Dixie Heritage News – 11/22/2019

CENSORSHIP is alive and well


Two people have been charged for damaging the Confederate Monument in Bentonville according to Police Sgt. Gene Page.

Laura Hammarstrom and Jeremy Ordaz, both adults, were charged with 1st Degree Criminal Mischief, a Class C Felony. They were assigned court dates in January.

They are accused of breaking off the bottom of the statue’s musket.


A large crowd gathered Wednesday to watch as the 27-foot-high 112-year-old Confederate statue outside the historic Chatham County courthouse was taken down and dismantles by workers despite a State law protecting it.

The pieces were then taken away with the help of a crane. The cost to the taxpayers was at least $44,000.


A strong majority of North Carolina residents say Confederate statues and monuments should remain in place, according to a statewide survey released Wednesday morning.

The Elon University Poll found that 65% of respondents think Confederate monuments should remain on public, government-owned property, while only 35% think they should be removed.

A quarter of those surveyed said removing monuments helps race relations in the state, 36% said it hurts race relations and 40% said the removal doesn’t make a difference.


The legal war over Winston-Salem’s dismantled Confederate statue continues as the United Daughters of the Confederacy files a new argument with the North Carolina Court of Appeals.

When the City of Winston-Salem took down that Confederate monument the UDC sought to force the city to return the monument to its corner. We previously reported that Superior Court Judge Eric C. Morgan dismissed that case on May 8 “with prejudice.” That means that the UDC could not bring up this complaint again in the future.

Nevertheless, the UDC’s attorney, James Davis, filed an argument on Wednesday asking for the court to reverse the decision, saying that the UDC could appeal because this would be the final ruling. His argument alleges that the Court got the law wrong in dismissing the UDC’s complaint “with prejudice” and in dismissing the complaint at all.

It is unclear if a Judge will agree and allow the case to continue into the Appellate court. Will it matter?


In follow-up to a recent story, the Bellingham, Washington City Council voted unanimously on Monday to strip the name of the Confederate general from the bridge that spans Whatcom Creek on Dupont Street. The bridge was named for him because before the WBTS he had engineered the bridge and other are structures as an officer in the US Army Corps of Engineers.


…community feedback and focus groups, the Lynchburg, VIrginia Museum System is moving forward with an exhibit that will feature a restored Confederate Flag. The plan is to display the Flag in January.


Sitting on stage with former Gov. Bill Haslam Monday night, former South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley held the attention of a Nashville audience with stories from her decision to call for and lobby the state legislature to remove the Confederate Flag from the Capitol grounds.

Haley recalled how the State Senate easily voted to take down the Flag.

But the House wasn’t budging easily. She then met with the House Republican Caucus and told a story about how, as the daughter of Indian Sikh immigrants, she went to a fruit stand with her father while growing up in Bamberg, South Carolina where the pair was “racially profiled” by the owners. The House subsequently voted to remove the Flag and the “people of South Carolina showed true strength and grace and what that looks like during tragedy,” Haley said.

The Monday event, hosted at Woodmont Christian Church, was organized by Parnassus Books to promote Haley’s new book. Despite being asked by Haslam, Haley declined to offer specifics on her next steps and whether or not the book is a pre-text for launching a presidential bid.


A picture of a Scotch Plains Fanwood High School student standing in front of a Confederate Flag while donning blackface has caused an uproar in the New Jersey town. There are calls by black residents to charge the white student, who was most likely doing it as a joke, with a “hate crime.” The student is being investigated to determine if the action was intended as a “…threat of impending white supremecist terrorism.”


Joe Biden stumbles yet again on “race” at the 5th Democratic Debate.


President Donald Trump spent more than two hours at Walter Reed National Medical Center on Saturday for what the White House said were medical tests as part of his annual physical.

However, the appointment wasn’t on Trump’s weekend public schedule, and his next physical is not supposed to be until February.

