Marshall County has just posted the colors in honor of Confederate History Month. Those colors being a 1st national Flag. Even though the court has not been in session for two weeks due to Corona Virus concerns, Marshall County District 1 Commissioner Justin Lamb, a member of the Sons of Confederate Veterans, posted the colors on the day that had been appointed by prior approval of the proper officials.

I guess there is not enough Corona in the news because local TV station WPSD 6 has taken Commissioner Lamb t ask for having raised the colors insisting that the 1st National Flag represents racism, segregation, and rebellion against the United States.

So for all of you who were crying about how we should fly the 1st National so as not to be called names – how’s that been working out for you? Obviously, for Commissioner Lamb, not so well.

For now, the Flag remains on the pole.


Commander James King has asked us all to check it out:




Today the news media is nearly monopolized with news about the Corona virus. There is one important statistic we rarely, if ever, hear: How many people nation-wide are actually dying by cause of the virus? In what age group do these people fall? Is the virus the primary killer, or does it simply deliver the final coup-de-grace to those with weak and failing health anyway? We hear statistics of those who contract the virus, but not by comparison all those who die from it. We thus cannot get a realistic handle on the mortal gravity of this virus.

It would be interesting also to know how many Americans die annually by automobile accidents, how many babies are killed by abortion. The point here is the hypocrisy of politicians who worry themselves to goose-pimples over the Corona virus situation, but yet care not a tinker’s hoot about people who die in automobile accidents, and babies killed by abortion.

All human life is precious in the sight of God, He created it. Every death, regardless of its cause, is tragic, especially if it hits somebody near and dear to us personally. So why do our political leaders have such moral qualms over some manners of death, but not over others?

The Democrats, with their advocacy of open borders for America, must bear responsibility for the entrance of the virus into our country: it came from Communist China, was not produced originally in United States. Even now, they are highly critical of President Donald Trump’s international travel ban by which he intends to protect the American populace.


Millions of Americans already have lost their jobs due to the coronavirus crisis and the worst of the damage is yet to come, according to a Federal Reserve estimate.

Economists at the Fed’s St. Louis district project total employment reductions of 47 million, which would translate to a 32.1% unemployment rate, according to a recent analysis of how bad things could get.


America’s “heroic lawmakers” have managed to come together and pass a stimulus package to “save the world from the effects of the coronavirus.” In response, a grateful country full of very “stimulated” Americans is applauding the “lifesaving efforts” of Congress.

But here is the reality. The economic peril from the coronavirus is growing more stark every day, and the $2 trillion stimulus will not deliver a rescue in time for the many small businesses and families who lack the cash to stay afloat for more than a week or two.

Worse, experts are predicting the stimulus package was actually constructed to save the lives of at least 85,000 government programs . Sources also say that with a little bureaucratic money laundering, that figure could even double.

“We believe that every government program is precious,” said House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. “…if spending two trillion dollars saves the life of at least one program, it is worth it.”


The Federal Reserve’s balance sheet topped $5 trillion for the first time amid the U.S. central bank’s aggressive efforts to cushion debt markets against the coronavirus outbreak through large-scale bond-buying programs.

Total assets held by the Fed rose by $586 billion to $5.25 trillion in the week through March 25, according to data published Thursday on its website. Borrowing by banks from the Fed’s discount window jumped to $50.8 billion.


Britain granted more than $1.2 million in legal-aid benefits to a jihadist who plotted to behead a soldier while victims of terror attacks at London Bridge, Westminster and Manchester Arena were denied any aid at all.

Islam expert Robert Spencer at his Jihad Watch website observed: “British authorities have made their choice…They’ve abandoned the idea of equality before the law for all citizens and established Muslims as a protected class with rights and privileges beyond those of other citizens…This will no doubt result in the creation of a happy and peaceful multicultural paradise. Won’t it?”


You are still more likely to be shot to death in Baltimore than you are to die from the virus.

