The Voice Of One Crying In The Wilderness

Writing on Wednesday for The National Interest, Jordan Brasher suggested that a national cemetery be erected where all of the nations removed Confederate monuments (141 in the last 3 years so far) can be placed. Literally, he has proposed a national Confederate Monument Cemetery.

The Washington Post then reported that in places where the State’s monument and heritage protection acts are working liberals are now taking to erecting signs of their own immediately next to Confederate memorials.

For example:

“This monument should no longer stand as a memorial to white brotherhood,” reads a sign erected this summer alongside a Confederate statue in Georgia.

“This monument … fostered a culture of segregation by implying that public spaces and public memory belonged to whites,” reads another.

Declares a third: “This ignores the segregation and disenfranchisement of African Americans.”

“It’s happening in all sorts of places,” said Adam Domby, a history professor at the College of Charleston who is writing a book about Confederate monuments. “Still, it’s clearly in many cases being used as a stopgap because the laws prohibit removing them.”

The Atlanta History Center now maintains an online database tracking the fate of Confederate monuments.

The Washington Post also reports that a Virginia man is suing a newspaper that reported his family’s slaveholding past – claiming he suffered “humiliation” and “emotional distress” when they implied he was racist, according to a new report.

Edward Dickinson Tayloe II is suing the Charlottesville Weekly after the newspaper in March profiled his involvement in a suit to stop the removal of Confederate statues in Virginia – while recounting his family’s past as “prolific slaveholders.”

Tayloe is one of 13 plaintiffs trying to block the removal of Charlottesville’s embattled monument of Confederate General Robert E. Lee – the same statue that sparked the infamous Unite the Right rally in Aug. 2017.

But it was the inclusion of his family’s past that prompted the 76-year-old to sue the newspaper, the reporter and a professor quoted in the article for a combined $1 million in damages.

In his suit, Tayloe argued the recounting of his family history – along with two untruthful quotes from a University of Virginia professor about how his family tormented black people for generations – unfairly tainted him as a racist.

“The result of the publication was to accuse Plaintiff Tayloe of race-baiting in a political and social atmosphere in Charlottesville, Virginia where, since August 12, 2017, there is virtually no worse label,” the suit reads.

The article penned by reporter Lisa Provence, which remains online today, describes Tayloe as coming from “one of the largest slave-owning dynasties in Virginia….The powerful Tayloe family once owned hundreds of slaves, who worked their cotton plantations in Virginia, Alabama and the District of Columbia in the 1800s.”

The newspaper, Provence and professor Jalane Schmidt all declined to comment – but we did find out that an American Civil Liberties Union lawyer is representing the defendants.


A former New Orleans charter school principal who was fired after he was documented attending a rally protesting the removal of Confederate statues is suing for defamation.

We reported back in 2017 that Nicholas Dean spoke to photographer Abdul Aziz near the 2017 in a widely circulated video and was shortly thereafter fired.

Dean, who now lives in Florida, is suing Aziz and The Times Picayune for defamation. Once again, rather than standing up for the victim, the ACLU of Louisiana is defending the machinery and asking a Federal judge in Florida to throw out the suit.


Meanwhile, the Arkansas Democrat Gazette reported that the Confederate statue in Bentonville was vandalized again. This time, t he bottom of the statue’s musket has been broken off above the soldier’s knee.


Over the summer we reported the story of a white police officer who was suspended from his job with Muskegon Police Department when a potential buyer (he was selling his home) noticed “Confederate memorabilia” in his garage and reported it to the City Manager.

This week, we are sad to report that Charles Anderson was terminated following an “investigation” by City Manager Frank Peterson and the city attorney’s office. The latter generated a 421-page report to justify the firing. of the probe was obtained by The Detroit Free Press on Tuesday.

Stated among reasons for firing the officer he said he “loves everything” about the show and had visited the Duke Fest fan convention several times. He also stated that he has a passion for U.S. history between the late 1800s and 1960s. Describing himself as an amateur historian, Anderson said he collects antique items from that the period. He adamantly denied during the interview with city officials that he was in the KKK and said that, as a Catholic, he would be considered a “target” of the white supremacist hate group.

