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Rhett Barber is President, Artist and Programmer at Dixie Outfitters. A country boy who has been working and building the finest line of Southern Heritage Apparel the world has ever seen. Long live Dixie!

Failure Of The South To Win The War: Deathblow To Liberty

The failure of the South to win the War for Southern Independence was a deathblow to liberty and one reason this country is in the shape it is today.   Lincoln believed that import tariffs were necessary, at the expense of consumers. He believed that American industries needed to be shielded from foreign competition and [...]

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Dixie Heritage News – 2/1/2019

Dixie Heritage News - Friday, February 1, 2019   LEGALIZING INFANTICIDE   DEADLINE WAS THURSDAY   As we've reported, the City of Winston-Salem had given the UDC an ultimatum to remove its Confederate Monument by January 31st or the City would remove the monument itself. Believing that the UDC could not remove the statue without [...]

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No Mention Of Incidents Like This In School History Books

NO MENTION OF INCIDENTS LIKE THIS IN SCHOOL HISTORY BOOKS...It doesn't fit their agenda.   “Attack on Our Soldiers by Armed Negroes! A member of the Indiana Twentieth Regiment, now encamped near Fortress Monroe, writes to the Indianapolis Journal on the 23rd.   Yesterday morning General Mansfield with Drake de Kay, Aide-DE-Camp in command of [...]

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CALL TO ACTION: Lakeland Lawsuit – Funds Needed

SAVE SOUTHERN HERITAGE   CALL TO ACTION Lakeland Lawsuit - Funds Needed January 28, 2019   Funds are urgently needed to continue fighting in Court to protect and preserve our historic Munn Park veterans' monument   It was reported in the media that the City and other defendants asked the Court to Dismiss the Lawsuit [...]

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Dixie Heritage News – 1/25/2019

For over 100 years the Virginia State Senate has had a little tradition, where they honor Stonewall Jackson and Robert E. Lee at the close of a Senate session sometime near the birthdays of two men. For years, on or around the birthdays of these two great Confederates, a member of the Virginia Senate would [...]

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South, CSA, Harshly Discriminated Against

The South and the Confederate States of America have been harshly discriminated against and positive historical facts and figures have intentionally been suppressed. Dishonest Northern historians have unfairly caused Southern and Confederate history and its heroes, monuments, memorials, and flags to be regulated to a role of less importance than deserved in American history and [...]

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