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Rhett Barber is President, Artist and Programmer at Dixie Outfitters working on the finest line of Southern Heritage Apparel the world has ever seen. Long live Dixie!

Confederate Ancestors: Gen. Nathan Bedford Forrest

Our Confederate Ancestors: Gen. Nathan Bedford Forrest and His Men in Action August 12, 2021 Gene Kizer, Jr. Laying down the body, Forrest spread his handkerchief over his dead brother's face and, calling on a member of his escort to remain with the corpse, he mounted his horse and said to those who were present: [...]

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Disregard For Southern Rights

AMERICA'S DISREGARD FOR SOUTHERN RIGHTS "Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness" are three rights given by our Creator and protected by government. They seemingly have lost their meaning or been amended until almost every ethnic, political, and social group claims exclusive ownership. Americans of Southern ancestry are commonly treated as if they should be [...]

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Not A Win – This Will Resurface

DIXIE HERITAGE NEWS - JANUARY 1, 2021 Confederate monuments at National Park Service sites dodged a bullet as the final version of the fiscal 2021 spending package excluded language pushed by House Democrats that would remove the monuments from those sites. Republicans had described the provision as a “poison pill” and “veto bait,” given President [...]

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Confederate =’s Slavemaster? Not!!!

Today I was asked on a friends page where one of my notes had been reposted/SHARED this question, "By 'pro-Confederate' do you also mean pro-slavery? In what way can you separate the two?" I felt he was not meaning to insult me and was just unusually poorly informed about U.S.history. I think any Southerner would [...]

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Dixie Heritage News – 11/13/2020

IN MISSISSIPPI Voters narrowly approve keeping Confederate statue in place at Hattiesburg courthouse. When the tally from the Forrest County Circuit Clerk’s Office came in at 51% of voters electing to leave the monument where it is. the Board of Commissioners immediateoy declared that the vote was "non-binding." IN ALABAMA A Confederate Flag flying outside [...]

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Gonna Take Biden To The Old Folks Home

DIXIE HERITAGE NEWS - OCTOBER 30, 2020 Oregon’s Commission on Historic Cemeteries (OCHC) voted last week Friday to adopt a position paper recommending that Confederate flags not be displayed at historic cemeteries, including flying the flag on poles or with small flags placed on individual graves. Chairperson Bev Power said during themeeting that the position [...]

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Are We Being Set Up?

DIXIE HERITAGE NEWS - 10/23/2020 IN MCKINNEY, TEXAS The statue of a former Confederate General James Webb Throckmorton will remain in place — for now. On Tuesday, the City Council took no action following presentations from an advisory board whose members were nearly split on whether the statue should remain in place or be removed. [...]

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If Lincoln Had Believed As Jefferson, The War Would Not Have Happened

If you want to know WHY we have what we have today, here it is in a nutshell. It reflects the Jeffersonian understanding of government embraced by the antebellum South from the philosophy of Lincoln and the people of the North. For if Lincoln had believed as Jefferson, the Civil War would not have happened. [...]

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