Is President Trump shifting hard left?


A Confederate monument recently vandalized with red paint and the word “racists” has been removed from a Southern California cemetery.

The 9-foot-tall (2.7-meter) granite marker was placed at Santa Ana Cemetery by the Sons of Confederate Veterans in 2004.
The Orange County Cemetery District, which operates the cemetery, said the monument had become “an unsightly public nuisance” after the vandalism, and the district wanted to remove it quickly.

A crane was used to remove the monument last week Thursday.


A federal judge’s decision Friday afternoon means the Confederate battle flag will not fly Saturday morning at an Alpharetta parade founded to honor Civil War veterans.

The Roswell Mills Camp 1547 Sons of Confederate Veterans was given the option to appear in the parade if they didn’t fly the flag, but the group refused, saying no one would recognize them without it.Tim Pilgrim, Georgia division commander of the Sons of Confederate Veterans, said they will continue to fight the city and hope to fly the battle flag at next year’s parade.

U.S. District Judge William M. Ray II said it was the last-minute nature of the Confederate group’s Wednesday lawsuit – not the merits of case – that caused him to side with the city Friday.


Calling slavery an atrocity, Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam presented new interpretive signs on Fort Monroe that explain the history behind an iron arch now stripped of any reference to the onetime president of the Confederacy.


The Metro Board of Parks and Recreation decided on Tuesday to defer a decision on potentially removing the Confederate Private Monument in Centennial Park.

The monument was vandalized in June with red paint splattered on it. The words “they were racists” were written on the side of the plaque. The parks board was set to discuss possibly removing or relocating the monument at its monthly meeting Tuesday, and it voted to defer the decision.

The monument falls under the Tennessee Heritage Protection Act, according to Monique Odom, secretary to the board and parks director. This means monuments can’t be removed from public property without state approval.


Groups of people bearing Confederate Flags have demonstrated in Hillsborough, North Carolina in recent years in response to efforts to remove signs of the Confederacy from the town and local school district.

Some of the Flag bearers are affiliated with the pro-Confederate group Alamance County Taking Back Alamance County whose weekend rally, held several times in the past year, have drawn protests from activists who stake out the opposite side of the street with signs protesting “hate” and “white supremacy.”

On July 27, Matthew Shepherd, a sodomite who owns Matthew’s Chocolates, at 104 N. Churton St., encountered a pro-Confederate demonstration about 100 feet from his shop’s front door so he called the police who told him that the protesters have a right to free speech. So he launched his own counter-protest, changing a chalkboard sign outside his shop to read: “Burn a Rebel Flag … Get a Free Chocolate!”

Police officers did go into the shop and advised Shepherd he shouldn’t put out the sign.

Confederate flag supporters posed with the sign and the photo went viral.

A Facebook post from a friend of Shepherd exacerbated the incident Aug. 2 by alleging Hillsborough police used a slur against Shepherd. Police did not use the slur, Shepherd said, and he asked the friend to take it down immediately.

Stevens also weighed in, defending the officers’ conduct.

On Saturday, the police department posted five extra officers downtown to maintain the peace and ensure LGBTQ protesters imported in by Shepherd didn’t block the sidewalk or streets.

The Sodomite protestors call themselves Hillsborough Progressives Taking Action.


With Game of Thrones creators David Benioff and D.B. Weiss jumping from HBO to Netflix, it appears it’s lights out for their controversial Confederate project.

Benioff and Weiss just signed a $200 million overall deal with Netflix that “wipes Confederate off HBO’s books,” reports The Hollywood Reporter. Vulture’s Josef Adalian further confirms with sources that the show is now dead and won’t move forward without Benioff and Weiss.

It’s pretty obvious, but people familiar with the situation confirm that CONFEDERATE, the alt-history project Benioff and Weiss had in development at HBO, is now completely, finally dead at the network. It won’t live on without them.


A group of Texas veterans has proposed that the Secretary of the Army rename Fort Hood. Named in honor of Confederate General John Bell Hood, the veterans want to instead designate it as Fort Benavidez in honor of Medal of Honor recipient Special Forces Master Sgt. Roy Benavidez, who was severely wounded in action in Vietnam in 1968.


ICE arrests 680 people at Mississippi food processing plants. Immigrations and Customs Enforcement targeted a number of food processing facilities in Mississippi on Wednesday resulting in the arrests of 680 people. The department said it was the largest workplace raid in over a decade.

