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Standing Strong

Glover rebuffs pleas to end Confederate Heritage Month proclamation April 25, 2007 By Joel Anderson Shreveport Mayor Cedric Glover emphatically rebuffed the pleas of two community activists who came to Government Plaza on Tuesday seeking the withdrawal of a proclamation that recognizes April as Confederate Heritage Month. Near the end of a City Council meeting [...]

Standing Strong2015-04-04T20:36:20+00:00

Warriors Of Honor

'Warriors of Honor' - The faith and legacies of Robert E. Lee and Stonewall Jackson Posted: November 9, 2004 1:00 a.m. Eastern In light of the tumultuous election-season debate over who should lead the nation, WND is introducing a stunning new DVD documentary that brings to life new insights into two of America's finest and [...]

Warriors Of Honor2017-03-25T00:31:08+00:00

Heritage Backers Support

By Ed Farrell Staff Writer Dewey Barber’s first response to hearing that one of his Dixie Outfitter shirts was at the heart of a skirmish with a local school board was to chuckle. Contacted Friday morning at his office in Georgia, Barber told the Independent that his popular line of shirts, all of which, he [...]

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The Truth about the NAACP and Slavery Apologies by J. A. Davis Our phones and messages have been taxed to near capacity in the last few days since it has been announced that some sort of deal has been made between President Pro Tem Eric Johnson, (R) of the Georgia Senate, and Representative Al Williams [...]

NAACP Truth2017-03-25T00:24:20+00:00

Price of Sensitivity

By Doug Hagin on Mar 06, 07 What price are we to place upon sensitivity? How much will, we, as a nation that values liberty, sacrifice for the sake of sensitivity? Is giving up a slice, perhaps a large slice of our freedom of speech worth it if we transform America into a more sensitive [...]

Price of Sensitivity2015-04-04T20:36:20+00:00

Confed. License Place

From: To: Regarding Daniel Ruth’s article concerning the specialty license plate proposed by the Sons of Confederate Veterans: Daniel Ruth never fails to impress me with his historical ignorance. He is so thoroughly brainwashed by yankee propaganda, and he has such a closed mind, that it would be totally useless to teach him [...]

Confed. License Place2015-04-04T20:36:20+00:00

Flag Wont Fly for Game

By Lee Mueller EASTERN KENTUCKY BUREAU MARTIN - Unless somebody brings one to the game, the Confederate flag will not be hanging over what has become a controversial high school basketball game Friday in Eastern Kentucky. To defuse a flap over display of the flag in the Allen Central Rebels' gymnasium, officials have agreed "to [...]

Flag Wont Fly for Game2015-04-04T20:36:20+00:00

John Edwards Again!

The "CNN Breaking News" email looked important – but when I clicked it, the "news" was as predictable as the next DC scandal. Yes, John Edwards is announcing for president of the United States. Here's how the Wall Street Journal reported it: "Today, former Sen. John Edwards begins testing his hunch that Americans, though focused [...]

John Edwards Again!2017-03-25T00:32:04+00:00

Leaders Sign Petition

3 GOP leaders sign petition to keep Forrest's name By SCOTT BRODEN Gannett Tennessee Wednesday, 12/06/06 A petition to keep Nathan Bedford Forrest's name on a building at MTSU was signed by three local Republican leaders who say the Confederate general is a part of local history. Rutherford County Mayor Ernest Burgess, State Sen. Jim [...]

Leaders Sign Petition2015-04-04T20:36:20+00:00

H.K. Writes Loyal Blacks

From: H.K. Edgerton [] Sent: Sunday, November 19, 2006 Today, Sunday morning, November 19, 2006, I would attend the morning worship at Friendship Presbyterian Church in Black Mountain, North Carolina. It was as if the Pastor had been sent a message to present to me. I had began doodling a message earlier this morning about [...]

H.K. Writes Loyal Blacks2017-03-25T00:32:16+00:00