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Remember When?

Remember When? From: Before there was a NASCAR it was called stockcar racing? Dirt tracks could be found all across the South? Those who raced on them got their driving experience from hauling moonshine on back roads evading the law? The government’s only beef about moonshine was they were not able to REGULATE it [...]

Remember When?2015-04-04T20:36:20+00:00

National Park Service

THIS AIN’T YOUR FATHER’S NATIONAL PARK SERVICE To those of us who are older, the National Park Service with its Civil War Battlefields, conjures up images of the Civil War Centennial, of living histories on hallowed ground, and of venerable old Ed Bearrs doing one of his dramatic (or melodramatic) narrations of Pickett's Charge . [...]

National Park Service2017-03-25T00:31:42+00:00

Honor Our Dead

So, the Mecklenburg Politburo is yet again imposing its will on the people through lies, deceit and subterfuge. Comrade Syfert has issued her dictum. The flag is to come down. The special interest race baiters win again. But what is a trivial little thing like death and honor anyway? The clamor of the offense-takers drowns [...]

Honor Our Dead2015-04-04T20:36:20+00:00

FBI Hate Crime 2003

FBI Hate Crime Stats 2003 From: All states except Hawaii reported at least one hate crime last year. Mississippi reported only one hate crime, and Alabama said it had two. By contrast, California reported 1,701 hate crimes, New Jersey had 638 and New York reported 625. And isn't it just the opposite that the [...]

FBI Hate Crime 20032015-04-04T20:36:20+00:00

Neglected Black History

From: Submitted to the Post and Courier, The State, Goose Creek Gazette, Summerville Journal Scene, and the Charleston City Paper newspapers. As expected, no response. - BLM ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Some Black History Continues To Be Neglected Brian Lee Merrill Another observance of Black History Month has come and gone in Charleston. In all major venues [...]

Neglected Black History2015-04-04T20:36:20+00:00

Pol.Correct Note

A note on Political Correctness from a member of our Armed Services As a member of the armed services in Europe, I only get a tiny bit of news from home. If not for the internet, I would not have heard of your plight with the schools in Georgia. I was stationed in South Carolina [...]

Pol.Correct Note2015-04-04T20:36:20+00:00

Equality Fails

Re: "Hight: All men being equal just didn't work for Texas" From: To: While slavery was one of several primary causes of Southern secession it was not THE issue over which secession occurred nor was it the cause over which either side fought the war. History is an interesting topic when you look [...]

Equality Fails2017-03-25T00:30:49+00:00


  Liberty From: I have been reflecting on what my Southern heritage means to me. I wonder what my 3rd great grandfather would have answered if asked the same question. There are no records left behind detailing how he felt when he surrendered with the 37th Virginia. Nothing passed down to his daughter about [...]


Handling of NAACP Revel

Handling of NAACP revealing From: To: Dear Mr. Bailey: I read your on-line article entitled "Handling of NAACP revealing", and I believe you failed to make note of another possible reason why some politicians--President Bush included--turn down offers to speak at NAACP meetings. The NAACP, which at one time was a courageous and [...]

Handling of NAACP Revel2017-03-25T00:23:37+00:00

To Young Southern Men

Have you ever wondered why we’re taught to be ashamed of our heritage? Think about it. When you hear a Southern accent on TV or in the movies, isn’t it usually some sort of redneck joke or caricature? Even the Simpsons have their own redneck jester, Cleatus, to look really stupid. Have you ever questioned [...]

To Young Southern Men2015-04-04T20:36:20+00:00