On Thursday over 400 of those who were “arrested” were released.


In an executive order, President Trump ordered a freeze on all Venezuelan government assets and barred transactions with its authorities. Basically, the same embargo against Cuba is now in force against Venezuala. The move is a significant escalation of pressure against the administration of President Nicolás Maduro.


Cyntoia Brown was “released” after 15 years of life sentence for killing a man who solicited her for sex as a teen.

Cyntoia Brown was a sex trafficking victim who was sentenced to life in prison when she was 16 after being convicted of killing a man who solicited her for sex. She was released from a Tennessee prison early Wednesday morning. Brown, now 31, was granted clemency by then-Tennessee Gov. Bill Haslam in January following campaigns for her release by celebrities.

Out of prison, she is not out of “custody” as she is on a supervised release and living in a “half-way” house.

Bigger shooting in Chicago

Even bigger than the shootings in Texas and Ohio. But the media refuses to carry the story.

by Al Benson, Jr.

Al Benson, Jr., is the Editor of the Copperhead Chronicle. In addition to writing for Southern Patriot and other publications, he is a member of the Confederate Society of America and the League of the South.

Who would have thought that during the administration of Donald Trump we would have had to worry about gun control and/or gun confiscation? Just goes to show you that, in the political realm nothing happens by accident and you can trust almost no one.

You might say, in our present circumstances “The shootings will continue until the attitude toward gun control improves.” Many naïve people think that, once all the guns are confiscated from honest people then all the shootings will cease. I’ve got news for you “useful idiots” who think that. It won’t happen that way. Once the criminal element figures out that no one our there can fight back their criminal excursions will markedly increase because they will know that no one will have the means to resist what they do.

And don’t kid yourselves for even a little minute. The people in Washington WANT YOUR GUNS, all of your guns and they don’t give a hoot about what the criminals can do to you. Their agenda is to disarm honest people. That’s all they’re concerned about. They have been told to get the guns, any way they have to and they don’t look beyond that. Most of them live in gated communities or have armed guards, so they couldn’t care less what happens to you or your families. Their families will be secure–the hell with yours!

Trump now claims he is in favor of background checks for guns. Doesn’t he realize that background checks are but the precursor to confiscation? He should have figured that out by now. And he wants Red Flag laws about guns, which means that some bureaucrat in Washington will get to decide who is a potential threat and the feds will just move in and take his guns, even though he has committed no crime. In other words, he’s guilty until proven innocent!

Trump has got to realize that if he continues to go along with this insanity then he stands a good chance of alienating his base of voters. This is NOT what they elected him for. They elected him to prevent this sort of thing and now he is going along with it.

Everyone out there needs to contact their senators and tell them to vote against any new gun control measures, and let them know that if they support any new gun control measures then you will work to expose and defeat them in 2020.

We didn’t elect Trump so he could cave in to the gun grabbers. Hillary would have done that. I expected better than that from Trump. Maybe I was naïve. Maybe my confidence was misplaced?

Is it Time for America to Break Apart?
by Dr. Boyd Cathey

Dr. Boyd Cathey was assistant to author and philosopher Russell Kirk. He served as State Registrar of the North Carolina Division of Archives and History. He is active in the Sons of Confederate Veterans and various historical, archival, and genealogical organizations.

There is a question that increasingly arises, uncomfortably, in our conversations…from brief exchanges at work at the water cooler, at home with family, after church on Sunday, with our email messages to friends and associates. To watch any amount of television news these days, to switch back and forth between, say, CNN and Fox, and to listen to their interpretations of any event or issue, no matter what, that same question clambers in the background like an unchained wild beast:

What has happened-what is happening-to the geographical entity we call the United States, to its people, to its culture? Does it not seem like the country is coming apart at the seams, in just about everything, from its once-established moral base in a more or less historic Christian framework to its very vision of reality, of what is real and what is not?

Millions of “woke” social justice progressives now control the Democratic Party and most of our media; they dominate our entertainment and sports industries; they push for open borders and what amounts to “population replacement” of natives by illegal aliens; and they have a stranglehold on the near entirety of our educational system, from the primary grades to our colleges.

Each year those institutions turn out millions of freshly-minted automatons-intellectual zombies-who think like their unhinged teachers and professors have trained them, and who then take up responsible positions in our society and increasingly support and vote for a type of veritable madness which, like an unstoppable centrifugal force, is tearing this country apart, creating unbridgeable divisions that no amount of misdirected pleading or faux-compromise can repair.

