Dixie Heritage News – 1/24/2020

Is “Christian Charity” a Trojan Horse?


A Federal Court of Appeals has agreed to hear arguments about the 2019 removal of the Confederate monument in Lakeland from Munn Park.

A group of Dixie Heritage readers under the name “Save Southern Heritage Florida” filed the legal action and their lawyers are set to make oral arguments on April 20 advocating for the return of the 26-foot-tall, 109-year-old statue. The group previously tried to block the City of Lakeland from removing the monument, but that lawsuit was unsuccessful. The current appeal is asking a higher court to overthrow the judgment of the lower court and return the monument.


A State Court ruled that the City of Birmingham violated the 2017 Alabama Memorial Preservation Act, and fined the city $25,000. The City appealed to the Supreme Court.

Last week Friday the Alabama Supreme Court refused to reconsider the ruling that prohibits Birmingham from obscuring, or taking down, a Confederate monument in the city park. Justices turned down a rehearing request without comment.


The last known Confederate combat casualty will get a new burial in Munford some 155 years after his death.


Texas officially observed Confederate Heroes Day on Monday. Amidst all of their efforts, by both Abbott and Patrick, to dismantle Southern heritage in Texas, it would seem the holiday observation slipped past them. Deo Vindice!


Bill Lee will introduce legislation this year that would amend a law requiring Tennessee to honor Confederate Gen. Nathan Bedford Forrest and other Confederate leaders. Lee’s office confirmed Friday that the Republican, who has previously expressed his displeasure over the honor, was working on the bill. The office did not provide further details.

Presently the bill requires the Tennessee governor to sign six proclamations throughout the year designating the following days of special observance: Robert E. Lee Day (Jan. 19), Abraham Lincoln Day (Feb. 12), Andrew Jackson Day (March 15), Confederate Decoration Day (June 3), Nathan Bedford Forrest Day (July 13) and Veterans’ Day (Nov. 11).

The law encourages the governor to invite the public to observe each day in schools and churches. It does not, however, outline a penalty should the governor choose to not sign the proclamation.

Our speculation is that Gov. Lee’s legislative proposal will eliminate 4 of the 6 proclamations. Abe and the Vets needn’t worry about losing their days.


Both states observed Robert E. Lee Day this past Monday despite objections from blacks and guilted white libs. They are the last two Southern states still observing the Lee holiday.

Last year, Alabama entertained legislation to move the Lee holiday to April but instead decided to leave well enough alone.


In 2013 the Sons of Confederate Veterans erected a Confederate memorial on private property. For each of the last three years a group of morbidly obese white women and a few of their cuckold hubbys calling themselves “REPURPOSE” have staged MLK Day protests outside the monument demanding that the SCV “repurpose” the monument into one honoring veterans of more current wars.

The groups leader says she wants the monument to be “inclusive.”


The Trump impeachment hearings began in the Senate this week. Under the adopted rules, the opening arguments will go into next week. So anything coming out of or off of Capitol Hill this week is just “drama.”


The Catholic Bishops of Texas got together and BLASTED the Governor for his recent decision to stop receiving refugees in Texas. WHY? The short answer, because the Bishops make billions of dollars a year bringing refugees into the United States. One of the primary “agencies” used by the government to bring in refugees is the Catholic Church. And the Bishops are paid 6 and 7 figure salaries for their “compassion” and “Christian charity.”


The Vice-President celebrated Robert E. Lee’s holiday in Memphis, taking a 35-minute tour of the National Civil Rights Museum.


A 3.8 magitude earthquake struck the Kentucky-Tennessee border on Monday afternoon.


No, we are not referring to the pop singer.

Decisions have consequences, even for the privileged. And Prince Harry’s poor choice in brides has cost him his crown, all of his royal titles, and even $3 million dollars which he will have to repay to the UK government.


As early as 1984 and as recently as 2018, former Vice President Joe Biden called for cuts to Social Security in the name of saving the program and balancing the federal budget.


Al Benson, Jr., is the Editor-in-Chief of The Copperhead Chronicle.

He is also a regular feature writer for The Southern Patriot, The Dixie Heritage Letter, and other pro-Southern publications.

He is a proud member of the Sons of Confederate Veterans, the Confederate Society of America, and the League of the South.

