The last school in Central Florida to bear the name of a Confederate hero is Orlano’s Stonewall Jackson Middle School.

Thanks to a Puerto Rican priest, Jose Rodreguez, claiming that as a 7th grader he was bullied for being Puerto Rican because of the school’s name, the Orange County School Board is now taking up the issue of taking Jackson’s name from the school.

First off, let me say that Puerto Rican kids are NOT bullied in Florida for being Puerto Rican. In fact, there are more Puerto Rican kids in Florida than there are in Puerto Rico. So if this guy was bullied it was because he was a nerd, or a butt-hole, but not for being Puerto Rican. And he would have been a kid who would have been bullied in any school, regardless of its name.

Anyway, back to our story, Orange County’s school board voted in 2017 to change the name of Robert E. Lee Middle School to College Park Middle School. Afterward, the issue of Stonewall Jackson Middle came up and the school’s advisory council, a panel made up of educators, parents and community members, finally decided this fall to recommend the name “Stonewall” be dropped and the school be known simply as Jackson Middle.

Though two signs on the school spell out its full name until this year’s funding allows them to be replaced, the school’s website uses only Jackson, as does a newer sign on the school marquee. The school also changed its mascot from The Raiders, a reference to the General Jackson’s troops, to The Jaguars.

But the Jackson-only option doesn’t sit well with “Father” Rodriguez who has stirred up area residents for a complete name change. They said that “Jackson Middle” still honors Stonewall Jackson, especially given its location on Stonewall Jackson Road. A spokeswoman for the City of Orlando has told us that the City said has received no requests to change the street name.

School Board policy says that in renaming a school, the superintendent is to present two options to the School Board, the current name and a new one. Typically, the new suggestion is one recommended by the school advisory council.

So changing what is now “Jackson Middle” to a non-Jackson name may still be a year or more in coming, if at all. But certainly there are enough social justice warriors in Orlando’s Catholic churches that “Father” Rodriguez can keep this pot stirred for some time. I also wouldn’t be surprised if the “Reverend Father” doesn’t launch a campaign to change the name of Stonewall Jackson Road.

Since Dixie Heritage is moving, we ask our readers in Central Florida to attend City Council and School Board meetings in Orlando to stay ahead of both of these pending heritage attacks.


…that Virginia’s cities and counties gain the power to remove Confederate monuments? Now that Democrats are retaking control of the state Legislature, the Daily Progress in Charlottesville reported Monday that a statewide coalition will try to make sure that State law is changed this year.

Virginia code currently prevents localities from removing war monuments but Monumental Justice Virginia said that bills will be filed in both chambers of the Statehouse to try to change that.


A newly elected state legislator has set her sights on Confederate monuments and has wasted no time new year kicking off a campaign to support a bill she’s sponsoring in downtown Charlottesville at the Free Speech Wall on the Downtown Mall,

“Our city council voted long ago to take down our Confederate memorials, and it’s because of the laws that are currently on the books in Richmond that we don’t have that right,” said Delegate-elect Sally Hudson (D-57th District). “So this is really about us gaining the legislative authority that we need to exercise control over our own parks and for our community to decide what we celebrate.”

Hudson was joined by outgoing City Councilor Wes Bellamy and former City Councilor Kristin Szakos.

Hudson also announced the larger Monumental Justice rally in Richmond on Jan. 8, the day she’ll be sworn in. She claims to have several other Virginia elected officials who are interested in co-sponsoring the bill.


A sign put in place in 1940 that tells the story of Confederate leaders fleeing Richmond to Greensboro has disappeared. The historic marker in Greensboro was gone as of Sunday night.


For the first time in centuries there was no Christmas service at the Notre Dame de Paris Cathedral.

The rector of Notre Dame Cathedral says the Paris landmark is still so fragile that there’s a “50 percent chance” the structure might not be saved, because scaffolding installed before this year’s fire is threatening the vaults of the Gothic monument.

