Listing Slavery in the Secession Declarations set the legal framework for the South to leave the Union Constitutionally. It is a manipulation of history to interpret these documents as proof that the main cause of the South was to enslave African Americans. The declarations were used to showcase the violations of the Constitution regarding the hypocritical use of the 10th Amendment. They pointed out the violation of the Constitution by Northern States in not extraditing escaped slaves (as the U.S. Constitution required in Article IV, Section 2). The main point of this argument was that since the U.S. Constitution, being a contract, had been violated by some parties (the Northern anti-black abolitionist states), the other parties (the Southern slave holding states) were no longer bound by it.

Slavery is only officially listed as a reason for secession in 5 of the 13 secession declarations, the rest of the Southern States seceded after Lincoln’s coercion at Sumter and call to arms to invade the seceded states as listed in their declarations. Thus, it is misleading to claim those documents represent the views and intent of ALL Southern People as their main reason to go to war. This is an absurd manipulation of history in an attempt to justify the illegal invasion of the South and the deaths of over 1.5 million people. It is critical to understand listing slavery as a reason of secession does not translate into the South going to war for the sole purpose of maintaining slavery. These declarations only served as the legal documentation needed for the South to leave the Union without violating the Constitution!

Web Source: Confederate Resistance Facebook Page
Original Post: Civil War Truth Facebook Page, 2/28/2020
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