Dixie Heritage News – 1/17/2020

According to a report last week Friday in The Daily Tar Heel , UNC’s student newspaper, documents and emails provided anonymously by alleged members of the Sons of Confederate Veterans (SCV) have led “authorities” to investigate what the student reporter called “a pattern of tax law and campaign finance violations by SCV leaders, as well as leaders of an affiliated group, the Mechanized Cavalry.”

Both groups are registered as 501(c)3, tax-exempt nonprofits in North Carolina. By law, 501(c)3s are severely limited from making political donations. However, the report says, the SCV and Mechanized Cavalry may have funneled membership monies into a political action committee, the NC Heritage PAC, to be donated to lawmakers sympathetic to the groups’ positions.

The report cites multiple supposed SCV members who said Bill Starnes, a former leader, accepted membership dues in cash and checks, then handed out the money at meetings to individuals who would donate it to the PAC. If that happened, the accusation would then be that it violated the law against political donations “in the name of another.”

Neither the North Carolina SCV’s current leader, Kevin Stone, nor UNC spokesman Josh Ellis responded to reporter’s request for comment.

Television news in the area is reporting that the State Board of Elections is reviewing the allegations in the article but that agency’s spokesman, Patrick Gannon, said in an email tat he couldn’t comment on whether an actual investigation will follow.

As a result of this, the entire agreement between UNC and the SCV over Silent Sam is back under review by Superior Court Judge Allen Baddour, the same judge who initially signed off on the deal. A hearing is expected sometime in the next few weeks.


The Confederate monument will remain, for now, in a prominent spot on the University of Mississippi campus. The board that governs Mississippi’s eight public universities met Thursday and delayed the vote on a proposal to move the monument. Trustee Tom Duff said he wants more information from the university.


HBO has been delaying the production of a series to be called “Confederate” since 2017. This week, the project was officially cancelled.


The Virginia school board voted to allow students to wear the Confederate battle flag on their clothes. Penny Blue was the sole member of the eight-person Franklin County School Board voting to ban the symbol.


Residents in Puerto Rico continue to face power outages, water shortages and temporary homelessness after multiple days of earthquakes. The largest was a magnitude 6.4 quake.


Governor Greg Abbott wrote a letter to Secretary of State Mike Pompeo officially stating Texas won’t accept refugees in 2020.

For years, Texas has resettled more “refugees” than any other state.


The idea of imposing a wealth tax has elicited sharply divergent views across a spectrum of politicians, with President Donald Trump branding it socialist and Democratic senators Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders prominently endorsing it.

But it may have broad public support, according to a Reuters/Ipsos poll that found nearly two-thirds of respondents agree that “the rich” should pay more.

Among the 4,441 respondents to the poll, 64% strongly or somewhat agreed that “the…rich should contribute an extra share of their total wealth each year to support public programs” – the essence of a wealth tax. Results were similar across gender, race and household income. While support among Democrats was stronger, at 77%, a majority of Republicans, 53%, also agreed with the idea.


The U.S. Army plans to deploy two specialized task forces to the Pacific capable of conducting information, electronic, cyber and missile operations against Beijing, a Pentagon official said on Friday.

The task forces were slated to deploy over the next two years, U.S. Army Secretary Ryan McCarthy said at an event brook.gs/39VM3fS in Washington.

“The Army is reinvigorating our presence and disposition in the Pacific,” McCarty said, because “China will emerge as America’s strategic threat.”

The units, called Multi-Domain Task Forces, would help neutralize some capabilities China and Russia already possess. The units would potentially be equipped with long range precision weapons, hypersonic missiles, precision strike missiles, electronic warfare and cyber capabilities, McCarthy said, without citing any locations.


The surveillance video taken from outside Jeffrey Epstein’s jail cell on the day of his apparent suicide has been permanently deleted, federal prosecutors said Thursday.


On Wednesday, Virginia governor Ralph Northam declared a state of emergency ahead of an annual second-amendment rally expected to draw thousands next Monday. Additionally, Northam announced a ban on all weapons in the state capitol. Of course, the governors own Gestapo storm troopers are exempt from the ban.

Northam supports a number of gun control measures, including universal background checks, a “red-flag-law” to allow for the gun-seizure, and setting a once-per-month limit on gun purchases. His efforts have sparked a grassroots movement in Virginia to resist the initiatives. A number of municipalities have already declared themselves “Second Amendment sanctuaries.”


