Oregon’s Commission on Historic Cemeteries (OCHC) voted last week Friday to adopt a position paper recommending that Confederate flags not be displayed at historic cemeteries, including flying the flag on poles or with small flags placed on individual graves.

Chairperson Bev Power said during themeeting that the position paper is largely symbolic, as the Commission is not able to punish cemeteries for not adhering to the policy.

“It’s not law, you’re not going to be fined, you’re not going to be denied any grant applications or anything based on whether or not you agree and follow the position we take or not,” Power said.

We believe that there are about 60 Confederate veterans buried across more than two dozen of the 1,500 historic cemeteries in Oregon.


On Monday a contractor removed the eight-foot tall statue of a Confederate soldier that stood on top of the 42-foot high monument in Pensacola as monument supporters who had been keeping vigil waved Confederate Flags, said city spokeswoman Kaycee Lagarde.

Contractors will have a another month to remove the obelisk. The city is spending $135,000 for the work.


Last week, beginning around 11 p.m. Friday, Huntsville city officials began relocating the monument of General John Morgan , a Kentucky plantation owner, that stood at the steps of the Madison County, Alabama courthouse for over a century.

The city said Tuesday it paid $33,250 to move the monument.


During an Albertville City Council meeting Monday, a resolution was presented to the council to remove the Confederate flag and monument from outside the Marshall County Courthouse.

The Alabama Memorial Preservation Act only protects monuments that have been in place for over 40 years. The monument that stands outside the Marshall County Courthouse was erected in 1996 — meaning it could potentially be moved without penalty.

Members of the city council said they needed time to think about adopting the resolution before making a decision. They did not say when a decision could be expected.


Stafford County Board of Supervisors Vice-Chairman Mark Dudenhefer tells us that the Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT) has acquired 10 parcels of land along I-95 through eminent domain for its Rappahanock River Crossing Project.

One of those parcels is the land rented to Virginia Flaggers, where the group has maintained a large Confederate Flag on an 80 foot pole since 2014.

According to Dudenhefer, theFlaggers have until today, Oct. 30, to remove it, or VDOT will take it down and return it to them.


Six localities are voting in November (or now, if you’re an early voter) on whether to take down their Confederate statues.

But they’re not all voting on the same question.

Halifax County, Tazewell County and Warren County have the most straightforward questions:

Shall Halifax County relocate the Confederate monument from the County courthouse grounds?

Should the Tazewell County Board of Supervisors relocate the Monument of the Confederate Soldier of Tazewell County from the grounds of the Tazewell County Courthouse?

Should the confederate monument located on the Warren County Courthouse lawn be relocated?

Or maybe the question is not so straightforward. Where would the monuments go? A museum? A storage closet? The county dump? Those are very different outcomes. But all that’s to be determined later. Are there some voters who might vote “yes” if they knew the monument was destined for a museum but “no” if they didn’t know where it would wind up — and don’t want to risk a location they’d consider unsuitable, or no location at all?

And yes, according to the State Board of Elections, it looks like the question in Warren County will lower-case “confederate.”

In Charles City County, the question is equally straightforward, but also deals with two separate installations. Are there some voters who might want to move one but not the other? They’re out of luck – this is “all or nothing”:

Should the Board of Supervisors of Charles City County remove both the Civil War monument in front of the Old Courthouse and the Civil War memorial inside the Old Courthouse?

In Franklin County, the question about moving the statue is qualified by saying it could be moved to some other place:

Shall the County relocate the Confederate statue from County courthouse grounds to a location of appropriate historical significance?

That, of course, raises the question of what a “location of appropriate historical significance” might be? While Southern courthouses are the typical location for such monuments, is it possible there might be another location that’s even more appropriate?

Lunenburg County has the most curious formulation:

Shall the monument honoring the memory of the Lunenburg soldiers and women during the Civil War remain on Lunenburg Courthouse property?

Lunenburg’s ballot language is also interesting because it’s the only one of the six Confederate monument referenda where a “yes” vote is to keep the statue. Everywhere else, it’s “yes” to move the monument and “no” to keep it.


Richmond City Circuit Court Judge W. Reilly Marchant sided with Virginia’s governor Tuesday in a case brought by William Gregory, a descendant of deed signatories who gifted the Robert E. Lee monument to the state over 130 years ago.

Judge Marchant essentially ruled that the restrictive covenant which deeded the statue and the land underneath it to Virginia is no longer valid due to changes in “public policy.”

The Judge has kept in place his prior injunction which will temporarily prevent the removal of the monument while the appeals process plays out.


