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Lincoln Deliberately Coerced The War

Shared from my friend Kev Flynn! Lincoln deliberately coerced the War! The chain of events concerning the start of the war of Southern Independence. When the Virginia Convention pleaded for peace, he sent word by Baldwin to say "it was too late for peace."—"Atlantic Monthly, "April,1875. (Magruder and Baldwin). Lincoln did not send word why [...]

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Second Flag Raised In Pittsboro, NC

From: Virginia Flaggers [] Date: Thu, Sep 26, 2019 Subject: BREAKING NEWS SECOND Roadside Memorial Battle Flag Raised in Pittsboro, NC **BREAKING ** SECOND ROADSIDE BATTLE FLAG RAISED IN PITTSBORO, NC** This afternoon, a SECOND Roadside Memorial Battle Flag was raised in Pittsboro, NC, in response to the August 19 vote by The Chatham County [...]

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New Battle Flag Raised In Pittsboro, NC

On Monday, August 19, The Chatham, NC County Board of Commissioners voted 4-1 to force the removal of the Confederate monument which has stood at the historic courthouse in Pittsboro since the UDC erected in 1907 as a memorial to the county's Confederate dead. The vote was 4-1 to attempt to remove it, in violation [...]

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Lies About Lincoln, The Slaves, The War

by Chris Leithner Montreal, August 15, 2008 The only thing new in the world is the history you don’t know. Almost everything that Americans in general and Republicans in particular think they know about Lincoln is a toxic mixture of myths, distortions and wicked lies.(1) Founded in 1854, the Republican Party rose to prominence and [...]

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Slavery: A Few Cold, Hard Facts

The truth is, the lies about the institution of servitude (aka "slavery"), the country and the South are interwoven rather like a spider's web, and all the connecting points are junctioned with ignorance. Lies are for several reasons; to hide the truth, to manipulate thought and opinion and to do harm to others. Too much [...]

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The War Wasn’t Just About Slavery

By Reed Lannom - August 21, 2019 In her Aug. 11 column (“Confederate statue foes must be enlisted to craft ‘context’ for its display"), Lauren Ritchie recently asked readers to provide “context” that the Civil War was all about slavery, in order to fully explain a Confederate statue slated for a museum in Lake County. [...]

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Peter Vertrees

A couple of days ago I posted about Peter Vertrees, a free man of color who entered the Confederate army with his uncle. What I didn't tell you is his daughters were what we call "REAL DAUGHTERS" or, first generation daughters of a Confederate soldier, and members of the United Daughters of the Confederacy in [...]

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HK Edgerton: Conversations In The Streets

From: "HK Edgerton" [] Date: Aug 14, 2019 Subject: An Open Letter & Open Report / Conversations In The Streets To: "LM S" [] Dear Ms. Lunelle, On Tuesday, August 14, 2019, on the four lane road of Patton Avenue on the west side of Asheville, I would find myself surrounded by a group of [...]

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