Monsignor Patrick Chauvet said restoration work isn’t likely to begin until 2021 — and described his “heartache” that Notre Dame couldn’t hold Christmas services this year, for the first time since the French Revolution.

“Today it is not out of danger,” he told The Associated Press on the sidelines of Christmas Eve midnight Mass in a nearby church. “It will be out of danger when we take out the remaining scaffolding.”

“Today we can say that there is maybe a 50% chance that it will be saved. There is also 50% chance of scaffolding falling onto the three vaults, so as you can see the building is still very fragile,” he said.


According to a statement from China’s Ministry of Finance, China cut import tariffs for goods including frozen pork, pharmaceuticals, paper products and some high-tech components starting January 1, 2020. The move comes on the heels of President Donald Trump’s comment he claimed that a “breakthrough” has been achieved in trade talks with China and that he expects a deal to be signed “very shortly.”


Actor Kevin Costner, the star of “Field of Dreams,” JFK, and “Dances With Wolves,” was in Iowa to endorse South Bend, Indiana, Mayor Peter “Butt it Hurts.”

The two-time Academy Award winner introduced Buttigieg in Iowa on his 20th trip to the early state this year. Earlier this year, Costner endorsed Iowa congressional candidate J.D. Scholten, a former semi-pro baseball player mounting a second bid to unseat GOP Rep. and Confederate heritage supporter Steve King.


Al Benson, Jr. , is the Editor-in-Chief of The Copperhead Chronicle .

He is also a regular feature writer for The Southern Patriot , The Dixie Heritage Letter , and other pro-Southern publications.

He is a proud member of the Sons of Confederate Veterans, the Confederate Society of America, and the League of the South.

We have a First National Confederate Flag flying in our front yard. It’s a pretty flag and I enjoy seeing it waving in the breeze on a windy day, which we get a lot of at this time of year. To the best of my knowledge it is about the only Confederate flag in the neighborhood. There used to be several more but, one by one, they have disappeared as the pressure from politically correct Marxist types has increased in the past couple or three years.

Many folks, it would seem, do not fully understand where the pressure to remove our flags really comes from and so, in the interest of “being nice” they automatically cave in when someone tells them how “racist” our flags are. Never having been taught how to research, they have no idea how to reply or respond when someone informs that of how really terrible our flags are. Rather than respond that they don’t really know all that much about their own history they simply remove the flag to avoid arguments with those who have, in many cases, been trained to make them feel guilty about their own culture and heritage. Easier that way. No hassle, and the far Left wins yet another small victory in their battle against Southern heritage and history.

This morning a gentleman from a local home health group stopped in and in our conversation he asked if that was a Confederate Battle Flag I had flying in the front year. He thought it was. I explained to him what it was and we had a brief but interesting conversation. I told him which Confederate flag it was and let him know I was not ashamed to fly a Confederate flag in our yard. Actually, over the past few years I have flown a few different ones and the First National was the one I happened to be flying right now.

He surprised me, in that he recognized that the War of Northern Aggression was fought mostly over economic issues and not over the ever-popular “slavery” issue. I don’t know where he was educated but wherever it was, he didn’t get his level of knowledge out of his school “history” book. It’s refreshing now and again to run across someone who realizes that slavery was not the total sum knowledge of what the War was all about. So few, even here in the South, seem to grasp that cardinal fact, due to their “educations” or lack thereof.

Awhile back, I flew the battle flag for the Army of Tennessee out in the yard. It was up for several months and in all that time, one man, and only one man, asked me if it was “some kind of battle flag.” No one else had a clue.