On Wednesday, after seven people were shot in Baltimore on Tuesday night, Mayor Jack Young pleaded with residents to stop shooting each other so there would be beds available for victims of the coronavirus.

The Baltimore Sun reported in September 2018 , “Baltimore had the worst homicide rate among the nation’s 50 largest cities last year and the second-highest violent crime rate overall, according to new data from the FBI.”

AreaVibes reported, “The overall crime rate is 153% higher than the average of crimes committed in Maryland. It is also 145% higher than the national average. When it comes to violent crimes, Baltimore, MD shows a crime rate that is 291% higher than the Maryland average. The crime rate is also 382% higher than the national average. When it comes to property crimes, Baltimore, MD is shown to be 121% higher than the Maryland average and 104% higher than the national average.”


Several members of the media were quick to dismiss the presence of “My Pillow” founder Mike Lindell at the White House coronavirus press briefing despite his company’s ongoing contribution to combating the outbreak.

Lindell, who was among several business leaders who spoke at Monday’s presser, announced that his company is aiming to increase its production of cotton face masks from 10,000 to 50,000 per day.

He also said a prayer and encouraged the country to dedicate time to their families and religion.

However, critics from various news outlets mocked Lindell’s appearance at the Rose Garden. CNN went so far as to abruptly cut away from the presser the moment Lindell began praying and waited to cut back in when the President returned to the podium.

We here at Dixie Heritage applaud Mike Lindell for shuting down 75% of his company to help our country by using his factories to make 50,000 masks a day. He is also devoting half of his call center to helping in this situation.


We commend Pastor Tony Spell of the Louisiana Life Tabernacle Church and Pastor Rodney Howard-Browne for holding services Sunday and for continuing to do so even under threat of arrest. We rebuke and condemn in the strongest possible terms the “sheriffs” who arrested them on Sunday.

We also commend Texas’ Governor, Greg Abbott, someone who we are often critical of for his failures to protect monuments in his State, for his righteous response to the news of these pastors being arrested. Texas Governor Greg Abbott announced Tuesday that religious services are to be considered “essential” in his state.

Abbott issued an executive order relating to statewide continuity of essential services and activities during the coronavirus pandemic and in it he stated that “religious services conducted in churches, congregations, and houses of worship are to be considered essential services.”

The Governor encouraged those involved in essential services to practice good hygiene, environmental cleanliness, sanitation, social distancing, and working from home when possible.


Former Vice President Joe Biden bests President Donald Trump by nine points in Fox News Poll.

Biden is up by 49-40 percent over Trump, a lead that is outside the poll’s margin of sampling error. Another 11 percent would vote for someone else or are undecided.

Also, by a three-to-one margin, voters allegedly like Biden’s commitment to choose a woman as his running mate.

This is the same senile Joe Biden who can’t even remember to zip up his fly or where he was yesterday. Or that he is running for President and not still serving in the Senate, something he hasn’t actually done in over 11 years.


Paul Gramling, Jr. is the Commander-In-Chief of the Sons of Confederate Veterans.


Today, being the 1st day of April, is the 1st day of Confederate History and Heritage Month. Whether your Governor or Mayor proclaims such, it doesn’t matter……WE PROCLAIM April as Confederate History and Heritage Month and WE will be the ones celebrating it.

Due to the Coronavirus situation, this year will be a lot different from years past. Several, if not all, of our events in April have been cancelled or postponed. Take this time to educate the public about Confederate History through social media. Flood the internet with facts. Promote our Confederate Ancestors in an abundance like we’ve never done before.

Let’s make good use of our time around the homestead and celebrate Confederate History Month via the keyboard!!


Allan Stevo is the best selling author of The Bitcoin Manifesto . He is also the author of Somewhere Between Bratislava and DC and the forthcoming 17 Nov 1989 . He writes specifically on Slovak culture and generally on Central European culture from an Austrian-School perspective at 52 Weeks in Slovakia .

