True Constitutional Crisis and Potential Civil War

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by Allen West
December 16, 2019

The heading of this missive is not to be an alarmist; the intent is to make people aware of a “clear and present danger.” It was not too long ago in our history — a mere 245 years — that Paul Revere conducted his night ride throughout the Massachusetts countryside, on April 18, 1775. He was not being an alarmist, he was also making the Sons of Liberty aware of an impending threat. See, the British had landed and were preparing to march inland towards Concord, Massachusetts. Their orders were simple: destroy the weapons and armaments factory supplying the “rebels.” Revere’s ride was a call to arms, make ready, because “the British are coming.”

Well, it appears that history is indeed repeating itself in another state that produced many of our Founding Fathers, Virginia. There, instead of ol’ King George, Virginians are facing Gov. Ralph “Blackface” Northam, and his tyranny, no different from 245 years ago.

As reported by the Washington Examiner:

“With dozens of Virginia counties declaring themselves Second Amendment sanctuaries, some Democratic lawmakers have said the governor should use the National Guard to enforce future gun control legislation — but can he?

Virginia Democrats, who control the legislature and governorship, have proposed several measures, including an “assault weapons” ban, universal background checks, and a red flag law. In response, 75 counties vowed they will not enforce future gun control legislation. Virginia Democratic Rep. Donald McEachin told the Washington Examiner on Thursday that Gov. Ralph Northam “may have to nationalize the National Guard to enforce the law” if local authorities refuse to do so themselves.

The president, as commander-in-chief of the armed forces, is the only person who can nationalize the Guard, but state governors have the latitude to use it to enforce state law, legal experts said.

“Until nationalized, it’s a creature of the state. So that’s what leads me to believe that, yes, the governor can activate the National Guard to enforce even a state law,” Gary Solis, a military law professor at Georgetown University, told the Washington Examiner.

Amy Swearer, a legal policy analyst who works on gun control issues, agreed that the governor has the right to use the Virginia National Guard to enforce the law, though it would break from past mobilizations.

“When you look at the historical reality of when governors or presidents have mobilized the National Guard, it has been to enforce the rights of citizens when they were being infringed upon,” Swearer told the Washington Examiner. “But to suggest the National Guard would be brought in to otherwise peaceful jurisdictions to enforce restrictions on constitutional rights, that would be completely unprecedented in terms of how the National Guard has been used when it’s mobilized to restore law and order.”

Swearer doubts that the political debate will come to such drastic measures like troops going door-to-door or citizens being sworn in as law enforcement officers.

“I don’t necessarily foresee it coming to that situation where essentially you see this political back and forth of state and local officials using their respective authority to get back at each other,” she said.”

The hypocrisy here would be laughable if the situation were not so serious. When President Trump sought to curtail federal funding to states and cities embracing sanctuary city status for illegal immigrants, courts blocked his efforts. In other words, if something is aligned with the ideological agenda of the left, is is warranted, protected, and right. It cannot be obstructed nor opposed. That, in and of itself, is ideological domination, tyranny. However, if there is a law, constitutional right, enshrined in our rule of law, the US Constitution, if it does not agree with the progressive socialist left’s ideological agenda, well, it is not a law, or right, to be respected . . . nor regarded.

To Gov. Blackface, and his ilk, the Second Amendment is not a right, because they do not like it. In all actuality, the Second Amendment stands in the left’s way of their ultimate objective, power, control, domination. Let us never forget that Venezuelan socialist dictator Hugo Chavez did exactly what “Blackface” Northam is seeking to do: ban private gun ownership under the guise, deceptive as it is, of curtailing gun violence . . . the exact words of Chavez back in 2011. Chavez, nor the leftists in America, led by classic narcissists and tyrants like Mikey “Mr. Big Gulp” Bloomberg, want obedience, collective subjugation . . . and an armed citizenry gets in their way.

We are the real American Resistance, birthed on Lexington Green, April 19, 1775. We are the ones who are viciously hated and despised by the left, and why the progressive socialists deem the Gadsden Flag, “Don’t Tread on Me,” as a symbol of extremism.

Heck yeah, the Gadsden flag is a symbol of extremism, extreme love of Liberty and Freedom!

Now we have come full circle to an elected state representative talking about using force to enact a leftist ideological agenda item: gun confiscation. Do not think this stops at “assault weapons.” which is a foolish oxymoron (emphasis on moron) used by the useful idiots of the left. What they want are semi-automatic rifles, just like the Redcoats wanted to destroy the muskets.

My message to the tyrants of the progressive socialist left is simple. Go into your failed cities, that you control, and enforce the laws so that drug dealers, gang members are not running around with illegal weapons . . . and they are mostly using semi-automatic handguns. It is disingenuous that “Blackface” Northam has allies thinking about using the National Guard. It is sure gonna be hard for many of them to confiscate their own guns, idiot!

Just to remind everyone, out in California, Kate Steinle’s murderer, the five-time deported criminal illegal immigrant had his felony possession of a firearm charge dropped, thanks to the state Court of Appeals. Now, members of the party of the jackass, do you really think that we liberty-loving Americans are just supposed to allow y’all to have your way, your rule?

Hey, “Blackface,” as you can see, that dog don’t hunt in Virginia.

This, ladies and gents, is a major constitutional crisis. Can an elected official use force to deny Americans of a constitutional right? Hmm, history tells us that the only ones that have tried to do that in America are the members of the party of the jackass.

“In 1954, Arkansas [Democrat] Gov. Orval Faubus directed the National Guard to “preserve the public peace” by turning away black students during the court-mandated integration of Little Rock’s Central High School. [Republican] President Dwight Eisenhower reversed that decision by federalizing the state’s entire guard, ordering it to protect the students.”

As the quote attributed to George Santayana states, “Those who fail to learn from history, are doomed to repeat it.” The only people trying to revise our history, as well as not teach it, are the folks in the party of the jackass!

For the People of the Commonwealth of Virginia from us here in Texas: “Molon Labe” or”Come and Take It.”

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