Press secretary Stephanie Grisham did not specify which tests the President received or explain why the visit had not been disclosed in advance. Grisham said after the visit that the president had had “a quick exam and labs” and assured he remains in good health. “The President remains healthy and energetic without complaints, as demonstrated by his repeated vigorous rally performances in front of thousands of Americans several times a week,” she said.

The President also spent time at the hospital meeting with the family of a special forces soldier injured in Afghanistan. And he visited with medical staff “to share his thanks for all the outstanding care they provide to our Wounded Warriors, and wish them an early happy Thanksgiving,” Grisham said.

It was the president’s ninth visit to the hospital since taking office.


Alex Jones’ INFOWARS and a few other “alt-media” websites are reporting that the President may have been poisoned and that was the real reason for his weekend trip to the hospital.


He is under observation at Emory University Hospital where he is recovering from surgery performed earlier this week to relieve pressure from bleeding on his brain. His spokeswoman said there were no complications from the procedure that was was meant to resolve bleeding due to his recent falls.


President Trump’s one-time campaign adviser received a guilty verdict, including five counts of lying to Congress and for “communicating” with WikiLeaks during the 2016 presidential campaign. He is set to be sentenced in February.


The State of Texas has issued a stay of execution to Rodney Reed in response to mounting public outcry and exculpatory evidence.

Reed, who has been on death row for more than two decades, was scheduled to be executed on Wednesday. However, after calls from politicians, citizens and advocates like Innocence Project to examine potentially exonerating evidence and testimony, the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals issued a delay to send the case back to its original trial court for retrial.


Al Benson, Jr., is the Editor-in-Chief of The Copperhead Chronicle.

He is also a regular feature writer for The Southern Patriot, The Dixie Heritage Letter, and other pro-Southern publications.

He is a proud member of the Sons of Confederate Veterans, the Confederate Society of America, and the League of the South.

Recently financial and investment advisor Doug Casey was interviewed and the article dealing with that interview was posted on www.lewrockwell.com for November 16th of this year.

Mr. Casey dealt mostly with the subject of political correctness and noted, quite accurately, that those who consciously promote that plague are “enemies of humanity.” I couldn’t agree more. Mr. Casey observed how, over the centuries, language changes, which is something we all have noted in passing. But, regarding the language of political correctness, he says: “This is different. It’s not an organic change. It’s an attempt by people who see themselves as the ruling class to not just influence the way the proletariat speaks, but the way they think. Or perhaps I should say the way they feel. Thinking is hard work, but even an imbecile can feel.” He makes a good point here. Many of our so-called “hot button” issues today are geared to appeal to the emotions and not the intellect–to get people all worked up emotionally over some issue before they have had time to really think about it. This is political correctness to a T!

And Casey continues: “Political types–absolutely including the ‘woke’ brigade and so-called Social Justice Warriors–specialize in appealing to the emotions, not the intellect. It makes sense when you are trying to sway the mob. If people actually thought about the notions the wokesters promote, they would realize it was just claptrap to manipulate and swindle them. It’s smarter to sway their emotions. The mob acts on their feelings, which you can excite with a 30-second sound bite and a picture….The degradation of language is very important. It’s not a question of just being able to express yourself. Language facilitates your ability to think. If the enemy–and these people are actually the enemies of humanity–capture the language they almost automatically win the war.” Where George Orwell intended his book 1984 as a warning about what was to come, the politically correct gurus have turned that around and use his book as an instruction manual to train the useful idiots among them about how to neuter our thought processes. Sound scary? It is, moreso when you understand what they are doing. They are working at making our next generation into blithering idiots.

Casey stated: “These people share Big Brother’s psychology and way of thinking. They want to use language to control the way people act and feel…This is happening everywhere, but especially in almost all the universities and colleges. It’s one of the many reasons why I have, for many years, urged people to think twice before spending four years and a small fortune, going to college…It’s one reason why I urge high school students not to go to college. Even back then, almost 40 years ago, it was a misallocation of time and money for most people.”

