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Southern Ladies

Confederate women continued to express defiance after their homes and towns fell to Union forces. Their support was unending during the war.  Below are links to books that are available for purchase. Click here for more information

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Real Women

Real Southern Women  From: "btzoumas@bellsouth.net" HIS WORDS LIVE AFTER HIM. The late Gen. R. E. Colston went abroad and was long among the Egyptians after our great war, whereby he had the advantage of broadening his views; and yet to a Virginia Ladies' Memorial Association made an address from which the following is taken: Those [...]

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Down South

Southern hospitality, history and heart run deep through the region Where's the chicken? Irene Lechowitzky August 15, 2004 A trip to the Deep South is more than the mere sum of its air mileage points: It's a journey of the heart. There's the tug on the heartstrings from the ghosts of the Civil War, there's [...]

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Woman’s Temper

The Temper Of The Women A Rebel's Recollections: Eggleston, George Cary, 1839-1911 For truly it is, this land is in paucity of such noble women. From my observations and recollections, 'tis the men, of today, who bear the fight of keeping our noble ancestry defended. Many, maybe most, do this without the full support of [...]

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Women Fought

They Fought Like Demons, Women Soldiers in the Civil War  By DeAnne Blanton and Lauren Cook The Smithsonian Associates Civil War E-Mail Newsletter, Volume 5, Number 6 These authors, one a Civil War re-enactor and the other a military archivist, spent ten years researching National Archives records and found documentation to verify that over 250 [...]

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The Belle Icon

South Carolina writer will examine icon as part of Courses for Community Class will focus on image, myth of Southern belle By Mary Giunca JOURNAL REPORTER Ask most people to draw a picture of a Southern belle, and they will sketch a frail-looking woman in a hoop skirt, holding a parasol and sitting on a [...]

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Exploited Spy

The exploits of woman who spied for the Confederates By Rosita Smith Palo Verde Valley Library She was born into an influential, slave-holding, Southern family. She moved, as a young woman, to Washington, D.C. where she established herself as one of the capital's most charming and influential socialites, an intimate of John C. Calhoun, James [...]

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Obliged To Honor

An obligation of honor  Widow tells true story of Tennessee woman who buried Southern dead after Civil War battle By GREG LANGLEY glangley@theadvocate.com Books editor THE WIDOW OF THE SOUTH By Robert Hicks Warner Books, $24.95 I am tempted to describe this book as a Civil War romance. It's not a romance. It might be [...]

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Valor And Lace

   Civil War: Valor and Lace By SHIRLEY FARRIS JONES In recognition of National Women's History Month, this article is dedicated to the ladies – both North and South – who, without a voice and without a vote, made their presence known, proving their worth alongside their male counterparts, in ways never before imagined. The [...]

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Mary Sophia Hill

Mary Sophia Hill, unsung nurse for Confederacy By Martha M. Boltz SPECIAL TO THE WASHINGTON TIMES September 23, 2006 One unsung heroine of the War Between the States was not a Southerner, or even an American. Yet she became a beloved figure to Confederate troops. When she died, the veterans accorded her all the rites [...]

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