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The Georgia House voted to increase the penalties against those who damage the state’s public and private monuments – and to make it more difficult to remove or relocate monuments, including Confederate monuments. It passed 100-71.

The bill’s sponsor, Chickamauga Republican State Sen. Jeff Mullis, has said he proposed Senate Bill 77 “to protect all monuments.”

The legislation went back to the Senate which approved changes that were made to the bill in the House. In the Senate only one Democrat voted in favor of SB 77 where it was approved on a party-line vote.

While discussing the bill in the House, state Rep. Alan Powell played a slideshow of damaged monuments from World War I, cemeteries and the Peace Monument in Piedmont Park.

“This bill is about inclusion, diversity and tolerance,” the Hartwell Republican said. “This isn’t about Confederate monuments, its about all monuments.”

Powell said vandalizing monuments has become the “chic” thing to do.

“It’s not civil disobedience – it’s a crime,” he said.

The legislation requires a vandal must pay up to three times the cost of the damage and legal fees. Currently, if a vandal is caught and charged, a judge determines whether he or she would have to pay for the repair or replacement of a monument.

Bills trying to remove or give local governments the right to remove Confederate monuments have been filed in recent years, but have gone nowhere in the General Assembly.

Opponents of the legislation argued that “local control” was the best way to handle the regulation of monuments. The legislation will also require a local government seeking to relocate a monument to place it in “site of similar prominence.”

This legislation would make that relocation more difficult.

The Bill is now setting on the Governor’s desk awaiting a signature or VETO.


Two local Marxists, Ronald Green and Roy Perry-Bey, filed an amended lawsuit against city council of Norfolk demanding City Council remove the city’s Confederate monument on E. Main Street.

It’s been more than a year since Council voted unanimously to relocate the 15-foot statue, but it hasn’t been touched. The lawsuit cites an “unreasonable delay” in relocating the statue and a failure to abide by the council’s vote.

The City says it’s waiting until the Virginia Supreme Court rules on a separate Confederate monument case in Charlottesville before moving the statue. Beyond that, the City said that it did not want to comment.


UNC Police have taken out arrest warrants for two people they say vandalized the Unsung Founders’ Memorial on McCorkle Place and an outdoor art installment near Hanes Art Center – both were defaced early Sunday morning.

Police are seeking two suspects, but their identities were not released. Campus officials said they believe one of the suspects seen on surveillance footage is “affiliated with the Heirs to the Confederacy.”

In a statement to The Herald-Sun late Monday night, K. Lance Spivey, chairman of the Heirs to the Confederacy, said his group would not support the desecration of monuments.

“Neither myself nor the Board of Directors ever has or ever would sanction such an act; it goes against everything we stand for. If these acts of vandalism were in fact committed by any member(s) of Heirs, then the perpetrator(s) were acting on their own, in a renegade capacity and unsanctioned by the Board of Directors,” he continued. “I, and Heirs to the Confederacy as a whole, will have no part in the damaging, desecration, or destruction of any historical monument, memorial, or marker, and actually support the protection of all such monuments, be they Confederate or otherwise.”

The Unsung Founders Memorial is a granite and bronze monument dedicated to the people of color who helped build the university campus.

UNC Police have released few details about the incidents, saying they are conducting a thorough criminal investigation. Their investigation includes surveillance video footage and photos of the graffiti, according to a press release. They have not released the text of the graffiti, but they have been described it as containing “racist language.”

A protest leader at UNC during the Silent Sam demonstrations says the graffiti messages were aimed at her. In a Tweet on Sunday, Maya Little said her attorney told her “that something in regards to my name was spraypainted on the monument. “UNC has not officially contacted me even though I am a PhD student nor told anything else to my lawyer,” she continued. “They didn’t tell him what was written.”

Little was found guilty in October of a misdemeanor charge for smearing blood and ink on Silent Sam last April, but the judge did not hand down a sentence or punishment. Silent Sam was subsequently pulled down by protesters Aug. 20.