Now I’m not talking to the pastor here who can’t do a thing about whether or not church meets. That’s a decision made by a committee in many congregations.

I’m talking to the soul of that pastor here who I hope I can have access to for a minute, because that soulful guy in there is who matters. And I would be crestfallen if a little piece of your soul were abandoned in this coronavirus hullabaloo.

But the pastor and the soul are also not entirely separate. You probably didn’t take your calling as a minister, because it was the best paying steady job you could find. You courageously did it for other reasons. Who knows, some of those reasons that originally attracted you to the cloth, may even be forgotten by you all these years later.

As you know, churches all over America have closed their doors over the last two weeks and the closing of churches are on the rise.

The suggested closing of anything requires an ordering of priorities to be made with the question: “At what cost?” All human action requires that question: “At what cost?”

Not asking that question is the downfall of many in our era who are encouraged to be disconnected from reality. In order to do one thing, you must choose to not do another. So the closing of anything necessitates that question.

But this is not the closing of just anything. This is the closing of one of the most important institutions in any community. It demands even more that the question “At what cost?” be asked. It demands a far higher standard be followed to protect how special the church’s role in society is.

This isn’t the Elks Lodge. This isn’t a restaurant with tight seating. This isn’t the YMCA. This isn’t a bowling alley. This isn’t the local country club.

Some pastors have hobbies that are not the pinnacle of health. You may be one of them. Some pastors, for example, enjoy a beer now and then. If I suggested you forego a casual twice weekly beer for the next 30 years because it will statistically extend your lifespan by 48 weeks would that be enough for you to stop having a beer? Probably not.

A pastor in that relatively low-value situation is more likely to preference the unhealthy choice. But in his high-value, daily existence – being the spiritual leader of a congregation – he does the exact opposite and claims it in the name of good health. We shouldn’t pretend that the pastors of the world are consistently placing health and longevity above their calling.

You may be one such pastor who finds himself closing his church doors in the name of health and hygiene.

Is there even any literature that says being in church for 45 minutes is going to increase your risk of coming down with Covid-19? Probably not.

There is clearly literature that says a three-week full lockdown is such a minimally beneficial intervention that it accomplishes next to nothing and other literature that says we actually do not know if physical interventions stop the spread of coronaviruses.

These heavy-handed mass quarantines and shuttering of businesses are largely untested waters, with available evidence indicating that some of the very extreme measures being taken – such as closing churches – probably have no impact in the spread of corona. If locking down all social interaction for weeks produces no reduction in the spread of corona, then how could one possibly prove that closing church doors for the fraction of a week when people go to church could possibly have any benefit.

In light of that, it seems very unlikely that you will find credible scientific literature that says closing the church doors helps keep anyone safe from corona. And when judging the entire person, there will be no study that can prove closing church doors is a net benefit for a person at any time in life.

But you surely see everyone else doing it, closing down business and enforcing social distancing, so it’s natural for you to want to do the same. It’s natural for your church council to push for that. And that’s where a leader from the clergy is needed, to say that there’s something different about closing a church.

There’s something different between the church and other non-profits. There’s something different between the church and other gathering places. There’s something different between the church and other places where money is handled. If the pastor, the most theologically trained person in the room, the person called on to be able to distinguish the religious ideals from the secular whims, if that pastor can’t stand up in a congregation and point to that key difference when he is most needed, then that congregation is lost, cut adrift by a spiritual leader who has abrogated his duties.

Sure, the Las Vegas Strip is closed. Sure Disneyland is closed. Disneyland is an amusement park run by a massive, soulless corporation. Is that how the church is to see itself, as simply another form of entertainment and amusement? Is that where the church is to find its inspiration? Is that where the church is to turn to for leadership?

No, the church is constructed in little independent cells, so that a little community gathers together, independent of the rest of the world, and has a pastor, who, among other things is to help those in the congregation draw a firm line between the secular and religious.