Governor Tate Reeves held a ceremony at the Governor’s Mansion on Tuesday evening where he signed a bill to retire the last State Flag that includes the Confederate battle emblem.

The once grand flag of the State of Mississippi has now lost all official status.


The Denver Post reported that Denver South High School announced it is now the home of the Ravens, which will replace the Rebels mascot name held throughout the nearly 100-year history of the school.


Judge Amy Barrett is now an Associate Justice of the United States Supreme Court.


And Laura Ingraham reports that Congresswoman Ilhan Omar is leading the charge in a push by liberals to force Joe Biden further to the left. Is that even possible?


That was the report on Wednesday. That 70 million people had already voted.

Also reported, was that there was no significant change in the polls after the final presidential debate.


In Michigan, a conservative Judge yesterday upheld the 2nd Amendment and overturned an order by Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson, a Democrat, and ruled that people could open carry to poling places.


Americans are buying guns at a record rate , including many people who hadn’t previously owned one.


On Tuesday the Governor of Louisiana declared a state of emergency as Hurricane Zeta churned toward the Gulf Coast. The storm made landfall Wednesday as a category 2.


A judge in Brooklyn sentenced Keith Raniere, the leader of the cultlike group Nxivm, to life in prison for sex trafficking, racketeering and other crimes.


Residents of Puerto Rico will vote next week in a non-binding referendum about whether they want to become a State. Puerto Rico would become roughly the 31st largest state by population, similar to Iowa and Utah.


Reopened elementary schools do not seem to be causing significant virus outbreaks , according to data from random testing in the United States and Britain.

The Food and Drug Administration formally approved Remdesivir as the first drug to treat Covid-19.

An appeals court in California ruled that Uber and Lyft must treat their drivers as employees, not independent contractors. But Californians are about to vote on a ballot initiative , sponsored by the companies, that would exempt them from the same law.

Wildfires are rampaging through Colorado , forcing Rocky Mountain National Park to close.


A two-headed snake has been found in Florida after a family’s cat brought the rare animal into their home.

Palm Harbor resident Kay Rogers discovered the two-headed reptile a month ago when her cat Olive dropped the animal on her living room floor.


John Friend is a freelance writer based in California. His columns are regular features in the American Free Press .

John is also a contributing editor at The Barnes Review .

The article below appeared recently in the American Free Press.

A young man in the Los Angeles area has agreed to plead guilty to a felony charge related to making a false statement on a questionnaire used in a background investigation in order to obtain a federal security clearance, the Department of Justice announced earlier this month.

Decker Hayes Ramsay, a 23-year-old from Rolling Hills, an upscale community on the Palos Verdes Peninsula in south Los Angeles County, agreed to the guilty plea with federal prosecutors in the Central District of California for failing to disclose his apparent membership in two white nationalist organizations aligned with the now largely defunct alt-right movement.

Federal prosecutors argue that Ramsay “knowingly and willfully” made a false statement when completing the Electronic Questionnaire for Investigations Processing (e-QIP), a questionnaire used by the United States Office of Personnel Management’s National Background Investigations Bureau in order to obtain a national security clearance. Ramsay had been seeking a national security clearance as part of the employment application process at a federal defense contractor, the name of which was withheld in court documents.

According to the DOJ, Ramsay failed to disclose his membership and previous affiliations with both Vanguard America and the Aryan Underground, two groups that are now all but inoperative. Both Vanguard America and the Aryan Underground focused on the plight of white Americans and worked to spread awareness of the perils facing white America, participating in various demonstrations and rallies, including the controversial 2017 Unite the Right Rally in Charlottesville, Va. It is unclear how active Ramsay was with these highly demonized organizations or if he participated in outreach activities or at- tended any rallies or demonstrations.

According to the press release issued by the DOJ, Ramsay “admitted that he falsely represented on his e-QIP that he had never been a member of an organization that advocates or practices commission of acts of force or violence to discourage others from exercising their constitutional rights,” an apparent reference to both Vanguard America and the Aryan Underground. This reporter is unaware of any organized white nationalist group that explicitly “advocates or practices commission of acts of force or violence to discourage others from exercising their constitutional rights.”

According to the Anti-Defamation League, which profiles, vilifies, and demonizes pro-white groups and activists, Vanguard America is best known for posting what the ADL deems to be “white supremacist” flyers at various colleges and universities across the country, as well as organizing and participating in public events focusing on preserving Confederate monuments, standing up for white Americans’ civil and political rights, and for supporting free speech rights for all. Neither Vanguard America nor the Aryan Under- ground explicitly engaged in premeditated violence or used force to prevent or discourage others from exercising their constitutionally protected rights.