Mr. Casey noted: “But today it’s much more serious. Colleges and universities have been totally captured by socialists, collectivists, cultural Marxists–call them what you will. And they are a corrupting influence.” Casey knows whereof he speaks. And he continues to warn us–at least those who will listen. He says “Now the virus is not only much more virulent than it was during the 60s and 70s, but it’s much more widespread and much more ingrained in society.” And what he says after that is what should make all of us, especially Christians, especially concerned. He says” “And it doesn’t just start in college. It starts in high school, and even grade school today.” Did you get that–grade school? Your kids are being fed political correctness, which is part of the plague of collectivism, in grade school! What defense do you think the average nine or ten year old has against this? Especially if it is part of the curriculum?

He asks a penetrating question toward the end of this interview. He asks “How do you convince hundreds of millions of people not to be busybodies? To think, not feel? To analyze the actual meaning of what teachers and demagogues say? The answer is: You can’t. The degradation has been going on a long time. You don’t reverse a trend overnight–assuming you can change its direction at all.”

And while all this moral corruption has been going on, the church has mostly been asleep–the slumber of the totally unaware–who are so convinced that their “rapture” is going to deliver them out of all this that they just don’t give a rip! What happens when they find their “rapture” is little more than a Scofieldian heresy and isn’t going to “save” them from having to deal with the real world? That will be where the rubber really meets the road!


Dr. Chuck Baldwin is a pastor in Montana. Additionally, he is a syndicated columnist and the radio host of the daily show Chuck Baldwin Live.

In 2004 he ran for Vice-President of the United States. In 2008 and 2012 he ran for President. All three times he was nominated by the Constitution Party. In the late 1970’s – 1980’s he was a leader in the Moral Majority.

I won’t beat around the bush. All of the hate-mongering against Donald Trump in Washington, D.C., is nothing more than public theater—and that includes Trump’s forthcoming impeachment. It is all public theater. Nothing more. In fact, the more opposition Trump receives, the more popular he becomes. And that’s the whole purpose.

Donald Trump is not an outsider. He is not anti-establishment. He is not anti-globalist. He is the globalists’ perfect con on the American people. He tells them what they want to hear but in reality changes nothing of importance to the establishment elite. But Trump makes everybody think he’s changing things. Like I said, Trump is the globalists’ perfect con.

David Risselada recently wrote an astute and accurate analysis of this giant con going on in Washington, D.C. He titled his missive Political Theater: Trump vs. The Left and the unnoticed approach of the police state.

Joseph Goebbels once said that a lie repeated often enough would be accepted as truth. Perhaps then, if the truth is continuously repeated, it too will be accepted for what it is. Sometimes, the truth does not sit well in the minds of men. It forces us to face discomfort and accept realities that we otherwise might ignore to satisfy our own sense of reality. Living the lie allows us to disregard our personal responsibilities to the world around us while providing us with a false sense of security that tends to diminish when faced with the realization that we have been deceived. Nothing could demonstrate this idea better than the political circus that is our government.

Since the election of Donald Trump America has been treated to a non-stop, relentless propaganda campaign designed to discredit and unseat the man as a duly elected president. Many of his diehard supporters have come to believe that he is singlehandedly waging a battle for freedom against an entrenched “deep state.” The more the left rallies against him the more his supporters love him. In fact, sixty-two percent of his voters have said that it wouldn’t matter what he did, they would still support him. This is disturbing as it shows an unwillingness to face the truth.

While the attention of the country has been focused on the impeachment drama, a Trump vs. the Democrats soap opera, the nation is, in fact, taking a draconian turn to the left and no one notices. It isn’t that they don’t notice ? rather, it is a refusal to come to grips with the idea that things may not be what they seem. While one side portrays the president as someone who absolutely must be removed from office because he colluded with the Russians, or engaged in “quid pro quo” with Ukraine, the other side shows him as a man who can do no wrong. A brilliant tactician who is engaging in a game of four-dimensional chess who at any moment will take down the deep state and restore America to greatness. Sometimes, when things seem too good to be true, they are.