I have a friend up in one of the New England states that, from time to time, flies a couple of Confederate flags in his back yard. More folks down here need to start doing that again. Admittedly, there are other ways to express your love for your Southern heritage besides flying Confederate flags–but that is one way of doing it. We cannot afford to let the Marxist Left steal our heritage by our refusing to speak up or stand up and defend it, and this is what they are counting on–being able to cow the average Southerner into “sitting down and shutting up” so people won’t bother him. We have got to be willing to be bothered enough to stand up for what we believe in, or should believe in. The same principle applies to our Christian faith. We need to speak up for that also, not in a nasty or vindictive way, but in a way that lets those who are critical know who we are and what we believe. If they don’t like it, I’m sorry, that’s tough, but we do not need to be browbeaten for what we believe if we have the ability to defend it. And defend it we must–in both instances!

For those that wish to learn more about how to defend their Southern heritage and history, you should check out home of the Southern Victory Campaign. And ask about getting a copy of The Southern Defender.

Over the years I have found it interesting that the biggest and most vocal antagonists to Southern heritage, culture, and history have practically all been on the political and theological Left. The recent article I did on this blog about Plantation Weddings is a glaring example of this. The “civil rights” group trying to do away with plantation weddings here in Louisiana has, in leadership positions, three people who are on the far Left politically. Two of them were co-founders of this supposed civil rights group. If this group has far Left leadership then you have to wonder how many of these other anti-Confederate, anti-Southern groups also have far Left leadership and far Left foundations, and just who funds these groups.

Many may say, at this point, “I’m not sure I want to know” but if you are at all concerned about your heritage, both for you and your kids and grandkids, then you ought to at least make some effort to know. I guarantee that you may not like what you find out but you do need to know!

Once you begin to find out who is trying to do all this stuff to you and your progeny then you will begin to realize that this is not all just coincidence, not just happenstance, but is in reality all a well coordinated vehicle to destroy your history, culture and heritage so they can replace those with the Leftist aberration they believe in and want you to be forced to believe in, along with your children.

Folks, if you want to preserve your culture and history for your children to appreciate then start doing the homework and finding out that you have a history and heritage worth preserving. Check out some of the blog articles on There is some excellent material on that site. The webmaster goes out of his way to provide really relevant historical and political commentary.


Robert Balaicius is one of the early subscribers to the Dixie Heritage Letter.

Additionally, he is the owner of Sacred Truth Publications, a publishing company that reprints thousands of rare and classic texts. He is also the author of over 100 books.

If good men sit as devils rule
      and all wise men just play the fool;
when fools trod on where angels fear
      morality, foul turned so queer;
when “men of cloth” “play church” and bray
      and celebrate each heathen day;
when shepherds fleece the woolly flock
      and Christ Himself do brazen mock;
and feed the dogs, the wolves, the swine
      invite the serpents, “Come and dine!”
and feed the jackals Living Bread
      but shame the sheep and wish them dead;
vile “pastors” feast on mutton roast
      “friend of the world” is their main boast;
chameleons who change their skin
      some valued prize they hope to win;
“amalgamate with heathen foul”
      —they counsel wrapped in “holy” cowl;
they have no fear, they do not quake
      —civilization is at stake;
they prance around and preach feel-good
      God’s Word, have never understood;
Spirit devoid, they know not God
      by Satan have their feet been shod;
worldly philosophy they spew
      and taint the minds in ev’ry pew;
these humanists no Christians be
      Antichrist dogma teach with glee;
On Judgment Day shall they dread hear
      “Approach Me not — come thou not near!”
“I know thee not, thou art not Mine”
      “Begone thou churl, with goat and swine”;
“Be cast to Hell, thy due reward”
      “for having so denied the Lord”.

