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Greeting from the South

From: DaDreadgrl I'm writing to say I have been educating myself on the whole Confederacy flag issues..., and as an African-American woman born in the South I find all of this fuss'n and stuff just another way to divide us. Yes! There are some horrible stories attatchjed to my state's history, but to be honest [...]

Greeting from the South2015-04-04T20:36:20+00:00

Point of View

A point of view on the Battle Flag Controversy From: "Jerry" Some letters commenting on Mr AJ Griffith's comments. Mr. Griffith: I am more than 1/2 American Indian, the rest white mutt of dubious origins. My Family were members of the NAACP back in the 1960's when they represented all people of color, not [...]

Point of View2017-03-25T00:23:44+00:00

A True Defender

From: What makes a person a true defender of Southern heritage? What are the basic positions that a person should accept in order to qualify as a genuine heritage defender? I submit that a true Southern heritage defender is someone who accepts and defends the following ten positions: 1. Confederate flags and symbols are [...]

A True Defender2017-03-25T00:23:47+00:00

Why War Was Fought

Why they fought the war Guest View Robert Powell Special to The Augusta Free Press I enjoyed James Shillinglaw's comments in his article (Old times here are now forgotten, Monday AFP) and am determined to do what I can to set the record straight. As a descendent of Confederate soldiers, three of whom paid the [...]

Why War Was Fought2017-03-25T00:23:55+00:00

School Banning

Dewey, I don't know if you remember me or not, I sent you an email a few weeks back to let you know how much of an inspiration you are to those of us out here "in the trenches" defending our heritage. I live in a small town in NW Georgia called Cedartown. Something happened [...]

School Banning2015-04-04T20:36:20+00:00

Another School Bans

To: Principal Michelle Rutherford's expressed concern over the safety of the students in Sanford Middle School is commendable. However, if at her school there are those that she fears will attack other students over what they are wearing, there is definitely a problem that she is not addressing. Perhaps, she should consider sending those [...]

Another School Bans2017-03-25T00:24:02+00:00


The Perpetuation Of Slavery January 21, 2007 Once again we have a person (or group) fingered for having a hand in the "perpetuation of slavery," or "fighting to keep blacks in bondage." This time it is the famous General Robert E. Lee whose 200th birthday was celebrated in North Carolina on January 19th. The usual [...]


SHNV Awards Certificate

SHNV Award Certificate to Patriots of the Cause From: To: Brother T, Thanks for your gracious words. That is high praise coming from a leader such as yourself! I second your motion for the creation of such an award, but I think others - like yourself and your ENTIRE family - are far [...]

SHNV Awards Certificate2015-04-04T20:36:20+00:00

Northern Agression Crowd

THE WAR OF NORTHERN AGGRESSION CROWD WEIGHS IN Metro Council President David Bragdon and people like him have been brainwashed by society's perpetual use of symbols and biased account of history. If they ever bothered to do any research, they might discover that the Confederate Flag is NOT a symbol of racism, but rather a [...]

Northern Agression Crowd2015-04-04T20:36:20+00:00

The Real History

"The real history of the War Between the States" From: I am writing in response to the article by Mr. Ronald Mitchiner, published September 19th "The real history of the War Between the States". I agree with Mr. Mitchiner of a couple of points. Civil War is not the correct term when describing American [...]

The Real History2015-04-04T20:36:20+00:00