Well, thanks be to God our prayers were answered. The gigantic Second Amendment rally in Richmond, Virginia was peaceful and went off without a hitch. Maybe when they saw the numbers of armed protesters Antifa decided it would be lots safer to back off and play at being no-shows for the day. They are lots more efficient at beating up on those who can’t resist than they are about facing honest opposition. So much for their “opposition” to fascism!

If ever you needed to see massive opposition to gun control, you saw it today in Richmond.

Will all that make any difference to Red Ralph and his socialist cadre in the legislature? Don’t kid yourselves! Today’s huge demonstration won’t make him and his socialist cohorts back down. It will make them double down! You have to understand one thing about socialists. They have an agenda and they fully intend to fulfil that agenda. If 99.9% of the people are opposed to that agenda that makes no difference whatever. They will continue to push that agenda no matter what! This is where people misunderstand socialism. They think socialists can be persuaded just like normal people can. If you can just show up with a big enough crowd to make them think twice about what they want to do, then you can change their minds about doing it. That may work with normal people. It does not work with socialists!

Socialists do not get into office to merely govern. They get into office to rule–and rule they will, no matter what or who opposes them.

When they get into power they couldn’t care less what the populace wants. They are not in power to do what the people want. They get into power to do what they want–and what they want is unfettered control over the people and they will enact whatever legislation they have to in order to maintain that control.

Many years ago now, someone wrote a book called Gun Control Is People Control. It was a good book and the title was almost prophetic because that is exactly the way it works out. If you control the guns then you control the people that you took them away from.

When you have all the guns you can pretty much do what you want and who can resist except someone with a death wish?

The managed media spent the day denigrating the size of the pro-Second Amendment crowd. They also rather cavalierly informed their readership that, even though many thousands of people turned up to protest gun control, the vast majority of Virginians really wanted gun control. If so, why didn’t they show up to protest what the Second Amendment folks were doing? I’m sorry, folks, when the managed media tells me the vast majority in Virginia want gun control, yet thousands upon thousands show up to protest gun control, you will pardon me if I harbor doubts about what the managed media is trying to peddle.

Gun control/confiscation is one of the main tenets of the socialist agenda. So anyone thinking that because all these folks came to protest gun control will change the minds of any of the socialists in Richmond is kidding themselves.

Looking at the situation as it is now it seems you all have two options in Virginia. You can actively work to elect a better legislature next November, which is a long way away yet, during which time you will probably be saddled with onerous gun control bills. Or you can work through the sheriffs in your counties to get them to refuse to comply with unconstitutional (both state and federal) laws. Encourage them to deputize as many deputies as needed to resist state aggression and/or work toward forming legitimate militias in their counties, complete with the proper training and procedures.

The only way Red Ralph will be encouraged to back down is if there is such massive non-compliance with his edicts at the county level that he cannot possibly deal with it all–kind of a Cloward/Piven strategy in reverse. There are laws on the books in some states that simply do not get complied with. Look at the marijuana laws in some states. Many of them are just ignored. It’s more bother trying to enforce them than to just let it go. And there are even some gun control laws in New York state that few gunowners pay attention to–and no one says all that much there. This is the only way you are going to make any headway with Red Ralph. The non-compliance rate for his unconstitutional gun control laws has got to be so high that he just can’t deal with it–and most of that will be up to the county sheriffs.

The only parts of Virginia where gun control is popular are the urban areas. The rest of the state wants nothing to do with it. If Red Ralph was going to honestly uphold the state constitution he took an oath to uphold, he would be forced to jettison his gun control agenda, but, as a socialist, you know he can’t do that. He has got to disarm the citizens of Virginia in order for him to do to them what his socialist agenda demands of him. Otherwise, his handlers will come along before the next election and make sure some other socialist gets to run in his place.


Ben “Cooter” Jones is perhaps best known for his roles in Smokey and the Bandit and in The Dukes of Hazard but after his acting career he served two terms in the United States Congress as a representative from Georgia.

Currently retired in Virginia, he is a Heritage Defense Officer for the Sons of Confederate Veterans.

