Last week we reported on an incident that occurred during a recent meeting of the Lake County Historical Society. We were not at the meeting. One of our subscribers, who is also a principal person in the report, has written a correction and we will begin this week’s newsletter with it:



I enjoy reading the Dixie Heritage newsletter as it keeps me updated on the stories around the country that affect the preservation, education, and the honoring of American patriots throughout history, and especially the extraordinary men and woman of the Confederate States of America.

In the recent issue of the newsletter, a TV report about the Lake County Historical Museum was included. This TV report was packed with untruths about last Thursday’s event at the museum. I do not want the fake news by this TV report being the story that you receive.

I will point out just a few of the errors. The evening’s event was not a meeting. In honor of Black Heritage Month at the museum, we had a special presentation by the world renowned Sculptor who is sculpting the statue of Dr. Mary McLeod Bethune that will be going into National Statuary Hall in Washington DC to replace the statue of the General, which our museum will be receiving.

There were five protestors there. They were not Black, they were White. They were loud, discourteous, and rude. I was embarrassed because of our special guests and presenter that was there. But our guests of over 50 attendees were great. The TV report had said those protestors came to “silently protest.” They were anything but silent.

The Tavares Police Department were professional, courteous, and respectful. They handled the situation by the book. No one was thrown out, they were asked to leave and then escorted with the utmost courtesy. They could have stayed and listened, but they were disruptive. Also, those people said they were stripped of their membership in the society. That is untrue, as it is a long process to go through for that.

The Channel 9 reporter who covers Lake County is totally against us and heavily slants his stories to hurt the historical society and museum. He is further aggravated because I won’t give him an interview anymore, as he, as you may guess, tries his best to make me look bad.

After those people left the building, the event went fabulous. The presentation was phenomenal, and even the mayor of Daytona Beach gave an inspirational and supportive talk for the museum and the preservation of history.

Our team is moving forward as we have begun prepping the Military Veterans gallery for the exhibition of the statue. There may be some special surprise extras in the exhibit. It will be a fabulous display. Also we will be sending out the Go Fund Me link, as the museum has to reimburse travel and installation costs of the statue from Washington. I am also searching for an expert on the life of Gen. Edmund Kirby Smith to assist with the exhibit text.

We certainly do not want to rely on TV reports or some of the newspaper accounts, so I am available to contact if anyone wishes an update on the progress of the museum’s acquisition of this National Treasure.

Most gratefully,

Bobby Grenier (bobbyag22@gmail.com)
Lake County Historical Museum


Supporters and detractors of the bust of General Nathan Bedford Forrest in the State Capitol Building in Nashville, Tennessee spoke on Thursday and made their cases before the State Capitol Commission, the board tasked with deciding the monument’s fate.

The panel however punted yet again on consideration of a push to remove or add context to a Confederate bust in the state Capitol until a vacancy on the board is filled.


Orange County Superior Court Judge Allen Baddour has now ruled that the SCV must return the Silent Sam statue to the University of North Carolina within the next 45 days. In the same time period, the SCV is to return the balance of a $2.5 million trust fund that the university’s board of governors set up to enable the SCV to preserve the statue.


SurveyUSA conducted the scientific poll between Feb. 13 and Sunday, and the poll has a margin of error of plus or minus 2.3 percentage points.

Overall, 58 percent of those polled don’t want the State’s Confederate statues moved or taken down.


Rep. Mike Hill, who is black, said that statues and memorials honoring the Confederate States of America should be held in the same regard as those honoring Vietnam War veterans and those dedicated to Martin Luther King Jr.

Hill sits on the Florida House Judiciary Committee, which yesterday heard a bill that would impose civil penalties to anyone caught defacing a State monument. The bill listed only a few monuments that would receive those protections, including the Holocaust and Slavery memorials.

During the debate period, Tallahassee’s Rep. Ramon Alexander said he wanted to vote the bill down because he was worried it could open the door to state or local governments using it as an excuse to protect Confederate monuments. When Hill got his turn to speak, he made more or less the same argument. He said he was upset the measure didn’t include explicit protections for monuments to the Confederacy and said he would like to protect a 40-foot monument in Pensacola erected in the 1800s by the United Daughters of the Confederacy.

“To me, I believe that that should be honored just as much as our Vietnam Memorial, as our General ‘Chappie’ James bust, as our Martin Luther King bust,” Hill said from the dais. “And I believe that it should be protected.”

Hill didn’t get to finish his thought. Alexander, who is also black, began yelling in anger: “I am so offended right now…I know I’m out of order, but I am so offended right now.”

When Rep. Hill finally got his chance to continue, he said he doesn’t think the bill “does enough” to protect Confederate monuments.

The bill passed through the committee with a favorable recommendation.


