H. K. Edgerton is an activist for Southern Heritage and a member of the Sons of Confederate Veterans. A former president of the NAACP, he is on the board of the Southern Legal Resource Center.

The local media in Asheville, North Carolina, my hometown, would report that the Confederate Soldiers Cenotaph in downtown Asheville, and in another location in the state, had been vandalized (splashed with red paint). For this to happen in my hometown was analogous to waving a red flag in the eyes of a bull. I would make my way into downtown Asheville that very morning, and post the colors of the Southern soldier at the courthouse where one Cenotaph stands, and later to Pack Square where the other two are located.

While I would not find the red paint on either that had been reported, the Honorable General Robert E. Lee’s picture and that of his horse, Traveller, had been gouged over. I was told that this had happened several months prior. However, inside the gate that surrounds the Confederate War Governor, and Confederate Colonel, the Honorable Zebulon Baird Vance, were pictures of picture framed slaves. I would complain to the powers to be that this was inappropriate, and tantamount to vandalism. They were removed a day later.

With the exception of two white Yankees who expressed their anger in very vile terms, the many conversations that I would have were very cordial and supportive of my stand. However, as I stood talking to a fellow Sons of Confederate Veterans member of the Vance camp who had served as a pallbearer at my mom’s funeral, a very large and muscular black man would approach to where I stood. His eyes were blazing, and I figured trouble!

However, to his credit, he listened very attentively as I put some history on him and answered his every question. To both my brother from the Vance camp, and my surprise, this very large man began to weep, and reached out and embraced me. He said, “I just didn’t know the history that you gave to me, thanks.” Thanks, and another hug! Shucks! I almost shed a tear. It was a very spiritual moment, I believe, for the three of us. Before this week would end, I would be endowed with similar acts of kindness.

It is important that I note the stench that permeates from Fox News, who is always putting it to other media because of fake news reported. As I sat listening to Waters of so called Waters World interviewing Diamond and Silk, two black women, about reparations, Waters would interject how the North had freed the slaves after the South was responsible for the loss of 600,000 lives during the so called Civil War.

Fake news at it’s best. The blame for that loss lies squarely on the shoulders of Lincoln!

And to make it even worse, Laura Ingraham would follow with a report about schools named after the Honorable General Robert E. Lee changing their name. Her comments were… “I have no problem with schools changing their names.” She said, jokingly, that maybe they ought to change the name from Robert E. Lee to Sara Lee or Bruce Lee, and on and on she went with this type of dialogue.

The only tone of sincerity came when she mentioned that Arlington Cemetery was on the grounds of the land owned by the Lee family. Had I been able to confront her in the moment, I would have told her that I would love to put General Lee beside any man, living or dead, and let his friends or foes pick out who they would have their son to be like.

The Lincoln loving Yankees at Fox News, to include Ainsley Earnhardt, who bragged about being from South Carolina, and got down on her knees and kissed the spot where Lincoln’s desk stood in Sanctuary Hall in the Nation’s Capitol, when she should have been complaining about the removal of the Honorable General Kirby Smith’s Cenotaph from the Hall, need to quit reporting their fake news about the Constitutional right that is spelled out in the Declaration of Independence of Secession. And, even more so, the North’s complicity in the Economic Institution of Slavery.

And, furthermore, that the Africans who found themselves in the Southland of America were the luckiest in the whole world participating in the economic institution of slavery, in lieu of everything that the North to this very day try to make it not so. Can I get an “Amen,” and some help for the stand that I make daily in Dixieland?

Web Source: McNeill’s Rangers SCV Camp 582 Facebook Page
Post: August 5, 2019