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We are not for sure if this is simply a misguided attempt to maintain the “moon landing” hoax, an attack on our heritage, or both. The City Council of Hampton City, Virginia has scheduled a vote to rename Magruder Boulevard, named for Confederate General John Bankhead Magruder, to Neil Armstrong Parkway.

The only points of objection seem to be cost and time.

Changes to directional signage would take at least two years and would require three sign changes along Interstate 64 and about 25 city street signs, ground mounted and overhead signs.

The New city signs would run $150,000. On I-64, the Virginia Department of Transportation would design and install new markers that will cost Hampton at least another $40,000 to $60,000.

VDOT would need to close off sections of the interstate lanes at night, a process that could take 120 days.

As many as 11 businesses have addresses along Magruder. The city offered a proposed cost estimate for those businesses would be roughly $7,500 for changes to letterhead, websites, identification signs and other administrative items.


Eureka Springs’ cemetery commission will continue allowing individuals or groups to place Confederate flags on grave markers unless a family member of the deceased objects, despite complaints from the local NAACP that the flag is a “racist symbol.”

Susan Tharp, chairman of the commission and acting superintendent of Eureka Springs Cemetery, said she hasn’t heard from anyone about not wanting any flags on the graves of a family member.

The cemetery was established in 1889. There are about 47 Confederate veterans and 97 Union veterans among the 4,600 burials there. So none of those veterans died during the War.

SCV Camp Commander Koltin Massie has been putting Confederate flags on the graves of Confederate veterans in the cemetery. Massie said the flags are about history not white supremacy. “When we put the flags up, we’re doing it solely to honor the service of the veterans,” Massie said. “If they fought for the South, they get a Confederate flag because that’s who they fought for.”


The Sons of Confederate Veterans organization will hold its annual Stephen D. Lee Conference this weekend at the Embassy Suites Raleigh-Durham Airport/Brier Creek, located at 8001 Arco Corporate Drive in Raleigh.

A “large scale” protest is being organized by a “coalition” of “organizations” calling itself “Smash Raleigh Racism.” Their protest will be held Saturday from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. across the street from conference site.
The Confederate group has been fairly constantly in the news in the last

“The Sons of Confederate Veterans are a white supremacist organization with ties to the KKK, League of the South, and other violent, fascist groups,” Smash Raleigh Racism said in a statement on Tuesday.


Our friend, Commander James King, of SCV Camp 141 in Albany, Georgia has invited us all to attend their Lee-Jackson Banquet to be held on February 29 at the American Legion Post.

The speaker is Susan Lee and the music, both period and Southern Gospel will be performed.

Advanced Reservation of $20 is required. Young people under age 21 are free. For More Information contact Commander James King @ 229-854-1944 or by eMail by writing: jkingantiquearms@bellsouth.net


Former national security adviser John Bolton denounced the House’s impeachment proceedings against President Donald Trump as ”grossly partisan” and said his testimony would not have changed Trump’s acquittal in the Senate, as he continued to stay quiet on the details of a yet-to-be-released book.


Roger Stone was sentenced to three years and four months in federal court for his conviction on “witness intimidation” and “lying” to Congress about the Russia collusion investigation.

US District Judge Amy Berman Jackson said a harsh punishment instead of probation was necessary because of Stone’s threats against a witness and because his obstruction led to an “inaccurate, incorrect and incomplete report” from the House.

In other words, this “Judge” has the audacity to say that Roger Stone had the singular ability to prevent the House from presenting a report to the Senate that resulted in a removal from office.

“This is intolerable to the administration of justice and the courts should not sit idly by, shrug its shoulders and just say it’s ‘Roger being Roger,’” she said in court.


Florida governor Ron DeSantis is dealt a defeat. The State’s appeals court ruled that the state cannot prevent felons, who have not paid all their fines and fees associated with their cases, from voting. The decision could have a huge impact on the 2020 elections in the very important swing state of Florida.


Many people relish in the idea of being able to chow down on a hot dog for $1.50 at their local Costco.

This month, several people have noticed signs popping up at different Costco store locations warning folks that soon, unless they’re card-holding members, they won’t be able to enjoy an affordable meal at the food court.

“Effective March 16, 2020, an active Costco membership card will be required to purchase items from our food court. You can join today. Please see our membership counter for details,” the sign read.

