Save Southern Heritage – Florida
Date: Wed, Feb 5, 2020
Subject: Save Southern Heritage – Florida – A Brilliant 2020 in Saving Southern Heritage! Will you JOIN US?


Dear SSH FL Friend & Supporter,

We wanted to take a moment and share some encouraging information about the activities of Save Southern Heritage – FL.

We’re off to a great new DECADE in Saving Southern Heritage in Florida with a Brilliant JANUARY! Here are just a few examples of the work made possible by our members and generous donors so far this year!

Litigation – We received word this month that our Lakeland, Florida federal lawsuit will be ‘heard’ by the 11th District Court of Appeals in Atlanta in April. This is an important ‘at bat’ to reverse the ”Government Speech Doctrine” that literally prevents free speech in public places and been the excuse used by radical cities and counties to destroy so-called controversial memorials – not just to Confederate Veterans but to other historical figures in their current ISIS-like purge orgy.

Punishment of Monument Vandal – The William Footman Camp of the Sons of Confederate Veterans, with the support of SSH, has asserted their rights as a ‘victim’ under Marsy’s Law in the Vandalism of the Lee Memorial in Ft. Myers demanding prosecution as a “Hate Crime”. Using that status, a ‘slap on the wrist’ plea deal was quashed the perpetrator is now going to trial for a 3rd Degree Felony.

Legislation – New bills have been filed in the Florida Legislature to begin the process of protecting and preserving our Veterans’ memorials. HB 1251 and SB 1690 were filed in January and both bills are ‘moving’ in the Committee hearing process.

Standing Up and Fighting Back – SSH FL brought HK Edgerton to St. Augustine, FL on Martin Luther King, Jr.’s birthday for a “Table of Brotherhood” March where he called on City officials to protect and preserve their Confederate veteran memorials.

Going on the Offense – At our encouragement, Rep. Mike Hill (R – Pensacola) has called on Pensacola’s new Mayor to restore our flag in the City of Five Flags Display in Pensacola.

Taking the Battle to the Enemy – For too long, Southerners have been in reacting saying “I’m not racist”. We have learned that day in and day out THEY are doing what they SAY we are doing. For example, they say our memorials are not ‘inclusive’ while demanding they be ‘excluded’. Most Americans recognize the hypocrisy of this, and we have taken to calling this out when we see it. This week we exploited a guffaw by one of the key “Haters” groups in Florida and used it as an opportunity to finger one of their operatives Michael Anderson, (aka ‘the stutterer’). Some many remember him from the Tampa fight, and who has also been identified as a leader in Bradenton, St. Augustine and Jacksonville. They need to be put on their back heels for a change and we will continue to help put them there!

Heroes Banquet – SSH FL members from around the Nation attend the Confederate Heroes Banquet in January honoring Confederate Gen. Nathan Bedford Forrest.

As we pause to observe this success, we realize that we could not have done any of this without our donors and members.

Let’s keep the momentum going in 2020! We have them on the run in Florida! Its time to DOUBLE DOWN not rest on our laurels. Let’s be like Gen. Forrest and “keep the skeer on”!

Will you consider joining Save Southern Heritage – FL? The cost for individual membership is only $25/year.

How much is our precious Southern Heritage worth?

Thank you and God Bless Dixie!

Together, we can…
Save Southern Heritage Florida

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