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Climbing gear used by Bree Newsome Bass when she scaled the flagpole at the S.C. Statehouse to remove the Confederate battle flag four years ago may be headed to the Smithsonian Museum.

In a June 27 Twitter post, she wrote: “This was my first time seeing them (the equipment) since that day. Everything was still there, tagged and marked as evidence (my name was misspelled). These items will now be housed at the Smithsonian National Museum of African American History and Culture in Washington, D.C.”


The group Flags Across the South will raise the Confederate Flag beside the Confederate soldiers’ monument on Saturday, July 13, the group’s chairman Braxton Spivey of Charleston says.

Flags Across the South will raise the flag on a temporary flagpole around 9 a.m. and leave the banner flying near the intersection of Gervais and Main streets until the permit expires at 5 p.m.

Spivey said he wanted to raise the flag on July 10, the four-year anniversary of when the Confederate Flag was removed from the State House grounds but could not do so because aboput a year ago the Columbia chapter of Showing Up for Racial Justice preemptively reserved obtained a permit to reserve the State House grounds that day.


In June, the city got clearance from a Dallas County district judge who denied a request for a temporary injunction. The monument was covered in black plastic.

Monday, the city of Dallas was ordered by the State appellat court not to remove the monument to the Confederacy downtown. The court also ordered the city not to sell the Robert E. Lee statue unless the sale had been completed. That statue was sold at auction for more than $1.4 million and is already in the hands of its new owner.

The lawsuit was filed by a Dallas man who insists removing the monuments is unconstitutional.


A Virginia county school board member who voted to change two school names honoring Confederate leaders has lost her seat.

The Richmond Times-Dispatch reports that Marla Coleman, who represents Henry District, will not be serving on the next school board.


Eighty-eight years after it was originally dedicated by the United Daughters of the Confederacy and placed at the intersection of Lamont and Tennessee (now University Parkway) streets, a Johnson City monument has found a new, more permanent home in the Oak Hill Cemetery.

The monument – which is not counted among the 99 Civil War monuments in the state, according to the Southern Poverty Law Center, was moved to an area of the cemetery where the UDC owns 40 plots, though they’ve only used nine.


The argument is that the Greenwood County monument is owned by the UDC and not by the County or the State and therefore the “heritage act” does not protect it.


A group calling itself The Southwest Suburban Activists asked the Village of Mokena to disinvite a reenactment group that portrays Confederate soldiers from the community’s Fourth of July celebration.

The 2nd Kentucky Cavalry, Company D, a group of “living historians” were invited to fire off “Civil War-era” cannons Thursday night as a band played Tchaikovsky’s 1812 Overture.


Allison and Zeke Brown of Atlanta hired a contractor to fix their golf cart brakes but when he got to their home on Saturday and they saw the flag they “went off” and then “ran him off.”

The contractor offered to remove the Flag, but the damage was already done.

“No, you don’t need to take it down. You can continue to believe what you need to believe, sir. But no, I cannot pay you for your services.” Allison said according to a YahooNews report.

Zeke was left surprised. For three days, he had gone back and forth with the contractor over the logistics of the job. “He hadn’t been disrespectful prior, so seeing the flag did not fit my preconceptions,” Zeke told Yahoo.


President Trump becomes the first U.S. President to visit North Korea.

Trump’s historic moment in North Korea earns Democrat rage
Trump’s historic moment in North Korea earns Democrat rage


James Fields Jr., the Confederate monument supporter who accidentally struck Heather Heyer with his vehicle when fleeing an assault against his person by violent Antifa protestors back in 2017 in Charlottesville, Virginia was sentenced Friday to life in federal prison.

Ilhan Omar’s Congressional district drops Pledge of Allegiance

“In order to create a more welcoming environment to a diverse community we are going to forgo saying the pledge of allegiance before every meeting,” said Councilman Tim Brausen.

The newcomers who need to be welcomed in this case are overwhelmingly Muslim, so this is clearly an extreme case of Islamopandering.


Dr. Ed, I have enjoyed reading your newsletter over the last several months. The article this month about the aborted fetus cells being put into the food supply was very disturbing. As I read the article you mentioned the research company, Children of God for Life, I decided I would go to their web site and see what other info they were showing. They have several articles listed if you would read the article entitled, Setting the Record Straight June 6 2018, they state the aborted cells are NOT currently used in any food products. The article goes on to say the aborted cells are indeed used in vaccines and make-up. I just thought I would bring this to your attention. I am sure the thought that aborted fetus cells being put in food bothered all of your readers.


