“Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness” are three rights given by our Creator and protected by government. They seemingly have lost their meaning or been amended until almost every ethnic, political, and social group claims exclusive ownership.

Americans of Southern ancestry are commonly treated as if they should be ashamed of their heritage and that rights extend to them only within the boundary of political correctness. Our museums are not supplemented by taxes, our history has vanished from textbooks, our anthems cannot be sung nor our flags flown. No other culture must exist within these restraints of unwritten “law.” Civil rights and equality are constantly championed but promoters do not mean one syllable of their words. Southerners seem mandated to yield our sacred birthright while others get a free pass. In today’s America, any mention of the Confederacy is dishonored, rejected, slandered, restricted, and turned into a tourist side show.

Such inequality is rampant and you may think that is right. You may freely you lie about racism, sling snide remarks that you deem to be clever or contemplate legislation making allegiance to Southern heritage a crime. Perhaps you are gullible enough to think I care about the names you call me or criticism you send but you are just not worth me being offended. God helping me, I will not deviate from the stand I take, the values I emulate or the beliefs I hold. Today ignorance holds full sway but time’s pendulum swings both ways. Deo Vindice.

Wayne Dobson

Web Source: Facebook – Southern Heritage News & Views Page
Post: August 5, 2021