Police persecuting Confederate activists

On the anniversary of the Confederate flag’s removal from the grounds of the S.C. State House, organizers are planning to rally with the flag outside the State House, right before the grounds are turned over to a racial justice group.

Ryan Barnett reserved the State House grounds from 6 to 8 a.m. Wednesday for a “Confederate flag rally,” according to his permit application to the S.C. Department of Administration.

The rally’s permit expires only an hour before the Columbia chapter of Showing Up for Racial Justice is scheduled to hold its own celebration of the flag’s removal from the State House grounds four years ago. Group founder Sarah Keeling had reserved the grounds for the day specifically to block the State House grounds from being used for a flag rally as it has in years past.

A separate group will hold its own Confederate flag event at the State House on Saturday. But Barnett said he wanted flag supporters to have a chance to mark the anniversary at the state capitol.


The county claims that it didn’t know it had ordered a bunch of Confederate Battle Flag wristbands.

The wristband dealer claims he didn’t know a discontinued product had been sent to the county.

That’s the story that emerged after Winston-Salem’s Tanglewood Park pool utilized Confederate Flag wristbands over July 4th weekend.

Forsyth County parks and recreation officials said that on Monday they disposed of wristbands with a Confederate design after receiving a complaint from Sage Magness.

Magness said she was “pretty mad because the Confederate flag is something I don’t have in my life.” She said that, at one point, she told a pool staffer, “I am going to take this racist wristband off.”

Magness was originally told by a County staffer that the wristbands “have a generic stars and stripes pattern.” The county employee said the bands have been used for the past several years without generating any complaints. But Magness persisted in her nastiness.

Damon Sanders-Pratt, the deputy county manager of Forsyth, issued a formal apology on Monday afternoon and blamed the whole thing on “a young staffer who ordered the wristbands mistakenly thought he was ordering a patriotic theme. Our staff person selected two styles that they believed were patriotic in that they were homages to the American flag. One was called ‘Stars & Stripes Red & Blue’ and the other was called ‘Stars and Bars Multicolored.'” Sanders-Pratt said the employee “didn’t recognize the connotation” of the latter wristband’s title. “The employee’s intention was to recognize the American flag and Independence Day, but they made an uninformed selection,” Sanders-Pratt said. “Again, the county made a mistake by using these wristbands, no matter what they were called, and apologizes to those who were offended.”

Sanders-Pratt said the Confederate flag design was only one of 12 different designs the county ordered for use at the pool. The others come in single colors or happy-face designs and the like, he said, so there’s no shortage of wristbands without the ones that were tossed.

Meanwhile, MedTech Wristbands chimed in Monday afternoon with an email to Sanders-Pratt that each box had 500 wristbands inside and they cost $59 altogether. Further, MedTech wrote Sanders-Pratt to say that an employee hadn’t been aware that “we do not sell, support or promote these bands any longer, and she also wasn’t aware of what they resembled.” The company is putting credit for five boxes of wristbands on the county’s account. The wristbands shouldn’t have been sent out in the first place, the company told Sanders-Pratt.


It’s unclear how much taxpayers will have to pay to breach a contract with a country act that has been removed from the entertainment lineup for the DuQuion State Fair, but a downstate Illinois legislator said he’s baffled by what he sees as the hypocrisy of one state fair act being canceled while another is still expected to take center stage.

The DuQuoin State Fair, which runs Aug. 23 through Sept. 2, had initially listed the country music group Confederate Railroad among those slated to perform at the event. That performance was later canceled.

State Rep. Darren Bailey, R-Louisville, said that makes no sense. He said he doesn’t listen to country music, but did look into Confederate Railroad after the group was removed from the lineup.

“It’s just a bunch of southern redneck music, I guess, is how I would term it,” Bailey said. “But yet let’s look at the other side of the coin with Snoop Dogg who is to me is as anti-American, I don’t care who the president is, as anti-American as you can get. And we don’t stand for this stuff and we should not tolerate this.”

Some on social media called for a boycott of the fair over the cancelation of Confederate Railroad.

Bailey shared on social media a graphic depicting a Confederate Railroad album cover that contained the Confederate flag next to a Snoop Dogg album cover that shows the feet of a cadaver with a toe tag labeled “Trump.”

