The truth is, the lies about the institution of servitude (aka “slavery”), the country and the South are interwoven rather like a spider’s web, and all the connecting points are junctioned with ignorance. Lies are for several reasons; to hide the truth, to manipulate thought and opinion and to do harm to others. Too much water has gone over the bridge, so to speak, to untangle the lies. But we’d like to give you some cold, hard facts anyway.

Not every Black/Colored person was a slave or stayed a slave. The South had 25,000 more free Black/Colored persons than the North did according to census data of 1860. This is a fact.
Carter G Woodson was an American historian of color and founded the Association for the Study of African American Life and History. He is referred to as the “Father of Black History” and the reason February is Black History Month. He devoted his life to this neglected area of history. Woodson wrote a book in 1924 entitled FREE NEGRO OWNERS OF SLAVES IN THE US IN 1830 and a companion documentary report entitled FREE NEGRO HEADS OF FAMILIES IN THE US IN 1830. Woodson states he used the census of 1830 because it contained more information.

In these works he lists by county and state each free black/colored man who owned slaves, their ages and how many slaves they owned. For example the richest merchant in Macon, GA was a free Negro. A man named Thomas Lafon in New Orleans had half a million dollars in real estate alone. A nam named Cyprian Ricard in LA paid $225,000 for an estate with 91 slaves. Ms. Marie Metoyer of Natchitoches, LA had 2,000 acres and fifty slaves. A man named Martin Donato of St. had 4,500 arpents of land (a French way of measuring land equal to about 0.845 of an acre of land), 89 slaves and personal property worth $46,000. Remember, this is in 1830.

The best hotel in Charleston, SC was owned by a man named Jehu Jones as well as his other property worth $40,000.

A woman named Ann Marie of West Feliciana LA, had been manumitted and worked for her former owner as a housekeeper, for a salary. She had to have invested her money wisely because she paid her former “master” $13,000 in cash in July of 1839 for 15 negro slaves.

The truth is, you have indeed been lied to.

Web Source: Truths Of History Facebook Page
Post: August 25, 2019