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The top Democrat troublemaker in Arkansas’ State Legislature resigned from office last week Friday to become Chief-of-Staff for Little Rock mayor Frank Scott. Blake had served as campaign manager for Scott, who in December became Little Rock’s first popularly elected black mayor.

You may remember Blake’s name from previous issues when we reported at times as he introduced legislation for removal of Confederate monuments in the Arkansas legislature. Most recently he pushed for removing a Confederate designation from Arkansas’ state flag.


Dixie Heritage subscriber Robert “Doug” Hall Jr. and others raised a 400-square-foot Confederate battle flag just west of Hillsborough on April 28, 2018. In October, the remnants of Hurricane Michael had ripped the flag from its 60-foot pole and twisted it around the branches of a nearby tree. So a new flag that was raised in its place.

Orange County responded by passing an ordinance imposing a 24-square-foot limit on residential flags, which went into full effect this month.

Hall has not received an official violation notice yet, Assistant County Manager Travis Myren said in an email Thursday. Orange County Commissioners Chair Penny Rich said the board could talk about the issue at its meeting Tuesday.

The rules do not apply to property in Chapel Hill, Hillsborough, Carrboro or Mebane. This is a “targeted” ordinance.

Hall raised his flag last year after getting a county permit for his flagpole. Members of Alamance County Taking Back Alamance County, a Southern heritage group based in Snow Camp, provided the flagpole and helped Hall raise it. So as a non-profit the flag, you would think would be “commercial” and not “residential.” But car dealerships have large flags too. So County Attorney John Roberts advised the commissioners to limit the rules to the size of flags and flagpoles – not the content of the flags – to avoid violating anyone’s First Amendment rights to free speech – and to declare the non-profit’s flags “residential” instead of commercial. Again, the County is doing a “dance” to enforce a very targeted ordinance.

In response, Alamance County Taking Back Alamance County has vowed to raise Confederate battle flags across Orange County because of what its members see as the censorship of Southern history there, including the banning of Confederate symbols from the Orange County Schools and the removal of the words “Confederate Memorial” from the Orange County Historical Museum building in Hillsborough.

Alamance County Taking Back Alamance County founder Gary Williamson has threatened to sue the county if the new rules are enforced.


Karen Pieroni and Chris Carter each paid $700 to protest the Dallas Landmark Commission’s determination that the Dallas City Council was correct in February when it said the 122-year-old Confederate memorial in Pioneer Park Cemetery is a “a non-contributing structure” inside its historic bounds.

The Commission allowed their “protest” because after all, it was “paid for” and then proceeded as planned. Such is the politics of Texas, a very LIBERAL and even borderline Marxist place that has been allowed to masquerade as “conservative” for far too many decades.

And this, friends and neighbors, is why the Lone Star State leads the nation in Confederate monument removal!

But there is a “silver lining,” for Texas that is. Karen and Chris have filed. Lawsuit to temporarily block the Landmark Commission from actually removing the monument. In other words, more money tossed down the rabbit hole!


The Texas bill to make it more difficult to remove or change Confederate monuments and other historic memorials relating to the history of Texas is effectively DEAD. The Speaker has determined that it will not get a vote this session in the Texas House.

Senate Bill 1663 was not included on the final agenda for bills that must receive a vote by Tuesday night’s deadline in the House, all but ending it. There is still a chance to add dead bills as amendments to active ones in the final week of the legislative session, but finding “germane” legislation to carry an amendment on monuments is probably more work than anyone in the Texas legislature is going to do.

Rep. James White, R-Hillister, said that although the bill he sponsored appears to have failed, he hoped it sent a message that political officials need to ensure that all sides are represented before historic monuments and designations, including street names, are changed.

“I hope so, or else you are going to see another one next session that’s even more aggressive,” White told the American-Statesman.


After the Senate’s two black senators complained about Confederate paintings, SB 1663 was amended to create a special committee to study the “historical relevance” of the paintings of Jefferson Davis, Albert Sidney Johnston, and other Southerners whose portraits are in the Capitol. Even though the bill has DIED the state’s washed up sportscaster turned “Lt. Gov.” Dan Patrick has said that he will appoint the committee anyway in hopes of removing more vestiges of the Confederacy. Patrick, a yankee carpetbagger seems to get his perverted political thrills by undoing all things traditionally “Texas” and “Confederate.”


As Dallas politicians have declared the Confederate statue removed in 2017 to be surplus property. They will sell it for a minimum $450,000 – what it cost to move the bronze artwork from public view.