“If we read the words and attitudes of the past through the pompous ‘wisdom’of the considered moral judgments of the present, we will find nothing but error.”
          — Mark Twain

“The study of the past with one eye upon the present is the source of all sins and sophistries in history. It is the essence of what we mean by the word ‘unhistorical’.”
          — Herbert Butterfield


The recent Democratic sweep of Virginia’s Governorship, the Va. State Senate, and the Va. State House has emboldened the “Party of Jefferson and Jackson” in ways unimaginable just a decade ago. The Old Dominion is almost entirely “red” geographically, but the extraordinary growth of the Northern Virginia suburbs around Washington, D.C., and the resulting influx of a non-Southern mindset has changed the political calculus for the foreseeable future. Governor Ralph Northam, a surgeon from Accomack County on Virginia’s “Eastern Shore”, was best known nationally for having posed in blackface for his college annual. He apologized for it, but then retracted the apology, saying it probably wasn’t him. But his nickname in the annual was “Coonman.” (I’m not making this up.)

And when Northam recently announced that the Democrats in Richmond were going to pass very aggressive anti-gun laws, there was a widespread, palpably angry reaction, and 90 or so of Virginia’s Counties passed Sanctuary resolutions meant to protect their citizens from any state-wide gun seizures. He then made the situation worse by saying that if the local police did not enforce these laws, he would use the National Guard for that purpose. This was not exactly the way to win friends and influence people in rural areas of the Blue Ridge Mountains.

Then the Governor, at the behest of two Virginia Democratic members of the United States House of Representatives, said he would gladly lead in requesting the Congress to remove the statue of Virginian Robert E. Lee from Statuary Hall in the U.S. Capitol Building. In this “woke” political climate that should not be surprising, but the request from Congressman Donald McEachin and Congresswoman Jennifer Wexler is one of the most wrong-headed and sophomoric diatribes ever to have been written on Government stationary. The two describe the General Lee statue: “The statue of Lee, which depicts him in his Confederate uniform, was donated by the Commonwealth during the period from 1900 to the 1930’s when dozens of Confederate monuments were erected across the country.

These statues aimed to rewrite Lee’s reputation from that of a cruel slave owner and Confederate General to portraying him as a kind man and reluctant war hero who selflessly served his home state of Virginia.

Representatives McEachin and Wexler then list a number of possible replacements for the Lee Statue, including “prominent Virginians who bravely chose to fight for justice and equality”. Their very first candidate is “Nat Turner, a slave in Virginia, (who) fought for his freedom by leading one of the most notable slave rebellions in United States history.”

Notable, indeed. Perhaps in Statuary Hall, there might be a statue of Nat Turner, a bottle of brandy in his hand, with the inscription:

“…in time to see the work I sometimes got in sight, death completed, viewed the mangled bodies as they lay, in silent satisfaction, and immediately started in quest of other victims – Having murdered Mrs. Waller and ten children, we started for Mr. William Williams’ – having killed him and two little boys that were there; while engaged in this, Mrs. Williams fled and got some distance from the house, but she was pursued, overtaken, and compelled to get up behind one of the company, who brought her back, and after showing her the mangled body of her lifeless husband, she was told to get down and lay by his side, where she was shot dead.”
          — Nat Turner


Or might we “just say no” to Governor Northam, with these recommendations for him to ponder:

“So far from engaging in a war to perpetuate slavery, I am rejoiced that Slavery is abolished. I believe it will be greatly for the interest of the South. So fully am I satisfied of this that I would have cheerfully lost all that I have lost by the war, and have suffered all that I have suffered to have this object attained.”
          — R.E. Lee

And we might add these supporting testimonials:

“Lee was, in my estimation, one of the supremely gifted men produced by our Nation. . . . selfless almost to a fault . . . noble as a leader and as a man, and unsullied as I read the pages of our history. From deep conviction I simply say this: a nation of men of Lee’s caliber would be unconquerable in spirit and soul. Indeed, to the degree that present-day American youth will strive to emulate his rare qualities . . . we, in our own time of danger in a divided world, will be strengthened and our love of freedom sustained.”
          — Dwight D. Eisenhower

“If we are to heal our history and make this Nation whole, prosperity must know no Mason-Dixon line and opportunity must know no color line. Robert E. Lee, a great son of the South, a great leader of the South–and I assume no modern day leader would question him or challenge him–Robert E. Lee counseled us well when he told us to cast off our animosities, and raise our sons to be Americans.”
          — Lyndon B. Johnson

“Robert E. Lee, the Southerner who criticized secession and called slavery a great moral wrong, would become himself an American legend, yet a man who, though he rode off into myth and glory, would suffer cruelly in his own time. After the dissolution of his cause, he would work tho bind up the Nation’s wounds. And to those pessimistic about the Nation’s future, he once said, “The truth is this: The march of Providence is so slow and our desires so impatient; the work of progress so immense and our means of aiding is so slow and our desires so impatient; the work of progress so immense and our means of aiding it so feeble; the life of humanity is so long and that of the individual so brief, that we often see only the ebb of the advancing wave and are thus discouraged. ‘It is history,’ he said, ‘that teaches us hope’.”
          — Ronald Reagan