The report also acknowledges that Robert and Reyna Mathis, the couple that “reported” Officer Anderson for being a “racist” have a criminal past themselves and may have “reported” him for spite or revenge since he had arrested them as many as SIX times since 2008. But, it would seem that in Michigan, loving U.S. history and the television show “Dukes of Hazzard” is the only reason needed to get you fired.


It’s a tradition. Every year, the incoming seniors at Temecula Valley High School have the chance to paint their parking spaces. Some of their designs are simple and straightforward. Some of them are intricate. Some are colorful. Some are plain. Usually, they’re just an expression of each student’s individuality.

But this week, Temecula Valley High School painted over a senior parking spot at the school that had been painted with The Dukes of Hazzard television show’s iconic car The General Lee.

The school first received an anonymous complaint about the parking spot on Aug. 29, at least four days after it was painted. After looking into the matter, the district initially decided that the pavement art “was a matter of free speech” and that administrators “didn’t have cause to remove the Dukes of Hazzard painted parking spot at that time,” a school spokesperson said.

At first, the principal discussed modifying the Flag. In a later phone call with the family on Sept. 12, one of the parents told him, “just remove the flag,” the principal said.

So had it not been for a weak parent, The General Lee would likely still be in the spot.

According to California Department of Education data from the 2018-2019 school year, TVHS had only 75 black students out of a student population of 2,914. That is less than three percent of all students. White students make up a plurality of the student body at 48.8 percent, but they are NOT a majority. Hispanic students were not far behind at 32 percent.

In this situation, the black students did not express insult over the Dukes of Hazzard inspired payment art. Most in fact thought it was “cool.” The one student who complained is one that told reporters for Valley News that, “I always get in trouble…I’ve been in [principal] Williams’ office about 10 times this year. I’m always in there – it’s kind of my second home.”


The firearms manufacturer COLT stunned the world when it announced that it will cease all production of non-military weapons.

By ceasing production, the manufacturers are creating a situation whereby the government does not have to regulate the sales. In plain and basic terms, if the guns are not being manufactured, there will be no sales to regulate or restrict.

This is a DANGEROUS precedent and something we just plain old didn’t see coming.

New Mexico plans to offer free college to all state residents

On Wednesday, New Mexico Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham unveiled a plan which proposes to make tuition at the state’s public colleges and universities free for all state residents, regardless of income.

While good legislation is slow to grow, it is always just a matter of short time before a BAD bill passed in one state becomes “law” in the other 49.

Governor Gavin Newsom has signed Assembly Bill 5, rewriting California employment law to limit the use of independent contractors. The law will go into effect on January 1, 2020.

Have you had an “IMPOSSIBLE WHOPPER”?

Not to be beaten, McDonalds has announced that they will test-market a plant-based burger in 28 stores around the country.

They Are Shutting Trump Down
by Al Benson, Jr.

Al Benson, Jr., is the Editor of the Copperhead Chronicle. In addition to writing for Southern Patriot and other publications, he is a member of the Confederate Society of America and the League of the South.

The political Left, the Deep State, the so-called news media are all working to shut President Trump down-and after a constant three year battle, it is starting to look as if they might be doing just that.

Arthur Thompson, in his revelatory book In the Shadows of the Deep State notes on page 268 that: “Due to the domestic war against Trump within what has become known as the Swamp, our intelligence services and the Justice Department have come into question among a large part of the American people regarding the lack of political neutrality and the apparent move by upper echelon personnel to scuttle Donald Trump’s candidacy and then his presidency.”

I am not sure if Mr. Trump realizes the full import of what those people are and have been doing to him. I think he has some grasp by not total grasp of how these people really hate his guts and want him gone-no matter what price they have to pay to do that.