Snoop Dogg is set to perform Aug. 16 at the Illinois State Fair in Springfield.

The controversy made national notoriety with country artist Charlie Daniels posted on Twitter:

This political correctness thing is totally out of control. When a fair cancels the Confederate Railroad band because of their name its giving in to facism, plain and simple and our freedom disappears piece by piece. Sick of it.

10:45 PM – Jul 5, 2019
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Bailey said there are some questions the Department of Agriculture is going to have to answer.

Bailey said it makes no sense to feature Snoop Dogg, who’s made controversial overtones threatening President Donald Trump, at the fair in Springfield next month while canceling a country music act.

If Confederate Railroad were to perform, Bailey said he expects it would be a sellout show, boosting the fair’s bottom line.

We’ll find out because Confederate Railroad will play Sept. 5 at Black Diamond Harley-Davidson in nearby Marion.

Shad Zimbro is Black Diamond Harley-Davidson co-owner. He says booking Confederate Railroad was not a matter of showing anyone up but simply giving southern Illinois fans the show they wanted.


A court date will soon be set to determine whether a massive confederate battle flag will be allowed to fly on private property off of a Virginia highway.

The Daily Progress reports the debate surrounds a 30 by 50 foot flag on a 120-foot pole. The Virginia Flaggers say the flag, located about 15 miles from Charlottesville, counters the Charlottesville City Council’s vote to remove a statue of Gen. Robert E. Lee in May.

Officials say the flag violates height ordinances, but the group says it’s a Civil War monument, exempting it from height limitations.

Judge Timothy K. Sanner is expected to set a hearing date July 15 for two separate rulings: First, whether the flagpole is a monument, then on the constitutionality of the county’s zoning ordinance.


A black employee of Corrigan-Radgowski Correctional Center in Uncasville has sued the Department of Correction, alleging she was suspended without pay for one day after complaining about a white corrections officer whose vehicle had a Confederate Flag prominently displayed for visitors and employees to see.


Top GOP donor Elliott Broidy is under a federal jury probe, AP reports
According to the AP report, a federal grand jury is investigating whether Trump inaugural committee vice-chair Elliott Broidy exploited his access to President Trump to strike business deals with foreign leaders.


Eric Swalwell becomes the first Democrat to drop out of the 2020 presidential race.
The Democratic congressman, who announced his intent to run for 2020 in April, is the first candidate to drop out of the race. He said he will run for re-election to the House of Representatives instead.

by Al Benson, Jr.

Al Benson, Jr., is the Editor of the Copperhead Chronicle. In addition to writing for Southern Patriot and other publications, he is a member of the Confederate Society of America and the League of the South.

Unless you have been living under a rock lately, you are aware of the Nike flag flap that got Colin Kaepernick’s panties in a wad. He objects to the original (Betsy Ross version) of the flag of these united States saying that it is racist. How could that be?

Well, this was the first uS flag and it represents, and is closely associated with, the “original” constitution. That would be the constitution prior to the War of Yankee Aggression and subsequent constitutional amendments. In other words, it was the uS flag before America died at Appomattox.

Is it racist? Well….yes. How? The best way to answer that question is to compare it to the flags of the Confederate States of America. Not one single flag associated in any way with the CSA ever flew over a slave ship. On the other hand, the Yankee flag(s), including the Betsy Ross, flew over slave ships for over 90 years. And who takes all the blame for slavery?

In the heat of all this debate, it is obvious that ignorance is abundant out there about the origin and the roll of the flag of the uSSA. It is our ignorance that allows us to take our children (5 days a week) down to the Mandatory Government Propaganda Camp where they learn to stand, place their hand over their heart and pledge allegiance to this flag. Should we be doing that? Well, let’s see….

The first thing you need to know about the Pledge of Allegiance is where it came from. It was written by a card carrying Socialist by the name of Bellamy back in 1892. He had been a Baptist preacher who had been kicked out of the Church for preaching that Jesus was a Socialist. He was also one of the early ones that advocated the use of the “public schools” as a means for “social change.”

Your teacher never told you that nor has your child’s teacher ever told him/her that either. Is there any wonder why we are constantly fighting for our lives against the likes of Bill and Hillary, Joe B, Bareback Obama, AOC, Nancy P, Chuck C, and on and on for another paragraph or two?