The Bladen County Board of Elections held a regularly scheduled meeting on Tuesday, January 14, 2019 at the local office located at 301 S. Cypress Street in Elizabethtown. The meeting ended with threats of law enforcement being called to the next meeting.

Once the meeting was called to order and Commissioner Arthur Bullock gave the invocation Election Board member Emory White asked for the Pledge of Allegiance to be added to the agenda. Chairperson Louella P. Thompson, Patsy Sheppard, and Deborah Belle voted against the Pledge of Allegiance being added to the agenda. Board members Michael Aycock and Emory White, both Veterans of the United States military voted for the pledge to be added to the agenda.

When Chairperson Thompson was asked why she would vote against the Pledge of Allegiance by a fellow board member she did not respond. When she was asked the same question again by BladenOnline.com staff she responded by saying, “That’s my right and I exercise it.”

After the approval of the minutes Chairperson Thompson asked for individuals wishing to address the board to speak. After some passionate objections from members in the audience about the board voting against placing the pledge to the flag, Dwight Sheppard, husband of board member Patsy Sheppard rose to his feet and voiced his opinion on why the board should not add the pledge to the agenda.

As Sheppard stood he said, “…That is every single State board in the State of North Carolina does not say the Pledge of Allegiance before their meetings it is not allowed in State meetings.” He closed in reference to the pledge in State board meetings saying, “Never, never, never quoted.” (Mr. Sheppard, sued Bladen Community College some years ago. Mr. Sheppard also made threats to sue Bladen County in October, 2019 when the Bladen County Board of Commissioners voted not to pay for his wife, Patsy Sheppard’s attorney. The request for the county to pay for Mrs. Sheppard’s attorney stemmed from a formal complaint filed against her with the North Carolina Board of Elections.)

After Sheppard spoke, Bladen County resident and business owner, Daine Smith stood to address the board. Smith explained he was unaffiliated and the issue did not have to do with party affiliation, but about respect for the flag and others’ rights. Smith then announced he would be citing the pledge if anyone would like to join him. As the majority in attendance stood and recited the pledge, the three democratic board members: Chairperson Thompson, Sheppard and Ms. Bell remained seated.

After the pledge was said Smith was reprimanded by Chairperson Thompson and then Sheppard called for a short recess. After the board returned the agenda items were addressed.

The action items on the agenda; approval of One-Stop Workers and approval of Election Day Workers were both approved after some discussion.

Director of the Bladen County Board of Elections gave dates for upcoming trainings and the board went into closed session citing personnel matters as the reason.

When the board reconvened Chairperson Thompson announced, “There are some personnel issues and there is a position we will be advertising for and we also discussed the disruption of the meeting.” She added, “At the next meeting if that happens again law enforcement will be called, so because it is against the law to disrupt a meeting that is going on and that is what happened today with the reciting of the pledge.”

The meeting was then adjourned.

The Bladen County Board of Elections meetings are held the second Tuesday of each month at 5:00 p.m. at 301 S. Cypress Street in Elizabethtown.


Al Benson, Jr. , is the Editor-in-Chief of The Copperhead Chronicle .

He is also a regular feature writer for The Southern Patriot , The Dixie Heritage Letter , and other pro-Southern publications.

He is a proud member of the Sons of Confederate Veterans, the Confederate Society of America, and the League of the South.

The situation in Virginia in regard to the Second Amendment:

On a recent podcast Brion McClanahan made the following statement: “Richmond Marxists cannot confiscate any firearms in the State. Now it can ‘govern the militia, but it cannot ‘disarm’ them. Confiscation of any firearm would be disarming the militia, ‘the body of the people’ according to the State constitution.” His comments should be visible on https://youtu.be/spvckl70xYw

One thing Mr. McClanahan noted in his podcast was that if the governor of Virginia sought to disarm the militias then he would be violating both his State’s constitution and the Bill of Rights in the US Constitution. And he noted Article 1, section 13 of the Virginia Constitution where is says “That a well regulated militia, composed of the body of the people, trained in arms, is the proper, natural, and safe defense of a free state, therefore, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed…” In fact McClanahan suggested that possibly a proper title for what is now going on in Virginia might well be “the Article 1, Section 13 Movement.” He thought this might be more effective than calling it the “Second Amendment Sanctuary Movement.”