After last week’s report that the rapper was handcuffed at the airport by Midland, Texas police for assaulting a teenager and his mother, Tone Loc appeared on “TMZ Live” to defend nhis action. He also said he may just do it again the next time he sees someone wearing a Battle Flag.


Hofstra University students held their second annual “Jefferson Has Gotta Go!” protest of a Thomas Jefferson statue on campus. The Jefferson statue, which has also been subjected to acts of vandalism in the past, stands in front of the university’s student center.

Additionally, the event included demands for the university to train its staff on how to better interact with students, as several individuals went up to the podium to deliver their remarks detailing personal experiences with professors who make comments that the students have deemed unacceptable.

The university responded to the students’ demands by informing them that the statue wasn’t going anywhere. “I have decided that the Thomas Jefferson statue will remain where it is,” said University President Stuart Rabinowitz. “On the one hand, Thomas Jefferson articulated the best of our ideals in the Declaration of Independence and was a defender of freedom in helping to create a new nation: the United States of America,” continued Rabinowitz in his statement, elaborating on why he made the decision to keep the Jefferson statue.

Rabinowitz added that while not every founding father may have lived out “the dream they had sketched out,” their words were “far ahead of their time and certainly ahead of their actions.”

“And still, today, the founding fathers represent the duality of the American character and the difficulty of our history: freedom and oppression, equality and injustice, in issues of race, gender, religion and origin, that we have dealt with since our founding and will deal with for years to come,” continued the university president.

“Yet in the documents most critical to our national character these men of their time laid out a vision of a world in which all people are created equal,” added Rabinowitz, “It is this vision we celebrate and honor in our Founding Fathers, even as we wrestle with their human and indefensible failings.”


The first Democratic Presidential Debate for the 2020 presidential primary will air live on 2 consecutive nights — June 26 and 27 – from Miami, Florida, on NBC News, MSNBC, and Telemundo News.


American Free Press reports that Delaware has pledged to give its electoral votes to the winner of the national popular vote in the upcoming 2020 election not to the candidate who wins that state.

Democratic Gov. John Carney signed the bill and in doing so joined 13 states already part of this “popular-vote” compact. The compact now has 184 of the 270 electoral college votes needed to elect the president.


YES, its possible. And they did. Even worse than the Cubs playing .200 baseball in what looks to be a long and struggling city for the 2016 World Series winners their city, on Tuesday, “elected” an openly gay, openy communist, black woman as the new mayor.

And did I mention that Mayor-elect Lightfoot looks like Jessie Jackson in drag?

Quebec introduces secularism bill

The Coalition Avenir Québec government, led by Premier François Legault, officially introduced a secularism bill that would prohibit public workers from wearing religious symbols such as a hijab, kippa or turban. The bill invokes the notwithstanding clause to avoid any constitutional challenges in court.

For now the bill is tabled because it would also prohibit the Catholic members of the government from wearing the crucifix.

Anti-Confederate Christians and Socialists
by Al Benson, Jr.

Al Benson, Jr., is the Editor of the Copperhead Chronicle. In addition to writing for Southern Patriot and other publications, he is a member of the Confederate Society of America and the League of the South.

I read an interesting and thought provoking article on March 29th by Larry L. Beane, a Lutheran pastor, called Which Side are You On?

This is a question that many Christians today need to begin to reflect on-are they Christian or are they socialist? Many try to be both. In my opinion I don’t think you can be both. They are antithetical to each other and if you attempt to be both you are a walking contradiction to yourself. It is the perfect example of doublemindedness.

Rev. Beane made his comments in the context of the removal of our Confederate monuments in New Orleans back in 2017. He noted that our Confederate monuments were under attack “rhetorically and physically-and eventually removed by the city government. To this day, they are hidden away in a shed in a city junkyard.” And all to feed the ambitions of a New Orleans mayor with presidential aspirations who couldn’t even be bothered to deal with the real problems in his own city.

