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History Recovery

Lost Southern History Recovered By E. Ray Moore, Jr., Th.M. The Covenant News ~ April 13, 2007 Destroying the Republic: Jabez Curry and the Re-Education of the Old South. New York: Algora Publishing, 332 pp. By John Chodes. $29.95 (quality paperback) New York playwright and author, John Chodes, has written a significant book that uncovers [...]

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Getting Our Flag Back

Speech by Randy Phillips To the Flag Rally in Toccoa, GA, June 19, 2004: The Confederate Battle Emblem Belongs On The Georgia State Flag Here’s why. A flag should reflect the cultural inheritance and aspirations of the society over which it flies. And it should be beautiful. Georgia has a wonderful present. Our State may [...]

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Catoosa & Heritage

Commissioners charge ahead with proclamation 04/04/07 Randall Franks April is Confederate History and Heritage Month in Catoosa County. Catoosa County Board of Commissioners adopted a resolution April 3 recognizing Confederate History and Heritage Month and Confederate Memorial Day on April 26. Although fully supported by commissioners, the proclamation did draw differing opinions on the reasons [...]

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Mary Brogan Art Flaw

By Bill Cotterell Tallahassee Bureau Originally posted on March 16, 2007 TALLAHASSEE -- An art exhibit in the shadow of Florida's Capitol has started a skirmish with the Sons of Confederate Veterans. The Mary Brogan Museum of Art and Science plans to make an announcement today of its decision on a request by the [...]

Mary Brogan Art Flaw2015-04-04T20:36:20+00:00

Whistling Dixie

Allan Cruickshanks, Opinion Columnist ACCORDING to Senator and presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton (D-NY), the state of South Carolina should remove a Confederate flag displayed on the grounds of its Statehouse. Why? Not for the typical rhetoric about what the flag may represent, as the Associated Press reports, but "because the nation should unite under one [...]

Whistling Dixie2017-03-25T00:31:49+00:00

Standing Against the Lies

by J. A. Davis "The liberties of our country, the freedom of our civil Constitution, are worth defending at all hazards; and it is our duty to defend them against all attacks. We have received them as a fair inheritance from our worthy ancestors: they purchased them for us with toil and danger and expense [...]

Standing Against the Lies2017-03-25T00:31:57+00:00

Praise for Lee;Jackson

By Pastor Chuck Baldwin January 16, 2007 January is often referred to as "Generals Month" as no less than four famous Confederate Generals claimed January as their birth month: James Longstreet (Jan. 8, 1821), Robert E. Lee (Jan. 19, 1807), Thomas Jonathan Jackson (Jan. 21, 1824), and George Pickett (Jan. 28, 1825). Two of [...]

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Studying UT Statutes

By KEVIN PETERS KVUE News The president of the University of Texas plans to study what -- if anything -- should be done to numerous confederate statues on the Austin campus. Early next year, President William Powers, Jr., is expected to appoint a committee of students and faculty to decide what to do with the [...]

Studying UT Statutes2015-04-04T20:36:20+00:00

Merging U.S.,Canad, Mexic.

by Paul McGuire In a recent interview with Tony Snow the White House Press Secretary on the Paul McGuire Show, he was questioned on his knowledge of the coming North American Union of Mexico, Canada and the United States. Thousands of pastors from all over the country gathered at a leadership conference, in which I [...]

Merging U.S.,Canad, Mexic.2017-03-25T00:32:09+00:00

Perdue, Taylor Go Round

Perdue, Taylor kick off furious round of campaigning GREG BLUESTEIN Associated Press KENNESAW, Ga. - Gov. Sonny Perdue and Lt. Gov. Mark Taylor kicked off another round of furious campaigning Saturday in hopes of energizing the party faithful just days before Georgia voters head to the polls to decide the governor's race. Stumping in Kennesaw [...]

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