The FBI’s Joint Terrorism Task Force assisted in the investigation of Ramsay, who is currently being prosecuted by Assistant United States Attorney Reema M. El-Amamy of the Terrorism and Export Crimes Section. Ramsay is scheduled to make his first court appearance soon where he is expected to plead guilty to a single count of making a false statement. He is facing a maximum sentence of five years in federal prison.

We assume the DOJ will similarly prosecute any applicants who fail to mention they have participated in Antifa or the Black Lives Matter movement-inspired activities, though we are not holding our breath for a press release announcing such a prosecution any time soon. This is merely yet another indication that the U.S. and global intelligence community are taking seriously the Department of Homeland Security’s determination that “white supremacists” (anyone who has any affiliations with pro-white activist groups) and not leftist marauders, rioters, looters and arsonists are the greatest threat to America.


Mike Scruggs is the author of The Un-Civil War: Shattering the Historical Myth and over 600 articles on military history, national security, immigration, current political affairs, Islam, and the Middle East.

A former USAF intelligence officer and Air Commando, he is a decorated combat veteran who holds the Distinguished Flying Cross, Purple Heart, and Air Medal.

As a former Air Force intelligence officer, I have always been a dabbler in languages and the cultures surrounding them. I was involved mostly in the more technological aspects of intelligence regarding the USSR and Communist China, but I learned enough Russian to enhance my understanding of Russian culture. One of the most fascinating subcultures of southern Russia and Ukraine are the Cossacks. They are a Slavic people but the origin of their name is said to be related to the shared Turkic and Russian word Kazak, originally meaning “the free men.” The Cossacks are famous for their military prowess, horsemanship, swift sabers, lively singing and dancing, and commitment to the Orthodox Church. They opposed the Communist Revolution in 1917 and backed the “White” Russians against the Reds. They suffered for it, but the Cossacks retain their historical attachment to honor, faith, and homeland.

The Russian cavalry saber is called a shashka, and both men and women dance and twirl and spin one or two in a fantastic display at meetings and festivals, usually accompanied by folk music. You can easily find these on YouTube under Oysya.

In a lively Cossack folk song translated, Oysya You, Oysya, which is affectionately addressed to calm the fears of “Oysya,” we find a prayer to God for truth, justice, freedom, peace, humility, and the daily necessities of life for all, It contains this line:

“Where there is truth on earth, there will also be freedom.”

The Russian word for truth, pravda, is also close to the Russian word for justice. The point of this educational diversion is that truth, justice, and freedom are closely related. Justice is impossible and, in fact, injustice, without truth. Where there is no truth, freedom cannot long endure. Without freedom, truth is in mortal danger. Without truth our country and all of Western civilization is in danger of utter chaos and destructio.

Our country has never been a perfect purveyor of truth, but however imperfect, for most of our history, truth was the very foundation of our Constitution, Bill of Rights, Declaration of Independence, democracy, culture, and justice system. Judeo-Christian ethics provided the backbone of our national truths. But since the 1960s, and most ominously in the last decade, respect for truth has been in alarming decline.

I do not believe either major political party has always been as strong a bastion of truth as needed, but in recent years, especially this election year, it is blatantly obvious that the Democratic Party has become so depraved in its now thoroughly Marxist ideology that it has rejected both truth and reason as restraints upon its political dialogue. No deception is too vile or too poisonous enough for their use. When the Democrats talk about “science,” regarding the coronavirus, the only science that fits is the “science” of deception. No lie, no matter how far from reality and common humanity is beyond their rhetorical bounds.

Democrat lies and completely bogus assertions about Trump’s performance on the coronavirus crisis abound. They are, in fact, now the centerpiece of the Biden-Harris-Democrat Party campaign. Trump closed travel from China almost immediately, while Joe Biden called him a xenophobe and bigot for doing so. Urgency was needed and probably saved tens of thousands of lives. It was not unthinkable at the time to treat China’s spread of the coronavirus as a serious biological warfare threat. Trump accomplished tremendous government and business cooperation and unity in eliminating any critical shortage of major medical equipment necessary to treat the coronavirus. There turned out not to be a single person dying of coronavirus because of a lack of a ventilator. Biden’s plan is actually to do what Trump has already done, except that Biden currently wants to make masks mandatory in every state even though the crisis has greatly diminished in many states. The Democrats’ use of statistics is a study in ignorance, dishonest manipulation, and deception. They have had the help of a U.S. media that consistently slanders Trump and covers for Biden-Harris and the Democrat Party Line. They do not let truth or logic interfere with their relentless stream of propaganda and lies.