On the eve of the Independence Day holiday, Nike has virtue-signaled once again to the left by pulling a shoe style which featured the 13-starred “Betsy Ross” flag of the American side during the Revolutionary War. Great timing, guys.

The multinational manufacturer, repeatedly criticized for using foreign slave labor in the sweatshops while being opportunistic social justice warriors domestically, responded to an afro-flairing mullato kneetaker’s claim that the Betsy Ross flag was a “racist symbol.”

Remember the Willie Nelson song “Whisky River”?

Jim Beam’s warehouse in Woofdford County, Kentucky caught fire Tuesday. On Wednesday, it was still ablaze.

The warehouse contained 45,000 barrels, which translates into 6.75 750ml bottles – all of which spilled into the nearby Kentucky River.


U.S. Rep. Thomas Massie may be a darling among libertarians and constitutional conservatives, but the Kentucky Republican is the target of some who are actively recruiting a primary challenger for 2020.

Two independent sources with knowledge of campaign discussions say state Rep. Kim Moser, R-Taylor Mill, is being groomed for a possible bid against the congressman.

Massie represents Kentucky’s 4th Congressional District, which spans from parts of Louisville to Ashland, and includes the Cincinnati suburbs in Northern Kentucky, where Moser resides.

If Moser were to run, it would set up an interesting primary, pitting Kentucky’s grassroots conservatives against the GOP establishment.

“The tea party folks in the 4th Congressional District understand that Kim Moser is not the constitutional conservative Congressman Thomas Massie is,” said Scott Hofstra, a spokesman for the United Kentucky Tea Party.

The conservative activists who helped send Massie to Washington seven years ago, however, remain fiercely loyal. They say his stances in Congress are appreciated even it puts him on the outskirts among his own party nationally and Kentucky’s congressional delegation.

“Congressman Massie doesn’t go with the status quo and doesn’t play into party politics,” said Stacie Earl, a Florence conservative activist who ran for state House in 2018. “Republicans have always tried to get someone against him, so hell no I don’t see Moser or anyone is as a credible challenger. Massie isn’t going anywhere.” “Congressman Massie is the only representative from Kentucky who is willing to buck his own leadership to support the constitution and the citizens,” he said.

When asked about the possibility, the Congressman said that if we knew, “about a viable plan from the swamp to take me out, please let me know, because I don’t. In the meantime, I’ll keep draining it.”

Think They Will Stop With The South? If you do, you are naïve!
by Al Benson, Jr.

Al Benson, Jr., is the Editor of the Copperhead Chronicle. In addition to writing for Southern Patriot and other publications, he is a member of the Confederate Society of America and the League of the South.

Many of you will recall that old story from decades ago about how evil came along and took over everything because no one would stand up for anyone else.

It went something like this: “First they came for the Poles and I wasn’t Polish, so I didn’t do anything. Then they came for the Hungarians and I wasn’t Hungarian, so I didn’t do anything. Then they came for the Jews, and I wasn’t Jewish, so I didn’t do anything. Then, they came for me-and there was no one left to stand up for me.” I can’t recall all the nationalities in this little story, but you get the idea. No one bothered to stand up for others when they were under attack and so the forces of evil, One World Government, the Deep State, or whoever you want to call them, rolled up those groups that opposed them one by one until none were left who could oppose them.

Sadly, this little tale is not all that inaccurate, even in our day. All you have to do is look at the cultural genocide being practiced on the States of the Old Confederacy in regard to their monuments, flags, and symbols, to realize that we are presently seeing a repeat performance of this tale re-enacted right before our eyes. The cultural Marxists on the far left, at the behest of those that finance them, are in the process of trying to kill off the culture of the South and replace it with some grotesque form of hyper-Marxism so perverse that even Marx might not recognize it.

This has been going on for quite some time now and I have a question. Where are those other cultural groups in this country that should be trying to help the South out, but are, instead, just sitting this cultural battle out? Where are the historical groups, the patriotic groups, the alt-right groups, and a host of others that claim to believe much of what Southern folks believe but do nothing to help the South fight this cultural battle? Where are y’all? Have the reality shows claimed so much of your attention that you just can’t be bothered, or what?

I’d be willing to bet one thing at this point, when the cultural Marxists really start coming after some of the rest of you, then you are going to start howling for Southern folks to do their “patriotic duty” and support your efforts to combat the cultural Marxists. So why aren’t you helping us now in the same struggle?

Oh, I can hear your protestations now! Well, the South was “racist” and we can’t support that. I’ve got news for you. Whatever part of the country you now live in was “racist” just like the South was. And don’t try to tell me different. I grew up in the Northeast, which was every bit as racist as the South. The only difference is no one talks about it.