Some people think the new policy isn’t fair to those who depend on the fairly priced food.


Philip Haney, a former Department of Homeland Security official during the Obama administration who blew the whistle on his own agency, was found dead Friday with a gunshot wound about 40 miles east of Sacramento, California.

The Amador County Sheriff’s Office confirmed to the Washington Examiner that deputies and detectives responded to reports Friday morning at 10:12 a.m. of a male subject on the ground with a gunshot wound in the area of Highway 124 and Highway 16 in Plymouth, California.

“Upon their arrival, they located and identified 66-year-old Philip Haney, who was deceased and appeared to have suffered a single, self-inflicted gunshot wound. A firearm was located next to Haney and his vehicle. This investigation is active and ongoing. No further details will be released at this time,” the sheriff’s office said in a statement.

The Amador County Sheriff’s Office would not respond to any further questions.

Haney’s stepmother, Judith Haney, told the Washington Examiner that law enforcement took possession of the former DHS official’s cellphone and laptop.

“[The police] haven’t made a conclusion. They’re not releasing anything. They said it could be days or weeks,” she said. “So, we really don’t know anything concrete.”

According to sources close to Haney, he was recently in contact with top officials about returning to work for the DHS. Additionally, Haney was engaged to be married.

As a whistleblower, Haney testified before the Senate Judiciary Committee in June 2016 that DHS ordered him to delete hundreds of files of people with ties to Islamist terrorist groups, arguing several terrorist attacks against people in the United States could have been prevented if certain files had not been scrubbed.

“It is very plausible that one or more of the subsequent terror attacks on the homeland could have been prevented if more subject matter experts in the Department of Homeland Security had been allowed to do our jobs back in late 2009,” Haney wrote in an opinion piece for the Hill in February 2016. “It is demoralizing — and infuriating — that today, those elusive dots are even harder to find, and harder to connect, than they were during the winter of 2009.”

Republicans on Capitol Hill questioned former President Barack Obama’s homeland security secretary, Jeh Johnson, about Haney’s allegations.

“Was Mr. Haney’s testimony that the Department of Homeland Security order over 800 documents … altered or deleted accurate?” Sen. Ted Cruz, a Texas Republican, asked Johnson, who bristled at the question.

“I have no idea. I don’t know who Mr. Haney is. I wouldn’t know him if he walked into the room,” he said .

The Washington Examiner received a text message from Haney on Nov. 11 which mentioned plans to write a sequel to his first book, See Something, Say Nothing: A Homeland Security Officer Exposes the Government’s Submission to Jihad , which described his experience at DHS.

“Odd (surreal reality) that I was a highly visible whistleblower … that virtually no one listened to, while this guy remains invisible, but is treated like an anointed oracle from above,” Haney said in the Nov. 11 text, referring to alleged Ukraine whistleblower Eric Ciaramella . “However, my story is still live, i.e., there’s still more to come. It’ll be called ‘National Security Meltdown.'”

Haney added, “I have a severely hyper-organized archive of everything that’s happened since See Something, Say Nothing (SSSN) was published in May of 2016. The National Security Meltdown sequel will pick up right where SSSN left off. My intention is to have it ready by early-to mid-Spring of 2020 (just before the political sound wave hits), then ride that wave all the way to the Nov. elections.”


Al Benson, Jr. , is the Editor-in-Chief of The Copperhead Chronicle .

He is also a regular feature writer for The Southern Patriot , The Dixie Heritage Letter , and other pro-Southern publications.

He is a proud member of the Sons of Confederate Veterans, the Confederate Society of America, and the League of the South.

There are many would be dictators among our political elites in this country. Oh, most of them would never dare admit to such tendencies. They are still trying to convince us all that they are really our benefactors. Happily, most of us are beginning to learn that it just ain’t so. When they commence telling us how concerned they are for us and our children, then we better bar the door and reach for the shotgun. Their true concern is for their own safety while they try to force agendas down our throats they realize most of us are not all that happy with.

The problem with these dictatorial elites is that most of them are socialists and they mean to rule–with or without our consent. Socialism is never about helping people and always about controlling them.