Carrol Quigley, a former professor from Georgetown University and author of the book “Tragedy and Hope: A History of the World in our Time” is quoted as saying the American political system should give the impression that there are two parties working against one another when in truth, they are pursuing the exact same policies. It should also be noted that Quigley was one of Bill Clinton’s professors.

The argument that the two parties should represent opposed ideals and policies… is a foolish idea. Instead, the two parties should be almost identical, so that the American people can throw the rascals out at any election without leading to any profound or extensive shifts in policy. Then it should be possible to replace it, every four years if necessary, by the other party which will be none of these things but will still pursue, with new vigor, approximately the same basic policies. (Quigley, 1966)

Bravo, David!

The Trump v The Left political charade in Washington, D.C., is Quigley’s greatest con. While the entire country has divided itself on either side of the Trump trench and is digging in for a long and protracted war, the people for whom both Trump and The Left work are peacefully and quietly going forward with their globalist agenda. Wake up, folks! Both Trump and The Left are providing cover for the same people.

Think about it: What exactly is it that the power elite want? Do you think they really care about political parties? Do you think they really care about the left-right paradigm? Absolutely not! In truth, both political parties and both the liberal and conservative ideologies mostly serve the agendas of the power elite—from opposite ends, of course.

Here is some of what the international power elite truly care about:

Manipulating the global economy

Please tell me how Donald Trump has changed America’s overall economy. All of the brouhaha over Trump’s punitive tariffs and socialist-based job creation is simply more political sleight of hand. And many economists say that the stock market is currently experiencing a bigger bubble—that’s soon to burst—than the one in 2008 and 2009.

Trump complains about the FED chairman that HE appointed but does nothing about him. Why? Because Trump is not his own man, that’s why. He never was. He does what his globalist handlers tell him to do just like his predecessors from both parties.

Jerome Powell is just another CFR global Zionist like the vast majority of FED chiefs and some 70% of FED members—and Trump knew it when he appointed him. The FED is a giant Ponzi scheme that only makes money when America goes in debt. The FED thrives on debt-based economics. Guess what? Since Donald Trump became president, the federal debt has skyrocketed. As I have already noted, in just three years, Trump has usurped Barack Obama as “The King of Debt.”

The federal government’s outstanding public debt has surpassed $23 trillion for the first time in history, according to data from the Treasury Department released on Friday.

Growing budget deficits have added to the nation’s debt at a speedy rate since President Trump took office. The debt has grown some 16 percent since Trump’s inauguration, when it stood at $19.9 trillion. It passed $22 trillion for the first time just 10 months ago.

Donald Trump TALKS about “conservative” economics, but his actions prove he is just another presidential puppet for the FED.

Maintaining perpetual war

Architects of the New World Order (NWO) require perpetual war for the success of their globalist agendas. And, once again, Donald Trump TALKS about getting America out of “endless wars,” but what he does is just the opposite.

Trump deployed at least an additional 14,000 troops to the Middle East. He sent troops to protect the hyper-terrorist state of Saudi Arabia. He ordered U.S. troops to steal and guard the oil fields in Syria, thus setting up a prolonged conflict with not only Syria but also Russia and Iran. He cut a deal with Turkey that allowed that country to invade northern Syria, thus guaranteeing the resurrection of CIA/Mossad-backed ISIS that will “force” the United States into further military intervention in the Middle East. (Without a doubt, the current missile attacks against Israel are a Mossad false-flag operation to keep NWO darling Benjamin Netanyahu from losing power.)

At present, there are roughly 200,000 US troops deployed overseas, with 45,000 to 65,000 in the Persian Gulf region and Saudi Arabia alone. The Pentagon has deployed approximately 14,000 additional troops to the Persian Gulf amid heightened tensions with Iran. This includes 3,500 troops sent to Saudi Arabia on top of myriad other military assets such as a carrier strike group and B-52 bombers.