President Teddy Roosevelt said this of General Lee:

“General Lee has left us the memory, not merely of his extraordinary skill as a general, his dauntless courage and high leadership in campaign and battle, but also of that serene greatness of soul characteristic of those who most readily recognize the obligations of civic duty. Once the war was over he instantly under took the task of healing and binding up the wounds of his countrymen, in the true spirit of those who feel malice toward none and charity toward all; in that spirit which from the throes of the Civil War brought forth the real and indissoluble Union of to-day. It was eminently fitting that this great man, this war-worn veteran of a mighty struggle, who, at its close, simply and quietly undertook his duty as a plain, every-day citizen, bent only upon helping his people in the paths of peace and tranquility, should turn his attention toward educational work; toward bringing up in fit fashion the younger generation, the sons of those who had proved their faith by their endeavor in the heroic days.

There is no need to dwell on General Lee s record as a soldier. The son of Light Horse Harry Lee of the Revolution, he came naturally by his aptitude for arms and command. His campaigns put him in the foremost rank of the great captains of all time. But his signal valor and address in war are no more remarkable than the spirit in which he turned to the work of peace once the war was over. The circumstances were such that most men, even of high character, felt bitter and vindictive or depressed and spiritless, but General Lee s heroic temper was not warped nor his great soul cast down. He stood that hardest of all strains, the strain of bearing himself well through the gray evening of failure ; and therefore out of what seemed failure he helped to build the wonderful and mighty triumph of our national life, in which all his countrymen, North and South, share.

Immediately after the close of hostilities he announced, with a clear sightedness which at that time few indeed of any section possessed, that the interests of the Southern States were the same as those of the United States ; that the prosperity of the South would rise or fall with the welfare of the whole country; and that the duty of its citizens appeared too plain to admit of doubt. He urged that all should unite in honest effort to obliterate the effects of war and restore the blessings of peace; that they should remain in the country, strive for harmony and good feeling, and devote their abilities to the interests of their people and the healing of dissensions. To everyone who applied to him this was the advice he gave.

Although absolutely without means, he refused all offers of pecuniary aid, and all positions of emolument, although many such, at a high salary, were offered him. He declined to go abroad, saying that he sought only “a place to earn honest bread while engaged in some useful work.” This statement brought him the offer of the presidency of Washington College, a little institution in Lexington, Va., which had grown out of a modest foundation known as Liberty Hall Academy. George Washington had endowed this academy with one hundred shares of stock that had been given to him by the State of Virginia, which he had accepted only on condition that he might with them endow some educational institution. To the institution which Washington helped to found in such a spirit, Lee, in the same fine spirit, gave his services. He accepted the position of president at a salary of $1,500 a year, in order, as he stated, that he might do some good to the youth of the South. He applied himself to his new work with the same singleness of mind which he had shown in leading the Army of Northern Virginia. All the time by word and deed he was striving for the restoration of real peace, of real harmony, never uttering a word of bitterness nor allowing a word of bitterness uttered in his presence to go unchecked. From the close of the war to the time of his death all his great powers were devoted to two objects: to the reconciliation of all his countrymen with one another, and to fitting the youth of the South for the duties of a lofty and broad-minded citizenship.

Such is the career that you gather to honor; and I hope that you will take advantage of the one hundredth anniversary of General Lee s birth by appealing to all our people, in every section of this country, to commemorate his life and deeds by the establishment, at some great representative educational institution of the South, of a permanent memorial, that will serve the youth of the coming years, as he, in the closing years of his life, served those who so sorely needed what he so freely gave.”
          — Theodore Roosevelt

Other testimonials:

“The first white people in America, certainly the first in the South to exhibit their interest in the reaching of the Negro and saving his soul through the medium of the Sunday-school were Robert E. Lee and Stonewall Jackson.”
          — Booker T. Washington

“He was a foe without hate; a friend without treachery; a soldier without cruelty; a victor without oppression, and a victim without murmuring. He was a public officer without vices; a private citizen without wrong; a neighbor without reproach; a Christian without hypocrisy, and a man without guile. He was a Caesar, without his ambition; Frederick, without his tyranny; Napoleon, without his selfishness, and Washington, without his reward.”
          — Benjamin H. Hill


Dear Fellow Americans:

“Governments have a tendency not to solve problems, only to re-arrange them.”
          — President Ronald Reagan

The old chattel slavery in America has been dead for over 150 years; but today, most Americans are tax slaves. Government forces us to pay taxes for items not listed in the U.S. Constitution Article I section 8. The taxes pay for special interests not of benefit to the general American public at large.

