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Mission Statement

Dixie Outfitters is proud to be Southern and proud of our ancestors who fought and died in the War for Southern Independence. We believe various groups have distorted the real meaning of the Confederate Flag for their own purposes. We strive to feature the Confederate Flag in the context of history, heritage, and pride in [...]

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Dealer Information

 We no longer have an Authorized dealer license fee! If you would like to sell Dixie Outfitters/Dixie Girls Trademark products please call or email customer service at 1-866-916-5866 with further questions.  sales@barberandcompany.com. Authorized Dealer requirements: Must have state tax resale ID.

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Flash Catalog Viewer

  Find exactly what you want by shopping with our new flash catalog viewer. Every page is just like our physical catalog. You can turn the pages and every product has a link to the item on our website. Please be patient as it may take serveral minutes to load. Just grab the edge to [...]

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Security & Privacy

All purchases are protected by Dixieoutfitters.com's Secure Shopping Guarantee. This means that all transactions made on this site are made through a secure server that ensures your transactions are protected and private. Dixieoutfitters.com uses the same Internet security protocol (SSL) that is used by top e-commerce sites like Amazon.com, FedEx, and the U.S. Government. For [...]

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