The 1935 sculpture by Alexander Phimister Proctor was appraised at $950,000, which politicians say they will use to pay for the removal of the city’s remaining monuments.


A Confederate statue in Bardstown, Kentucky has been vandalized with orange paint, similar to vandalism that’s appeared on a Confederate statue in Louisville.

Bardstown police tell news outlets that the paint was splashed across the century-old statue sometime late last week but they did not notice it for several days.

Bardstown police Sgt. Michael Medley says they are reviewing surveillance video in hopes of finding a suspect.


The Oak Bluffs Board of Selectmen voted unanimously Tuesday to move a plaque that honored Confederate soldiers from the pedastal of the “Civil War” statue into the Martha’s Vineyard Museum.


Chelsea Manning has been sent back to jail, released, and sent back to jail again, etc. for refusing to testify in a secret trial against Julian Assange.

Manning reportedly told the judge today that he would “rather starve to death” than cooperate. In response the judge ordered him jailed for contempt, again, for refusal to testify.


Senator Kamala harris told NBC News that Joe Biden should withdraw from the race and become her running mate: “I think that Joe Biden would be a great running mate – as vice president, he’s proven that he knows how to do the job.”

With his video announcement on Tuesday, Steve Bullock becomes the latest Democrat to enter the 2020 presidential field.

NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio also released a video announcing that he is joining the 2020 field. de Blasio also had the unmittigated gall to kick the President of Brazil, Jair Bolsonaro, out of New York City. Texas Senator Ted Cruz arranged for the Brazillian president to stay in his Texas home where he and Bolsonaro had a working dinner to help establish a partnership with the United States and Brazil.

Missouri Senate passes bill to ban abortion

On the heels of Ohio and Alabama the Missouri Senate has passed a bill, 24-10, that would ban abortions at eight weeks of pregnancy. The bill was also passed in the state’s House. The Governor is expected to sign the bill but he has until June 12th to do so.


Mormon-controlled Nevada has also voted to rewrite its abortion law. The liberal law rewrite would actually make abortion easier to obtain in the state.

So Who’s the Corpse in Garrett’s Barn?
by Al Benson, Jr.

Al Benson, Jr., is the Editor of the Copperhead Chronicle. In addition to writing for Southern Patriot and other publications, he is a member of the Confederate Society of America and the League of the South.

The title of this article is the $64 question. To this day it does not seem to have been successfully answered. The answer mainly depends on who you talk to and what their agenda might be. If you talk to some federal operative he is guaranteed to give you the Establishment line-Booth and his friends conspired to kill Lincoln and no one, absolutely no one else was involved at all-unless it might have been the Confederate States. No other suspects need apply as they will not be considered. For those that follow history and its trends, you will recognize this as the same line fed to us about the Kennedy assassination. Lee Harvey Oswald was the lone nut gunman that killed Kennedy, all by his lonesome, and if you dare question this you will be penalized and labeled as a “conspiracy theorist.” Anyone who doubts the official versions of any of these events is automatically a “conspiracy theorist” because we are all supposed to realize that the government’s version of all such events is always, and I emphasize always 100% truthful and accurate! And if you believe that, I still have that bridge in the Arizona desert for sale-the one made out of all gold bricks!

Dave McGowan, in his Why Everything You Think You Know About The Lincoln Assassination Is Wrong has observed: “Dispatched to the Montauk (a federal ironclad) to oversee the identification of the body (of Booth) were such disreputable characters as Surgeon General Barnes, Judge Advocate Joseph Holt, prosecutor/persecutor John Bingham, Stanton underlings Thomas Eckert and Lafayette Baker, and two of Baker’s most trusted men, Luther Baker and Everton Conger. Edwin Stanton had ordered Lafayette Baker and Thomas Eckert to personally intercept the boat carrying the body and clandestinely get it aboard the Montauk.”

He continued: “During the alleged inquest, none of Booth’s peers in the theater community, many of whom were present in Washington at the time, were brought onboard to ID the body. No members of the Booth family were enlisted to view the body. None of Booth’s alleged conspirators, many of whom were being held on the very same ship, were allowed to ID the body.