Before 1800, chattel slavery from Africa existed in the North, as well as in the South. Until December 1865, slavery was written into the U.S. Constitution Article IV section 2, 100% legal in all states. The Thirteenth Amendment abolishing slavery was ratified December 1865. By 1800, all Northern states voluntarily ended slavery, primarily for economic reasons, not out of empathy and compassion for the plight of the black Africans.

Before the Civil War, African slaves were owned only by a small per cent of the total Southern white population, the rich aristocracy of society. These were owners of plantations, with luxurious mansions we might see in the movies GONE WITH THE WIND and NORTH AND SOUTH. Owning slaves was a costly proposition most Southern whites could not afford.

Today, some factions of the Democrat Party demand payment from white America to black America as penitent recompense for the pre-Civil War slavery days. But the fact is, most whites living today, North and South, are not descendants of slave owners.The U.S. Constitution Fifth Amendment prohibits deprivation of life, liberty and/or property, without due process of law. So the burden of proof is on the accuser, not on the accused, to prove ancestral ownership of African slaves. Even so, the Constitution protection of slavery before the Civil War legally precludes claim of recompense for slave ownership, the U.S. Constitution Article I section 9 prohibits Congress from legislating ex post facto laws. There is no reason why guilt-by-association should be a valid principle of law.

— Lawrence K. Marsh
Gaithersburg, MD


James W. King is the Commander of Sons of Confederate Veterans Camp #141 in Albany, Georgia.

January 19, 2020 was the 213th birthday of Confederate General Robert E. Lee who was born in 1807 at Stratford, Westmoreland County, Virginia. He was the son of Revolutionary War hero “Light Horse” Harry Lee and Ann Carter Lee. Young Robert’s role model was George Washington.

Lee was a devout Christian and his greatness can best be judged by the positive statements made by Northerners who were his former enemies and later U.S. presidents and foreign dignitaries. He has always been considered the epitome of a Southern gentleman. In 1880, E. Benjamin Andrews, president of Brown University, and a former Union Veteran stated “Any father when asked who he would want his son to emulate would have to answer Robert E. Lee if he were wise..”

U.S. president Theodore Roosevelt considered Lee the greatest of the great captains that the English speaking people have brought forth. Franklin D. Roosevelt noted that Lee was not only a great General but one of the greatest American Christians. In a letter dated Aug. 9, 1960, President Dwight D. Eisenhower said that Lee was one of the supremely gifted men that America has produced and that a nation of men of Lee’s caliber would be unconquerable in spirit and soul and that modern day American youth should emulate his qualities.British Army field Marshall G. Joseph Wolseley met Lee during the war. He stated:

“I judged Lee to be from a different mold and of finer and superior metal than other men..British Prime Minister Winston Churchill said Lee was one of the noblest Americans ever. When the Confederate army went into Pennsylvania, Lee refused to commit atrocities in retaliation for what Yankees had done in the Southern states saying, “we only make war against armed men and not women and children”. After the war at a time when Lee desperately needed money a Northern insurance company offered him $50,000 for the use of his name. He declined saying, “my name and heritage is about all I have left and it is not for sale.”

Georgia war-era senator Benjamin Harvey Hill expressed a lasting Lee tribute. “He possessed every virtue of other great commanders without their vices. He was a foe without hate, a friend without treachery, a victor without oppression, and a victim without murmuring. He was a public officer without vices, a private citizen without reproach, a Christian without hypocrisy, and a man without guile. He was a Caesar without his ambition, Frederick without his tyranny, Napoleon without his selfishness, and Washington without his reward. He was obedient in authority as a servant and loyal in authority as a true King. He was as gentle as a woman in life, modest and pure as a virgin in thought, watchful as a Roman Vidal in duty, submissive to law as Socrates, and as grand in battle as Achilles.”