An article on https://www.ammoland.com recently observed that: “In Virginia, the movement is in full swing…Gun Owners of America, Virginia Citizen’s Defense League, United Patriots of Virginia, and Oath Keepers have all been busy contacting local elected officials and sheriffs to urge them not to enforce Draconian gun laws that violate the people’s natural rights. The reception, for the most part, has been great…The goal of the Second Amendment sanctuary movement in Virginia is to get the majority of counties to declare themselves Second Amendment sanctuaries. By accomplishing our goal, it will give us the power to approach the Virginia legislature with the knowledge than any anti-liberty law that they pass will be ineffective…The time where we can sit back and hope for the best is over. If we don’t fight for our rights today we will lose them. The longer we wait, the more those God-given rights are in jeopardy. Gun Owners of America is here to help. I am here to help. Do not hesitate to contact GOA or me. We will help you get started.”

The author of the above article is John Crump, an NRA instructor and constitutional activist.

Another article I ran across, posted on December 18th, stated that: “Even now, 79% of Virginia counties have enacted some form of 2nd Amendment sanctuary laws, and that number is only expected to grow…Despite this, the state’s Democratic leaders continue to threaten the use of force to bring its residents to heel.”

For how many years have we been told by legislators that they run for office so they can “serve the public.” Now I hate to burst that bubble for some folks, but that’s the biggest pile of cow chips you will ever find in a West Texas cow pasture. These people who fill us full of such whoppers have no interest in serving, but they have every interest in ruling, and doing so with an iron hand! Does anyone with a brain think this new governor in Virginia gives a rip what the people in his state want? He couldn’t care less! He is nothing more than yet another Marxist mentality who managed to get himself elected, probably with help from Michael Bloomberg, and he has a Marxist agenda he wants to force down the throats of Virginians whether they want it or not. And if they don’t want it he will do his utmost to force it on them.

Ben Joseph Woods is a police officer in Virginia and he has grave concerns about where politicians are trying to take Virginia. He said: “I work plainclothes law enforcement. I walk around without a uniform, people don’t see my badge, people don’t see my gun, and I can tell you: People are angry.” Woods has stated that the situation in Virginia is becoming “so dangerous that he is close to moving his own wife and unborn child out of the state.”

You have to wonder if the politicos, from the governor on down, realize what they are doing to the people of Virginia. With my suspicious mind, I’d be willing to bet they do–and it’s all part of their agenda. One thing you have to understand about Marxists–they don’t care who they hurt–their agenda is everything– and if people are harmed by it so what!!!

The Second Amendment sanctuary movement in Virginia may be successful in backing the Marxists in Richmond down. But if they do, and I pray God they will, then they will have to be constantly on guard from then on. They can ill afford to take the position that they won the fight so now they can just go home and relax and enjoy their victory. You don’t dare do that with Marxists, as they never quit!

If they don’t persevere over you now, then they will be back later and try again, and again, and again.

Years ago, here in Louisiana, there was a big fuss over having fluoride in the water. The folks here that fought against that pernicious chemical in the water won their struggle and kept it out. But that was not the end of it by any means. Just a few years ago the fluoride folks were back and we got to do it all over again and this time they prevailed because their adversaries were mostly asleep.

I can remember one good lady here saying, “We already fought this battle.” And you did, once! Unfortunately, that was not the end of it. The anti-fluoride folks had won a battle but not the war!

It will be exactly the same situation with the Second Amendment sanctuary movement in Virginia. You may defeat the Marxists on this go-round, but you can never go home and go back to sleep because the Marxists and their agenda will always be back and you have to learn that “eternal vigilance is the price of liberty.”


Ben “Cooter” Jones is perhaps best known for his roles in Smokey and the Bandit and in The Dukes of Hazzard but after his acting career he served two terms in the United States Congress as a representative from Georgia.

Currently retired in Virginia, he is a Heritage Defense Officer for the Sons of Confederate Veterans.

“If liberty means anything at all, it means the right to tell people what they do not want to hear.”