As of Trump’s latest decision, the US has about 200 troops in Syria after the total number in the country spiked at about 2,000 in 2017.

There are also currently about 6,000 US forces in Iraq [the staging area for the war in Syria] and beyond the Middle East: 12,000 to 13,000 in Afghanistan, 6,000 to 7,000 in Africa, and roughly 78,000 between South Korea and Japan, among other places.

Again, Trump TALKS about ending our endless wars and putting “America first,” but his actions are polar opposite to his talk.

Mutilating America’s Christian heritage

No, America does NOT have a “Judeo-Christian” heritage. That term is the quintessential oxymoron. America has a CHRISTIAN heritage.

Again, Donald Trump TALKS about Christian values but means none of what he says. He has duped the vast majority of evangelical Christians into believing that he is “their” man—or even “God’s man.” But as with every other subject crucial to the advancement of the NWO agenda, Trump’s actions are polar opposite to his talk.

Consider his actions on the sanctity of human life. Donald Trump TALKS pro-life, but once again, it’s all talk. What has Trump done to actually STOP legalized abortion-on-demand? Nothing! Nothing at all! Did he use the power of the presidency to push the House and Senate (both controlled by Republicans for two years) to overturn Roe v Wade via Article. III. Section. 2. of the U.S. Constitution? No! He didn’t even stop funding for America’s largest abortion provider, Planned Parenthood (PP).

And don’t even try to bring up Trump’s change to Title X. This change only took away $60 million from PP. Trump is still giving PP 550 million taxpayer dollars. Throwing a bone to his easily duped evangelical base, Trump removed a whopping 11% of Planned Parenthood’s federal funding. Whoopee!

Consider the media and entertainment industries that are eviscerating America’s Christian culture.

Manufacturing a growing Police State

The initial report referenced in this column concerns itself with how the phony Trump v The Left political theater masks the growing Police State that the NWO elite are building in this country.

Quoting Risselada again:

Attorney General Barr recently released a memorandum, to little fanfare no less, to U.S. attorneys across the country detailing his plan to create a pre-crime detection system in the Justice Department.

According to Joe Wolverton II of The New American Magazine, this system will enable social media companies to share their collected data on individuals who are displaying a potential for violence with federal agencies in an effort to stop mass shootings before they occur.

The key words being used here are “disrupt those who are mobilizing for violence.” In other words, Facebook, Google, Twitter and other social media platforms will be sending what you say to the federal government if they think you are acting in a threatening way. This is kind of like passing a national red-flag law without having to pass it.

Donald Trump can safely back away from his support for red-flag laws and still get what he wants as a matter of policy. The fact that this initiative wasn’t publicly announced should show Americans that the impeachment sideshow is just that, a distraction from the fact that two political parties are working together to suppress our liberties and subvert the constitution.

This slow and steady advancement of the police state is a perfect example illustrating Quigley’s quote. First, it was the Patriot Act under Bush. We had to surrender some of our liberties to keep us safe in the wake of the September 11 terror attacks. Then, under Obama, it was the National Defense Authorization Act of 2011, where the war on terror was gradually being moved to the American home front. Slowly and ever so incrementally, the image of Islamic terrorism is being replaced, and everyday patriotic Americans are being viewed as potential threats.

Once again, on the major issues that matter to the NWO elite, Donald Trump is more than willing to use his presidency to carry its water.

The Trump v The Left theatrics—including Trump’s impeachment—is without a doubt Quigley’s greatest con.


Mike Scruggs is the author of The Un-Civil War: Shattering the Historical Myths, and Lessons from the Vietnam War: Truths the Media Never Told You.

As a nationally syndicated newspaper columnist he has written and published over 600 articles on military history, national security, immigration, current political affairs, Islam, and the Middle East.

