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Last Thoughts

On Imus - Last thoughts from a long-time listener Tuesday, April 17, 2007 I have listened to Don Imus for what seems like most of my adult life. I never saw the MSNBC simulcast, since I never did understand why a radio program needed to be televised. Like others, from time to time, I would [...]

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Flags, Shirts, etc.

I have written before (here) that states should not display symbols, such as Confederate flags, that antagonize and offend large numbers of their citizens. But does that obligation, imposed by common sense and common courtesy, extend to requiring students to take the shirts off their backs? I'm not so sure, but, according to an article [...]

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South Seeks Payback

Group claims Union guilty of wanton 'crimes in violation of the Constitution' -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Posted: April 8, 2001 By Jon Dougherty A southern heritage group is planning to petition Congress to conduct "a thorough, non-partisan" review of what it says are "neglected injustices" committed by Union troops and generals in the South during the 1861-65 American [...]

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West VA to Appologize

There was a news story recently from the Virginia General Assembly expressing "profound regret" for the state's role in slavery. The announcement was made in Richmond, Va., at the former Confederate Capitol. Since West Virginia was part of the state of Virginia, should our state also make the same apology? While researching my family history [...]

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Keith Taylor Challenges

Lori Glenn MOULTRIE — This week before the school board, a local history buff challenged the curriculum taught in Colquitt County Schools about the American Civil War. Keith Taylor of Lee’s Cadets represented about 20 parents of local children — members in Lee’s Cadets and the Order of the Confederate Rose — when he criticized [...]

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Happy Birthday

By: Calvin E. Johnson, Jr. 1064 West Mill Drive Kennesaw, Georgia 30152 Phone: 770 428 0978 What a ex-Confederate soldier said about Gen. John B. Gordon: "He was a devout and humble Christian Gentlemen. I know of no man more beloved in the South, and he was probably the most popular Southern man among the [...]

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Lincoln Lied for War

By Thomas Bray The President "lied" us into war. Much of the pre-war intelligence was wrong. The civilian defense chief was detested as "brusque, domineering and unbearably unpleasant to work with." Civil liberties were abridged. And many embittered Democrats, claiming the war had been an utter failure, demanded that the administration bring the troops home. [...]

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The Yankee Espied

by Cole Kinney 1 December 2007 What makes a Yankee? After all, considerable time is spent (and rightfully so) vilifying the term or at least employing it in discussion. What makes a Yankee a Yankee as opposed to a Southron? Corrollarily, what makes a scalawag a scalawag? Considering that it's normally a good idea to [...]

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Famous Flag Sells $1M

Confederate banner used by Jeb Stuart goes to anonymous bidder 12:00 AM CST on Tuesday, December 5, 2006 By KATIE MENZER / The Dallas Morning News Whoever bought Gen. Jeb Stuart's Confederate battle flag last weekend wasn't just whistling Dixie. The anonymous bidder shelled out almost $1 million for the 150-year-old piece of charred and [...]

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Yankee Shame

By: Lewis Regenstein Wednesday, November 15, 2006 This year, the second day of Chanukah will coincide with the 144th anniversary of the worst official act of anti-Semitism in American history. On December 17, 1862, in the midst of the Civil War, Union general Ulysses S. Grant issued his infamous "General Order # 11," expelling all [...]

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