Voters narrowly approve keeping Confederate statue in place at Hattiesburg courthouse.

When the tally from the Forrest County Circuit Clerk’s Office came in at 51% of voters electing to leave the monument where it is. the Board of Commissioners immediateoy declared that the vote was “non-binding.”


A Confederate Flag flying outside the Marshall County Courthouse in Albertville has been removed and replaced with a replica of a flag that marks the state’s secession from the United States in 1861.

The dark blue flag has the Latin words “noli me tangere” on one side, which translates to “touch me not.” A snake is emerging from the bottom of a cotton plant on the flag.

The other side of the flag has the “Goddess of Liberty,” according to the Alabama archives department, with the words “Independent Now and Forever. The liberty goddess is holding a flag in her left hand with “Alabama” written on it.

The original flag flew from Jan. 11, 1861 to Feb. 10, 1861. It was removed after being damaged in a storm, according to the Alabama Archives department, and was never flown again.

The Confederate Flag, as well as a granite Confederate monument which has a carving of the Confederate Flag, has been at the center of protests in Albertville for several weeks.

Marshall County Commission Chair James Hutcheson was not immediately available for comment Thursday.


Students at Pearland High School were disciplined after a photo of them wearing Confederate attire was circulated by KTRK-TV. reported.
The Pearland administrators will not tell us what the punishment was. They did release a statement: “The dress code for the Pearland school district prohibits students from wearing ‘apparel or accessories which include cultural divisiveness and racial intolerance.’”


On Monday evening, Richmond city leaders renamed Confederate Avenue, four blocks between Brook Road and Hermitage Road, to Laburnum Park Boulevard.

The City Council first introduced this measure last month, it was referred to a committee which had returned it with recommendation that City Council members approve it.


The Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) supports the recent calls to remove a Confederate marker in Collierville Town Square, according to a release.


A new NAACP lawsuit calls for the removal of the Confederate memorial at the Gaston County Courthouse. If it succeeds, the Charlotte Observer reports that it could also take out all 40 remaining monuments at or near county courthouses in the state.


Confederate Flags removed from their poles along I-40 at Exits 94 and 119 in early September are once again flying!


After months of discussion, the Putnam County Board of Commissioners cast a final vote on the Confederate statue outside of the County Courthouse.

The decision has left people on both sides of the issue disappointed and frustrated.

In a 3-2 vote, the board decided that the statue would be relocated to Putnam County Veterans Memorial Park – but only if those who want it relocated are able to raise $200,000 in private funds within 90 days. The board also said the money can’t come from people outside of Putnam County.

“If they don’t have it raised, and they haven’t started raising it – the group or individual that wants to move it – then as far as I’m concerned, it’s over with,” said Board Chair Terry Turner on Tuesday. “I don’t want to hear about it anymore.”


Led by Phakeahontas Lizzy Warren, 36 Democrat Senators and Bernie Sanders are demanding that President Trump rename all military assets named for Confederate heroes. If he does not they threaten to withhold the pay of our nation’s servicemen and servicewomen.

President-Pretend Joe Biden and his sidekick, Kackaling Kamala, have voiced their “approval” of the measure.


In the last 10 days we’ve seen:

Multiple states stop counting votes on election night.

Multiple states find tens of thousands of votes that benefit Joe Biden to a degree that is statistically impossible.

Clear examples of dead people voting.

Counties in which more people voted than were registered.

States called for Biden when a ridiculously low percentage of votes were counted (like Virginia with only 1%in).

Regardless of whether you’re a Democrat or a Republican, you cannot, with a straight face, say that this doesn’t look suspicious. And that’s putting it mildly.

The bigger issue, outside of who actually wins the election, is the fact that the election process has been compromised. That is a MAJOR problem for the Republic.


Attorney General William Barr has authorized federal prosecutors across the U.S. to pursue “substantial allegations” of voting irregularities. The order goes against a longstanding Justice Department policy not to investigate elections until their results have been certified.

Barr’s authorization prompted the Justice Department official who has overseen and facilitated past years of voter fraud, Richard Pilger, to step down from his post within hours.


The Trump appointee who leads the General Services Administration has not yet formally recognized you and your sidekick as the president-elect. This means no office space, agency visits and NO MONEY for your “transition.”


Did not acknowledge Biden’s “victory” and said that Trump was “ 100 percent within his rights ” to challenge the results.


The two Republican senators, both facing runoff elections in January, called for the State’s top election official, also a Republican, to resign.


In a last minute reversal, German prosecutors and a district court judge in Dresden have ended their criminal case against Lady Michèle Renouf, terminating a 32-month process, days before it was to come to trial.

