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When Will We Stop Harvesting Reconstruction’s Crop

Click here for Robert E. Lee products   Save Southern Heritage - 7/10/2017   America: When Will We Stop Harvesting Reconstruction's Crop   After the end of the American holocaust that spilled more American blood that all the wars since and before combined, Gen. Lee told the South to put down their arms and be [...]

Victory In Tampa

From: Lunelle Siegel [] Sent: Wednesday, June 21, 2017 To:; Subject: Praise the Lord - VICTORY in Tampa!   Ladies,   I wanted to report that we all pulled together in Tampa and today the Hillsborough County Commission not only voted 4-3 to keep the UDC 1911 Memorial in Aeterna, but they also [...]

No Adversary Wastes His Time On A Defeated Foe

Another "light-bulb" moment: I know it is very difficult and sad to contemplate this massive attack on Southern history and heritage, but it has its "up" side. Consider: if the people and culture of the South were irrelevant, if they had no meaning in "today's world," if they were not a danger to the New [...]

Legends & Lies – The Civil War

Started reading O'Reilly''s Legends & Lies The Civil War. He left out the word "Omissions". In the first 8 pages the author left out the fact that the underground railroad took people to Canada, not the north. Northerners didn't want blacks around! He left out what happened after the north abolished slavery. They didn't free [...]