More on Flag Controversies

More on Flag Controversies

American Free Press Article   To: "" <>, Southern Heritage 411 <> Dear Mr. Edgerton: Attached is the promised PDF of the latest American Free Press, which includes my article about you and your work on p. 14.  If they post it to the web-site, as well, I will try to remember to send you a link. As [...]

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Director of the Danville Museum of History and Fine Arts

Many of you will recall that last fall, the Director of the Danville Museum of History and Fine Arts, asked the Danville City Council to force the removal of the Third National Flag that flies on a Confederate Memorial, on the grounds of the Sutherlin Mansion, which served as the Last Capitol of the Confederacy. [...]

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Mercenaries for Massachusetts

Mercenaries for Massachusetts From: The former slave State of Massachusetts had great difficulty finding citizens to fight a war they did much to foment, and many fled to neighboring States to avoid service. Hence the Fifty-fourth Massachusetts comprised of black men not from that State, and men from California forming a Massachusetts cavalry regiment, and [...]

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Disunionists of the North

 Disunionists of the North From: The demented John Brown has been described as a political assassin, one who desires “not simply to murder, but also to attract attention – to incite and terrify as many people as possible.” This new type of assassin was praised through skillful propaganda by Northern journalists and hailed by some [...]

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Soldiers Made Ashamed of Their Battle Flag

Soldiers Made Ashamed of Their Battle Flag From: The war crimes against American civilians carried out by Sherman were accomplished with the full knowledge and assent of Grant, Lincoln, Stanton, Seward and Halleck. All knew well that for Sherman’s vandals to live off the country in Georgia and the Carolinas meant civilians would endure starvation [...]

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Reporting Heritage Violations

 Reporting Heritage Violations Compatriots, Daily there are new attacks on our Confederate monuments, markers, plaques, etc. all over the United States. At this time, everyone is encouraged, either as a individual or camp, to report these defacements to your law enforcement agency as a Hate Crime. Report the crime so the criminal can do the [...]

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 NEW ATTACKS ON OUR HERITAGE INDIANA: State fair leaders in Indiana sent a letter to vendors this week, asking them to not sell or display Confederate flag merchandise at the event that opens Aug. 7. NORTH CAROLINA: An unnamed group delivered a petition to Gov. Pat McCrory this morning at 10 am asking him to [...]

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SOUTHERN BAPTISTS RE-FIRE DEBATE OVER SOUTHERN HERITAGE I do not know what happened. But I am reminded that God is in control of all things. Remember last week that I had reported that the North Carolina State paper was late in publishing my response to the attacks against our heritage and ancestors by high-ranking Southern [...]


HERITAGE VICTORY – Amazon restores Confederate Flags

 HERITAGE VICTORY - Amazon restores Confederate Flags As soon as Amazon, eBay, and Wal-Mart announced that they were removing the sale of all "Confederate" merchandise Dixie Heritage went to work. EBay and Wal-Mart do not seem to be budging on the issue. Amazon has been open to talking. A few years ago I had the [...]

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This is just a lovely situation…

 This is just a lovely situation... From: As expected while we watch every Southern symbol we have come under a well-organized & orchestrated attack we have too many national leaders of our many Southern groups fighting turf wars amongst themselves but, what`s new about this scramble for personal self-glorification & gratification coming before our cause. [...]

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