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George Allen’s Folly

by Brandon D. Dorsey As the elections of 2006 wrap up, Republican strategists are asking what went wrong? Was Iraq, corruption, or an anti-incumbent mood the cause of defeat? Those issues played a major part in the Democratic upset, but the most dramatic shift came in the U.S. Senate where George Allen, the incumbent Virginia [...]

George Allen’s Folly2017-03-25T00:30:51+00:00

Boycott Atlanta

PRESS RELEASE - June 7, 2004 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Boycott ATLANTA Email: Web: P.O. Box 1166 - Hiram, GA 30141 is now announcing the beginning of economic sanctions against the City of Atlanta and all other businesses associated with the Metro Atlanta Chamber of Commerce. Names of the first targeted companies can [...]

Boycott Atlanta2015-04-04T20:36:20+00:00

Bad Art Exhibit

Confederate-flag art has drawn harsh critics By Mark Hinson DEMOCRAT SENIOR WRITER During a lively and sometimes emotional board meeting Monday, the Mary Brogan Museum of Art & Science declined to add a "historical timeline about the Confederate flag" to be shown along with controversial Confederate-flag art by conceptual artist John Sims. Sims' artworks - [...]

Bad Art Exhibit2017-03-25T00:24:17+00:00

Censoring Terms Family….

Contact: Richard D. Ackerman, Pro-Family Law Center, 951-308-6454, 951-258-5456 TEMECULA, Calif. Mar. 7 /Christian Newswire/ -- Earlier this week, San Francisco's United States Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals ruled in the matter of Good News Employees Association v. Hicks that the municipal employers can completely censor the terms "natural family," "marriage" and "family values" as [...]

Censoring Terms Family….2017-03-25T00:31:43+00:00

Kraig McNutt Interview

CWG: When did the Federal income tax on personal income begin? The Federal income tax on personal income began during the Civil War in 1861 during Abraham Lincoln’s administration. It violated the Constitution and was struck down at war’s end. CWG: What percent in Federal tax revenue did Confederate states account for just prior to [...]

Kraig McNutt Interview2017-03-25T00:31:50+00:00

Bryce Archambo Rally

26 January 2007, Farmington, Missouri a rally was held in support of Bryce Archambo, who was illegally kicked out of school at Farmington High School, for daring to honor his heritage.Rally in support of Bryce Archambo A few weeks ago, I was made aware of a young man (Bryce Archambo) in Farmington, Missouri being thrown [...]

Bryce Archambo Rally2017-03-25T00:31:57+00:00

Controversy Update

Thursday, January 11, 2007 (KMOV) - Some parents are outraged and so are some students, and they say they're not going to take it. They say their school district is violating their rights they're going to fight back. Before much of the world was awake, their battle cry went out. A cry for justice, they [...]

Controversy Update2015-04-04T20:36:20+00:00

KY SCV Adops Position

Kentucky SCV Adopts Position in Allen Central Mascot Case The Sons of Confederate Veterans is an international organization dedicated to the preservation of the reputation and honor of the Confederate soldier. It is apolitical and non-sectarian. Its membership includes white, black, Hispanic, Jewish and American Indian descendants of Confederate soldiers and sailors. As such, that [...]

KY SCV Adops Position2017-03-25T00:32:06+00:00

Let the Flag Fly

Wisdom of the week As black leaders continue the hype against southern Confederate symbols -- for their own various reasons -- it is refreshing to hear from someone who cuts through the nonsense. Here are excerpts from letters written by a black minister to his city's Mayor and City Council. Rev. James Barnett of Charlotte, [...]

Let the Flag Fly2017-03-25T00:32:10+00:00

SLRC Investigates School

SLRC to investigate Texas school's actions following removal of Confederate artifacts THE SOUTHERN LEGAL RESOURCE CENTER NEWS RELEASE FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Friday, October 27, 2006 ALVIN, TX – The Southern Legal Resource Center has been asked to investigate Harby Junior High School’s removal of Confederate-related memorabilia from a long-standing school display, as well as the [...]

SLRC Investigates School2017-03-25T00:32:18+00:00