          — George Orwell

In our ceaseless struggle against the seemingly overwhelming forces of Cultural Marxism, political correctness, identity politics, and historical “presentism”, I believe we have great allies in an unlikely pair of 20th century Englishmen. Eric Blair, whose nom de plume was George Orwell, so despised totalitarianism that his pen name now applies to the mindless miseries that have been created by the demagogues of right and left.

And without Winston Churchill, we all would likely live in a very different and dystopian world, an “Orwellian” world.

For those of us who are daily being falsely attacked as racists and smeared as bigots by a cabal of leftist academics, politicians, and journalists, the words of those who have fought these fights before are a comfort and a blessing.

Quite simply, we are up against it. Those whose profession it is to vilify the South and Southern culture and heritage have surrounded us with their perfidious propaganda. They have enormous resources. They have a national media which is almost entirely “woke” with the maxims of the radical left. They have hundreds of millions of dollars. (The disgraced Southern Poverty Law Center alone has an endowment of $477,000,000.) Our opponents control the entire apparatus of the national Democratic Party. They seemingly have the vast majority of academia. And of course they have long had the active support of the Hollywood film industry, whose power and influence is a major determinant in American opinion.

If one believed what is being taught in our schools, read in our newspapers and seen on our televisions and at movie theatres, one would have to believe that those of us who dissent from this conventional wisdom are indeed vile and scabrous reactionaries to all that is good and decent. And that, of course, is exactly what they want you to believe. But, and it’s a huge BUT, those who propagate this fiction are not, by a long shot, in the majority. Serious polling shows that the nation is divided in almost equal numbers about all of our social and political issues. It is obvious that the United States is politically polarized between “urban” and “heartland” viewpoints. Yet, although the “heartland” has electoral clout, as was witnessed in the last Presidential election, it has no influence on the national “narrative”. And with the notable exception of FoxTV, only one viewpoint is being force fed to our citizenry.

Our story, about who we are and what we believe, is being buried by the power of urban Interests. In fact, it is not just buried, but presented as something dark, with hateful and dangerous intent. We are being defined, brothers and sisters, by people who don’t know us and who really don’t want to know us.

But we certainly do have the wonderful right to tell them what they don’t want to hear. Here are just a few things they don’t want to hear, right off the top of my head and in no particular order of importance:

They don’t want to hear that American slavery was a Northern enterprise from beginning to end.

They don’t want to hear that the Emancipation Proclamation was a cynical political move to influence Britain and France.

They don’t want to hear that the worst race riots in our history have been in the North.

They don’t want to hear that slavery existed in all of the colonies and in all of our original States.

They don’t want to hear about Lincoln’s belief that black folks and white folks could not co-exist and that blacks should be deported to colonies elsewhere.

They don’t want to comprehend Lincoln’s words in his first Inaugural Address, when he said that slavery was Constitutionally legal, and that the states should pass the Corwin Amendment to make it perpetually protected by the Constitution.

They don’t want to hear that 12 American Presidents owned slaves, as did patriots like Benjamin Franklin and John Hancock.

They don’t want to hear that hundreds of blacks owned black slaves.

They don’t want to believe that black Southerners fought for the Confederacy.

They don’t want to see the War Between the States as a terrible event that should have and could have been avoided.

They don’t want to believe that Lincoln could have withheld the reinforcement of Ft. Sumter and extended diplomatic overtures to save the Nation.

They don’t want to hear that Reconstruction was a vindictive punishment that hobbled the South and set the nation back. (There was no “Marshall Plan for Dixie.)

They do not want to hear that the American Revolution was won in the South, or that seven of our first ten Presidents were Southerners.

They don’t want to hear that the current wave of cultural Marxism with its wave of attacks against Southern culture and legacy are doing very real damage to the hard won progress towards racial equality and understanding that has been made in the last five decades.

They don’t want to hear that our nation is fed up with “snowflakes”, “social justice warriors” and upper class “victims” of whatever the fashionable “oppression” is.

They don’t want to acknowledge that the media has been complicit in censoring voices of dissent. (Or to accept that the same media has been complicit in the endless and omnipresent flow of sleazy “adult” entertainment available to any child of any age.)

They don’t want to hear that there is an orderly process of immigration into our nation which has worked well for a very long time.

They don’t want to hear that somewhere on this Earth an American in uniform is in jeopardy, risking his or her life for our right to speak freely like this.

