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CONFEDERATE FLAG LEADS TO HIGH SCHOOL LOCKDOWN, STUDENT SUSPENSIONS AP Photo/Dave Martin by AWR HAWKINS28 Sep 2015Polk County, GA219 On the morning of September 23, a white 10th grader was confronted by two black students after entering Rockmart High School with a Confederate flag attached to his backpack. The confrontation escalated from words to pushing [...]


Student Wins

Federal judge: Student had right to wear Confederate clothing By David L. Hudson Jr. First Amendment Center research attorney 06.09.05 A West Virginia high school student had a First Amendment right to wear Confederate flag clothing to school, a federal judge recently ruled. Noting a “sea of interpretations about what the flag represents,” the judge [...]

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Ban Lifted

Schools Ban Confederate T-Shirts Shingler v. Seminole County Sch. Dist., No. 6:01-CV-36-WLS (N.D. Ga. 2001) The Seminole County Board of Education banned the wearing of t-shirts displaying the confederate flag or any "reference to race" even though there have never been any incidents of student unrest due to t-shirts. The ACLU filed suit on behalf [...]

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Dr. McNeel

To: South Caldwell High School Parents and Teachers From: Tom McNeel, Superintendent Re: Resolution of South Caldwell High School Issues Date: March 26, 2004 As Superintendent of the Caldwell County Schools, I regret that the Confederate Flag issue at South Caldwell High School has become the focal point of the school rather than teaching and [...]

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HK Edgertons

April 8, 2004 Dr. Jeanette F. Hedrick Superintendent Cherokee County Schools 911 Andrews Road Murphy, North Carolina 28906 By facsimile: (828) 837-5799 Dear Dr. Hedrick: The Southern Legal Resource Center (SLRC) has been contacted with respect to several recent incidents at Andrews High School regarding students who were ordered to remove articles of Confederate clothing [...]

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The Wrights

DAVID & MARGARET WRIGHT 274 Cope Road Andrews, NC 28901 (828) 321-5921 April 7, 2004 Dr. Janette Hedrick Superintendent Cherokee County Board of Education 911 Andrews Road Murphy, NC 28906 Re: William David “Will” Wright and incident at March 27, 2004 Junior Prom Dear Dr. Hedrick: We hereby waive our son’s right to a closed [...]

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Open Letter

An Open Letter To Schools Considering Banning Dixie Outfitters Shirts           We at Dixie Outfitters have been contacted by many students and parents advising us of the banning and/or considered banning of shirts featuring the Confederate Flag and in particular Dixie Outfitters brand shirts at their school.      School Boards and Principals please be advised [...]

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Suggestions to Parents and Students for Resolving a School Ban on Confederate symbols in your Community.   By Kirk D. Lyons Chief Trial Counsel Southern Legal Resource Center P.O.Box 1235 Black Mountain, NC  28711 828-669-5189     Obtain copy of the School or Board of Education’s Dress code. Send to your attorney and [...]