Let’s analyze the pledge line by line and see how it stands up to the truth:
I pledge allegiance to the flag… A flag is a piece of cloth. Saying that is the equivalent of worshiping a false idol. Blasphemy.

And to the Republic for which it stands… Republic? What republic? That died 150+ years ago. The day General Lee walked out of that courthouse was the day America died-from that day forward, the FedGov was to be the sole judge of the limits to its own power. Not surprisingly, it has since judged that there are NO limits to that power.

One nation… NOT! At the founding, the individual colonies were considered to be the “sovereigns” with freedom of association. All of the founding documents refer to it in the plural-“these” united (lower case) States and NOT THE (singular, only one centrally controlled sovereign) United (capital) States.

Did you know that before Appomattox there was no such thing as an American Citizen? Each individual was considered a “citizen” of the state in which he/she lived. So now do we understand what happened to our State’s rights and our individual geographic identities? Only a very small minority do.

Up until Dishonest Abe made it so, America was never intended to be “one nation.” The majority of Americans today confuse the word “patriotism.” Patriotism is a healthy, moral-ethical love of one’s country, its land, its people their customs and traditions. It is not accompanied by any desire to initiate force or violence against anyone. Thomas Jefferson and Robert E. Lee were patriots and men of high moral values and ethical principles. The Declaration of Independence, a secession document, and the Articles of Confederation are patriotic documents. Neither contains any suggestion for the initiation of force or violence against persons or their property against their will. I am a patriot.

Under God… There is no problem with that except for the fact that it is a blatant lie and will probably not last much longer.

With liberty and justice for all… The biggest lie ever told. Just ask LaVoy Finicum’s family. Just ask the Hammonds. How about Ruby Ridge and Waco? How come the uSSA has the largest percentage of its citizens locked in steel cages-the highest incarceration rate in the world? And the great majority of them have never committed a real crime-one that involves the initiation of force or violence against another and/or his/her property.

I am a patriot. Therefore, I cannot parrot the pledge. When placed in the situation, I stand, facing the flag, at the position of attention-heels together, thumbs along the seams of my trousers but I remain silent. To a military man, even the enemy deserves a certain kind of respect.

Options for Homeland Defense, Inc. (Protecting Liberty through Private Firearms Ownership)

“Owning a handgun doesn’t make you armed any more than owning a guitar makes you a musician.” – Jeff Cooper

Call for a pizza, a cop, and an ambulance and see which one arrives first.

In Warren v. District of Columbia the court ruled, and the Supreme Court upheld, that “(T)he desire for condemnation cannot satisfy the need for a special relationship out of which a duty to specify persons arises.” Because the complaint did not allege a relationship “beyond that found in general police responses to crimes,” the court affirmed the dismissal of the complaint for failure to state a claim. The bottom line is that your local police are not legally obligated to protect you, the average citizen. In addition to the Warren case, there are hundreds of court rulings which state that cops are not legally responsible for protecting individual citizens. For example, see Zelig v. County of Los Angeles.

The government can’t protect you as you saw on September 11, 2001 as well as during the Washington, DC area “sniper” rampage and the plethora of active shooter events that we have had since.

In fact, the government could very well be our greatest fear, due to its propensity to murder people because of their ideas (See Ruby Ridge, ID and Waco, TX).

A simple internet or youtube.com search of “the police state” or “police brutality” will reveal literally thousands of violent crimes (from assault to cold blooded murder) committed by the State’s costumed emissaries of officially sanctioned violence (aka The Police State) against harmless and innocent people.

So, who does that leave to protect you, your life, property and family? The one and only answer is: YOU It is your duty and personal responsibility to protect yourself and your loved ones.

This responsibility is a natural right given to us by God as human beings and guaranteed to us as individuals by the Constitution of the United States of America.

The Russian Conspiracy … To Reclaim Western Values
by Hanne Nabintu Herland

Hanne Nabintu Herland is a historian of religions, author, and founder of “The Herland Report.”

We live in a strange world. While the Russians have turned away from atheist communism and increasingly embrace traditional values, religion and capitalism, the United States is rapidly turning into a totalitarian Soviet Union. The coin definitely flipped, and rapidly so. Over 80 percent in the former atheist USSR now believe in God, probably constituting the greatest revival of Christianity in our time. In the East, they got tired of the communist state elite who controlled almost everything down to the shape of glasses factories were allowed to produce.

