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Why The Hate?

Why Do the Neocons Hate Dixie So? “Howard Dean wants the white trash vote,” wrote Washington Post columnist Charles Krauthammer in mockery of the Vermonter. “[T]hat’s clearly what [Dean] meant when he said he wanted the votes of ‘guys with Confederate flags in their pickup trucks.’” After Dean was savaged by Al Sharpton, who called [...]

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Saving Farm From Devel.

Sunday November 21, 2004 by CANDICE BOSELY SHEPHERDSTOWN, W.VA. - Untrue to its name, Faraway Farm is proving to be the source of a struggle close to many people's hearts. A plan to build more than 150 houses on land now used to grow hay - and that once was the site of a post-Antietam [...]

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Confederacy & Blacks

April 11, 2007 William P. Jolly Jr. Shreveport As I read the April 3 Times, I encountered numerous earth-shattering articles ranging in topic from parking violations, DWI arrests, organ donors and educational excellence. Timely and important? Yes, but so is the time, temperature and the local weather forecast. Has every topic that could generate controversy, [...]

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South Sought Slavery End

March 19, 2007 In reply to Mr. William Butler's letter: If he says that to his Confederate ancestors, they are going to tell him to go back and read his history more closely, if they can stop spinning in their graves long enough to do so. It is certainly not undisputed that the Confederates were [...]

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What Appology is Next?

The Virginia Legislature "Apologises" For Slavery by Al Benson Jr. Well, the legislature of the state of Virginia has now officially "apologised" for slavery--a slavery they had nothing to do with. And who have they apologised to--others who were never enslaved to begin with? So what they have done is to apologise for something they [...]

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Ruth Persues Idea

From: To: Dear Editor: As a longtime subscriber to the Tampa Tribune, as well as a member of the Sons of Confederate Veterans, I am well aware of Daniel Ruth's longstanding personal prejudice against both our organization (which he insists on misidentifying as the "Sons of the Confederacy") and Southern heritage issues in [...]

Ruth Persues Idea 2017-03-25T00:31:56+00:00

Colemans’s Connection

Al Benson Jr. As it is probably known to all in the Southern Heritage Movement by now, the Rev. Louis Coleman of the Justice Resource Center in Louisville, Kentucky has been making a fuss over Confederate symbols at Allen High School in Floyd County, Kentucky, over in Appalachia, a bit of a way from his [...]

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Cultural Genocide KY

by Al Benson, Jr. 31 December 2006 Here we go again, with yet another problem with the Confederate flag in schools, only this time the officials in the particular government school in question, Allen Central High School in Floyd County, Kentucky, have defended the flag as a Southern symbol—a decidedly different twist than what we [...]

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Forrest Hall Remains!

With MTSU preparing to hold a series of forums on debate surrounding the name of Forrest Hall, the Student Senate made the right decision to rescind its initial vote to remove the name. The latest move gives the university a fresh start as it prepares for presentations on the life of Nathan Bedford Forrest, the [...]

Forrest Hall Remains! 2017-03-25T00:32:09+00:00

Betrayal by Black Elites

Black blogger Byron Crawford sort of, kind of gets it. Usually quite caustic in his anti-white bias, this time he realistically speculates on the degree to which so-called white privilege might be indelibly linked to the privileges of freedom enjoyed by all Americans, including blacks. After first making it clear that he cares nothing about [...]

Betrayal by Black Elites 2017-03-25T00:32:17+00:00