Moreover, character assassination based on lies has become a trademark of the new Democratic Party. Its most offensive and unscrupulous demonstration was the attempted character assassination of now Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh. The Democratic Party was not always the party of deception and outrageous lies and character assassination. There are still strains of truth and a nobler past, but these strains and nobility have largely been crushed by the dominance of political correctness and Marxist operational tactics in the party. During Kavanaugh’s Senate ordeal, they developed the dangerous doctrine that their opponents could be slandered and condemned by mere accusations without proof.

The latest orchestrated character assassination attempt is directed at President Trump, making an outrageous and completely unsupported anonymous claim published in the Atlantic that the President told people on a visit to an American military cemetery in France celebrating the 100 th anniversary of the end of World War I on November 3, 2018, that it was “not important to honor Americans killed in war.” This has been refuted by at least four people who were present: former White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Saunders, Hogan Gidley, a former White House aide, White House aide Dan Scavino, and senior Trump advisor, Stephen Miller. Nothing from the Atlantic surprises me these days. Several months ago the Atlantic ran a hit piece trying to discredit the character of Robert E. Lee. Trump did have to miss one of the ceremonies in France, because of security concerns, and the Leftist media tried to make the most of it. Part of the media’s published outrage was that the President had missed the ceremony because he feared his hair would become disheveled. This is hardly credible, however, because he attended and spoke at the second ceremony in pouring rain and refused an umbrella. These stories are particularly outrageous in view of the many instances Trump has clearly demonstrated his warm heart and grateful appreciation to military personnel and their families. As a veteran, I watch these things closely. My estimation is that Trump has shown far more respect for and done more good for the military, veterans, and their families than any president in recent history.

Not many Christian pastors these days venture to preach sermons directly critical of National Party Platforms, but before and during the Revolutionary War it was common to preach an Election Sunday sermon. This did not address candidates and parties but did inform their congregants of the importance of truth, character, and godly wisdom in policy. The march of the Democratic Party to anti-Christian extremes, however, has moved some prominent pastors to speak out. John MacArthur is pastor-teacher at Grace Community Church, a megachurch in Southern California, and President of The Master’s College. He is known for his internationally syndicated radio program, Grace to You. MacArthur has recently described the Democratic National Party Platform as endorsing the sins of Romans 1. Romans 13 established the role of government to serve and protect the good and punish evildoers. Romans 1:18-32 outlines the sins that bring individuals and nations to ruin. I leave it to the reader to read those verses and decide for themselves, whether they can feel good about the new Democrat Manifesto. MacArthur has also been bold enough to point out in a sermon that although Black lives, of course, do matter, the Black Lives Matter Manifesto of the Black Lives Matter organization and its Marxist founders and leaders is clearly an abomination in Biblical terms, glorifying many of the sins of Romans 1. These sermons and parts of sermons can be found on YouTube. MacArthur also rightly laments the current Evangelical trend to adapt the church to the culture rather than witness to influence the culture. He is also critical of the lack of discernment in the church evidenced by uncritical acceptance of left-liberal definitions and understanding of “social justice” issues.

There are many very important issues emerging in this election: law and order, immigration, national security, the coronavirus, the economy, and jobs are most often mentioned. Potential vote fraud should be mentioned more. None of these issues can be understood or wisely treated without simple honesty. The times demand the courageous honesty that comes from a sacred reverence for truth. If we lose truth, we lose everything, including freedom and the hope that freedom brings.


Al Benson, Jr., is the Editor of the Copperhead Chronicle .

In addition to writing for Southern Patriot and other publications, he is a member of the Confederate Society of America and the League of the South .

Years ago a Southerner said “The past is not dead. It is not even past.” Though many will not grasp what he said or meant, he was right. Our past should really be a guideline to what our future should be. That doesn’t mean that everything in the past was perfect, but then, as long as sinful people administer our systems the future won’t be perfect either. The point is that, imperfect as the past may have been, it was still a guide to where we should be going.

For years, when I published my newsletter, The Copperhead Chronicle, I had a saying right under the masthead on the first page that said If our view of the past is faulty then our vision for the future will be also.