Unfortunately, in some instances, I think Trump unwittingly helps those who plot his destruction. Case in point, the former head of the CIA, John Brennan-a despicable creature if ever there was one. Here is a man who voted for the Communist Party candidate for president in 1976, yet four years later, he is in the CIA and under Obama ends up the head of that organization. So does that tell us the political Left controls the CIA? What do you think?

Trump supposedly pulled Brennan’s security clearance, something he should have done at the start of his administration, but didn’t. Supposedly he did it later on, but I read awhile back that Brennan, who is now in the private sector, still has that clearance, which means he can still go in and read certain government documents he should no longer have access to, but still does. So what happened here? Did those that were supposed to pull Brennan’s security clearance just not bother? Or did they just forget-conveniently? This is one situation Trump needed to follow up on and it seems he didn’t.

Then there is the “Justice” Department-so-called. When William Barr got in there we were told the mess there would be straightened out. At the risk of being a bit previous, I have one comment-don’t hold your breath waiting!

Barr has already gone over some of the problems caused by former FBI director, James Comey, who has already lied to Congress and been caught at it. He has decided that what he has seen so far is something he will not indict Comey for. So Comey has broken the law-but he gets a free pass. If you or I did what he did we’d be in the slammer, but because Comey is an integral part of the Swamp (Deep State) he automatically gets a pass. You watch, the same thing will happen with Hillary Clinton and the Uranium One deal with Putin.

We have a two-tiered system of “justice” in this country-one set of rules for us deplorables and another set for the Swamp Creatures (the elites) who commit crimes far above what the ordinary con man could ever devise-and they never pay for their crimes. I realize that, at some point, God will judge them for their crimes, and there is no escape for them from that Judgment. But I would like to see some of them, at least, pay for their sins in this life. So far, Trump has yet to really deal with this issue.

And now he is talking about letting some government agency, along with the psychiatrists decide who should be able to own firearms in this country. Do we really want government spooks and doctors to decide who can exercise our Second Amendment rights and who can’t? Once that happens you can kiss your Second Amendment rights goodbye-and all the rest as well-because the Second Amendment is the linchpin that holds up the rest of them.

Trump, who is supposed to be a supporter of the Second Amendment should realize this, but apparently he does not seem to. Wouldn’t it be ironic if, during the regime of Obama, we had been able to retain our gun rights (and Obama was a big gun grabber) and we ended up losing those rights during the administration of Trump, who supposedly supports the Second Amendment? You think the Deep State denizens of our Washington Swamp wouldn’t laugh about that all the way to the (Federal Reserve) bank?

I don’t think Trump fully grasps the situation he is in and if he continues in that vein, it will be his undoing-and that of the country as well.

Noahide Law, Not Sharia, is the Threat
by Dr. Chuck Baldwin

Dr. Chuck Baldwin is a pastor, radio host, and syndicated columnist. He was the vice-president and president nominee for the Constitution Party in 2004 and 2008. The following column, submitted by Chuck on Thursday, is posted below with reservation on behalf of the editor. It is is posted for informational purposes only.

The Pharisees, Scribes, Elders and Priests of Israel were the great enemies of the Lord Jesus Christ. It was they who led the Hebrew people to crucify Christ and persecute and kill His apostles. These were also the men whose teachings and doctrines would later be compiled in the Talmud. The Sanhedrin was the governing council of these men and of the Hebrew nation at the time.

In his commentary on Matthew chapter five, the notable 19th century Bible commentator Albert Barnes (1798 – 1870) gives this background on the Sanhedrin:

The Sanhedrin was instituted in the time of the Maccabees, probably about 200 years before Christ. It was composed of 72 judges: the high priest was the president of this tribunal. The 72 members were made up of the chief priests and elders of the people and the scribes. The chief priests were such as had discharged the office of the high priest, and those who were the heads of the twenty-four classes of priests, who were called in an honorary way high or chief priests.

The elders were the princes of the tribes or heads of the family associations. It is not to be supposed that all the elders had a right to a seat here, but such only as were elected to the office. The scribes were learned people of the nation elected to this tribunal, being neither of the rank of priests or elders. This tribunal had cognizance of the great affairs of the nation. Until the time when Judea was subjected to the Romans, it had the power of life and death. It still retained the power of passing sentence, though the Roman magistrate held the right of execution. It usually sat in Jerusalem, in a room near the temple. It was before this tribunal that our Saviour was tried.