And somehow the left in America got so tired of individual freedom and the Constitution, they now crave to become a socialist state where the elite has total control over national revenues, the media, the public, the universities. Ever since the neo-Marxists won the social revolution in the 1960s, this ideology has been implemented with radical force, tearing down whoever stood in the way, breaking up traditional values, introducing new family structures, removing the authorityof the church and making sure women and men don’t getalong.

It began with the post-war, neo-Marxist intellectuals in Germany, such as Theodore W. Adorno, Herbert Marcuse, Friedrich Pollock and Max Horkheimer, who became the founding fathers of the student rebellions of 1968, the New Left and its liberal attitudes toward drugs, free sex, abortion and the revolt against traditional religion. Through control over the university systems, the publishing houses, the media and the public discourse, they were able to alter the value system in the West.

It becomes very hard to voice opposition in a socialist system because the state controls everything: jobs, careers and so on. You have to make sure the hard-core”groupthink elite” likes you, or else you will never bepromoted. Harvard professor Harvey Mansfield has described it as soft despotism, claiming that the effects on the individual under a soft tyranny are just as hard to bear as the lack of freedom under any dictatorship.

In “The Origins of Totalitarian Democracy,” professorT.J. Talmon argues that in totalitarian democracies -defined as socialist models that break with the originally liberal form of democracy – the goal of politics is for citizens to unite and agree – work in groups, express themselves in unison through a radical form of egalitarianism. Control of citizen behavior is the goal, as the elites then are free to do as they will with the national revenues.

If you resist, you are regarded as an obstacle to development and the enemy of state. This is why socialists hate private ownership, as economic independence threatens the goal of total state control over individuals. For the Russians, this kind of thinking led to the fall of the Soviet Union. Many do not understand to which degree many Russians detest the thought of returning to this system of complete personal bondage.

So, today Russia is a traditionalist, religion-friendly, capitalist society that remembers its history and honors its historic heroes: the precise values that makes the American establishment and its mainstream media puke. Russia’s turn from Leninism to Christian Orthodoxyhas largely happened under president Vladimir Putin, who is so demonized in the atheist Western press that it is almost impossible to Google his name and find unbiased facts.

In the U.S., very few are even aware of the massive revival that is happening in Russia as millions have turned to their cultural roots in Eastern Orthodoxy in the past years. The state has restored over 25,000 churches all over Russia, Putin on repeated pilgrimages to Mount Athos in Greece and so on. Of course, Russia is far from perfect, still battling corruption, elitism and its own vices.

Yet, an address by President Putin at the 2013 Valdai Summit illustrates the million miles between the borderless relativism most Western politicians seem to promote and the Russian way of thinking. Putin stated:

“The people in many European states are actuallyashamed of their religious affiliations and are indeed frightened to speak about them. Christian holidays and celebrations are abolished or ‘neutrally’ renamed, as if onewere ashamed of Christian holidays. With this method, one hides away the deeper moral values of these celebrations. And these countries try to force this model unto other countries, globally. I am deeply convinced that this is the direct way to the degradation and primitivization. This leads to deeper demographic and moral crisis in the West. Lessons of history show that a civilization that has abandoned its moral ideals loses itsspiritual strength.”

Mass Unlawful Detention by Indiana Police
by Herschel Smith

Herschel Smith writes The Captain’s Journal and hails from Charlotte, North Carolina.

The Free Thought Project has reported on multiple instances in which entire groups of peoplewere detained and forced to show ID or submit to a search. However, during these questionable situations, police were able to reasonably articulate suspicion that a crime had been committed or was about to be committed. Over the weekend, at a popular Michigan City bar, there was no crime and no one had been suspected of committing a crime.

Despite these facts, more than a dozen officers raided this peaceful establishment in which patrons were enjoying their Saturday night. Police officers with the Michigan City Police Department blocked all the exits and the rights violating process began.

After police trapped them inside, every person in the bar was forced to line up and submit their identification to one of the many police officers who had setup laptops. Only after they submitted to the background checks were the patrons allowed to leave.

In the state of Indiana, a person only has to show their identification to law enforcement only if they have been stopped for an infraction or ordinance violation. Obviously, every single person inside this bar was not suspected of a crime, which made this process unconstitutional.

