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Rhett Barber is President, Artist and Programmer at Dixie Outfitters working on the finest line of Southern Heritage Apparel the world has ever seen. Long live Dixie!

Justice In Memorial Vandal Case Delayed Another Week

SAVE SOUTHERN HERITAGE FL NEWS JUSTICE IN LEE COUNTY NAMESAKE MEMORIAL VANDAL CASE DELAYED ANOTHER WEEK Ft. Myers – The case for the prosecution of the Lee County Namesake Memorial vandal, David Howes, was put off again when the case was ‘continued’ Monday, November 25th until December 9th. Howe’s attorney, seems to have had an [...]

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Vandal Should Be Charged With Hate Crime

Sunday, November 24, 2019 Save Southern Heritage - Florida News: Poll: Lee County Vandal Should be Charged With Hate Crime SAVE SOUTHERN HERITAGE SAVE SOUTHERN HERITAGE FLORIDA NEWS POLL SAYS: LEE COUNTY NAMESAKE VANDAL SHOULD BE CHARGED WITH A HATE CRIME “NO DIFFERENT THAN PAINTING PENTAGRAMS ON A CHURCH” Ft. Myers – Save Southern Heritage [...]

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Censorship Is Alive And Well

Dixie Heritage News - 11/22/2019 CENSORSHIP is alive and well ARKANSAS VANDALS ARRESTED Two people have been charged for damaging the Confederate Monument in Bentonville according to Police Sgt. Gene Page. Laura Hammarstrom and Jeremy Ordaz, both adults, were charged with 1st Degree Criminal Mischief, a Class C Felony. They were assigned court dates in [...]

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Dixie Heritage News – 11/15/2019

LOTS OF LAWSUITS The city of Charlottesville is preparing to appeal its defeat in a lawsuit over two Confederate monuments. The Daily Progress reports the City Council on Monday night authorized the city attorney to appeal once a judge delivers his final ruling against removing statues of Robert E. Lee and Stonewall Jackson. Circuit Court [...]

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Dixie Heritage News – 11/8/2019

Greg Johnson, an American and Editor of the nationalist publication Counter-Currents was arrested in Norway where he was scheduled to give a speech at what Norwegian press reports are calling a "right-wing political conference." As best as we can tell, Johnson was not charged with an actual crime in Norway where "authorities" are expediting his [...]

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Confederate Shock And Awe

DIXIE HERITAGE NEWS - 11/1/2019 PROBABLY NEVER COMING BACK Now that the Tennessee Supreme Court has avoided its Constitutional duty, the nonprofit that "owns" the Confederate monuments removed from Memphis' parks, Memphis Greenspace, will be able to act with impunity. While they’re not sure, we suspect they are trying to sell the statues as I [...]

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Step Closer To Justice For General Lee

SAVE SOUTHERN HERITAGE FLORIDA NEWS For Immediate Release STATE ATTORNEY’S ATTEMPT TO SQUASH VICTIM RIGHTS FAILS AS SONS OF CONFEDERATE VETERANS TAKE A STEP CLOSER TO JUSTICE FOR GENERAL LEE Above Photo: HK Edgerton, Gerald Schell, Adjutant of William Footman Camp Sons of Confederate Veterans and David McCallister, Esq. Ft. Myers – Over 20 citizens [...]

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Dixie Heritage News – 10/25/2019

POLITICIANS CLEAR PATH FOR ANOTHER ILLEGAL REMOVAL The city of Norfolk, Virginia can remove its "Johnny Reb" Confederate statue from a busy downtown intersection the state attorney general and a local prosecutor have determined. Norfolk Commonwealth's Attorney Gregory Underwood filed court papers late Tuesday saying his office and the office of Attorney General Mark Herring [...]

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