Having arrested and charged Lady Renouf in 2018 immediately after her impromptu speech at a commemoration in Dresden, German prosecutors opened proceedings a year later under Germany’s notorious §130 Volksverhetzung law alleging “public incitement”, but the case has now ended without Lady Renouf being found guilty of any offence. (She has had to pay only a modest fee for the costs of a translator.)

“This decision was extraordinary – almost sensational”, says Wolfram Nahrath (Lady Renouf’s German attorney) who points out that such an ACQUITTAL of the charges in a ‘Holocaust’-related trial is a first in Germany. The German authorities did not want to take the risk of putting Lady Renouf on trial, given her background and the German constitutional issues that would inevitably be highlighted.

The §130 Volksverhetzung law has been used to jail German scientists, authors and even lawyers in recent years. ‘Holocaust’-related offences of ‘public incitement’ almost inevitably lead to long prison sentences.

Yet the unique circumstances of Lady Renouf and her 2018 Dresden speech led prosecutors to withdraw.

Lady Michelle has promised Dr. Ed an interview once her attorney clears her to speak on the matter.


McDonald’s said it would begin testing a meatless burger, called the McPlant , next year. Other fast-food chains — including Dunkin’, Subway and Burger King — already offer plant-based products.


Karen Stokes is an archivist at the South Carolina Historical Society in Charleston.

She is the author of nine non-fiction books. Additionally she has authored six works of historical fiction.

In Washington, D.C., while serving as Secretary of War in the 1850s, Jefferson Davis met Ambrose Dudley Mann, a native of Virginia who was the Assistant Secretary of State (and the first man to hold that office). The two men were drawn to each other immediately and became fast friends for the rest of their lives. In her biography of her husband, Varina Davis wrote that Mann had “every Christian virtue” and that “Mr. Davis and he gravitated toward each other at once, and loved like David and Jonathan until extreme old age.” [1]

After the formation of the Confederate States of America, Davis appointed Mann, an experienced diplomat, as a commissioner to Europe. Mann left his country in March 1861, and would never return. After the war, fiercely unwilling to live under Yankee domination, he spent the rest of his life in France, hosting numerous Confederate expatriates at his home, and continuing to correspond with Jefferson Davis, who visited him in Paris in the winter of 1868-1869.

On New Year’s Day in 1884, Mann penned a letter to Davis. Always a keen observer of international politics, he wrote pessimistically about the march of Western civilization in Europe toward nihilism, socialism, and communism. The United States, he contended, was marching not far behind in the same direction, and that unfortunately, the only force which could have checked that progress, was the South—but a South now gone. He wrote to his old friend:

“I never was more bothered in mind for the formation of an opinion as to what point of descent the, so denominated civilized world is wending as on this New Year’s morning; nor do I believe that the brightest human vision can foresee. The propitious progress which it is making downward, in general demoralization, forbids a rational expectation that a halt is probable. Vice is in such supreme role everywhere that the masses of humankind are disgusted with government and are steadily embracing the sentiment of nihilism. Anarchy has become the impelling motive of their thoughts. Universal suffrage will not satisfy them. The potentates of Europe fancy that it will. Even Bismarck counts upon it as a cure for the Socialism of Germany. Gladstone seems to be quite willing to enlarge the elective franchise in Great Britain but he is met with the extremely puzzling question, to what extent? In like manner all the other premiers of the monarchs of Europe are secretly embarrassed for a trustworthy solution. But each, in the supposed interest of his reigning Mistress or Master, has no alternative but to make a ‘merit of necessity’ and allow every citizen to vote—and that before the lapse of a lengthened period. The political power thus created will inevitably sweep away the existing thrones. But it will not be inclined to stop with this procedure. It will institute Communism and precipitate a general division of property. The vox populi of the United States will not be far behind the lead of the movement. There was that virtue once in the South that would have efficiently checked such an attempt, but it has, as I contemplate the matter, actively disappeared. The sensibility of principle, in the control of affairs, no longer exists in that former Heaven favored land.” [2]

Mann saw little hope that the South could check or even resist the relentless movement toward collectivism in America. He lamented that many in South had become as “selfish” and venal as Northerners, but his fervent love and admiration for men like Jefferson Davis, Robert E. Lee, and Stonewall Jackson, never dimmed.

In earlier, unpublished letters to another friend, Mann asserted that a republic was the best form of government ever given to mankind, declaring his undying devotion to that principle no matter what the cost. His beloved friend Jefferson Davis was of the same conviction, and in a well-known quote, predicted that this principle would “reassert itself, though it may be at another time and in another form.”

Current events may not bode well for Davis’s prediction, but we can still hope that he was right.

Ambrose Dudley Mann died in Paris on November 15, 1889.