Most of today’s Christians are completely oblivious to the fact that the State of Israel that was created in 1948 has re-established the Sanhedrin. Well, it did-in 2004. And while almost everyone in America is focused on the potential impeachment of President Trump (a sideshow produced by the gamemakers to keep the gullible trapped in the phony left-right paradigm), the Sanhedrin in Israel is this week (Wednesday, September 25 thru Friday, September 27) launching a new global body, The Organization of 70 Nations, that Israel hopes will take the place of the United Nations. But the purpose of this new global organization involves much more than nations sitting down to talk to one another.

During this three-day conference in Jerusalem, the nascent Sanhedrin is going to resume animal sacrifices and will call for the global implementation of Noahide laws, including the establishment of an international court based in Jerusalem that ultimately would be given the power to execute (via decapitation) anyone who commits “blasphemy” (this is the same charge that the Sanhedrin brought against Christ) by not submitting to the Talmudic/Chabadist form of worship. (They aren’t advertising that part of the plan, of course.)

Obviously, the animal sacrifices of the Old Covenant were completely abolished by the supreme sacrifice of Christ on the Cross and the advent of the New Covenant-and by the destruction of Jerusalem in 70 AD, which included the total destruction of the Jewish temple where those sacrifices had taken place.

From Breaking Israel News (a rabid pro-Sanhedrin, pro-Talmud, pro-Noahide outlet):

On September 25, the 5,780th anniversary of the day on which Jewish tradition holds the world was created, the Sanhedrin is holding a conference for the emerging Organization of 70 Nations. The conference will culminate in an animal sacrifice made by representatives of the nations on the Mount of Olives in which they will renew the covenant made by Noah upon leaving the Ark.

The conference will begin on Wednesday evening, September 25, the 25th day of the Hebrew month of Elul at the Jerusalem Gate Hotel and continue until Friday, September 27. Lectures and discussions will focus on the Noahide obligations incumbent upon all of mankind. A major focus will also be the establishment of an international court based on Bible [Talmudic] principles.

As part of the conference, the representatives will visit the Temple Mount and pay an official visit to the Knesset with the Sanhedrin.

On Friday, the conference will culminate in a trip to the Mount of Olives where the nations will be invited to reenact the ceremony first performed by Noah upon exiting the Ark [animal sacrifice].

The altar must be built and the sacrifice made by someone from the nations who keeps the seven Noahide laws.

An international court will sit in Jerusalem and judge according to the important and recognized laws of the Bible [Talmud].

All members of the organization, states, nations, ethnic groups, tribes will have a seat and equal voting powers in the court of law as long as they accompany the people of Israel as it appears in the covenant composed by the Sanhedrin in 2018. [Emphasis added]

Let’s be crystal clear: The Noahide laws come from the Talmud, NOT from God’s Holy Word, the Bible.

And if you think that the acceptance and implementation of Noahide laws are not pertinent to us in America, you’d better think again. Did you know that our U.S. Congress and every president since Jimmy Carter have given Noahide laws official legal status in the United States? Donald Trump has signed official documents recognizing Noahide laws all three years he’s been in office.

Here is an excerpt of Public Law 102-14, dated March 20, 1991, and voted into law by the Congress of The United States:

Whereas these ethical values and principles have been the bedrock of society from the dawn of civilization, when they were known as the Seven Noahide Laws;

Whereas the Lubavitch movement has fostered and promoted these ethical values and principles throughout the world;

Whereas Rabbi Menachem Mendel Schneerson, leader of the Lubavitch movement, is universally respected and revered and his eighty-ninth birthday falls on March 26, 1991;

Whereas in tribute to this great spiritual leader, “the rebbe,” this, his ninetieth year will be seen as one of “education and giving,” the year in which we turn to education and charity to return the world to the moral and ethical values contained in the Seven Noahide Laws; and

Whereas this will be reflected in an international scroll of honor signed by the President of the United States and other heads of state:

Now, therefore, be it Resolved by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled, That March 26, 1991, the start of the ninetieth year of Rabbi Menachem Schneerson, leader of the worldwide Lubavitch movement, is designated as “Education Day, U.S.A.”

