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Southern History

Southern History

Notable Members of the SCV

List of members of the Sons of Confederate Veterans President Harry Truman American football coach Bear Bryant Academy Award winner Clint Eastwood Notable members of Sons of Confederate Veterans have included: Trace Adkins (born 1962), American country singer-songwriter[1] Ellis Arnall (1907–1992), Georgia governor[2] Gresham Barrett (born 1961), U.S. representative from South Carolina[citation needed] Omar Bradley [...]

Dixie Heritage Tribute to 1860’s Baseball

Dixie Heritage Tribute to 1860's Baseball (Confederate and Yankee)

A Lady Champion of Free Trade

A Lady Champion of Free Trade By Karen Stokes

Abel P. Upshur

Abel P. Upshur By James Rutledge Roesch

Goodbye to Gold and Glory

Goodbye to Gold and Glory By Clyde Wilson

“Hang the Usurpers”

“Hang the Usurpers” By Marshall DeRosa

Southern History

History is often rewritten today in order to satisfy "Political Correctness." We feel that this is an injustice, and attempt to counter this by providing a more realistic account of the War For Southern Independence. Below are links which contain FACTS, not politically correct rhetoric.

Proud Of Our Southern Heritage

  Seeking African Americans who are proud of our Southern Heritage   From:   Let's stand and be counted to show The NAACP  and the Nation that there are more than just 3 of us.   Just because one is proud to be Southerner and proud of their rich heritage, that does not make [...]

Confederate Books

  Project Gutenberg is a group of volunteers who take public domain books and turn them into ebooks.  Among their items are Confederate books, including memoirs by veterans and various books about the Confederate States.    Direct links to some of the books are below.  Feel free to refer this page to anyone you know who [...]