The progressives loudly tout their support for “equality” and what they term “liberation from arbitrary restraints.” They tell us that they are working against historic “racism and sexism.” But, in actuality, their program turns real liberty on its head, inverts rationality, and enslaves millions in unrequited passions and desires, unbound and unreasoned, cocooned in a pseudo-reality. It is, to paraphrase the great English essayist and poet G. K. Chesterton, the definition of actual lunacy.
In his volume, The Poet and the Lunatics (1929), Chesterton’s character Gale asks the question: “What exactly is liberty?” He responds, in part:

First and foremost, surely, it is the power of a thing to be itself. In some ways the yellow bird was free in the cage…We are limited by our brains and bodies; and if we break out, we cease to be ourselves, and, perhaps, to be anything. The lunatic is he who loses his way and cannot return…. The man who opened the bird-cage loved freedom; possibly too much… But the man who broke the bowl merely because he thought it a prison for the fish, when it was their only possible house of life-that man was already outside the world of reason, raging with a desire to be outside of everything. [emphasis added] The social justice fanatics who demonstrate in the streets, who appear nightly on our news channels broadcasting the ideological virus they call news, who parade before a House or Senate committee (or serve on that committee!), and who indoctrinate gullible and intellectually-abused students in supposed centers of higher education, are, to use Chesterton’s parable, lunatics. They are “already outside the world of reason,” and their unrestrained rage to destroy is only matched by their profound inability to create anything of real and lasting value.

They partake of a virulent cultural post-Marxism that, despite slogans of “defeating racism, sexism, homophobia, and white supremacy,” and establishing equality, is ultimately unachievable. Its advocates are, measured by the historical reality of two millennia of Christian civilization and by the laws of nature, insane.

They sloganize about “the fruits of democracy” and “equal rights,” where in some future utopia “racism” and “sexism” will finally be banished, but where, in fact, the very contrary will exist, where democracy will have become a totalitarian dystopia a thousand times worse and more oppressive than anything George Orwell envisioned in his phantasmagoric novel Nineteen Eighty Four.

This element, this force in our country, which now numbers many millions of votaries, works feverishly and tirelessly to achieve its objectives. And, as we have seen, especially since the presidential election of 2016, it will do anything, use any tactic, including defamation, lawsuits, censorship, even violence to achieve its ends, to turn back what it perceives even in the slightest to be “counter-revolutionary.”

The question comes down to this: Is the fragile American experiment in republicanism begun in Philadelphia in 1787, which required a commonly-shared understanding of basic principles, now over, or at the very least is it entering its agonizing death throes?

One can certainly trace a progressively destructive trajectory in American history since the overthrow of the American constitutional system in 1865. And the results of that history are now reaching almost an unimaginable breaking point.

Increasingly, we live in a country that has become de facto little more than a mere geographical entity. True, it is still formally a nation, but a nation where there are in fact at least two very distinct Americas, with radically differing visions of what is real and what is not real, radically differing conceptions of what is moral and what is not, radically differing views about truth and error, and radically differing ideas about using whatever means are available to reach a desired and posited end. For all the talk of equality and racism, the revolutionary side in actuality seeks to replace one oligarchy-which it calls “white supremacist”-with another oligarchy of its own making, in fact, a brutal, vicious and soulless “utopia” that would make Joseph Stalin’s Communist state seem like a Sandals Retreat in the Bahamas.

At the base of this revolutionary movement is the critical use of language. Ideologically-tinged words-“devil terms”-now occur with amazing regularity and frequency: racism, white privilege, sexism, toxic masculinity, equality, democracy, and so on. These terms have been weaponized and are now employed by those on the Left-but also adopted by many elitist movement conservatives (“conservatism inc.”)-to disauthorize, condemn, and damn anyone who would offer effective opposition to the rapid Leftward perversion of what remains of this nation.

It is not only the frenzied talking heads on CNN and MSNBC, but such “respectable” conservative voices as Bill Kristol, Hew Hewitt, Jonah Goldberg, Rich Lowry, Ben Shapiro, the National Review crowd and various Republican types , who have joined in to legitimize each new progressivist conquest (e.g., same sex marriage) and attack any real opposition to the Leftist “long march” through our institutions. Like the hard Left, the establishment conservatives betray a hardly-concealed contempt for Middle America, for those hard-working, gun-owning, church-going, underpaid folks who still try to raise a family morally on a shrinking salary. They see the rest of us as mere rubes, a servile class who are not supposed to have a voice-this, you see, is now “American democracy.”