I think the cultural Marxists understand this better than most of us do. They realize that to mess up our future they must destroy our past I think it was George Orwell that said that “He who controls the past controls the future.” The cultural Marxists have grasped this truth. I’m not sure most of us have even begun to consider it. We need to. Programs such as Critical Race Theory that I recently wrote about and this latest monstrosity called History 1619 that is being forced into public schools are telling our kids egregious lies about our history and our heritage. Thankfully President Trump has sought to expose both of these and get them out of the federal government. Let’s hope he does not get lots of blowback from these efforts You can bet if Biden gets elected, by whatever means, in November that both of these horrible agendas will be put back in place. The absolute last thing the leftists want your kids to learn is real history. If the kids learn real history then they will, at some point, begin to reject the lies of the left about our past. The reason we have so much trouble with some of our kids is that these lies about our history and heritage have been peddled in public schools literally for decades.

The left realizes that if they can lie long enough and big enough then kids in the South and kids in the far West will learn to reject their heritages, which are both much better and more positive than they are portrayed and so you have this barrage of communist crap out there about how horrendous and how “racist” our cultural heritages are and, quite frankly, it is all a pile of cow chips.

Years ago, in order to preserve their cultures the Scots and Irish had what they called “hedge schools” meaning that they were taught behind the hedges so no one would know about them. Maybe we need something like that again here, where our history and culture can be taught to our young folks because they sure ain’t getting any of that in school.

If the truth be told, not all of our ancestors were evil racists whose sole interest in life was keeping black people under their thumb. Were there some like that? Sure there were, but they were not the majority even in ante-bellum days. I recently did an article on terrorist John Brown, to which I got a reply from one leftist personality that told me John Brown was a hero for killing all those racist Southerners in Kansas (none of which owned any slaves). I replied back to him that I wondered if those blacks that owned black slaves were also racist. I put that to him as a question. I’m glad I haven’t been holding my breath waiting for an answer. Because when you put an honest question to the leftists they don’t have answers–all they have is name calling and insults. Which means they are political frauds.

We have got to start teaching our kids to be thankful to God for their heritage and not to be ashamed of it. And we need to start learning enough about our history and heritage that we can throw the cultural Marxists lies back in their teeth because when we do that they don’t have answers and such becomes apparent when they reply.

The other day, when we were riding down Route 2 in north Louisiana we saw a big black pickup truck with a big Confederate flag in the back of it flying in the breeze. That was the first time I had seen anything like that around here in at least four years and I was surprised. Maybe it’s a harbinger of things to come. Let’s hope so!


Dr. Ed is a pastor, college president, historian, the author of over 30 books, an in-demand public speaker, and the host of three radio shows.

He is an active lobbyist, tirelessly petitioning city, county, state, and federal officials on behalf of our Southern monuments and heritage.

He started Dixie Heritage in March of 2015.

It never ceases to amaze me how the mainstream media can spin the truth so as not to lie, yet at the same time they can totally distort what is good and correct. For example, on Wednesday, the New York Times reported the following, not on an editorial page, but as news: “The makeup of the Senate now gives a disproportionate amount of political power to white Americans, for two reasons: Small states are heavily white, and the two most populated parts of the country with no Senate representation — D.C. and Puerto Rico — are heavily Black or Hispanic.”

Nothing is factually incorrect in what they reported. But the average person reading this would think that white people are a stubborn minority who simply refuse to let go when nothing could be further from the truth.

This is NOT South Africa! In the United States the whites have ALWAYS been the MAJORITY. And Puerto Rico is about the size of Iowa, hardly a populous State. As for D.C., it is but a City. And a SMALL city at that! But if D.C. and Puerto Rico were to be given statehood that would give them 2 Senate Seats, the same representation that far larger states enjoy and D.C.. would also receive 2 seats, giving a City the representation of a State. Should a small City have the same representation as say California, Texas, or Florida? Obviously no!

So why do the reporters at the New York Times write as they do? Because they are trying to guilt white people into giving up legitimate representation to people who, until they have a LOT more babies, simply do not compose a large enough segment of population to deserve it. Why?

Why does a Marxist do or believe anything?

And speaking of Marxism and things that do not make sense, I wrote however many weeks ago that if your Doctor was buying into all of the mask hysteria they are incompetent and you need to get a new Doctor. Today, I had to walk out of my Doctor’s office.

I went in for an annual physical this morning (Wednesday) and immediately the receptionist, a twenty-something snowflake, started yelling at me that I had to leave because I was not wearing a mask. I was wearing a face shield and told her that I was wearing a face covering. To that she replied that I had to leave immediately and not to come back until I had a mask on.

Needless to say I called the Doctor and told her that if she were competent in her profession she would not have such a policy and that I would not be rescheduling my appointment.

Pray that I can find a new Doctor because there are only two others within a three hour drive that take our insurance and both say they are not taking new patients.

Deo Vindice!

Chaplain Ed