[1] Davis, Varina Howell, Jefferson Davis, Ex-President of the Confederate States of America: A Memoir by His Wife. N.Y.: Belford Co., 1890,I: 556-57.

[2] Moore, John Preston, ed. My Ever Dearest Friend: The Letters of A. Dudley Mann to Jefferson Davis, 1869-1889. Tuscaloosa, Ala.: Confederate Publishing Co., 1960: 88-89.

We get what seems like hundreds of eMails every week from a subscriber named Archie. This week, he sent us one that not only got our attention, it pretty well sums up our thoughts and articulates fairly well a column that Dr. Ed was both struggling to and failing to write:

Okay gang, here is the way I see it shaping up. The “right” has been all riled up over the media’s “electing” of Biden. They are angry over the “stolen election” and have locked and loaded in preparation for the coming “communist coup” scheduled to arrive shortly. “Left wing,” Social Justice Warriors, jubilant over their victory, have broken out the Champaign to celebrate the demise of the Nahdzee Trump and his evil gang of “fascists.”

A huge sigh of relief is heard across America as Judeocommunist “liberals” can now get on with killing off the remaining evil, “white supremacist fascist” faction that just happens to be comprised of everyone with white skin. The fuse has been lit. The carefully constructed powder keg explodes when it turns out powers-that-be admit the election was in fact a fraud, “stolen” by inflated votes cast by computer algorithms. Trump is now vindicated in his claim for an election “victory.” The electoral college backs up the claim with their own vote. KA-BOOM!!! Social Justice Warriors explode in righteous anger. “No fair! No fair!” they scream. “We won! Our team won the election and you’re not going to take that away from us!” They begin attacking people and businesses across America. Mayhem ensues.

With extreme vitriolic anger and hatred, SJW, Antifa and BLM factions begin lashing out across the country, destroying everything in their path, wreaking havoc upon the land. Negros see it as a free for all holiday and begin looting and burning everything in sight. White people are dragged out of their cars and homes to be stomped to death as they become prime targets for looting rioters. In response, the white right, already locked and loaded for bear from the initially perceived loss of the election, comes barreling out of the gate with guns blazing. The country rapidly dissolves into violent chaos (that’s chaos, NOT Anarchy). Violent confrontations increase in every state around the nation as the media begins talking about the new American civil war between the oppressed, victimized Negro and their enemy the “white supremacist masters.”

Blood runs freely in the streets as the death toll climbs. Finally, Trump, now firmly ensconced in office, calls out the million-man, ready reserves set up with his March executive order. WHAM!! Martial law is declared and heavily armed military troops begin occupying cities, arresting and/or summarily executing anyone caught violating the newly imposed, draconian law. FEMA camps open their doors for business and begin processing untold numbers of American radicals and terrorists of all stripes, as confiscation of private firearms begin. People suspected of holding small arms are either arrested or obliterated by the military’s high tech beam and robotic weapons.

Lockdown curfews ensue. Order is rapidly restored to the country under the most oppressive, draconian laws in history. Now one can only do exactly as they are told or face either summary execution or interment in a FEMA (death) camp labor force. Rumors arise of gas chambers being used to eliminate those resisting any attempt at reeducation to new world order concepts and standards.

“Undesirables” and “detestables” disappear into the bowels of the camps, but their deaths cannot be confirmed. Soon no one dares even inquire. All information sources are fully monitored and controlled. Anyone even hinting at anything outside the official, government narrative is automatically considered a terrorist, an enemy of the state to be eliminated. America disappears in both name and substance to become but one more of the regions falling under the hegemonic control of the global government. The world now moves into a period darker than any experienced before in human history, with the total, technological enslavement of all humanity. End of one story, beginning of another.

Hold on, my phone is ringing. It’s probably Hollywood calling with a script revision.


Harald Scharnhorst is the son of the Commanding General of the armed forces of Norway during the second world war. As a boy, he emigrated with his family to the United States at the close of that war. He tells his story in the book An Immigrant Remembers , advertised elsewhere in this newsletter.

He is a contributing editor to The Barnes Review and a long-time subscriber to Dixie Heritage .

I live in the country; we don’t have a “virus problem.” It is a nothing issue. But the Government, the Pharma Industry and “Science Experts” are doing what they can to sell FEAR. It works well. People do not stop to think, they just react.

The Governors of Montana and Idaho are people who seem to have ties to the Pharma Industry. Both governors have tried lock-downs and it has not worked well for them. Idaho’s governor has found himself subject to a possible recall! The sheriffs of Northern Idaho have basically refused to deal with enforcing edicts that are not Constitutional. The result is, here most people do not wear masks, most do not want to.