If good men sit and silent hide
      content with evil to abide;
to tolerate all God doth hate,
      —promiscuously procreate;
and violate God’s ev’ry Law
      abominate and defile all;
and sell their soul to bidder high
      think nothing of the day they’ll die;
to ev’ry sin surrender fast
      fear not at all God’s Fi’ry Blast:
“Christ did abolish God’s Own Law”
      “we cannot sin, or too-far fall”;
“It matters not whate’er we do”
      “God loves us still and smiles anew”;
“though evil sin we now call ‘good’ ”
      “though we don’t do, all that we should”;
“God careth not, He accepts all”
      “whether we rise or though we fall”;
“He will not judge, He will not damn”
      “our fate’s within our very hand”;
“He will not interfere or scold”
      “for it’s our life—He’s not so bold”;
“A Gentleman refined is He”
      “a spectator , not referee”;
“No moral absolutes so old”
      need hamper or our conscience hold”;
“Such obsolete restrictions stale”
      “need not over our will prevail”;
“seek ‘progress’ all — your goal should be”
      “not narrowminded bigotry”;
“release the past, just let it go”
      “embrace the future let ‘luv’ grow”;
…all these vile notions— putrid death
      shall choke from such their very breath.

If good men idle rest and play
      indiff’rent to each evil way;
content to watch thugs play with ball
      finance their crimes both great and small;
one day be-fore God they shall stand
      explain themselves at His Command;
how will they justify their sin?
      trembling in fear or with a grin?
how could they waste such precious time?
      how could they spend even a dime?
so mesmerized by savage beast
      they entertain and throw a feast;
and cheer them on with drooling chin
      hoping so hard ‘their team’ will win;
our women raped by savage apes
      while they watch sports mouths all agape;
you claim it’s ‘research’ why you view
      to stay abreast of all they do;
—a chimpanzee does chimpish things
      to win those Superbowlish rings;
o spare me all your hollow lies
      as Christendom so brutal dies;
you watch to satiate your flesh
      instead of doing what is best;
and what of God, what will He say?
      —not hallowing His Holy Day:
“My Sabbath did you so defile”
      “by watching monkeys dance and smile”;
“you worshipped Me for half an hour”
      “then watched the heathen rage in pow’r”;
“unplug the tube—just give it up”
      “don’t finance Antichrist corrupt”;
“your mind bathe in My Word instead”
      “read, meditate, until you’re fed”.

If good men com-pro-mise their soul
      how shall what’s empty be made whole?
if apathetic eyes they turn
      their hearts to God don’t truly yearn;
they’re drunk on Babylon’s vile rum
      as traitors destroy Christendom;
pursuing all their heart’s desire
      they just ignore the burning fire;
that ravages all that’s been built
      heritage lost—they have no guilt;
cowed into fear by a mere word
      into compliance they are spurred;
monuments vandalized each day
      by negroes armed with cans of spray;
defiling ancestors so true
      yet not a peep, complaint from you;
and yet you watch them on game day
      who take a knee, hate U.S.A.
who hate our God and hate His Son
      blaspheme our Saviour, just for fun;
you do not blink, you do not care
      onward you look with vacant stare;
you cheer the queers you cheer the apes
      each time a bit of God escapes;
whenever evil rears its head
      and you’re not angered or turn red;
when you sit still when Christ would act
      you deny Christ, and that’s a fact;
so go ye on, I wish you well
      enjoy the trip, your jaunt to Hell;
for ev’ry tree’s known by its fruit
      it can’t sole boast in ancient root;
if good men sit as evil spreads
      —they’re not good men, their spirits dead.


Valerie Protopapas is a lifelong New Yorker whose favorite historical figure is Colonel John Singleton Mosby, the famous “Gray Ghost” of the Confederacy. In 2016, she published a book on Mosby under the pen name V. P. Hughes, based upon thousands of newspaper articles from 1862 through the year of his death, 1916. The book, entitled A Thousand Points of Truth: The History and Humanity of Col. John Singleton Mosby , has received nothing but five star reviews. Her articles have appeared over the years in many different publications including The Barnes Review.

Astronomers have discovered that the universe is expanding at an ever-faster rate. Galaxies are retreating from one another while it appears that the great nebulas or “star nurseries” that brought into existence those glittering lights that adorn the night sky are becoming fewer and fewer in number, albeit, that number is still greater than our limited minds can conceive. Yet whenever something is becoming fewer without the appearance of replacements, the natural conclusion is that eventually—however long it may take!—that thing will cease to exist!