Michael Bloomberg is exhibit A in this scenario. An article on http://www.firearmsnews.com for January 28th of this year observed: “In fact, every Democrat candidate fighting to get on the ballot is on record to be in support of banning many common semi-automatic firearms owned by millions of law-abiding Americans, passing dangerous ‘red flag’ laws that imperil both citizens and law enforcement, forcing so-called ‘universal’ background checks that can never be universal since criminals don’t follow laws, and repealing the Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act which shields legal gun manufacturers from lawsuits when criminals illegally use their lawfully-produced products to commit crimes). In my opinion, however, former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg–a man who thinks he knows what’s best for every man, woman and child in America and wants to bend them all to his whims–is the most dangerous of all…While he’s not in the so-called front-runners of the Democrat pack right now, Bloomberg is willing to spend billions of dollars of his own money to buy his way into the White House. In fact, Bloomberg has said he’ll spend up to $1 billion of his own money to see a Democrat elected president this fall–even if he’s not the one to win the nomination.”

As far as being a supporter of true American liberty, Bloomberg said, in an interview with NBC “I do think there are certain times we should infringe on your freedom.” Spoken like a true socialist! And what are those “certain times?” Why they are all times! Didn’t you know that?

The article continued: “Does Bloomberg completely misunderstand the Bill of Rights, which includes the Second Amendment, was created solely to limit government, not give government the power to control citizens in whatever way it wishes?”

Bloomberg isn’t stupid. He probably understands the true meaning of the Bill of Rights better than the average American. The point is, here, that he just doesn’t care. For him, the Bill of Rights is an obstacle to be removed so he can exercise his dictatorial bent to his heart’s content–all the better, in his mind, to help him to earn his place in heaven–so he think!

Astute commentators have been warning us about Bloomberg for quite awhile now. Unfortunately, most folks didn’t listen. An article on https://www.americas1stfreedom.org from way back in September 19, 2017 by AWR Hawkins noted: “Billionaire anti-gunner Michael Bloomberg is at it again, pledging to spend $1 million through his gun control group Everytown for Gun Safety in an attempt to impact Virginia’s upcoming elections for governor and attorney general. The $1 million consisted of $750,000 for Democratic gubernatorial candidate Ralph Northam and $250,000 for incumbent Attorney General Mark Herring, both of whom support more restrictive gun control laws for law-abiding Virginians. Moreover, Everytown has made clear that the $1 million is only the first of an undisclosed number of investments that will be made in the Virginia races.”

In other words, Bloomberg bought himself a governor and a legislature that would, for filthy lucre, enact his gun control wishes in a Southern state. How many other states, Southern or otherwise, does he plan to execute this program in? Isn’t a state legislature supposed to enact the wishes of those who elected it rather than the wishes of Michael Bloomberg? I guess, in this day and age, that’s a dumb question.

We all know the stock political answer and the real answer. And the real answer is that the legislature, in most cases, will cater to the whims of those who show up with the big bucks–and to hell with what the citizens of the state want. For the political class, the citizens exist to pay the legislators’ fat cat salaries and for no other reason. Hence, they are totally unimportant.

Take one salient fact away from all this. These politicians do not care what crimes criminals commit with guns. Their sole intent is to disarm the law-abiding. They couldn’t care less what the thugs and crooks do. They just want to make sure honest, law-abiding citizens can’t defend themselves again the socialist proclivities of their bettors. Start getting that thought through your heads. All the political prattle about “concern for the children” is so much bovine fertilizer. The people who want to take your guns away are the same group that promotes abortion on demand.

Doesn’t seem to be all that much “concern for the children” there, does there? That should tell you something. “He who has ears to hear, let him hear.”

You can always trust the socialists to be (and to promote) socialists and socialism–and that’s all you can trust them for. Trusting them for more than that is naïve, and borders on rank stupidity.


Dr. Chuck Baldwin is a radio broadcaster, syndicated columnist, and pastor dedicated to preserving the historic principles upon which America was founded.

Twice he was the Constitution Party’s nominee for President of the United States.

Members of the “right” and “alt-right” love to use terms such as “the establishment,” “Deep State,” “globalists,” etc., in describing freedom’s political enemies. And, yes, I often use those terms too. For the sake of brevity, I will refer to the above as simply “the ruling class.”

Seldom, however, do conservatives identify who actually comprises the ruling class. Typically when using those terms, conservatives are attacking Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and liberal Democrats in general.