The President is requested to issue a proclamation calling upon the people of the United States to observe such day with appropriate ceremonies and activities.

Here are some bullet points you need to remember about the Lubavitch movement and Talmudic Noahide laws:

*Noahide Law calls for the death of anyone practicing idolatry (defined as any type of worship other than Talmudic worship), blasphemy (this, again, was the charge the Sanhedrin used against Christ, the apostles and every Christian persecuted under its dominion), sexual immorality (as weirdly defined in the Talmud) and stealing (from Talmudists-but it is perfectly permissible for Talmudists to steal from the Goyim); it also obligates everyone to set up Talmudic courts to administer these Noahide laws.

*Maimonides (12th-century Talmudic rabbi; his writings are regarded as canonical to the Talmud. He is blasphemer Ben Shapiro’s hero and biggest personal influence) said that Christians are idolaters and pagans. He writes:

Know that this Christian nation, who are making the claim of a messiah, with all their many different sects, are all idol worshippers and all their holidays are forbidden, and we deal with them regarding religious issues as we would pagans.

Therefore, one must know that in every one of the Christian nation’s cities which has an altar [meaning house of worship], it is a pagan house of idolatry without any doubt.

The Christians are idol worshipers and Sunday is their religious holiday, therefore we may not trade with them on Thursday and Friday of every week, and needless to say on Sunday, which is forbidden everywhere [trade in this context refers mainly to not paying back loans received from the Goyim].

*As a closet Chabadist, Donald Trump followed the laws of Maimonides by repeatedly not paying back loans and investments. He has stolen millions-perhaps even billions-of dollars by following Talmudic law of not paying back loans and investments from the Goyim. Take a guess who bailed him out of those 7 bankruptcies? Right! His fellow Chabadists. And, of course, Donald Trump’s daughter Ivanka and her husband Jared Kushner are high-ranking Chabad/Lubavitch cultists.

*American Public Law 102-14 states that Noahide laws are the foundation of American civilization [NOT TRUE-Reformation theology and Natural Law formed the foundation of American civilization], that it is our responsibility to transmit them [Noahide laws] to the next generation, and every president since Jimmy Carter has signed an international scroll along with other heads of state pledging to use education to put the world under the Noahide laws.

*Jewish legal groups that advocate for Noahide laws are promoting capital punishment laws that comply with the Talmudic form of execution, namely decapitation, be established.

*There are many Christian Zionists who are willingly complying with this agenda and who are working with the Sanhedrin in Israel to promote the Noahide laws, including the building of a third Jewish temple and the resumption of animal sacrifices in anticipation of a coming messiah.

From a spiritual perspective, everything about the implementation of Talmudic Noahide laws-including building a third Jewish temple and advocating for (or excusing) animal sacrifices in anticipation of a coming messiah-is blatant sacrilege. The Messiah came 2,000 years ago, and the Hebrew people rejected and crucified Him.

As a result of Israel’s rejection of their Messiah, God destroyed their holy city, Jerusalem-including their holy temple. He instituted His New Covenant with all mankind in which there is neither Jew nor Gentile, but all are one in Christ.

Everything-and I mean everything-about the attempted implementation of Talmudic Noahide laws, animal sacrifices, a third Jewish temple (under the New Covenant, the bodies of Christians, through the indwelling Holy Spirit, form a new temple of God-I Corinthians 3:16, 17; 6:19) and the counterfeit State of Israel itself is a work of antichrist to deceive the world and remove people from the New Covenant work of grace through Christ’s death and resurrection and bring them under the bondage of Old Covenant Law-a covenant that Christ has fulfilled and thereby abolished in His flesh (Ephesians 2:15).