Meanwhile, stars also die. Admittedly some do so quite spectacularly and spread their remains that perhaps— but only perhaps— results in the formation of new stars, while black holes, those monstrous cannibals, consume whatever gets close enough to them—including stars. Even smaller stars such as our sun, though they have a fate far more prosaic than their giant siblings, eventually shrink into white dwarfs ultimately ceasing to exist—at least as stars.

Astronomers have ruefully concluded that the end of the universe as we know it will consist of nothing more than myriad black holes. And even these monsters will eventually just disappear for apparently they are not eternal but slowly over time, lose their substance. And, so, at the end, darkness will be the fate of what used to be the glories of our cosmos. It is a sad and depressing story, but apparently, barring the interposition of Almighty God, we are headed for eternal entropy —that is, the end of all things.

What is entropy? It is defined as a “measure of disorder,” but it also means “the progression from something into nothing.” Entropy is a slow disintegration from the “formed” into the “unformed.” Astronomy predicts that our cosmos’ formless remnant will be utterly dark. Even The Bible mentions this, albeit in the reverse. In Genesis, Chapter One, verse Two, it is written: “And the earth was without form and void ; and darkness was upon the face of the deep.” Being “without form and void” is the very essence of entropy.

But nature is not alone in producing entropy. Human civilizations rise and flourish and then decay, eventually ending in a formless chaos, void of all that made it a civilization in the first place. We are seeing this happening today in the West and nowhere is it moving with greater speed than in the American South, a region whose history, heritage and heroes are under relentless attack from people “void” of both reason and knowledge. These vandals are fueled by a lack of intellect and morality that prevents any “light”— especially the “light of reason and knowledge”—from reaching them. They are as a black hole in the center of what was once a great civilization and thereby represent a sure sign of cultural entropy.

One of the first and most prominent societal areas that reveal cultural entropy is found in the arts. In every successive civilization as entropy set in, man’s art and literature were clear signs that the process of cultural decay was underway. Western art and music clearly demonstrate this ongoing malady, indicating how we, the people of our culture, are turning away from what was once acknowledged as beautiful and worthwhile—whether in literature, art or music—and embracing that which is ugly, profane and worthless. Often this is clearly exhibited in the semantics of the art involved—for instance, the term “rap music” is an obvious oxymoron. And, of course, this applies to other forms of art as well. Sometimes there is just enough value retained to create something not altogether worthless, but even then, the subject matter is frequently of a type that a prior generation would have discarded as a waste of time, energy and materials.

Recently, we were unfortunate enough to be the victims of a very real example of this decline as it appears in the art form of sculpture. The object involved is a large bronze “monument” entitled “Rumors of War.” Here, the “artist” copied from a true masterpiece portraying one of those Southern heroes presently condemned by most of society. In doing so, he replaces the greater with the significantly lesser, though, of course, his subject is embraced by today’s culture as “worthy.” It is interesting to note that the sculptor does not attempt to make his subject heroic as that word is still understood. Rather, he clads it in the wretched trappings of the inner-city ghetto—high-topped sneakers, ripped jeans, a “hoodie” and that personal grooming catastrophe, dreadlocks! The only thing “heroic” in the work is a reasonably good rendering of the horse copied directly from the original!

Even the rider’s posture is odd. His head is thrown back and he appears to be anxiously looking about as if in fear of exposure; it is, in fact, a rather flawless depiction of that most popular of inner-city pastimes, looting . Indeed, one wag has already entitled the work, The Horsethief! Taken altogether objectively, it would seem that the sculptor put whatever talent he possesses into the horse, perhaps because the horse has a natural nobility that even he was able to depict. On the other hand, attempting to ennoble a black “gang-banger” is beyond even the talents of a Michelangelo!