We are not supposed to question this arrangement; we are not supposed to get off the “reservation” assigned to us. That, you see, was the way the “new oligarchy” would work. But in 2016, in exasperation, we did question it, and we did so because instinctively we knew that the unelected managerial class-a cosmopolitan and globalist elite-was far more loyal to its own class and more concerned about conserving its power and authority. It did not give a damn about us, despite the endless stream of campaign promises we hear every election season.

We understood that the chances of success were minimal, and even if we were successful-electorally highly unlikely-the establishment and Inside-the-Beltway elites would ground to dust or coopt any opposition, including even Donald Trump.
But the unlikely did occur, and the elites-the media, the entertainment industry, almost the entirety of academia, the progressivist Democrat Left, and also those supposed defenders of our interests, “conservatism inc.”-responded with unleashed and unrestrained anger, contempt and condescension. Those elites feel threatened by the “natives”-threatened by those of us on the giant fly-over plantation between the million dollar mansions surrounded by walls in Silicon Valley and the paneled million dollar board rooms on Wall Street where the international globalists gather to plot the future of the world.

No matter that Donald Trump filled much of his administration with establishment figures and GOP standbys (especially in foreign policy). The fact of his election had signaled that the mask of the administrative state, its very authority had been seriously challenged. And what followed was what can only be described as a torrent of lies, fabrications, assaults on our character, attempts to suppress our guaranteed rights of speech and expression, shaming us, and efforts to destroy our livelihoods or get us fired from our jobs or dismissed from our schools.

And, of course, there was the Russia Hoax, involving the Hilary Clinton campaign, the Democratic National Committee, the Mueller Commission, a compliant media, and the FBI and other intelligence services, and totally false claims that somehow the Russians “had interfered” in our elections. In fact, the “Russia Hoax” was completely political; the Russians were not involved, save for a few double-agents who were actually working for American/FBI interests. It was a massive, unparalleled effort not just to bring down the president, but more significantly, to discredit any opposition to the Deep State establishment’s control.

There are then, palpably, two Americas. They still use the same language, but they are increasingly incapable of communicating with each other. Almost weekly words and terms are redefined beyond comprehension, and those “devil terms” have become the modern equivalents of linguistic hydrogen bombs deployed by the progressivists. They illustrate what political theorist Paul Gottfried has called a “post-Marxist” praxis that has actually moved beyond the assaults of cultural Marxism towards a new and imposed template.

No dissent from this template is permitted in our society. If it demands you call black, white; then you must comply, or suffer the consequences. If your eyes tell you one thing, but the collective media and elites tell you something else, “who you gonna believe, them or your lying eyes”?

For “conservatism inc.” this state of affairs poses critical problems: the “movement” is more or less moribund, like a Persian eunuch at court, of little danger to the harem and of doubtful usefulness otherwise. Its stale ideas are not attractive to Millennials and offer no practical solutions to the challenges at hand. Indeed, in too many cases “establishment conservatives” and their Republican cohorts in Congress only serve to normalize each progressivist victory. Creative ideas from the Right only come nowadays from what is termed “the disauthorized Right,” from the nationalist Right (especially in Europe), and the populist and Old Right (here in the United States).

Some “movement conservatives” have recognized this. And there has been recent talk about the “conservative movement” somehow harnessing the newly unleashed nationalism and populism-witness the recent efforts of Israeli scholar Yoram Hazony (The Virtue of Nationalism, 2018) to incorporate these tendencies into the conservative mainstream. A national conference on “nationalist conservatism” was held in Washington on July 14-16. But such attempts are essentially efforts by a “phony right” (as Paul Gottfried terms it) to once again derail real opposition to the Progressivist project and maintain control over disparate elements (and also deflect criticism of Israel, always a bugaboo for the Neoconservatives).

Such efforts will ultimately fail, just as the creation of a new American nationalism will flounder, as well. Unlike most European nations which possess an organic history and common heritage, the United States has traveled too far down the road of unbridgeable division for a rooted nationalism to be successful. The disparities and extreme differences are far too great.

It is time to look elsewhere for solutions.