The Richmond School Board voted in 2018 t o rename J.E.B Stuart Elementary for Barack Obama.

This week the school was formally rededicated with that new name.


Our friend, Commander James King, of SCV Camp 141 in Albany, Georgia has invited us all to attend their Lee-Jackson Banquet to be held on February 29 at the American Legion Post.

The speaker is Susan Lee and the music, both period and Southern Gospel will be performed.

Advanced Reservation of $20 is required. Young people under age 21 are free. For More Information contact Commander James King @ 229-854-1944 or by eMail by writing: jkingantiquearms@bellsouth.net


Former Apprentice contestant, and Illinois governor Rod Blagojevich was released on Tuesday after serving eight years of his 14 year prison sentence for attempting to sell Barack Obama’s senate seat. Blagojevich along with several other people including former New York City Police Commissioner Bernie Kerik received pardons or had their sentenced commuted thanks to President Trump.

For what it’s worth,

Current NYC mayor Bill DeBlasio is endorsing Sen. Bernie Sanders for president. Which is also interesting, because New York City has had its fair share of problems crop up under De Blasio. Those problems include homelessness and crime spikes, and DeBlasio’s disastrous relationship with the New York City Police Department.


In response to last year’s near-total (and court-blocked) abortion ban in Alabama, a State Legislator, Rep. Rolanda Hollis (D), has introduced House Bill 238 that would require a man to undergo a vasectomy, at his own expense, “within one month of his 50th birthday or the birth of his third biological child, whichever comes first.”


The Senate approved a bipartisan measure Thursday aimed at limiting the President’s ability to launch military operations against Iran without first seeking a Constitutionally required “declaration of war” from the Congress. Eight Republicans joining Democrats in the vote.


As a result, top financiers want Joe Biden to drop out so Bloomberg can look better and “win.”

Despite his bad debate performance, the Wall Street C-suite names attending but not donating at Biden’s Thursday fundraiser were reportedly talking amongst themselves that the former New York City Mayor h as a better chance of ultimately taking sole control of the party’s moderate wing if Biden will just retire.

“I feel sorry for Biden,” said Leon Cooperman, a billionaire hedge fund investor who has supported Democrats in the past despite being critical of President Obama. “He should withdraw; he has no chance.”


Al Benson, Jr. , is the Editor-in-Chief of The Copperhead Chronicle .

He is also a regular feature writer for The Southern Patriot , The Dixie Heritage Letter , and other pro-Southern publications.

He is a proud member of the Sons of Confederate Veterans, the Confederate Society of America, and the League of the South.

Just recently I heard Tucker Carlson talk about this on his nightly political commentary. Tucker Carlson seems to have a pretty good idea of what goes on in the country, so when I can find them, I will usually watch his commentaries. His comments on this particular bill, H.R. 5383, called “The New Way Forward Act” were disturbing to the point that I remembered them.

This bill shows us what congressional Democrats really think of the American public. They hate our guts. It’s that simple. They want to stick it to us any way they can–and they seem to think this bill would be one great way to do just that. When you see these Democratic presidential contenders get up and prattle about their grave concern for this country under Trump, you have to understand one thing–it is all just bovine fertilizer. They don’t mean the first word of it and neither do their co-destroyers in Congress. Understand one thing about those people–the destruction of this country by a “fundamental transformation” of it is their real intent.

An article by Wayne Allyn Root on https://www.newsmax.com deals with this House bill that Tucker Carlson talked about. Of this bill, Root said: “It’s so extreme, radical, hateful and offensive towards American citizens, it’s clear its only possible goal is the end of America. I believe it represents pure evil…”

Mr. Root then goes on to explain just what this act, if ever passed, would do. He says: “The New Way Forward Act say anyone and everyone in the world can come to America–no laws, no papers, no background check required. It eliminates illegal immigration. And it makes it virtually impossible for anyone to ever again be deported, for any reason. Being here illegally will never again result in deportation.

But neither will committing serious crimes. This bill brags about ending the ‘prison to deportation pipeline.’ No criminal can be deported for drug offenses, or fraud or felonies; or depraved acts of moral turpitude–like sexual assault, child abuse, sex crimes against children. Any crime that carries a sentence of less than five years will no longer result in deportation. In many cases this includes manslaughter. But even if you are convicted of a crime with a five year or longer sentence, like murder, rape, or kidnapping, this bill gives liberal judges complete discretion to allow anyone to stay in the country.”

Mr. Root continues, and it gets even more “interesting.” He says “The bill even eliminates the statute that bars anyone from immigrating to America if convicted abroad of drug crimes, or any crimes involving moral turpitude. So rapists, child molesters, MS 13 and Mexican Drug Cartel gangsters, Democrats have a loud message for you: Welcome to America.”