As part of the Federal Writer’s Project during the Great Depression, the Roosevelt Administration employed scores of journalists to interview former slaves and record verbatim (and in dialect) their memories of slavery. From 1936 to 1938 about 2, 300 former slaves were interviewed, most of whom were delighted to tell about “slavery times.” In 1941, these systematically designed interviews were published by state in a multi-volume series called The Slave Narratives.

These volumes, along with Fogel and Engerman’s formidable academic study published in 1974 on the economics of Southern slavery, entitled Time on the Cross, are the two richest scholarly resources on what Southern slavery was really like. In reading the Slave Narratives, one is struck by the remarkable degree of mutual affection between slaves and masters, and secondly by the astonishingly positive reminiscences of the actual conditions of slavery. These positive reminiscences are strongly supported by Fogel and Engerman’s studies of Southern plantations. One is also struck by the degree to which strongly held Christian faith and forbearing kindness prevailed among both masters and slaves.

Just as some parents abuse their children today, there were some masters who abused their slaves. However, a study of 331 references in the Slave Narratives to the treatment of slaves revealed that 86 percent of former slaves described their masters as “good” or “kind.” Decidedly negative descriptions probably run less than five percent. John Cameron, age 95, of Jackson, Mississippi commented:

“My old Marster was de bes’ man in de worl’. I jus’ wish I could tell, an’ make it plain jus how good him an’ old Mistis was…De overseers was made to un’erstan’ to be ‘siderate of us…Marse had two of de slaves jus’ to be fiddlers. Dey play for us an’ kep’ things perked up. How us could swing an’ step-‘bout by dat old fiddle music always a-goin’ on. Den Old Marster come ‘round wid his kin’ly smile an’ jov’al sp’rits. When things went wrong he always knowed a way. He knowed how to comfort you in trouble.”

On the other hand, Charlie Moses of Brookhaven, Mississippi, who was twelve when the war ended, had this to say:

“My marster was mean an’ cruel. I hates him, hates him!…We was treated no better than one o’ his houn’ dogs…His family was as scared o’ him as we was…They lived all their lives under his whip…No Sir! No Sir! There warnt no meaner man…He done ever’thing he could ‘cept eat us. We was worked to death.”

John Cameron, had a much more favorable memory of his “Old Marster.”

“De slave cabins, ‘cross a valley from de Big House, was built in rows. Us was ‘lowed to sing, play de fiddles, and have a good time. Us had plenty t’ eat and warm clo’es an’ shoes in de winter time. De cabins was kep’ in good shape. Us aint never min’ working for Old Marster, cause us got good returns. Dat meant good livin’ an’ bein’ took care of right.”

The largest plantations had hospitals and a full-time doctor. The hospitals were usually staffed with one or more full-time slaves acting as nurses and midwives. They were typically elderly slaves who could no longer perform physical labor. Other slave-women specialized in caring for the children on the plantation. Ike Stier, age 99, of Natchez Mississippi commented:

“De slaves was well treated when dey got sick. My marster had a standin’ doctor what he paid by de year. Dey was a horspital building near de quarters an’ a good old granny woman to nuss de sick…When de war broke out I sho’ stuck by my marster. I fit de Yankees same as he did. I went in de battles ‘long side o’ him an’ both fit under Marse Robert E. Lee…Right now, I loves my marster an’ his wife in de grave. Dey raised me and showed me kindness all dey lives. I was pround of ‘em. At de present time I’s under treatment o’ young Dr. Stowers, my marster’s gran’chil’. I trusts him an’ he is sho’ good to me.”

Owners of smaller farms with fewer slaves usually provided the same healthcare for their slaves as they did for their own families. Southern slaves enjoyed a relatively high standard of medical care offering cradle to grave healthcare security. James Lucas, age 104, of Natchez, Mississippi, commented:

“Now-a-days folks don’ live right. In slav’ry times when you got sick a white doctor was paid to git you well. Now all you gits is some no-count paten’ medicine. You is ‘fraid to go to de horspital.”

Abolitionist propaganda claimed that there were many Southern stud farms for breeding slaves. Thousands of hours of professional research has not revealed a single case.