Corporate hotels play the temperature game, the mask game and so forth. The Idaho State Supreme Court says its OK to have lock-downs. But the only enforcement I see is in Moscow, Idaho, a college town, and in the Boise area which is more like California than Idaho! School Districts in Northern Idaho shut down the schools for one or two cases. Classic over-reaction. The Boundary County Courthouse requires masks to enter. If you refuse, they will serve you through a window in the back (I kid you not!) and the employees inside don’t wear masks!

Montana counties are doing nothing. Masks are “required,” but people are not policed much. Almost all the sheriffs told the Montana Governor they would not enforce his orders, some having some very sharp remarks for the Governor. A few restaurants require masks, I just do not patronize them. Can anyone eat with a mask on? Maybe some can, I am not that clever yet!

One lady looked at me in terror and screamed, “Stay away from me!” Most just play social distancing games. One corporate hotel run by the Kootenai Tribe of Idaho, makes you take a temp check. They did not record ANY abnormal temperatures while I was there! The employees wear masks, but masks are not required of guests! Up the road, a small but immaculate motel has no masks, no temp check and all is normal. Grocery stores are normal except for the marks on the floor and the plastic shields at at the check out counters. It is almost impossible to understand people trying to talk with masks on! Hardware stores are normal. A sign on the door says, “If you are sick please do not come in. We will be happy to serve you by phone.” Makes sense doesn’t it? After all, it is sick people who need to be quarantined!

People here are waking up to the Covid Game. A lot of folks want nothing to do with vaccines, either. It is perceived as a racket….


Al Benson, Jr., is the Editor of the Copperhead Chronicle .

In addition to writing for Southern Patriot and other publications, he is a member of the Confederate Society of America and the League of the South .

In the past few days there have been several calls for Donald Trump to “just concede to Joe Biden and get it all over with.” One of those has even come from someone within his own family circle–his son-in-law, Jared Kushner, to be specific. One has to wonder what Mr .Kushner’s real agenda is here.

On the other hand, several have told Mr. Trump that he should not concede under any circumstances. And with his legal team pursuing several legal challenges in key states the advice to not concede would seem to be sound. The more we find out the more it seems that the odor of massive political fraud seems to permeate the atmosphere.

It’s amazing the stuff that comes to light when people start digging. There was an article on Canada Free Press for November 9th by Kelly O’Connell which stated: “Unbelievable: George Soros Employee Owns Defective Switch-Vote Biden Machines Stunning facts: Lord Mark Malloch Brown, a George Soros lieutenant, whose company Smartmatic is intimately tied to Dominion Voting Systems who flipped votes from Trump to Biden, Brown was also named UN #2–Deputy Secretary General on March 3, 2006 and also former VP of the World Bank. His machine was used in all the swing states.” Pure coincidence I’m sure!

Then there was the article on for November 8th which said: “Huge news tonight, There are reportedly 132,000 change of address flags in Fulton County, Georgia ballots. These ballots are likely ineligible.” Right now Biden is ahead in Georgia by a hair…If these ballots are deemed ineligible, the state of Georgia is almost certainly won by President Trump and this is before the illegal voter harvesting in recent days is addressed.”

And attorney Sidney Powell, who is on Trump’s legal team, and who is Michael Flynn’s attorney claims her investigative team “has identified 450,000 ballots in battleground states that cast a vote only for Biden, with no other candidates voted down the ticket.” So supposedly these 450,000 voters in several states didn’t bother to vote for any other candidates in their respective states. They were all in such a heat to vote for Biden that they passed up everyone else on their respective ballots?

To quote one well-known political fraudster–“C’mon man!” How many of you folks that voted last Tuesday only voted for the presidential candidate and for no other candidates on your ballots? Most who vote also vote for senators, representatives, various state officials and whatever, yet we are being asked to believe that over 400,000 voters in various states voted only for Joe Biden and no one else. I submit that is beyond ludicrous!

Does anyone wonder why Joe Biden never went over 50 miles from his home for any political gathering before the election? Why should he bother. He now the fix was in already so why make the effort? He didn’t have to–they were going to try to hand him the election on a sliver platter. Remember that video of Hillary telling Biden not to concede on election night no matter how bad it looked. Do you know why now?

Well now, we can tell Mr. Trump the same thing, not because the election has been fixed in his favor but because there have been such blatant and ham-handed attempts to commit election fraud for Biden that this fraud cries out to heaven to be corrected.

Continue to pray for President Trump and his legal team that their efforts might be rewarded with at least a modicum of honesty in the states that are affected, of which there are several. This is not over quite yet and Biden is not the new president–quite yet.

Deo Vindice!

Chaplain Ed