However, as the video shows, police didn’t accuseanyone of committing an infraction and detained them anyway.

What’s more, according to our sources at the bar thatnight, not a single arrest was even made.

As the video shows, the police officers runningeveryone’s IDs, couldn’t have cared about dueprocess. Indeed, when Manna Carter, the woman who took the video, asks one of the officers whythey are doing this, his response was, “because we can.”

As Carter questions them, the police attempted to justify this raid by claiming to be a part of some excise enforcement operation for the Alcohol & Tobacco Commission. However, the state of Indiana has an its own department for this known as the Indiana State Excise Police (ISEP).

More over, this was not some attempt to catch underage drinkers or a bar selling unlicensed booze. This was a sweeping raid and subsequent mass detainment of dozens of innocent people who were all forced to submit their information to police -probable cause be damned.

Even more damning is the fact that in an interview with TFTP, Carter said that no police officers from the ISEP were there that night and all the officers involved were from MCPD.

TFTP also reached out to the ISEP and the MCPD to inquire about which statute gave them the authority to carry out such rights-stomping exercise, however our calls and emails have yet to be returned.

Herschel Smith writes The Captain’s Journal and hails from Charlotte, N.C.
The Supreme Court rule on “Terry Stops” means nothingaccording to the police. They are a law unto themselves.

Oh, and make note of the reply. “Because we can.” Not asingle one of these officers cared about their oath to uphold the constitution. They may not be judged on this in time, but they certainly will in eternity.


Dr. Ed is a pastor, author, public speaker, radio personality, lobbyist, re-enactor, and the Director of Dixie Heritage.

While we have been calling on him to champion Confederate heritage, on Wednesday, Gov. Ron DeSantis formally asked U.S. Capitol officials to remove the statue of Confederate general Kirby Smith which has been part of the state’s display for almost 100 years.

The letter to the Capitol’s architect is one of the final steps in replacing Edmund Kirby Smith’s statue with one honoring boxing promoter Larry King lookalike Mary McLeod Bethune. Governor DeSantis chose Wednesday because it was the 144th anniversary of Bethune’s birth.

“Dr. McLeod Bethune’s statue will represent the best of who we are as Floridians to visitors from around the world in our nation’s Capitol. Her legacy endures and will continue to inspire future generations,” the Governor wrote.

This letter saddens me.

Remaining from our appeals that the Governor intervene to prevent the removal of Gen. Smith’s status is a situation in Tallahassee. As I wrote a couple weeks ago, while driving out of the capitol I was followed by a State Trooper and issued a mysterious summons to appear in a court in August. I have reached out to attorneys in Tallahassee who tell me this is a political harassment. If you are a Dixie Heritage reader and an attorney in Tallahassee please reach out to me! And please pray for this situation.

We have three other Dixie Heritage subscribers who may be in even greater need of legal assistance.

Billy Roper has emailed me this week to tell me about three men John, Julian, and Nicholas, all under thirty, who are facing charges of 2nd degree battery in Pope County, Arkansas, for attempting to stop a child predator, an adult male who came to their home late at night believing he would be meeting with a fifteen year old child whom he had been grooming online.

According to police reports, when the three young men confronted the attempted child predator and prepared to phone the police to come and arrest him, an altercation ensued. The attempted child predator was allowed to leave the residence, and did so before the police arrived after being called to arrest him for, as graphic irrefutable evidence will clearly show should the case go to trial, coming there with the expressed intent to pick up a fifteen year old boy and take him off to have sex, repeatedly stipulating that due to the age factor the fifteen year old could not tell anyone or involve the police.

The attempted child predator, an adult male homosexual married to another man, falsely claimed that he was held against his will at gunpoint, but police found no firearms at the home during their search. Now, the three men who are accused of attempting an illegal citizen’s arrest need your help to get adequate legal defense against the charge.

Any amount is appreciated, and those who care about children’s safety may mail concealed cash or a check or money order with the “pay to” blank to c/o Billy Roper, P.O. Box 1937, Mountain View, Arkansas, 72560. You may e-mail roper_billy@yahoo.com to find out how you can conveniently and securely give online.

Until Next Week,
Deo Vindice!
Chaplain Ed

Dixie Heritage
P.O. Box 618,
Lowell, FL 32663