You might have dozens, hundreds, even thousands in your congregation. In the midst of this outbreak, you’re going to have the five or ten or fifteen people who need you most on a Sunday show up. Most people won’t want to show up. Can you point to medical or ethical literature that says why you are really doing more for them by not being there on a Sunday than by being there?

I can point to some of the finest literature in the world that tells me how my Sundays are best spent. And that literature was written in times with more infectious disease.

Wisdom makes its way down through the ages in many forms. Talking heads on TV screaming back-and-forth about data is not wisdom. If you are rooted in wisdom, it’s easier to pause and take a deep breath at a moment like this. If you do not know wisdom, it’s easy to get caught up in headlines. Or it might even be easy to get caught up in data that will easily take ten years to properly understand. The world needs its pastors – those trained in wisdom – to take a deep breath and to help us calmly take a step back. And the first step of doing that it is to open the church doors.

No one is forcing anyone to appear at church if you keep your doors open. But by closing the doors, you are denying those in your congregation the ability to appear and to perform the valuable rituals that are hundreds, in some cases, thousands of years old, and in the place where we know that rituals carry a lot more weight for us as humans and as Christians.

“Visit us online,” just doesn’t carry the same weight.

Plenty of perfectly healthy people who were doing well with life two weeks ago are suddenly not doing very well with life anymore. And that’s not because they have a serious cold to contend with. The news, the fear, the disruption of work, the disruption of life is affecting a lot of people.

Six days of their week are disrupted. You have the chance, to allow a seventh day of the week to not be disrupted. You have the chance to make the church the solid foundation that it was meant to be, even when the rest of the world is tumultuous. No. Especially when the rest of the world is tumultuous.

And I don’t even need you to act. Maybe you can’t. Maybe there’s lots of church politics at play. I don’t know. What I need you to know is that you can be the leader in your flock, your hands aren’t entirely tied, this isn’t fate, this isn’t a deterministic moment. You have a choice. You have options. And some in your congregation would probably be well-benefited if you stood up firmly and cited those options and to insist that the church doors stay open, even if it is the pastor by himself there on a Sunday, so the members of the flock know, just like the pastor, just like their spiritual leader, they too can work up the courage to walk into that church if they so desire, brave the virus, and be in that special place in which Christians around the globe place so much value.

People are hurting. A handful of the population needs a medical doctor. Likely even more of the population could use a spiritual doctor.

Even the medical doctors are suggesting you visit them online, which has left many feeling abandoned and clueless on how to proceed. And to my great sadness, the spiritual doctors have done the same.

We aren’t talking about a 30% chance of death this year from Covid-19 or even a 10% chance of death this year. Experts are debating if it’s between 0.05% chance of death and a 1% chance of death over the course of this outbreak. These aren’t bubonic plague levels.

And that’s not even what the chance of death is for being with your spiritual doctor for an hour a week. The risk from attending a church service is immeasurably low.

There are lots of people who might claim to be spiritual doctors. There might be some yogis, for example, who won’t go into the local gym during the corona crisis. So they conveniently point out that their pseudo-religious practice that they normally recommend their customers follow daily is suddenly a lot less important without a payment method and a gym. You could visit them online. There might be some new age spiritualists who have cancelled their conferences and moved online.

The claimed necessity of their regular paid interaction with their disciples, for the well-being of the disciple, is suddenly being shown as mere marketing talk as they are being required to stand firm if they truly believe their practice is vital for their disciple. But they obviously do not stand firm. “Visit us online,” has suddenly become the mantra.

In this moment of greatest need America’s churches are saying they aren’t available either. And “visit us online.” Why aren’t they available? Because of the tiny risk of catching a pretty serious cold while the pastor speaks stories about lepers and Samaritans.

People from your flock might be asking – Why aren’t they available, while the pastors speak about the corporeal pain of 40 day fasts in the desert under the most vile temptation?

Do they really mean the things they say?