And then I can hear the cry-Well, the South had slaves! More news for you-so did the North! They just got rid of their slaves a little earlier than the South did, but they had ’em! Slavery was legal in all 13 of the original colonies, and considering that most of the slave traders came from New England and New York, when the North takes that “holier than thou” attitude toward the slavery question they are only kidding themselves. Anyone who has done the history homework knows better.
Anyone who tells you the South only seceded from the Union so she could keep her slaves is either totally naïve or they sincerely hope their listeners are. Either way, that canard is a total croc-and most of those that peddle it know it is.

So most of those who claim they can’t help the South fight her cultural battles because of their opposition to slavery are kidding precious few people beyond themselves. In reality, most of them are just sitting it our, hoping the minions of cultural Marxism won’t bother them too much. I’ve got news for you folks. When they get through trashing us, then they are coming for you next!

If they manage to beat the Southern folks into the ground, who are you going to get to help you protect your history and heritage? The folks in the far West? The ranching, farming, mining culture in the West is under assault just like our heritage here in the South is. What do you think the Bundy Ranch situation in Nevada five years ago was all about? It was about the destruction of the Ranching and farming culture in the West-which is under assault just like our Southern culture here in the South is.

Seems to me that all of the patriotic and historical groups in this country ought to be out there trying to help out like-minded folks in all regions of the country. Sadly, it does not seem to work that way.

Canada Day – the destruction of our heritage
by Dan Murray

Dan Murray is the founder of Immigration Watch Canada.

Canada Day is not a celebration of Canada, but a celebration of rootless cosmopolitanism and the destruction of our heritage.

It is a scene duplicated across Canada. The weather is sunny and hot, and the expansive field is dense with people clapping, cheering and singing to the performers on stage. Giant speakers broadcast music at ear-splitting decibels. The music originally emanated from other continents and other nations : Reggae, rap, Andean, rock and roll—you name it.

Actually, Canada Day is a misnomer . It’s more like Dis-United Nations Day. We are encouraged to celebrate every culture but our own because, well, we don’t have a culture, do we? Or so we are told by Trudeau. Yet at the same time we are told that diversity is our culture. That is, if we have a culture, it is just a mosaic of imported cultures. Apart from artistic aboriginal presentations, Canada Day is largely the expression of differences not of our own making. Differences which allegedly unite us. Right?

Not so fast! The official narrative that there is ‘unity in diversity’ has been contradicted by a myriad of studies kick-started by Harvard’s Robert Putnam whose foundational study appeared nearly two decades ago. The consensus of the studies is that “diversity” diminishes civic trust and participation, a consequence that among other things, makes electors less willing to vote for redistributive policies. People are hesitant to share their wealth with people who are very much unlike themselves. The welfare state was originally constructed by ethnically homogeneous societies, but in a multi-ethnic environment, this project is rendered more difficult. The late Nobel Peace Prize winning economist Milton Friedman once maintained that a nation can have mass immigrationora welfare state, but not both. By the same token, a good case can also be made that, ultimately, multi-ethnic fragmentation and the welfare state are mutually exclusive.

Moreover, there is a clear trend among large cities in Europe and North American of voluntary re-segregation. Ethnic minorities are voluntarily clustering in urban pockets– a conspicuous corroboration of Putnam’s observation that people of all ethnicities prefer to, in his words, “bowl alone” and “hunker down”. Determined efforts to “integrate” fail because they run counter to human nature. As moral psychologist Jonathan Haidt noted, we evolved as a species of tribes, “… tribalism allowed us to create large societies and to come together in order to compete with others. That brought us out of the jungle and out of small groups.” At some level, then, tribalism is baked into most people’s mental wiring . According to Haidt, “This is just a basic aspect of human social cognition.”

Successful integration is conditional on modest immigration levels. But in a nation with the highest or second highest per capita immigration intake in the world, integration seems less likely, particularly when 90% of immigrants are drawn from “non traditional sources”, and half of the population of the cites that receive them are themselves foreign-born residents. At this rate of demographic change, mass immigration and multiculturalism become a combustible mix. The notion that “e pluribus unum” will be the end result of this transformation is both fanciful and intellectually dishonest.

The irony is that while the core culture of host countries is being eviscerated in the name of diversity, global mass migration on an epic scale has done much to homogenize global culture. The diversity of sovereign nations is giving way to a borderless world of sameness. For some this is a blessing, but for others it is a nightmare, and the gap between them is widening. It is a schism that has overshadowed the traditional Left/Right polarity—-the “Great Divide” as Australian academic Katherine Betts termed it twenty years ago– is no longer about Left vs. Right but about globalists vs. nationalists. For Betts the battle was between the “New Class”, a coalition of the intelligentsia, mainstream media and the growth lobby, and the subordinate class of ordinary people who have little say in the construction of immigration policy.

