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HK Edgerton: Conversations In The Streets

From: "HK Edgerton" [] Date: Aug 14, 2019 Subject: An Open Letter & Open Report / Conversations In The Streets To: "LM S" [] Dear Ms. Lunelle, On Tuesday, August 14, 2019, on the four lane road of Patton Avenue on the west side of Asheville, I would find myself surrounded by a group of [...]

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Dixie Heritage News – 8/9/2019

Is President Trump shifting hard left? CLICK THIS LINK. VOICE YOUR OPINION. PRESERVE A MONUMENT. A Confederate monument recently vandalized with red paint and the word "racists" has been removed from a Southern California cemetery. The 9-foot-tall (2.7-meter) granite marker was placed at Santa Ana Cemetery by the Sons of Confederate Veterans in 2004. The [...]

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“Swallowing The Dog” (As it relates to Confederate Veterans)

Dixie, do you know what is the meant by the phrase “swallowing the dog”? For Confederate veterans, the term “swallowing the dog” meant being forced to repeatedly pledge allegiance to the United States whose military forces were occupying the Confederacy. “It was the most despised word in the South. A few took it “as if [...]

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Dixie Heritage News – 8/2/2019

FIGHTING ONWARD! So far, Georgia's heritage protection laws have prevented the removal of monuments in Atlanta. So the Marxists have taken a different approach. As Rosalind Bentley reports for the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Atlanta is installing markers next to four of the city's most prominent Confederate monuments. The markers will discuss slavery, racial persecution in the [...]

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Dixie Heritage News – 7/19/2019

Draining The Ocean On Saturday the local chapter of CSA II: The New Confederate States of America plans to host an event at John Brown Memorial Park in Osawatomie, Kansas. The Heritage not Hate cookout will coincide with the raising of the Confederate Flag at the state capitol in Columbia, South Carolina. Osawatomie City Manager [...]

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Dixie Heritage News – 7/12/2019

Police persecuting Confederate activists On the anniversary of the Confederate flag's removal from the grounds of the S.C. State House, organizers are planning to rally with the flag outside the State House, right before the grounds are turned over to a racial justice group. Ryan Barnett reserved the State House grounds from 6 to 8 [...]

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