From a political perspective, Talmudism and Noahide laws are a much greater threat to liberty in America than Islam and Sharia Law. MUCH GREATER.

The U.S. Congress has never passed any form of Sharia Law in U.S. Public Law, but it has passed Talmudic Noahide laws. No U.S. president has signed a document officially recognizing Sharia Law, but every president since Jimmy Carter has signed documents officially recognizing Talmudic Noahide laws.

Furthermore, it is Talmudic, not Sharia, policies that are driving America’s federal government (and most, if not all, of our State governments) today. Abortion-on-demand, pornography, government thievery, gun control, a burgeoning police state, teaching the theory of evolution as fact, atheistic public education, perpetual war, using the accusation of antisemitism as a tool to silence critics, passing laws against people who would boycott Israel over its genocidal treatment of the Palestinian people, the judicial branch of government circumventing the legislative branch by creating laws from the bench, the relentless attacks on America’s Founding Fathers, the Zionist media’s “1619 Project,” etc., ad infinitum, are all tools and tenets of Talmudism.

For all intents and purposes, America is already being subjected to Talmudic Law; and the implementation of Noahide Law is now also becoming a reality. And absolutely none of this could be happening without the enthusiastic, albeit spiritually blinded, support of America’s Christian Zionists-a term which, by definition, is the ultimate oxymoron.

The Talmudists of today are the Pharisees of yesterday. They were the enemies of Christ and the Church then; and they are the enemies of Christ and the Church now.

Red Flag Gun Laws Are Rooted In Communist Methods Of Oppression
by Brandon Smith

Brandon Smith is a free-lance writer.

This week government officials came back from their summer recess, and I have heard from a couple different sources that the US Senate in particular is seeking to fast track legislation on Red Flag gun laws as well as a possible ban on private party transfers of firearms and a possible ban on high capacity magazines. I can only hope that these are just rumors, but I suspect they are accurate.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has publicly vowed to pursue any new gun control legislation that the Trump Administration supports, and Donald Trump has openly called for Red Flag gun laws involving mental health guidelines. The mainstream media now claims that a majority of Americans on both sides of the political divide support red flag legislation, but we all know how rigged such polls can be. The real question is, does the average American even know what red flag laws would entail? I think they do not.

Red flag gun laws are a method of gun control by which a family member or law enforcement can petition the court to confiscate a person’s firearms on the SUSPICION that the person may present a danger to themselves or others. But it doesn’t necessarily stop there. Some reports indicate that Trump is seriously considering using big tech companies like Amazon and Apple to monitor people’s behavior and link this data to a social credit system similar to the system that already exists in China. Your gun rights could then be determined by algorithms that mark you as a potential risk simply by what you post online.

Prosecution using the public to spy on itself is a hallmark of these kinds of laws. It is also nothing new. The Puritans in early America used intangible evidence, such as “spectral evidence” to punish people of various crimes including witchcraft. This encouraged extreme collectivism and conformity, for anyone stepping outside the lines of what the group saw as righteous behavior could find themselves secretly accused using rhetorical evidence and unable to defend themselves. Their only option was to admit to the crime, whether they were guilty or not, and then repent.

But in a social or political witch hunt, you are not repenting to get in God’s good graces, but to get in the good graces of the collective. You are supposed to sublimate yourself for the group and beg their forgiveness; not for the crime you are accused, but for the crime of acting as an individual. The message is clear – There is no way to fight back. Just give in and if you are lucky the collective will let you continue living, under their watchful eye, of course.

This might sound like something that could never happen in the US today, but it already has. The existence of the No Fly List, which is generated in secret, is often politically motivated and is based on evidence that the accused is never allowed to see. It is a perfect example of a “law” that is similar to Red Flag legislation. While the no fly list has been confronted in court numerous times, it still endures and is little changed since its inception. Once ingrained, these laws are rarely ever removed.

It is likely that Red Flag gun laws will operate in the same way. One day you may walk into the sporting goods store and be denied a gun purchase by the ATF. There will be no explanation, only the denial of your rights.