Other analysts have tendered similar characterizations. Psychologist Jonathan Haidt describes the division as one between those who feel ‘rooted’ in their town, community and nation and those, on the other hand, who are less parochial and more averse to nation states and borders. I prefer British writer David Goodhart’s labels. As he portrays it, the new civil war pits the “Somewheres” against the “Anywheres”. The former are rooted, nationalist and traditional, and understandably resentful of being on the receiving end of an immigration policy designed to displace them and imposed without their input or consent. The latter¸ the Anywheres, are more ‘educated’, progressive and mobile, and are apt to look upon Somewheres as ignorant, stupid and nostalgic for a past that never was nor can be again. It is a kind of condescension which ordinary working people in the West have come to expect from those who claim to ‘know better’.

Sadly, the “Anywheres”, these pretentious self-proclaimed sophisticates who consider themselves ‘citizens of the world’, have commandeered the classrooms, editorial rooms, boardrooms and cabinet rooms of the nation. It is their vision of Canada, not ours, which has been thrust upon us. It is a vision that finds full expression in the manner in which “Canada” Day is celebrated and embraced by an entire generation of indoctrinated college graduates amply represented in the festivities. These ‘ Millenials’ know little of what Canada once was, or how it came to be, or that it was shaped by our two French and English founding peoples, their religion and values. They do not understand that a citizen of “anywhere” is a citizen of “no where”. The “anywheres” are really gypsies cut loose from the heritage and moral moorings of their ancestors who settled and built this exemplary nation.

Canada Day is not a celebration of Canada, but a celebration of rootless cosmopolitanism and the destruction of our heritage.

by Herschel Smith

Herschel Smith writes The Captain’s Journal and hails from Charlotte, North Carolina.

Biden was the Senator who introduced the Gun-Free School Zones Act in 1990. In this same tweet, Kirk called out Biden
saying that he “has done more toallow school shootings than theNRA or any Republican ever has.”

Although Biden deserves the brunt of the blame for creating this terrible piece of legislation, Kirk conveniently ignores on a key point in his Biden hit-the 1990 GFSZA was signed by Republican President George H.W. Bush.

It takes two to tango in today’s status quo of ever- expanding government. Gun rights have not been excluded from this trend. Indeed, the Democrats held both chambers of Congress during that time. However, it stands to reason that a Republicanpresident, who is supposedly “pro-gun,” would vetosuch legislation. Unfortunately, that was not the case.

Generic Republicans can huff and puff about being pro-gun, but they too have been complicit in advancing gun control. As a matter of fact, it was a Republican Governor, Rick Scott, who signedFlorida’s most expansive gun control law to date following the Parkland shooting.

There is something more at play with regards to whygun control continues to move forward. It’s not just about electing the “right” Republicans.

Ultimately, it boils down to changing the culture and the political environment around politicians in order to get them to behave accordingly. Bad politics follows bad ideas.

The author still hasn’t put his finger on exactly what’swrong. He understands the ailment, but not its cause. Thus he cannot prescribe a cure. Here it is for you.

In God’s economy, there are three institutions: Family, Church and State. When either usurps the role of another and takes to itself the province belonging elsewhere, it is an affront to God’s laws.

God has decreed that the family would raise children and teach them moral values as well as create a society of education, work and play. The Church is the moral institution for the family – not against it, but as an aid. Thestate’s rightful task is to punish evil-doers and protect boundaries of the state.

It isn’t the state’s proper function to teach ethics, encourage morals, attempt to eradicate sin, or enhanceman’s behavior towards good. That is a usurpation of the power and authority belonging to other institutions. It also isn’t the job of the government (the state) to dispensegrace, e.g., largesse, meals, clothing, goods, wares, etc.That’s the province of the family and church.

God never blesses disobedience to His law-word. He will never bless the state’s usurpation of the province ofanother. That is an insult to the Almighty, high-handed sin, a declaration that the creature is wiser than the creator, the same sin that afflicted Adam.

Republicans have bought into the great lie just likedemocrats. That’s why republicans often lead the chargefor do-gooder, meddling, nanny-state programs to lift the poor out of poverty and control over weapons to combat crime. Those programs will always fail.

Only obedience to God’s law will be blessed.

Until Next Week
Deo Vindice!
Chaplain Ed

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