“According to (the book) Dark Union, ‘thirteen people were permitted to view the body. All but the war photographer Alexander Gardner, his assistant, and a hotel clerk were connected with the War Department.’ If we’re being honest here, that should read, ‘all but possibly the hotel clerk were connected with the War Department’. Even with the government’s handpicked and limited cast of witnesses, there was disagreement as to whether the body was that of Booth. Dr. John Frederick May, who had previously seen Booth as a patient, noted that ‘there is no resemblance in the corpse to Booth, nor can I believe it to be him.’ May added that the corpse ‘looks to me much older, and in appearance much more freckled than he was. I do not recollect that he was at all freckled.’ Dr. May would later write that the corpse’s right limb was greatly contused, and perfectly black from a fracture of one of the long bones.’ Surgeon General Barnes’ report to Stanton, however, held that it was ‘the left leg and foot’ that was injured and ‘encased in an appliance of splints and bandages,’ thus clouding the waters even on such straightforward issues as which of the corpse’s legs was injured.”

After this “identification” sham by War Department employees, with no one close to Booth in life having seen him, and with no photographs of the corpse “that would ever see the light of day” the corpse was summarily disposed of by, possibly Lafayette Baker and Luther Baker.

With no photos or more viewing of the body forthcoming, there are some who honestly felt it was all a big hoax. Some were convinced that Booth was still free, had not even been captured. They may have been closest to the truth. But, then, on the other hand, why wouldn’t you trust your government? You know they never lie to the public don’t you? Well? Next question.

Senator Garrett Davis of Kentucky was one that entertained some doubts. He said: “I have never seen any satisfactory evidence that Booth was killed.” Oh my! Who would ever have guessed that Senator Davis was a conspiracy theorist???

As far as Dr. May’s testimony about thinking it was not Booth, I ran into a bit of a problem at this point. I ran across another site https://rogerjnorton.com that had an article up about John Wilkes Booth’s autopsy. This article stated, in part, “Within a short time, several people who knew Booth personally positively identified the body which was haggered from 12 days of riding, rowing, and hiding in underbrush. One of these people was Dr. John Frederick May. Sometime prior to the assassination, Dr. May had removed a large fibroid tumor from Booth’s neck. Dr. May found a scar from his operation on the corpse’s neck exactly where it should have been.” So it appears we have Dr. May giving two contradictory sets of testimony about “Booth’s” corpse. So which one is accurate?

Stay tuned. More to come.

No More Immigrant Entrepreneur Programs!!
by Dan B. Murray

Dan B. Murray, a former teacher is the founder of Immigration Watch Canada, an organization that lobbies for limiting immigration to 25,000 annually.

It is hard to believe that the B.C. government is now starting a pilot Entrepreneur/Investor immigrant program. Why? Because Canada’s federal government operated a similarly-named program between 1978 and 2014. And the general conclusion that UBC Professor David Ley reached about it in his very thorough analysis, “Millionaire Migrants” (published in 2010) was that it was a massive failure.

In fact, in looking at the 25 years, 1977 to 2002, Ley found a positive correlation co-efficient of 0.94 between Vancouver house prices and net international migration (a significant part of which was driven by Entrepreneurial immigrants and their dependants). Ley described the very high correlation as “unusually decisive”. IN OTHER WORDS, IMMIGRATION HAD CAUSED STRATOSPHERIC HOUSE PRICES. See http://immigrationwatchcanada.org/2014/09/17/immigration-caused-vancouvers-astronomic-house-prices/

During that time, The lives of hundreds of thousands of Old Stock Canadians were seriously damaged or completely destroyed by many Chinese Entrepreneurs/Investors. Since being elected, The B.C. NDP government has introduced a number of measures to correct this huge problem. However, Canada’s Old Stock population continues to suffer greatly from the effects of Chinese Entrepreneur immigration. The big question then is this : What is the point of re-starting this unbelievable mess again?

Officials in B.C.’s Ministry of Jobs claim that the B.C. program differs from its federal predecessor in that it focuses on small B.C. communities : those with a population of less than 75.000, not on B.C.’s larger cities. And, so far, the program has convinced about 32 smaller communities to take part.

We suspect not a single one of those 32 towns and cities has ever read UBC Professor David Ley’s book. We also suspect most of them operate at the Justin Trudeau level (that is, at a level of breath-taking ignorance). The other disturbing point is that the new B.C. program expects these Entrepreneurs to create only one job!! Considering that these Immigrant Entrepreneurs, their spouses and children will be put on a quick path to obtaining Canadian Citizenship and all of its benefits, the B.C. program and similar ones in other provinces, do not sound like much of a benefit to Canada.