Accusations can come from anywhere, even complete strangers using anonymous online applications (this is how the Chinese social credit system works). They could be based on legitimate behavior, such as suicide or murder threats, or they could be based on a political statement you wrote or said years ago. It doesn’t matter. The goal will be to take gun rights away from as many people as possible while the government still claims to support the 2nd Amendment. It’s about the back door destruction of gun rights, not public safety. It’s also about silencing public dissent.

The bottom line is, if you allow pre-crime judgment based on hearsay evidence for one person, then you are allowing it for ALL people including yourself. And, it might not stop with whether or not a person is allowed to buy or own a gun. These systems of control expand into every facet of life. Again, simply look at what is happening in China.

The method of using “mental health” or social disruption as an excuse to silence dissent was not actually mastered by China, however. It was standardized in communist Russia during the reign of the Soviets. The mental health excuse was exploited on a regular basis in order to quietly sweep government critics and dissidents under the rug never to be seen again. The metal hospitals where these deplorables were kept were called “Psikhushka”, an ironic diminutive label. The hospitals worked hand in hand with the Cheka secret police and their vast networks of civilian informants.

‘See Something Say Something’ began under communists in the East. It’s only being recycled today in the West.

For the Soviets, the methodology made sense. The message they were sending was that anyone who criticized socialism/communism MUST be crazy. And, in a way, this is how Red Flag laws function. For if you are put on the list, or denied gun rights, then there MUST be something mentally wrong with you. And, by extension, if you are placed on the list for political reasons, then your political beliefs or convictions MUST also be psychologically disturbed. You see how this works?

Red Flag laws and social credit systems take the Psikhushka and flip it around. They don’t need mental health prisons, they simply turn the whole country into a mental health prison. The wardens and guards of this prison will be the citizenry, and they will police each other.

Make no mistake, the mainstream media and the government have been conditioning the public for years to the concept that certain ideals and political activists are on the “fringe”. They are “conspiracy theorists”. They are exhibiting “defiance disorders”. They are not right in the head. Red Flag gun laws are meant for people like me, or perhaps people like you.

Precursor testing of denial of gun rights based on mental health accusations has already taken place against war veterans in the US based on PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder). It makes sense that the government would seek to disarm trained combat experienced veterans first, as they tend to present the biggest source of resistance to a totalitarian shift.

I can’t say that Trump’s open support of Red Flag laws surprises me in the slightest. Trump’s long term business relationships and debts to the Rothschild banking elites as well as his many dubious cabinet choices including Pompeo, Ross, Mnuchin, Kudlow, Lightheizer, etc., indicate to me that Trump is not on the side of liberty activists. John Bolton’s recent exit from the White House does not impress me. It is clearly a crumb thrown to conservatives as a means to keep them close to the Neo-Con table. The goal of the elites to lure conservatives into blind adulation of the Trump Admin. is starting to fail, and they had to do something. Also, it is not uncommon for elitist members to jump ship from an administration right before their agenda’s are implemented so that they get none of the blame for the consequences.

Bolton should never have been in Trump’s cabinet to begin with, he was there for years, and just because Bolton is leaving doesn’t mean his agendas will be leaving. Trump has many elitist handlers, and I’m sure Bolton will be replaced with yet another reprehensible ghoul in due course.

In my recent article ‘The Real Reasons Why The Media Is Suddenly Admitting To The Recession Threat’, I noted that if an economic crisis strikes in the next year, then it’s highly unlikely that Trump is slated to be president after the 2020 elections. If he supports Red Flag laws, then it is almost assured that he will not be president for another term.

In our controlled political machine in which presidents from both parties are merely puppets for elitist interests, these kinds of liberty crushing laws are not generally designed for the current Administration’s use. Rather, they are supported by one president or party, and then exploited by the next president or party in power. In this way, conservatives could be tricked into backing unconstitutional laws in the name of “helping their side win”, only to discover that the laws they supported (or ignored) are being used against them by Democrats a few years later.

