The destruction of the “Grandest Avenue in the South” has begun. Just moments after Richmond Mayor Lamar Stoney announced that he had ordered every Confederate monument removed, a giant crane arrived and began the task of removing the magnificent Stonewall Jackson statue from the massive monument on which is sat for just a few months shy of 100 years.

The scene was absolute chaos, with crowds of onlookers cheering and jeering as the work took place. ONE YOUNG MAN, a Richmond resident, dared to make his way into the crowd and speak out. Watch how he was savagely attacked and led out like a criminal…

His flag was stolen and burned at the monument shortly after he was removed. We have reached out to him and he is OK and another flag is on the way to him.

We now endorse a full and complete boycott of the once beautiful city. God help those left behind in the burnt out remains. We encourage all decent folks to stay out of the city limits. City leaders have let godless radicals have complete control and it is no longer safe for anyone to visit for any reason.

Apparently, Stoney could not find anyone locally to help him. These are the folks he hired to do his dirty work…

Smedley Crane out of Connecticut.
(800) 679-9738

What is happening in the Capital of the Confederacy is no surprise to us. We knew after the democrats gained control of our legislature in November that they would make it a priority to take out their revenge on true, God fearing Virginians by destroying our memorials.

It’s also no surprise to our Savior, who, as hard as it is to see right now, is still in control.

Evil may have the upper hand today, but will not prevail as long as WE do what is expected of us. What is our duty.

Those of you with children must teach them.

You must teach them that once Americans were brave enough to fight against tyranny; that great Christian men such as Lee, Stuart, Jackson and Davis led them; that the South was Right to resist and our Heroes wore Grey.

Teach them so that the thousands of boys in grey did not die in vain and their names and brave deeds are not erased.

In the meantime, know that we are exploring every legal option available, and are working on a couple of things that will, God willing, materialize in the next few days….AND…we plan to make good on our promise to raise a flag and place a monument for every one removed.

Thank you Mayor Stoney, for the inspiration for our next mega flag, the General Thomas J “Stonewall” Jackson Memorial Battle Flag. We are actively seeking property in the Richmond area for the installation. Please contact us at if you can assist.

God bless the eternal memory of Gen. Thomas Jonathan “Stonewall” Jackson, and God save the South!

Susan Lee
Va Flaggers


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Monday, August 17th: Susan will be the guest speaker at the August meeting of the Black River Tigers, Camp 2152, Harnett County, VA. 6:30 pm, Sadler Milestone Diner, 427 Jonesboro Rd, Dunn, NC 28334. Contact Earl Wilson.

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