According to B.C.’s Ministry of Jobs, the program will focus on attracting entrepreneurs from around the world (not just Chinese) in order to establish businesses in B.C.’s towns and to help with their economic needs.

The B.C. Ministry of Jobs and the entire B.C. government should take a long look at UBC Professor David Ley’s book and at a shocking statement from China’s former Deputy Minister of the Environment, Pan Yue, who was quoted as having said the following in 2010 (See “When A Billion Chinese Jump”, P. 183) :

“Coal mine owners…indiscriminately extract coal and dig up the land, creating pollution. As a result, they become extremely wealthy. Once they have polluted…, they do not stay there. Instead, they move to Beijing, where they buy luxury villas and push up house prices. They have also pushed up property prices in all the coastal regions of North China. If these areas then become polluted, they will then move to the U.S., Canada, or Australia and cause inflation there too. They take all the benefits of polluting industries, but pay nothing toward the cleanup costs.”

Canada’s Immigration Department is supposed to examine the background of all immigrants and to weed out crooks. At the very least, Mainland Chinese Immigrant Entrepreneurs, were environmental criminals. The big question Canada should be asking is this : If the very secretive Chinese government admitted such nationally embarrassing information to all the world, and used the word “parasites” to describe Mainland Chinese Immigrant Entrepreneurs, shouldn’t the B.C. government in particular be deliberately avoiding programs that will attract such parasites and undermine the recent efforts of other government departments to counter the very serious damage done by earlier Chinese Immigrant Entrepreneurs? Let’s get really serious : how about issuing deportation orders to hundreds of thousands of people who entered Canada through the Entrepreneur Program and continue to abuse Canada through non-payment of their share of income taxes and other violations?

For details, see http://immigrationwatchcanada.org/2011/10/07/oct-7-2011-chinas-deputy-environment-minister-parasites-head-for-canada/

The overall point is that using immigration to stimulate Canada’s economy had not worked before the federal Entrepreneurial Immigrant program began. And it did not work under the federal Entrepreneur program. In fact, according to two veteran Canadian economists, immigration has been costing Canada about $35 Billion per year. If updates were to be done, the cost of immigration to Canada would probably be well over $40 Billion per year. Such an amount would go a long way to solving Canada’s huge homelessness problem as well as many other difficulties.

Let’s say it again to the politicians across Canada who like to tell us about the wonders of mass immigration : At the very least : No More Immigrant Entrepreneur Programs !!

The New “Stop Resisting”
by Eric Peters

Eric Peters is an automotive columnist and author of Automotive Atrocities and Road Hogs

This video is interesting because it depicts the latest AGW technique for evading the still technically-the-law requirement that a person has to be suspected of a specific criminal act before AGWs may legally require the “subject” to present his Papers.

A man is sitting in his legally parked truck, attending to some business. He isn’t doing anything illegal – but “someone” called and a crew of AGWs descend and begin to demand he answer their questions and produce ID. The man asks what crime he is suspected of committing. The AGWs cannot articulate any, but are “suspicious” and “investigating.”

The man’s refusal to surrender his rights by answering their questions or producing his ID results in the AGWs accusing him of “obstructing” – in other words, a person asserting their lawful rights by refusing to “cooperate” with AGWs intent upon violating them is guilty of a criminal act.

Which becomes the basis for these despicable thugs-in-costumes to manacle the man and threaten worse.

The entire time, the AGWs gaslight their victim, berating him for not making their job easier.

Likewise, obeying the speed limit (or any other law) is no defense against vindictive armed government workers, as the video which follows below shows.

The AGW who stopped this car with the threat of murderous violence – implicit in everynon-consensual interaction with an AGW – admits, openly, that the driver was notexceeding the posted speed limit – but asserts that his not exceeding it is itself “suspicious.” This assertion of “suspicion” gives him, the AGW, pretext to stop anyone he likes and subject them to an Authority Display.

“I seen (sic) you going 31 miles per hour in a 45,” the AGW illiterately exclaims. The driver points out that this is not illegal. This fact cuts no ice. “Suspicious vehicle,” exclaims the shaved-head agent of the state. But adduces no violation of any law.
The reasoning would startle Kafka.

If you drive faster than the speed limit, you’re subject to being mulcted at gunpoint by an AGW. If you don’t drive faster, you are “suspicious” and subject to being waylaid at gunpoint by an AGW, so that he can fish for other pretexts to mulct you.