People from your flock might be asking – Why are they so concerned about what the rest of society is doing? Why aren’t they available, though they preach about a man who cared so little about society’s feelings that he walked into The Temple and took the business spaces of the honorable members of the community, who had done business there for years, likely generations, generations of upstanding community members, that he felt were defiling the place – What did he do to their possessions, to their places of business? He took their fake money and their money-changing tables and he flipped them onto the ground in a big violent tirade.

That’s the man we name our religion for.

People from your flock might be asking – Why aren’t they available as they speak about the man who cared so little about his society’s feelings that he laughed at the old rules? He let his disciples pick grain when they were hungry and eat it, even on the sabbath. He had the temerity to not chastise them for it. Then he had the audacity to defend them from criticism.

Imagine that today – a pastor defending anyone in their flock from the rest of society. A pastor is more likely to be the one who encourages the flock to obediently follow society. And the daring Jesus, in his era of such awful infectious diseases, took his disrespect of the rigid society, their artificial legalism, and controlling, fear-based dictates a step further.

Yes. He even let his disciples eat without washing their hands.

In this moment of crisis, as society needs true leadership, Christian pastors across the country, through their actions, are saying “Don’t look at us for leadership.” That’s a weak and cowardly response from a religion that purports to follow the strong, yet merciful Christ, the logical, yet loving Jesus.

In the closing of the churches, I see no strength, no mercy, no logic, and no love.

Am I asking you to get violent?

Am I asking you to touch a leper?

Am I asking you to overturn some dude’s table?

No, I’m asking you to be bold enough to stand up in these tough times for the values you preach in easy times, to open up your church doors and to let the members of your flock in the door.

Because the ones who need you least, will forgive you for opening the doors, but the ones who needed you most, may never forgive you for the hypocrisy of turning away when they needed you most.

And most of all, some part of you, if you are the person of conscience that you are certain to be, will never forgive yourself for failing to rise to the occasion.

Please do me the favor of sharing this with every clergy-member you know. Hopefully somewhere out there, a few men and women of courage, a tiny remnant, exist in the church that bears the name of Christ, and a tiny boost from you will help them.


Dr. Ed is a pastor, college president, historian, the author of over 30 books, an in-demand public speaker, and the host of three radio shows.

He is an active lobbyist, tirelessly petitioning city, county, state, and federal officials on behalf of our Southern monuments and heritage.

He started Dixie Heritage in March of 2015.

I had really hoped that I would get a phone call on Wednesday from President Trump, or Governor Hogan, or maybe Governor DeSantis, and they’d shout “CORONA, lockdown – APRIL FOOLS!” The call never came. So I write, knowing that most of our readers are hunkered down in their houses, devoid of real human contact. This pandemic having turned out to be unlike anything anyone could have predicted.

Although, that said, at the risk of saying, “I told you so,” I predicted all of this and worse. Not in terms of the disease, but in terms of the responses to it. So the worst is likely yet to come.

We usually focus on Southern Heritage. But the Virus, or should I say the reaction to it by governing authorities, has so drastically altered the life of literally everyone on our subscriber list and in our beloved Southland.

As churches around the world have announced that they are closing their doors, I have been fighting to keep the doors of the church that I pastor open and to keep myself available to people. Why? Because the obligations of Christianity and of the ministry do not change because there is a pandemic. If anything, they increase.

Likewise, our obligations as neighbors, as friends, to our families, and even to strangers, they do not go away. And no government decree can dismiss them because these are obligations that come not from Government, but from God. It is He that we must obey!

And as you have read above, even as so much attention is now in other places, our heritage remains under attack, and our obligation to defend the “good names” of our ancestors and promote the morals and culture they left to us (Our Heritage) have not gone away in this pandemic.

We here at Dixie Heritage remain diligent in our duties. And we ask that all of you do the same. To quote Stonewall Jackson, in times such as these, “Duty is ours. We leave the results to God.”

Until Next Week,
Deo Vindice,
Chaplain Ed

Dixie Heritage
P.O. Box 618
Lowell, FL 32663