America in 2019 faces three possibilities for its future:

(1) Either there must be some large mass conversion of one side or the other (a ‘Road to Damascus’ conversion?), probably occasioned by some immense and earth-shaking event, war, depression, disaster; or

(2) there must be a separation into independent jurisdictions of large portions of what is presently geographically the United States, including possible massive population exchanges-this separation/secession could be peaceable, although increasingly I think it would not be; or lastly, and worst,

(3) the devolution of this country would continue into open and vicious civil and guerrilla war, followed by a harsh dictatorship. Disorder always abhors a vacuum, and that vacuum will be filled one way or another.

Given the present state of this nation, are there any other realistic possibilities? After all, despite the pious pining of the Neoconservative publicists that America is the world’s “exceptional” nation, the new Utopia, God did not grant us national eternity, did not guarantee our future. And our leaders and many of our citizens have done their damnedest to undo and undermine all those original hopes and promises.

The modern American madness, the lunacy-and that is certainly what it is-increases exponentially, it seems, on a daily basis. There are so many examples of it, it is so rampant in our society, that our surprise and outrage have become inured: imagine something incredibly and impossibly awful and crazy…and, lo, it actually will happen in our insane society.

There are only a very few things, a few statements by Abraham Lincoln that I can agree with. One of them is this (1858): “A house divided against itself cannot stand.”

The time has come; the moment has arrived for us to discuss not only what is wrong with the country, but how we actually might resolve the issues that confront us. And just perhaps the answer is not a new and necessarily-controlled or imposed faux-nationalism, but some sort of national separation, hopefully peaceful, that might be the least disagreeable course. The other options, all of them, bring violence, civil war, and probably dictatorship. And that is something we must hope to avoid.

by Dissident Mama

Truth warrior, Jesus follower, wife, and boymom. Apologetics practitioner for Orthodox Christianity, the Southern tradition, homeschooling, and liberty. Recovering feminist-socialist-atheist, graduate of the University of Wisconsin-Madison, and retired mainstream journalist turned domesticated belle and rabble-rousing rhetorician.

Daily Wire columnist Matt Walsh wrote that “we have become a country filled with numb, detached, and desensitized people. Mass shootings are the ultimate manifestation of that detachment.”

“These are empty, numb, detached people slaughtering their fellow humans because they are bored and frustrated with their meaningless lives,” he continued. But if it’s “detachment and desensitization causing these attacks, the next question is, what causes the detachment and desensitization?”

Walsh goes on to name the internet, social media, cable news, feminism, video games, psychiatric drugs, atheism, and broken homes as some of the underlying reasons for the “cultural emptiness” and the violence it inspires. He calls them “culprits,” but he’s putting the horse before the cart. America’s “cultural emptiness” is the cause, not the effect.

America is meaningless. She is a false god – a mythos that is steeped in totalitarian leftist ideology, and coercively implements the untenable and dangerous dogma of cultural Marxism on the masses, and then has the gall to call it “society.” It’s no wonder she’s falling apart at the seems. Walsh aptly captured this sentiment back in 2015 when he blogged that “No, America is not a great nation.”

“Eradicate” is a pretty genocidal word. But so it goes when anti-whiteness has become one of America’s most fashionable and influential identities.

“Judge America by any measure – moral, political, economic, social, cultural – and none of it points to greatness,” Walsh wrote. “Not by a long shot. Not even close. Not anymore. Progressivism dominates all of these spheres, and with its rise our greatness diminishes.”

“Not anymore.” Hmm, that certainly implies that something must have changed. Well, let’s look at the much-bandied-about word “nation.” Biblically, a nation isn’t a political entity, but rather one based upon people groups with a shared religion and history, time-honored norms, and familial ties. And nationhood even up until about the mid-19th century was still shaped by commonalities, like language, culture, faith, and ancestry, and was always defined within borders – some geographic, some political.

Before the “Civil War,” the conglomerate of peoples which comprised America each had its own distinct regional culture. Different brands of Christianity. Different customs. Different roots. Most people considered their state or even their local community their “country.” But that all changed in 1861 for these United States.

“We must honor the sacred memory of those we have lost by acting as ONE PEOPLE. Open wounds cannot heal if we are divided. We must seek real, bipartisan solutions that will truly make America safer and better for all.”
– Donald J. Trump

“We” became a nation-state forged in oneness, indivisibility, and equality by force of war. And though centralization has diligently goose-stepped along its long, steady “forward” march over the year, people are still tribal by nature.