If the truth were known, it is that the Democrats in Congress really think more of foreign drug dealers, rapists and child molesters than they do of American citizens, but then, after watching Congress at work for years, that should come as no surprise.

But the real kicker, the one that shows how much Congress really thinks of us deplorables is the fact, mentioned by both Tucker Carlson and Wayne Allyn Root that this bill is retroactive. Did you get that? Know what that means? Root says: “It allows anyone and everyone ever before deported out of our country to come back in, as long as they would have been eligible under the provisions of the new law. Worse, DHS must pay for all the criminals deported to come back with your tax dollars. The list of dangerous illegal alien criminals deported numbers in the hundreds of thousands. They’re all invited back in, and you–the American taxpayer–are on the hook for plane tickets for all of them. And, of course, once here, they’ll all get free healthcare.”

Don’t you all look eagerly forward to paying for all that? The Democrats think you should be thrilled–and if you are not, why then you are just another evil racist. After all, who wouldn’t be glad to pay for plane tickets and free healthcare in order to get all those fine, upstanding MS 13 members back into the country? The congressional Democrats think you should have this golden opportunity to show the world you are not evil racists.

I can look out, in my mind’s eye, and see some members of my audience who might be less than ecstatic at this wonderful opportunity. You should be ashamed! It seems you lack the wonderful Democratic vision of a country with a two-tiered system of justice, one for you and totally another for the politicians and their gang-banger friends. This is the future they have planned for us and our children. Ain’t it just great??? You don’t think so? Doubtless Bernie will have one of his re-education camps, with its country club atmosphere, waiting to receive you so you can be re-educated enough to appreciate the joys of socialism and collectivism.

However, until that gala event occurs, I would advise all and sundry who read this to contact their congress critters and tell them that, under no circumstances are they to vote for this wonderful bill. And do a bit of research on the internet and fine out more about this bill. One wonders why our intrepid news media has not said more about this bill if it is all that wonderful. I guess it’s all so wonderful we are not supposed to know about it until after they pass it. Maybe it’s a little like Obamacare. “You have to pass it so you can find out what’s really in it.”


Dr. Chuck Baldwin is a radio broadcaster, syndicated columnist, and pastor dedicated to preserving the historic principles upon which America was founded.

Twice he was the Constitution Party’s nominee for President of the United States.

Even the most casual student of history knows that the mighty Roman Empire fell from within. More serious students of history have read tomes of scholarly research on the subject. Most of them also share the conclusion that the collapse of the greatest economic and military power in the world came primarily from within. And many of these same researchers are saying that America is on a course to repeat Rome’s collapse. I believe they are right.

Excessive taxation with unbridled spending, a hedonistic culture preoccupied with pleasure and sport, fascination with military conquest that bred overextended military adventurism and perpetual war and extreme corruption in government seem to be the consistent themes describing the fall of the mighty Roman Empire.

In truth, the Roman Empire was doomed . . . when it became an empire. The power lust of Julius Caesar drove him to lead the Roman army in many unsanctioned, unlawful and barbaric wars of aggression. But it also made him extremely powerful and popular with the Roman people.

The Roman senate wanted Caesar to face criminal charges for his unlawful wars and summoned him home from the battlefield to face those charges. Instead, Caesar crossed the Rubicon River with his 13th Roman Legion in 49 B.C. and seized Rome by force. He then summarily dismantled the power of the senate, gave great wealth and lands to the military troops that were loyal to him and implemented monarchical law. He soon forced the senate to declare him to be “dictator for life.”

Julius Caesar was assassinated by senators loyal to the Roman Republic on March 15, 44 B.C., but they lacked the power to overcome Caesar’s adopted heir, Octavian, and were soon defeated. Their defeat eliminated all opposition to the new monarchy. Octavian, named Caesar Augustus (the title as ascribed in Luke 2:1; called Augustus Caesar in secular history), became the first official Emperor of Rome.

The Roman Republic fell when the Roman Empire began.

The establishment Deep State has ALWAYS been about expunging America’s Bill of Rights and constitutional form of government and returning America to monarchism. It’s a lot easier for the power elite to control one man than it is 435 congressmen, 100 senators, 9 Supreme Court justices and a president and vice-president—not to mention 50 sovereign states.

We are going back to Rome.


Brion McClanahan is the author or co-author of six books, How Alexander Hamilton Screwed Up America , 9 Presidents Who Screwed Up America and Four Who Tried to Save Her , The Politically Incorrect Guide to the Founding Fathers , The Founding Fathers Guide to the Constitution , Forgotten Conservatives in American History , and The Politically Incorrect Guide to Real American Heroes . He had the privilege of being Clyde Wilson’s last doctoral student.

