Dr. Hedrick: We hereby waive our son’s right to a closed [...]

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