So America began to create new identities, but not through shared tangibles, but instead through empty ideas like pluralism, materialism, and egalitarianism, and fictional communities like multiculturalism, LGBT, and Apple vs. Android. In other words, nothing remotely similar to what traditionally and historically made a nation.

It’s so Orwellian, that the cultural Marxists had to make up a new word to comprise all these new, shiny identities: intersectionalism. It’s all the rage.

Gone are the real ties that bind. Gone is the passing down of history and respect for forefathers. Gone are the bedrock institutions like the nuclear family and Christianity. Gone is any culture in the truest sense of the word. We are atomized radical individualists drowning in “humanitarian” warfarism and cold globalism. Be patriotic, citizen, and just remember that it’s “In GDP we trust.”

“The strength or weakness of a society depends more on the level of its spiritual life than on its level of industrialization.”
– Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn

All that remains is consumerist demographics. No wonder Americans are experiencing a crisis in identity, although it is particularly pointed for young white men, for they are the single demo which isn’t allowed to forge bonds with any other tribesmen. Male-only spaces are already on the endangered species list, especially if you’re a non-leftist. I mean, only a misogynist wouldn’t want to not have enlightened females around to harangue them, right?

And God forbid they want to hang out with (gasp!) … other white people who may be fellow Christians or Southerners or share some other connection or like-mindedness. Don’t they know that kind of identitarianism is meant for everyone but them? Can’t they just be good boys and fall in line with feminism, anti-racism, transgenderism, and woke capitalism like the America cultists want them to do?

Progressives have made it near to impossible for normal young white men to gather in the public sphere, much less have open and honest conversations in private spaces like church, work, and even family gatherings. So is it any wonder that they vent and bond with one another on social media? And the whole point of video games is to escape reality and feel as if you have some semblance of control, so it really surprising that gaming is an alluring activity for those who’ve been marginalized? When you’ve been cast to the shadows, you may as well make the most of it.

After all, post-modern America has derided and smashed the things with which they most identify (masculinity, provider instincts, roots) and most need (respect, stability, faith). There would be no “gamification” or “internetification” of terror, if not for Archetype Derangement Syndrome. It’s a hateful hoax of most epic proportions.

Yet now, even typically-common-sense Walsh has gotten on the #WhiteSupremacistTerrorism bandwagon, along with typical neocon hustlers like David French, Ben Shapiro, Jack Posobiec, and Ivanka (Trump) Kushner.

“We” absolutely would do this if he was a Muslim or Antifa. That is precisely the problem. Just look at the Dayton shooter, Connor Betts. He was an Antifa socialist and a satanist (is there really any difference?) but all the collective hand-wringing is focused on El Paso, especially the “Mexican nationals” who were killed.
Here’s what I consider to be a fair retort to Walsh’s above tweet:

And then here’s a typical American reply to Lee Jackson:

This exchange reminds me of that interview CNN’s Fareed Zakaria did with American Renaissance editor Jared Taylor last month, when his first question was “What is white?” before proceeding to spend an hour condescendingly claiming that it’s difficult to tell whether or not someone is white and then following up by discussing shrinking white demographics. Huh? Plus, the segment is entitled, “State of Hate: The Explosion of White Supremacy,” which further erodes Zakaria’s illogical “colorblind” fiction.

Hey, Gary and Fareed. If we lived in a society based upon meritocracy, and NOT affirmative action, racial and gender quotas, HUD scams, social engineering in public schools, globohomo corporatism, victim-obsessed media, critical-theory brainwashing in universities, welfarism, BLM worship, racial “reconciliation” in churches, special rights for “aggrieved minorities,” the razing of real history, and censorship, maybe ol’ Lee Jackson wouldn’t be so defensive about being white.

But instead, white people who are not guilt-ridden about being white, liking it, and loving their white kids somehow “speaks volumes.” Stunning and brave there, Gary. Only in America.

Truly, we are immersed in a society of identity politics. Any person who denies that is a either fool or a fraud. It’s not true identity, of course. It’s purely political. But for some odd reason, it’s only white identity politics that’s the “real problem.”

When Trump tweeted, “Republicans and Democrats must come together and get strong background checks, perhaps marrying this legislation with desperately needed immigration reform,” charlatan Ben Shapiro quipped, “What the hell does any of this have to do with immigration reform?”