Prince Johnson of Clarksdale may have summed up the prevailing attitude and feelings of former Mississippi slaves with these words:

“Marster would let us work at odd times for outsiders an’ us could use de money for anything us pleased. My gran’ma sol’ ‘nough corn to buy her two feather beds…Us always had plenty t’eat…Folks dese days don’t know nothin’ bout good eatin’…My folks was sho’ quality…When Sund’y come us dressed all clean’an nice an’ went to church. Us went to de white folks’ church an’ set in de gal’ry…I stayed dere (on the plantation) all four years o’ the war. I couldn’t leave ‘cause de men folks all went to de war an’ I had to stay an’ pertec’ de women folks…Maybe things is better lak dey is today. Mos’ folks says so anyway. But if Old Marster were a-livin’ I’d be better off. I know dat to be so.”

According to Jim Allen, age 87, of West Point, Mississippi,

“Our clo’es was all wove and made on de plan’ation…We had a’ plen’y er good uns. We was fitted out an’ out each season, an’ had two pairs of shoes.”

The March 21, 1864, issue of the Fayetteville Observer carried a story of a black Union soldier that refused to fire into a Confederate regiment, saying:

“My young master is thar; and I played with him all my life and he has saved me from getting a many whipping I would have got, and I can’t shoot thar, for I loves my young master still.”

The remarkable prevalence of Christian faith and affectionate bonds between master and slave in the South can be seen in the words of former slave, Adeline Johnson, of Winnsboro, South Carolina:

“I hope and prays to get to heaven. I’ll be satisfied to see my Savior that my old marster worshiped and my husband preached about. I want to be in heaven with all my white folks, just to wait on them, and love them, and serve them, serta like I did in slavery time. That will be enough heaven for Adeline.”

Those who have been led to see the relationship of master and slave in the South as one of cruel tyranny by masters and suppressed resentment on the part slaves may be stunned to read such remarks, but they are so numerous in the Slave Narratives that they make an immediate impression on the reader. Gabe Emanuel, age 85, of Port Gibson, Mississippi gave a government researcher some insight with these words:

“De mistis used to teach us de Bible on Sund’ys an’ us always had Sund’y school. Us what lived in de Big House an’ even some o’ de fiel’ han’s was taught to read an’ write by de white folks…Lawdy! I sho’ was happy when I was a slave…When de time comes to go I hope to be ready. De Lawd God Almighty takes good care o’ his chillun if dey be’s good an’ holy.”

Fanny Smith Hodges, a former slave from near McComb, Mississippi, gave this testimony:

“No, Marse Cassedy didn’t have no church fer de slaves. Dey went to de white folks’ church…I can’t stay here long but God won’t low me to starve. Bless God, he’s comin’ fer me some day.”

This was not the universal experience, however. Gus Clark, age 85, gave this report:

“Slav’ry was better in some ways ‘an things is now. We allus got plen’ty ter eat, which we doan now…My Boss didn’ ‘low us to go to church, er to pray er sing. Iffen he ketched us prayin’ er singin’ he whupped us. He better not ketch you with a book in yo’ hand. Didn’t ‘low it. I doan know what de reason was. Jess meanness, I reckin. I doan b’lieve my marster ever went to church in his life, but he wa’nt mean…’cept fer doin’ things he doan ‘low us to. He didn’ care fer nothin’ ‘cept farmin’.

But the experience of Gus Clark was the exception rather than the rule. The evidence is overwhelming that the vast majority Southern masters not only treated their slaves well, looking after their health and medical needs even when they were too old to work, but also took a keen interest in their spiritual welfare.


Dr. Ed is a pastor, college president, historian, the author of over 30 books, an in-demand public speaker, and the host of two radio shows.

He is an active lobbyist, tirelessly petitioning city, county, state, and federal officials on behalf of our Southern monuments and heritage.

He started Dixie Heritage in March of 2015.

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