January is a very special month for those of us of confederate heritage. It is the month that our two greatest military heroes were born, Robert E. Lee and Thomas J “stonewall” Jackson. Not only do we pay tribute to those two southern greats, but all of our confederate ancestors and the great and good principles for which they fought. In spite of what our politically correct culture tells us about the causes of the war for southern independence, we know the truth is that they were fighting to rescue us, their descendants, from overpowering, centralized government, that makes a mockery of the founding principles of the United States – which were limited, constitutional government where the real political power was in the state and local governments where the people have the most control. This principle of confederacy was what the founding fathers gave us in 1776 with the declaration of independence and in 1789 with the U.S. constitution. In fact, if you read the writings of our founders, you’ll see that they frequently refer to the U.S. as a confederacy. They knew the dangers of highly centralized government, which eventually descends into some from of totalitarian dictatorship. The confederate constitution of 1861 preserved those founding principles of 1776 and 1789. That is why Lee, Jackson and Davis and our confederate ancestors were willing to risk their lives, their fortunes and their sacred honor. And, let us not forget the noble women of the south when we are celebrating Lee and Jackson’s birthday’s. Without the self-sacrificing support of confederate women, the men would not have lasted very long. Just as the men suffered in camp; on the march and on the battlefield, so did the women who kept the home and family together during those very trying times. While overwhelming numbers and resources prevail for the North, the principles of the confederacy of the which the South fought, are still very much alive and well in political debates of modern America. In this confederate hero’s month, let’s pay tribute to our nobel ancestors and a cause for which they fought. They all deserve the medal of honor!

Web Source: Confederate Images Facebook Page
Post by Tony Rowe
January 6, 2020