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Let Fight Die

Legislators not eager to renew flag fight By JOHN O’CONNOR University of South Carolina football coach Steve Spurrier may have the rest of the state chattering about the Confederate flag on the State House grounds, but state lawmakers said Tuesday they expect little talk about the issue inside the Capitol.. Lawmakers said they were surprised [...]

Let Fight Die2017-03-25T00:30:44+00:00

Honor: Goochland Man

Goochland man receiving Confederate Medal of Honor Unit's highest military honor to be bestowed posthumously on soldier James Pleasants BY JIM MASON TIMES-DISPATCH STAFF WRITER Jun 21, 2004 Only 45 soldiers have been awarded Confederate Medals of Honor in the past three decades. But soon the name of a Goochland County man will be added [...]

Honor: Goochland Man2015-04-04T20:36:20+00:00

Bicentennial Party

By William Johnson A suit by a local group of Confederate Civil War re-enactors almost derailed Saturday's St. Landry Parish Bicentennial party. "We have retained legal representation and hope to obtain a temporary restraining order in District Court," said David Richard Thursday morning. But by the afternoon both Richard's group, the Opelousas-based Brigadier General J.J. [...]

Bicentennial Party2015-04-04T20:36:20+00:00

History Prevails Appology

By SONJI JACOBS The Atlanta Journal-Constitution Published on: 03/15/07 A week after civil rights groups called on the General Assembly and Gov. Sonny Perdue to apologize for slavery, a key Senate committee will consider a bill today that would designate April as Confederate History and Heritage Month. Sen. Jeff Mullis (R-Chickamauga) is the main sponsor [...]

History Prevails Appology2015-04-04T20:36:20+00:00

Disgracing Dixie

By: Joe Murray, The Bulletin 02/23/2007 To destroy a people, you must first sever their roots," opined Alexander Solzhenitzyn. With close to five decades passing since the Woodstock warriors overran America's societal institutions and declared a war against tradition, it appears the flower power foot soldiers had Solzhenitzyn in mind when they did to American [...]

Disgracing Dixie2017-03-25T00:31:49+00:00

Jews Persecuted in War

Lewis Regenstein Atlanta Posted February 3 2007 The students who object to Confederate symbols and apparel ("Hollywood students clash on whether Confederate themed clothing should be banned," by Douane James, Jan. 27) must be unaware of which side persecuted Our People. On Dec. 17, 1862, in the worst official act of anti-Semitism in U.S. history, [...]

Jews Persecuted in War2015-04-04T20:36:20+00:00

Ron Paul Files for GOP

JOE STINEBAKER Associated Press HOUSTON - Ron Paul, the iconoclastic nine-term congressman from southeast Texas, took the first step Thursday toward launching a second presidential bid in 2008, this time as a Republican. Paul filed incorporation papers in Texas on Thursday to create a presidential exploratory committee that allows him and his supporters to collect [...]

Ron Paul Files for GOP2015-04-04T20:36:20+00:00

UT Forgetting Past?

Thursday, December 28, 2006 As a Civil War amateur historian, I cringe at the current movement of the politically-correct crowd to try and distance our nation from southern “heroes.” All over the south, Civil War memorials to Jefferson Davis and prominent southern generals have come under attack as being symbols of bigotry and hate. Perhaps [...]

UT Forgetting Past?2015-04-04T20:36:20+00:00

Denying History Hurts

Guest columnist Rhea Dabney Issue date: 12/4/06 Slavery was wrong, but slavery was. It existed. It is part of history. Not just part of the history of the United States or of the South, but part of the history of man. For schoolteachers, liberal historians and Yankees to cast the Southern white male as the [...]

Denying History Hurts2017-03-25T00:32:09+00:00

SPLC Promotes Hate

How A Leftist Hate Organization Smears Conservatives Under Dateline of October 6, 2006, the Southern Poverty Law Center, dealt with in Chapter 13 of our Conservative Debate Handbook ("How To Recognize The Bigot In The Argument"), published an article under by-line of one Alexander Zaitchik, entitled "Selling Racism." Since it was typical of the tactics [...]

SPLC Promotes Hate2017-03-25T00:32:17+00:00