In this instance, the AGW and his partner keep bright flashlights trained on the vehicle’s interior as they visually search it. Luckily for the car’s driver and its occupants, all their “papers” were in order and the AGWs had to sulk away without any booty (or bodies).

But not before subjecting the car and its occupants to an Authority Display, including a threatening baton-twirling display with a skull-cracking Mag light flashlight. Had the men not been obviously recording the incident, it might have turned out differently.

This “suspicion” business is popping up in the Authority Displays one can find all over YouTube and other online media, so it is certain that it is not an aberration but rather a new “tool” that AGWs across the country are being “trained” to use. Not officially, of course.

The thinnest lip service must still be given to the law, which exists only as a fungible, nebulous thing subject to the random interpretation of those who enforce it.

But in practice, the law amounts to do whatever an AGW says it is. Questioning the AGW’s assertions is extremely dangerous because it constitutes “resisting” – and that gives the AW the green light to commence Submission Training, also known colloquially as a Hut! Hut! Hutting!

Thus, AGWs have endowed themselves with – cue Emperor Palpatine voice – unlimited power.

“Suspicion” is like a Swiss Army knife in that it can be used for almost anything. It is even better than a Swiss Army Knife because the knife only has the blade, the screwdriver, the magnifying glass and the fish scaler.

You are walking down the street at night. It’s legal.

“Suspicious!” Let’s have your papers.

You are parked the side of the road – legally parked – going over some papers, or waiting- none of these actions illegal.

But they are mighty “suspicious.”

Taking video in public. Looking askance at an AGW.

You know what that is.

The new magic words. When an AGW eructs them, the entire Bill of Rights vaporizes. A government worker with a gun forces you to submit to his harangue, at the very least. Often, he will force you to hand over your identification, which is technically illegal absent probable cause to suspect the person has committed or is about to commit a specific illegal activity.

“Suspicion” does not qualify as probable cause precisely because it is non-specific. But that “ties the hands” of what is styled “law enforcement” (AGWs) who must be given every “tool” to “keep us safe.”

That, at any rate, is the argument peddled – mostly (and ironically) by “conservatives,” many of whom who suffer from raw tongues from all the badge licking they do. It’s ironic because “conservatives” will tell you they are concerned about what they style “Big Government,” which they claim they do not trust with too much power. Yet they practically worship armed government workers who exercise arbitrary, unlimited power.

It’s an interestingly cognitive dissonant aspect of their thinking.

The broader point is the lawlessness of “law enforcement,” which ought to be of concern to everyone – irrespective of one’s politics. Whatever the law ought to be can be debated. But once the law is codified, that ought to be the limit.

But AGWs are asserting no limits – de facto and (if the noxious doctrine isn’t firmly repudiated by the courts, soon) it will be de jure. Any of us, at any time and for any reason, will be subject to an Authority Display and Obedience Training at the whim of any armed government worker who asserts we are “suspicious.”

Our having broken no laws, nor even being suspected of having broken any, specifically, won’t matter.

In which case, there no longer is any law – except the arbitrary exercise of power by armed government workers.

If that isn’t the essence of tyranny, then the word has no meaning. Like “freedom,” for instance.


Dr. Ed is a pastor, author, public speaker, radio personality, lobbyist, re-enactor, and the Director of Dixie Heritage.

Back in February our friends over at the Abbeville Institute ran an article written by Jeff Wolverton on “Pro-Confederate Television.” In it, Jeff highlighted 3 shoes from the 1950’s. One of those shows was Yancy Derringer.

The title character is a gentleman, adventurer and gambler; a former Confederate Army captain who has returned to New Orleans in 1868, three years after the end of the War, during Reconstruction. The state is under Union control and martial law. Widely respected by all parts of New Orleans society as a Southerner who never surrendered, the character of Derringer is brought top life by Jock Mahoney, an actor who died in 1989.

Abbeville gave us links to the first few episodes which are available on Daily Motion. But I have recently discovered that as an Amazon Prime subscriber I can watch all 33 episodes for free at:


So far I have only watched the first 7 episodes and I have enjoyed them tremendously. If you want to take your kids, or yourself, off the hollywood craptrain for awhile I highly recommend this 1959 TV serial.

I also want to encourage our readers to take a look at an upcoming event at Dinosaur Adventure Land in Alabama. One of our subscribers, Dr. Kent Hovind, who was recently a guest on The Dixie Heritage Hour, will be conducting a Creation Boot Camp in June for fathers and sons. Click this link to check it out:


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