While it is doubtlessly true that many liberal Democrats are pawns of the ruling class, so are many conservative Republicans. The ruling class monopolizes the philosophies, priorities and policies of both major parties in Washington, D.C.

The ruling class has mastered the phony left-right paradigm to perfection. The entire political debate in America centers on the left-right paradigm. If you are a Republican, Democrats are the enemy; if you are a Democrat, Republicans are the enemy. The entire political world revolves around this notion.

It’s all a game, a façade, a hoax.

Here’s how it works: When the ruling class wants to focus on building a socialist Welfare state, dismantling traditional cultural and religious norms and enacting gun control, it puts liberal Democrats in power. And when it wants to focus on building the Warfare State and creating foreign enemies for the purpose of expanding the “war on terror” and a global surveillance state, it puts conservative Republicans in charge.

And when it comes to accommodating the international bankers (translated: creating and increasing a debt-based economy), both Republicans and Democrats happily play along. The only difference in the economic policies of conservatives and liberals in D.C. is that liberals want to tax and spend, while conservatives want to borrow and spend. But both groups want to SPEND. Neither party cares a tinker’s dam about sound money principles or fiscal responsibility. That’s why no matter who the president is (including Donald Trump) or which party controls Congress (including Republicans), America’s national debt and deficit spending continue to spiral upward.

This also explains why, no matter who the president is (including Donald Trump), the same miscreants wind up in the president’s cabinet and administration. Donald Trump’s administration looks like Barack Obama’s. Obama’s administration looked like G.W. Bush’s. Bush’s looked like Bill Clinton’s, ad infinitum, ad nauseam.

The president doesn’t pick his cabinet and administration officials; the ruling class picks them.

Members, former members and fellow travelers of the Local 12 of the Villains, Thieves and Scoundrels Union—otherwise known as the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), Trilateral Commission (TC) and Bilderberg group—litter every presidential administration regardless of political party. Donald Trump is on a pace to surpass both G.W. Bush and Barack Obama in the number of CFR appointments, a mark he will undoubtedly surpass during his second term in office.

But the 800-pound gorilla in every backroom in Washington, D.C., is….that there are over 100 high-ranking members of the U.S. government (that we know about) who are foreign citizens.

How is this not treason?

How is what all of these Israel bought-and-paid-for American politicians are doing not treason? Most Americans are completely unaware (because the controlled media in America doesn’t tell them).

It’s time to put Americans back in charge of America.


Sid Secular is the Director of the Washington D.C. chapter of the Council of Conservative Citizens.

He is also the editor-in-chief of the Freedom Movement Action Newsletter.

He is an activist who writes regularly for The Citizens Informer and for the Nationalist Times.

As Virginia turns blue, we can view its political transformation as a sort of template for a slow motion French Revolution spreading across the fruited plain. At this point in US history, amidst the daily cacophony of blustering and phony confrontation between the two permanent, nearly identical political gangs and their media hacks, almost all of which is much ado about nothing, there is one overriding issue: that of the survival of the Historic American Nation and those Americans who believe in it and desire to see it thrive again. The vast majority of those that identify with the Historic American Nation are White, but not exclusively so, but identify with its basically White culture and political structure. Thus, White Americans are suddenly and increasingly vilified, marginalized, humiliated, deracinated with a view towards being displaced, replaced, and erased. Hopefully, a significant remnant of the sheeple are not so brainwashed and lost that they can begin to see this extermination campaign for what it is.

Those not hopelessly lost should read the article, “How Voters Turned Virginia From Deep Red to Solid Blue”, from the November 9, 2019 New York Times “newspaper of record.” This article/gloat piece details how the flood of foreign non-whites into the Northern Virginia suburbs of Washington, DC and suburban Richmond over the past 30 years has overwhelmed the rest of the state politically speaking, resulting in a freshly elected rabidly leftist legislature that gained its majority by constantly harping and campaigning on gun control and gun confiscation–but now that they are in charge, they are rapidly changing the state in a kind of redux and reprise of the French Revolution to overthrow all semblance of traditional values and policies.They are attempting to instantly turn the state that gave birth to the Constitution and housed the Confederate capital into an eastern version of California.