Uh, everything, Benny. The 1965 Immigration Act was one of the final steps in killing the foundations of America’s once-authentic identity and natural settlement patterns, and replacing it with government-designed multicultural madness. Who da thunk that manufactured demographic changes would be the death knell of an already dying culture? Shocker! Or that this political calculation would result in increased social division, the proliferation of debt bondage for producers, and the infringement of freedoms for resistors? But hey, tacos trump hate.

The very same people who created and benefit from our identity-less-ness now get to define what is a “hate crime” and then kill you speedily for it. I guess this makes the multiple life sentences given to James Fields seem like a walk in the park. God bless America, my home, sweet home. I wish. Abundant ethnic food or dollar stores in every strip center along every generic street in every once-unique Southern town cannot make up for the loss in commonality and customs once shared by citizens in their various regional homes. Invasion, reconstruction, and political tribalism (for all but the ones who still happen to be the majority in this country) has a way of putting the kibbutz on high-trust community and knowing your place in it.

It is the centralized state which over-medicates with prescription drugs through its sick care system, miseducates our youth in the poison of secular-humanism, promotes the globohomo agenda, and undergirds the rampant dysfunction of single motherhood. Let’s take a closer look at just one of these numbing cultural ailments.

An article from 2018 claimed that nearly all of the deadliest mass shooters have been fatherless. Now, the author may use a broad definition of “fatherlessness” (not being raised by a bio dad in the same home or simply having an “absent father”), but the larger point is that broken families play a role in the frustration and detachment felt by young men, who need fathers and strong male role models to help them mature into strong, healthy adults. No wonder suicide and drug abuse is on the rise among our youth.

Now, couple that with white boys being told every part of their identity is evil (their skin color is racist, their ancestry is white supremacist, and their gender is toxic), AND that there’s no mention of God in many young men’s lives and upbringing, of course hopelessness and disconnection are bound to result. And even when dads are present, they are often kowtowed by their feminist wives or penalized by the children’s mothers in anti-male family courts.

Interestingly, it is the very nation-state which has made possible and profits off of this societal degradation which now wants to take my guns. The very progressive system which initiated this general malaise now wants to tag indentity-less-ness and skepticism of our governmental overlords as a mental disorder. Funny how that works.

Apparently diversity is our strength when it comes to the truth about “mass shooters.” Shhhh, don’t tell the neocons, the corporate media, the lying politicians, and unhinged Antifa that I’m challenging the narrative, or they may “red flag” me. If the feds can’t pull off disarming normal folks, leftist governors and attorneys general will have their back.

When a “news” outlet asks members of North Carolina’s congressional delegation “Do you believe white nationalism is driving more mass shootings recently? Should hate-filled websites [meaning alt-right sites, of course] be policed?” you know I’m not being hyperbolic. This is deadly serious stuff, y’all.

And it’s not only selective outrage over which gun violence gets covered and which remains endlessly in the news cycle, but it is the the hyper-hysteria over guns themselves. Forget the fact that gun violence has gone down and that mass shootings are exceedingly rare. Even some leftists get that.

But forget the real cause of our cultural emptiness. Forget the facts. Forget the real damage being perpetrated on real people. Forget that to be a modern American, you must be a deracinated cog in the machine of the nation-state.

But who cares? We’ve got immediacy and lots of stuff, like cell phones where we can virtue-signal to strangers about how woke, anti-racist, and empathetic we are, giving us that much-needed sense of belonging which we humans all crave. That should numb us to our identity-less-ness at least for a while, or at least until the next “national” tragedy.


Dr. Ed is a pastor, author, public speaker, radio personality, lobbyist, re-enactor, and the Director of Dixie Heritage.

Our regular listeners know that we were facing a court date next week Thursday. The State’s Attorney has declined to continue in the matter. Praise the Lord!

My honest opinion, the entirety of all of it was simply a beuracratic attempt to discourage us from lobbying our elected officials and the beuracrats who determine whether our heritage will be honored or violated. Create a big enough headache for us and we’ll think twice before making our next trip to the Capitol.

I want to thank all of you who prayed for doing so!

Our legal expenses were minimal. For that we also praise the Lord!

In a couple of weeks I will be travelling to an out of state Capitol – we continue in the fight. We cannot do so without your continuing support.

Until Next Week
Deo Vindice!
Chaplain Ed

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