Proud Southerners & you have every right to be proud. You also have every right to be angry as you see your heritage being callously erased to placate lefties & those that wish to impose their nefarious agenda upon you. We too in the old country are facing the same agenda & foe as you. That foe is fallacy, ignorance & hatred. They claim to be anti racist yet are behaving in a racist manner by culturally cleansing others heritage & history.

Have you noticed how the same faces are at every rally whether it be BLM, Extinction Rebellion & climate change, Abortion, Gay &Transgender rights, anti capitalism & G7 & any other cause these fruitcakes align themselves to? They are habitual agitators, left wing rabble rousers that are either too rich to work or too lazy so need a hobby to ease their boredom.

The proudest Americans are ironically from the south. Many blacks live in the south & some are even proud to fly the Confederate flag & battle flag. Slavery does not discriminate as we have all had ancestors that were once slaves, servants & subjugated by others. The black community does not have a monopoly on slavery otherwise the Romans would not have had food for the lions, servants to feed them & the Greeks, Egyptians, Ottomans, Persians etc etc had them to build their palaces, temples & empires. Even Africa had empires namely the Abyssinian, Ghanaian & Songhai for examples. Africans even sold slaves to Europeans. Where is the outcry about that? Just convenient silence. Every empire had slaves mostly from captured warriors & rival settlements. Do Antifa & BLM really expect us to believe they never had any slaves?

This had nothing to do with police brutality otherwise they would be protesting in Africa where some of the worst police brutality occurs. We all know this is a Communist war against national identity, freedom & independence. The very same principles & rights you won from us in the War of Independence & which we both fought together in World War 2.

I beseech you all to let the drums of defiance drown the voices of vitriol. Godspeed the good folk of Dixie. Again we stand united against tyranny but this time like cancer the enemy is from within.

In God we trust, In unity we stand

Web Source: Confederate Resistance Public Facebook Group
Post by Tony Beardsley, 6/11/2020