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A Rebel and a Traitor

A Rebel and a Traitor Pastor Greg Wilson Chairman, Free Florida First www.FreeFloridaFirst.org   http://libcfl.org/sermons/just.pdf   This past week I have been called both a rebel and a traitor, and more than once.  It is hardly the first time either. One particular carpetbagging yankee claims that my ancestors were attempting to destroy the land in which [...]

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PRESS RELEASE              US ARMY DEFENDS USE OF CONFEDERATE NAMES FOR BASES         (ATLANTA - August 3, 2015)   In the wake of attacks recently upon all things Confederate, some outspoken critics of Southern heritage began calling for the renaming of US Army bases around the South which bear the [...]


Mercenaries for Massachusetts

Mercenaries for Massachusetts From: bernhard1848@gmail.com The former slave State of Massachusetts had great difficulty finding citizens to fight a war they did much to foment, and many fled to neighboring States to avoid service. Hence the Fifty-fourth Massachusetts comprised of black men not from that State, and men from California forming a Massachusetts cavalry regiment, and [...]

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National Raise Your Battle Flag Day

  ?The onslaught of attacks against our flags, our Veterans, and our heritage in recent days is unprecedented.  We have seen our enemies exploit a tragedy to further their agenda of eradicating our history and heritage, beginning with the Confederate Battle Flag in SC, and spreading fast and furiously to the point that legislators on [...]

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School Bans

  Schools are banning Southern Heritage Symbols Unfortunately, many schools and/or school systems are trying to take away your free speech rights by banning Dixie Outfitters and other Southern heritage t-shirts and symbols. As we are dedicated to preserving our heritage, we have compiled a list of resources that you can use to help fight [...]

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Dixie Girls News

To the left are links to news articles about Southern Heritage that we feel are of interest to Dixie Girls.

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H.K. Edgerton Videos

We will post video clips here of news items related to H.K. Edgerton and Southern Heritage. We hope you enjoy this section. You will need Microsoft Media Player to view them. (Clip size shown in parentheses) NOTE: Alternate links are provided in case primary links do not work. The True South Through My Eyes     Backup (110 MB) [...]

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