The tsunami of leftist lunacy includes new bills in the legislature that will remove citizenship requirements to obtain a drivers’ license(House Bill 1211 and Senate Bill 643). All an illegal alien has to do is show up at the local vehicle registration office. It is a certainty that legal residents of Virginia have to show some form of ID to get a drivers’ license, thus when the new law is passed it will discriminate against legitimate inhabitants of the state.

Meanwhile, 7 new gun control bills have already been passed, less than 2 weeks after nearly 25, 000 people swarmed Capitol Square in Richmond to rally in support of gun rights. These include local gun control ordinances, red flag laws, and the reinstatement of one gun purchase per month policies. An attempt for an assault weapons ban was shot down when several Democrats, knowing where their bread was buttered, joined Republicans to vote “no” on the measure.

The rampage doesn’t stop there. There is a long litany of new measures that will enable VA to do overnight what it took CA to do in about 2 decades. Legislation is being prepared to release thousands of the most violent criminals from prison, including rapists and murderers who use guns to harm or kill people. Most of the political class want to strip honest citizens of the right to defend themselves and they don’t care a flip or give a rip about what the murderers, crooks, and such people do. While the politicians are afraid of us honest folk, they do not hesitate to embrace the criminals. Birds of a feather one presumes; and one presumes the politicians and fat cats feel they can abide the damage they cause and hide in their gated communities.

Another important goodie on the leftist agenda is to undo Republican-backed restrictions on abortion. The VA House of Delegates has voted 52-45 to roll back the requirement that abortion be performed by a physician, allowing nurse practitioners and physician assistants to perform them–bloody good practice for them, apparently. The measure will now be taken up by the VA General Assembly which has a newly empowered Democratic majority. Thus, VA may become a safe haven for women in neighboring conservative states to come to VA and get the deed done.

To date, the VA House of Delegates has now passed the following bills, which now await VA Senate votes:

–Except for the Virginia Military Institute, Virginia’s public colleges and universities would no longer be able to ask about applicants’ criminal histories or deny admission based upon criminal history information.(House Bill 1322);

–Illegal immigrants would be eligible for in-state tuition at Virginia’s colleges and universities(House Bill 1547). This is discriminatory against students from other states, and begs the question of how in the world these varmints would have the educational background to qualify for college admission;

–Virginia would henceforth allow registration and voting on the same day(House Bill 187);

–Law enforcement would no longer be required to ascertain the immigration status of inmates placed in jail, people convicted of felonies in circuit court, and people committed to a correctional facility. Additionally, law enforcement would not be required to notify ICE about an illegal alien’s conviction(House Bill 187);

–Taxes would go up. The bill would give counties the same authority cities now have to impose taxes on cigarettes, “transient occupancy rentals”, meals, and travel campgrounds, without any referendum process or cap on increases;

–Driving would become more expensive, with gas taxes allowed to increase annually ad infinitum(House Bill 1414);

–Marijuana possession would be decriminalized(House Bill 972); One could see this coming as a sure thing.

–The State could build up to 5 new casinos(House Bill 4).

Meanwhile, the VA House and Senate have already passed the following additional bills:

–An end to health care requirements/prerequisites for giving women abortions;

–A mandate to shutter all coal-fired plants within 25 years and a requirement for carbon neutrality;

–Adoption of so-called “gender identity” protections;

–Termination of photo identification for voting;

–Drivers’ licenses for illegal immigrants;

–Increase of the minimum wage to $15 per hour by 2025;

–Authorization for localities to remove or destroy “war memorials”(meaning Confederate and Southern monuments);

–Parole for violent felons.

It’s not just in Virginia where this leftist takeover is taking place, and where a subsequent massive remolding of laws could occur given the continued unabated influx of third world immigrants and refugees. Cities such as Atlanta, Houston, Pittsburgh, and Philadelphia and their close-in suburbs as well as states such as North Carolina and Minnesota are being demographically transformed as the “New Americans” vote overwhelmingly for leftists, and frequently far-leftists at that.

Members and supporters of the Historic American Nation are being pushed into or are leaving for the outer suburbs of metropolitan areas and into the surrounding rural areas. Eventually they will be pushed into or leave for the primarily rural states or “flyover country” where their votes in federal elections will count for naught if the Electoral College is eliminated, which the leftists are beginning to agitate and campaign for.

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