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Dixie Heritage News – 3/27/2020

Dixie Heritage News - 3/27/2020 Corona Virus continues to dominate the news and also monopolizes the attention of government. So there is NOT a lot to report on the heritage front right now. But there is some. Inspite of Corona Virus, there is one new attack. It is White’s Ferry which has been ushering motorists [...]

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Dixie Heritage News – 3/20/2020

CRISIS? OR HOAX? The Marxists are so overwhelmed with Corona Virus hysteria that they have temporarily forgotten their absolute hatred of all things Confederate. So there is not a whole lot to report this week on the heritage front. WHY? While speaking at the Army Navy Club Commandant General David Berger explained why he ordered [...]

Dixie Heritage News – 3/20/20202020-03-20T16:50:42+00:00

Tyranny & Corruption Of Radical Republicans

The Tyranny and Corruption of the Radical Republicans Southern Reconstruction 1865-1877 March 18, 2020 Part 1 of a Series Mike Scruggs – The South was as devastated by the Un-Civil War of 1861 to 1865 as much as any nation in the annals of warfare. By the end of the war, one out of every [...]

Tyranny & Corruption Of Radical Republicans2020-03-20T12:42:16+00:00

Dixie Heritage News – 3/6/2020

MADE IN CHINA? As previously reported, BOTH chambers of the Virginia Legislature passed bills that would allow for the removal of Confederate monuments. However, the two bills are materially different from one another and must be "reconciled" before the Governor can sign and enact. On Wednesday the Senate passed a "reconciliation" bill by a vote [...]

Dixie Heritage News – 3/6/20202020-03-06T20:24:53+00:00

Slavery In The Secession Declarations

Listing Slavery in the Secession Declarations set the legal framework for the South to leave the Union Constitutionally. It is a manipulation of history to interpret these documents as proof that the main cause of the South was to enslave African Americans. The declarations were used to showcase the violations of the Constitution regarding the [...]

Slavery In The Secession Declarations2020-03-03T14:31:58+00:00

Appeasement Never Works

Dixie Heritage News - 2/28/2020 We are not for sure if this is simply a misguided attempt to maintain the "moon landing" hoax, an attack on our heritage, or both. The City Council of Hampton City, Virginia has scheduled a vote to rename Magruder Boulevard, named for Confederate General John Bankhead Magruder, to Neil Armstrong [...]

Appeasement Never Works2020-02-28T19:19:45+00:00

US Civil War Was About Money Not Slavery

Falsifying History on Behalf Of Agendas. “US Civil War was about Money not Slavery” By Dr. Paul Craig Roberts Global Research, July 26, 2015 Paul Craig Roberts Institute for Political Economy 21 July 2015 In an article on April 13, I used the so-called Civil War and the myths with which court historians have encumbered [...]

US Civil War Was About Money Not Slavery2020-02-26T18:40:08+00:00