There is a lot that they don’t want to hear. So we must continue to raise our voices to the rooftops and press our cause at every chance. We are Southerners. We are of all colors and religions and ages. And we will be heard.

“Never, give in! Never give in! Never, never, never… In nothing great or small, large or petty, never give in except to convictions or honor and good sense!”
           — Sir Winston Churchill

“The further a society drifts from truth the more it will hate those who speak it.”
           — George Orwell.

The following by one of our readers appeared recently in the Savannah Morning News :

January 12, 2020

The recent military action eliminating a designated, well known Iranian terrorist has sent democrats and liberals off on another “hair on fire” anti-Trump tirade. Trump’s action was followed with an assertion that, if provoked further, he may respond by attacking some of Iran’s historical and cultural sites. This initiated a notable response from the liberal community contending that such an undertaking would constitute a “war crime.”

Meanwhile, many in that same liberal community support the destruction or removal of historical Confederate monuments, gravesites, and cultural memorials.

Why should the former be considered a war crime while the latter is not?

Andrew P. Calhoun, Jr.
Savannah, GA


James W. King is the Commander of Sons of Confederate Veterans Camp #141 in Albany, Georgia.

Despite there being over 500,000 people at ‘Woodstock 1969’ there were no murders or serious violence and virtually everyone got along. Some will attribute this to marijuana (weed), but there was also hard drugs present at the event and an abundance of alcohol, beer and wine and plenty of naked women to fight over.

The obvious reason there were no murders or serious violence was because the participants at Woodstock 1969 were virtually all White. And obviously these weren’t the best representatives of the White population in general either.

This says a lot about the White race in general, and how Whites can cooperate together. 500,000 Whites could get together (without outside help) and build an entire town, with infrastructure, with the raw materials provided only by nature.

Had ‘Woodstock 1969’ been all Black, there literally would have been a mass brawl with numerous deaths and serious injuries. This was illustrated by the departments stores yesterday, during the “Black Friday” sales, which were rampant with “super-sale riots” perpetrated by virtually all Blacks participants.

Feel free to pass on these apparent observations about the inherent differences of race. There are obvious truths about race that we all see everyday. The ‘Woodstock 1969’ phenomena could be looked at in a different way and used by Conservatives to their advantage. It may wake up a few more lemmings. As ‘America becomes brown, we will head down’, in every respect.

70% of immigrants are on welfare, paid for by White tax money. This is how they are multiplying so fast. If they actually had to earn it, their numbers would be dwindling.


Dr. Ed is a pastor, college president, historian, the author of over 30 books, an in-demand public speaker, and the host of two radio shows.

He is an active lobbyist, tirelessly petitioning city, county, state, and federal officials on behalf of our Southern monuments and heritage.

He started Dixie Heritage in March of 2015.

The move is proving more complicated and difficult than anticipated. But we are getting there. Today, the truck from Habitat for Humanity came to pick up some furniture we are not moving. The crew was two black guys. When taking a dresser out of my son’s room they noticed a box of toys that he had planned to donate. On top was a plastic pistol in a plastic grey holster with the letters “CS” on it. It was a little toy he had picked up years ago in a suttlers tent at a reenactment. There was no flag on it. Just the color grey and the letters “CS.” The box was not taken, I was told, “we don’t want this racist s**t.”

My son proceeded to give the guys a history lesson. It saved me from having to do so.

Speaking of history lessons, one of our kids from church was in middle school social studies the other day and corrected his teacher when she tried to say the war was only about slavery. When he suggested that his teacher invite me to school to give a lecture the decision was made that the “Civil War” would just be skipped this year. I’ll have to work hard to earn a similar reputation in our new home.

But thats where we are, even in the Southland. By the way, all of the teachers and school officials in the above are white. I would expect the two black guys who came to pick up my furniture to act and speak as they did. And by the way, they left with a new understanding and actually apologized and ultimately took the toys, one of them men playing with the gun in question as they drove off. But the fact that a school of white folks, all of whom know better, refuse to speak up for their own ancestors, history, heritage, etc. That is our real problem.

When others are silent, we here at Dixie Heritage get a little louder. With your ongoing help, we’ll shout the truth from the rooftops. Pray for us.

Deo Vindice!

Chaplain Ed

Dixie Heritage
P.O. Box 618
Lowell, FL 32663