I think this would be especially true for Red Flag legislation. If conservatives do not raise hell in response to these laws just because they don’t want to derail the Trump train, then they will find themselves complicit in their own disarmament if markets tank and the Dems take over in 2020. The socialist front runners will say that we “asked for this” under Trump, and now we’re getting what we wanted. And, once these laws are in the books, expect that a majority of police will comply with them and enforce them.

Of course, this leads to an inevitable outcome – War. There are millions of people in the US that are not going to fold to the dismantling of gun rights or gun confiscation. No doubt, we would all be labeled terrorists, and our defiance would be held up as further proof of our mental instability. So be it.

Once the Pandora’s box of pre-crime and hearsay evidence is opened, the sky is truly the limit for the violation of American constitutional rights.

For whatever it’s worth, now would be a good time for gun rights advocates to contact their representatives and warn them that Red Flag laws are unacceptable. Also keep in mind that the government may push a long list of new gun control restrictions on top of Red Flag laws as a means to frighten the public. They will then rescind many of the items on the list (except the red flag legislation) in order to make it appear as thought we “got lucky”. The real goal here is the mental health restrictions and the ability for government to deny your rights according to hearsay evidence.

Gun ownership is as integral to a free society as free speech and property rights. Without firearms ownership, the public is at the mercy of any criminal or criminal government that seeks to oppress them. Remember, if your “military style” rifle was not a threat to the elites then they would not constantly seek to take it away. Never let it go.


Dr. Ed is a pastor, author, public speaker, radio personality, lobbyist, re-enactor, and the Director of Dixie Heritage.

Last week I drove up to our nation’s capitol. I thought that it would be my last trip of the year. But I have scheduled another for November.

I spent my time reminding Southern politicians that the people who sent them there overwhelmingly support the 2nd Amendment. It was a Northern controlled Congress trampling upon the rights of their Southern neighbors that inspired our ancestors to take up arms in the first place.

Surprisingly, a few have confided that they are fearful. That they may support things they abhor because of that fear. So my encouragement to them came from the Proverbs, “The fear of man bringeth a snare.”

If there is a positive it is that our politicians are so busy dealing with gun control that tearing down our monuments has taken a back seat to a greater tyranny.

I drove up to Baltimore. The city’s Confederate monuments, removed by Mayor Pugh from their pedestals in the dead of night more than two years ago, remain stashed out of sight in a city-owned lot, awaiting an uncertain future.

The new Mayor, Bernard C. “Jack” Young, was not willing to grant a meeting to discuss the monuments. Mayor Pugh promised that they would be given to or sold to an organization that could display them outside the city limits. But so far the City is rejecting all such offers.

In the weeks previous I have made trips to capitols in Georgia, Tennessee, Indiana, and Illinois. Monuments are not under direct attack in any of those places but that does not mean that legislators and the governors in those states are not being actively approached by the opponents of our heritage.

Tennessee has a Governor who is openly attacking the legacy of General Nathan B. Forrest. We made a stop there because it was on the way to Indiana and Illinois.

Illinois, the Governor has openly attacked a music group because it was called “Confederate Railroad.” But my task was to advocate for continued funding for the maintenance of a memorial to the Confederate prisoners of war who were tortured and died in that state.

In Georgia the monument protection act is working. So the liberals want to place signs to “contextualize” the monuments. We are advocating that the “context” is not one that is mis-characterizing our ancestors.

Indiana was a strange trip. We were advocating for the removal of a Civil War monument showing a Confederate Flag being trampled under foot.

We do not have the funds to maintain these trips. But I am making them on my own dimes because I am trying to stop the avalanche.

While I was in DC this past weekend I was privileged to preach in a church just across the line in Maryland. I preached on John the Baptist. John was “The voice of one crying in the wilderness.” And that is what I told the people was my reasoning for driving to the Capitol. To be a voice. Sometimes, it seems as though nobody is listening, hence the voice of one “crying in the wilderness.” But the fact that we still know of John the Baptist some 2,000 years later – he made a bigger impact than he ever realized. My prayer is that we are doing the same.

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