Lee opposed slavery and fought for Southern Independence from Northern tyranny, despotism, and dictatorship and to preserve the U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights which were written by America’s founding fathers who were primarily Southern gentlemen from Virginia. After the failed 1848 Socialist revolution in Europe Karl Marx had sent about 2000 European Socialists to New York City. They had joined with American Socialists to form the Republican Party which was similar to the modern Socialist Democratic Party. The New York Tribune newspaper had published 487 of Marx’s articles including the Communist Manifesto. Lincoln was a member of this radical fanatical party. The federal government had been taken over by radicals, fanatics, zealots, and criminals and the South refused to voluntarily be ruled by this class of corrupt criminal Northern politicians and industrialists. Slavery was already a dying institution but Northern abolitionists demanded instant abolition as opposed to the gradual orderly emancipation that was already taking place. Sixty-eight of 117 Republicans signed a resolution advocating violence and terrorism against the South and this along with the upcoming Morrill tariff tax of 47 to 50 percent was forcing the South into a dependent colonial condition almost as abject as the Roman provinces 2000 years ago under their pro-councils. Altogether there were 10 causes of Southern secession.


Dr. Ed is a pastor, college president, historian, the author of over 30 books, an in-demand public speaker, and the host of two radio shows.

He is an active lobbyist, tirelessly petitioning city, county, state, and federal officials on behalf of our Southern monuments and heritage.

He started Dixie Heritage in March of 2015.

Congratulations to the author of the recent Baptist News column titled “ERLC, George Soros and the Evangelical Immigration Table.” The Southern Baptist “leadership” — on whose behalf it was written — has done a masterful job of hiding the truth in plain sight.

It dismisses recent Breitbart.com reportage exposing the Evangelical Immigration Table (EIT) as nothing more than a leftist organization masquerading as representatives of “conservative” Christianity.

Their agenda is evident in their having deceived the governors of several “red” states into believing the latter will lose the “Christian” vote if they don’t flood their respective states with Muslims and other dubious “refugees,” a fact the column appears to confirm.

The column also denies Breitbart.com’s claim that the Southern Baptist Convention — through its Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission (ERLC) — has been funded by Marxist billionaire George Soros. The author emphatically states that “These claims have proved to be false.”

However, a few paragraphs later he concedes: that “EIT is supported by the National Immigration Forum,” an organization chaired by George Soros who also awarded it grant money.

The author first denies that George Soros has funded the EIT, but then describes the very money-trail, itself! The fact that Soros money was first LAUNDERED through the National Immigration Forum – before reaching the EIT – doesn’t make it any less tainted.

George Soros has contributed hundreds of millions of dollars to more than 200 leftist groups advocating “open borders” and amnesty for Third World illegal aliens. The circuitous route of Soros funding is designed to obscure its origin and confuse gullible individuals like the author of the editorial. Or, as I suggested above, its purpose is to hide the truth in plain sight so Southern Baptist readers won’t notice.

Another troubling fact hidden in plain sight appears where Ali Noorani, Executive Director of the National Immigration Forum, is quoted as stating: “Quite simply, there has never been a single penny from George Soros that has gone toward the work of the Evangelical Immigration Table.’”

A search of the National Immigration Forum shows it to be an advocacy group for Muslims, and Mr. Noorani is a Muslim of Pakistani descent. The Quran grants immunity to Muslims who lie to infidels for a “higher purpose,” such as to gain an advantage and defeat them.

The principle is called Taqiyya among the Shiites, and Muda’rat among the Sunni. It might help explain Ali Noorani’s forgetfulness, and give focus to his claim that the EIT has never received “…a single penny from George Soros…”

Noorani and the Baptist Press have joined forces to deny funding from George Soros, even though it is conceded earlier in the editorial. Have we carried ecumenism too far when Southern Baptists make common cause with a Muslim group to deny an acknowledged fact?

When Southern Baptists, a predominantly patriotic and theologically conservative people, give their Annie Armstrong and Cooperative Fund offerings, they assume the money will be used to plant churches and proclaim the Gospel. Instead, it is going to committees like the ERLC whose leader, Russell Moore, gives it to Muslim activists like Ali Noorani.

Southern Baptist, and other evangelical Christians are literally funding the very Trojan horses that flood our country with alien hordes. If this continues, America, like ancient Troy, will see the total destruction of our nation, religion, culture, and just about everything once held dear.

Deo Vindice!

Chaplain Ed

Dixie Heritage
P.O. Box 618
Lowell, FL 32663