Who was the greatest president in American history? Ask this question to a group of people who are cynical of the imperial presidency and at least one person will answer William Henry Harrison, the man who died one month after taking office.

Who could be better than a president who impacted the office in such a minimal way and who had little time to destroy the Constitution?

This response is designed to draw a few laughs, but is there some actual merit to the idea that Harrison was a great president?

He didn’t do much while in office, but perhaps that was his intent from the beginning. After all, Harrison was from old Virginian stock and was born before the American War for Independence began. He was sixty eight when he took the oath of office in 1841.

His father, Benjamin Harrison V, signed the Declaration of Independence, and Harrisons held prominent positions in Virginia society for generations. William Henry Harrison eventually made his way to the frontier as an Indian fighter and military governor and became a national hero during the War of 1812, but it was Virginia, not Indiana, that determined his political outlook.

Harrison made one political speech as president, his Inaugural Address, the longest in history at over 8,000 words. Much of it was dedicated to emphasizing the strictly limited role of the executive branch in American government and to extolling the benefits of a real union, one not burdened by excessive partisanship or sectionalism.

Harrison believed that the presidency should be limited to one term in order to curb the potential for executive abuse. He warned against the drift toward executive government and promised to arrest that progression while in office. More importantly, Harrison chastised those who considered the president to be “legislator in chief.”

I can not conceive that by a fair construction any or either of its provisions would be found to constitute the President a part of the legislative power…. In the language of the Constitution, “all the legislative powers” which it grants “are vested in the Congress of the United States.” It would be a solecism in language to say that any portion of these is not included in the whole.

As for the veto, Harrison argued it should only be used in three circumstances: to protect the Constitution from misconstruction, to protect the people from “hasty” or unwise legislation, and to protect political minorities from “combinations.” In other words, Harrison could find no evidence that the veto should be used as a legislative hammer to bend the Congress to the will of the executive. This would be news to men like Franklin Roosevelt who used the veto power more than anyone else to push his legislative agenda through Congress.

Harrison also warned against the cultural imperialism that seemed to be festering in 1830s New England. “Experience,” he said, “has abundantly taught us that the agitation by citizens of one part of the Union of a subject not confided to the General Government, but exclusively under the guardianship of the local authorities, is productive of no other consequences than bitterness, alienation, discord, and injury to the very cause which is intended to be advanced.” He predicted that excessive meddling by one State in the internal affairs of another would result in “the certain harbingers of disunion, violence, and civil war, and the ultimate destruction of our free institutions.” John C. Calhoun would say the same thing less than a decade later.

New England sectionalism disguised as “nationalism” proved to be the sharpest thorn in the American political order, and to Harrison, “The spirit of liberty is the sovereign balm for every injury which our institutions may receive.” Only in this way could “the weaker feeling of the mistaken enthusiast…be corrected, the Utopian dreams of the scheming politician dissipated, and the complicated intrigues of the demagogue rendered harmless.”

Democracy provided cover for American demagogues. This American civic religion, an attachment to “popular” rule, was “the old trick of those who would usurp the government of their country. In the name of democracy they speak, warning the people against the influence of wealth and the danger of aristocracy.” Like Washington, Harrison argued that factions, the party spirit, would always “result in a dangerous accession to the executive power introduced and established amidst unusual professions of devotion to democracy.” American kings would be made by American democracy. In this, Harrison has been proven prophetic.

Harrison referred to Jefferson four times in his Inaugural Address, and Madison once. He never mentioned Hamilton or Washington, though his speech reflected much of what Washington wrote in his 1796 Farewell Address. This is telling. Members of the Whig Party are often described as the heirs of Hamilton not Jefferson, but neither Harrison nor John Tyler, who assumed office after Harrison died in 1841, could be classified as Hamiltonians. They were men of Virginia dedicated to a Virginian view of government, Whigs in the truest sense of the term. They opposed unconstitutional executive power and like Jefferson favored the strict limitations of real American federalism on the central authority. They believed in a union that benefited and burdened all equally. Harrison reaffirmed this position when he insisted:

It is union that we want, not of a party for the sake of that party, but a union of the whole country for the sake of the whole country, for the defense of its interests and its honor against foreign aggression, for the defense of those principles for which our ancestors so gloriously contended.

Not many American presidents articulated a better definition of union, or showed the same type of dedication to executive restraint. Harrison’s Inaugural Address should be classified as one of the great political speeches in American history. His spirit of moderation and peace won’t register with the American monarchists who typically rank American presidents. Harrison should not simply be a punch line for the “best president in American history” because he died in office. No. If other presidents can be classified as a “great” president because of a few idealistic speeches, Harrison’s refreshing understanding of American federalism and the Constitution should place him among the top ten in American history. This won’t happen, but here’s to Tippecanoe!

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