Another abuse in this particular pairing of “monuments” is the artist’s contrast between the two subjects being memorialized. He chooses the original not based upon any artistic criteria but in order to nullify the tribute being paid to the man thus originally honored. That monument was raised to Confederate General James Ewell Brown (JEB) Stuart. Of course, Stuart is rejected out of hand, first and foremost because he is white and secondly because he fought for the South. The present orthodoxy insists that the South fought to maintain black slavery while the North fought to “free the slaves.” Of course, that narrative will also eventually fall because whites also fought for the Union and they cannot be seen as heroes either! Right now, however, the script cannot be abandoned without confusing the acceptable interpretation. This is especially important given the lack of wisdom and rationality among those whom the artist is attempting to reach with his “message.”

The sculptor, Kehinde Wiley—also black—uses the Stuart monument as a foundation for his concept, in effect, replacing the original hero Stuart with his “champion!” But Wiley’s subject represents not a man, but an archetype of the assertion that American blacks have been robbed of their superior place by evil whites! Of course, this sort of “artistic interpretation” is both intellectually and morally bankrupt. To begin with, one cannot equate an idea or concept with a human being. A concept may be excellent, but it is the product of a human mind, it is not itself human. The artist’s “heroic image” is no more genuine than a statue of Zeus and cannot be regarded in the same way as a monument to any man whose life was such that his fellow men saw fit to glorify him for posterity.

So this regressive—or entropic—“art,” replaces a true hero with a symbol representing a type of man that in better days would have been rejected by a rational society. The “ghetto horseman” embodies nothing positive or worthy of being immortalized—and this is not just a matter of race. He wears the uniform of a certain class of blacks in today’s society that are distinctly unworthy of anything but censure for their brutish and criminal behaviors. In effect, this “art” selects the worse over the better, the lesser over the greater and the degenerate over the true man. If there is a stronger example of cultural entropy, I, for one, cannot imagine it. In the end, this whole effort is admittedly designed to inaugurate the removal of the great heroes of Western Civilization, replacing them with big statues of small people having no worth or purpose other than to warn of the coming darkness.


Dr. Ed is a pastor, college president, historian, the author of over 30 books, an in-demand public speaker, and the host of two radio shows.

He is an active lobbyist, tirelessly petitioning city, county, state, and federal officials on behalf of our Southern monuments and heritage.

He started Dixie Heritage in March of 2015.

It is a new year and most of us are making resolutions.

At Christmastime I was visiting in the home of some family where we have a new nephew. Like most babies, he has a LOT of stuff. One thing that struck me was that most of it, while seemingly a lot nicer than the stuff I used as a kid, and that was handed down to myself and my cousins as we had kids, you know the playpens, cribs, high-chairs, etc. that were at grandma’s house. The newer baby stuff is not made to last. When my nephew outgrows it the stuff is gonna be tossed in a dumpster. When the next kid comes along, this stuff will not be passed down. It will not be multi generational.

The same should not be said of our heritage.

Our heritage, like the high-chair at grandma’s house, has been passed down and shared, was common, to multiple generations.

So maybe the Chinese slave laborers who make stuff for Walmart just do not take the same pride in their work that a previous generation in our own country once exhibited. No doubt, that plastic high-chair doesn’t need to be passed down. But unlike that plastic chair, our heritage will endure. Our family history and the good names of our ancestors as well as their stories, the very faith of our fathers if you will – it WILL endure. The question is will we pass it down?

So our resolution for this new year, at least one of them, is to make the effort to tell our children, grandchildren, nieces, nephews, neighbors, and friends the story of our folk. Instill within them a pride for our people. Empower them with the knowledge of their history. Grandpa, great-grandpa, great-great grandpa may not be with us, but their story, their character, and their good names can again be passed on.

Happy New Year Ya’ll,

Deo Vindice!

Chaplain Ed