Rev. Beane conducted prayer services at the monuments “imploring the Lord to spare us from violence.” He noted that peaceful supporters of keeping those monuments were being assaulted by Antifa thugs. Some of the folks from his own church were at the vigils to preserve the Confederate monuments. For this he was attacked by some in his own denomination who wanted him defrocked for even being there as they imputed “racist” motives to his attendance.

He spoke out about this and called them to account. He said: “My brethren who self-righteously went on the attack against me should be ashamed of themselves. By sitting on the sidelines, or in some cases, siding with the vandals and radicals, they were unwittingly helping to advance an anti-Christian agenda.”

He made the point that some Christians do end up supporting socialist radicals who are bent on cultural destruction simply so they can feel that they are opposing “racism.” Too many Christians fall into this trap. Because they fail to get a real grasp of the issues involved they often come down on the side of supporting some kind of socialist activity, not realizing that the socialists they so willingly support are every bit as “racist” as those so-called racists they claim to be opposed to. And often you are labeled a “racist” if you try to explain this to them because they don’t really want to hear it. Their minds have been made up by listening to the drivel spouted by the mainstream media and they refuse to be confronted with the real facts. Too much trouble! Just believe Walter Crankcase or Dan Rather-biased and don’t worry about the facts.

Rev. Beane asked some embarrassing questions. He said: “When things were very tense, when the police were ordered to stand down, when mobs were chanting and closing in and throwing bottles at peaceful people-where were the clergy? Where were the blessed peacemakers? Where were the pastors on the other side who supported the removal of the monuments? Where were the men with the moral authority to call for peace to prevail? I’ll tell you where they were: they were virtue signaling on social media from their comfy couches and plotting against those of us who were willing to get our hands dirty.” He’s right!

I watched some of the same situation during the Kanawha County textbook protest in West Virginia decades ago. There were Christian pastors there who should have gotten out and helped the protesters to protest the raunchy textbooks being force fed to public school kids. But they didn’t do that. They sat it out and said nothing, and some pastors were even in favor of those books. There was one pastor there who, when I explained to him my opposition to communism and the left in general, he told me I was nuts! I visited his church one time-and one time only!

Rev. Beane asked this question: “When will people finally get it? When monuments to Lincoln and Washington are being torn down? When any historic remembrance prior to Year Zero has been thrown into the Memory Hole?” Because, in the final analysis, that’s what it’s really all about. If you totally destroy a people’s historic heritage and cultural memory they have nothing to go forward with, or to pass along to their children to enable them to go forward. “He who controls the past controls the future.”

What many Christians who are so obsessed with their opposition to “racism” fail to realize is that those who also claim to be against “racism” are also against the Christian culture and heritage of this country-particularly here in the South. How many of those men whose monuments have been so quickly torn down and removed were Christian men, whose devotion to God makes what often passes for Christianity today pale into insignificance?

No, sadly, many of those Christians who so blithely support socialism today just don’t get it. I wonder if they ever will. The old Confederacy, contrary to what you believe, was not full of evil racists anymore than any other part of the country that was just as “racist” but doesn’t get talked about because that wouldn’t fit the Deep State and media narrative of the destroyers of our culture.

Those Christians that support socialism and its agenda or that just want to sit out these battles that affect what they believe will end up paying for their costly errors in judgment some day. Problem is, they won’t like the price!

Jack Ayoub in Harlingen, Texas SUBMITS:

April is Confederate Heritage Month, but Texas history has long forgotten Capt. Justo Trevino of Brownsville, the highest ranking Confederate Tejano from the Rio Grande Valley, and his company of Texas Partisan Mounted Volunteers of the Texas Cavalry, that included 89 Tejanos and Mexican Nationals during the course of the Civil War.

According to Ofelia Olsson, his great niece, Trevino was born near Las Rucias in 1826, and the 1850 census listed him as a farmer and resident of Brownsville.

With research help from the Col. Rip Ford Camp of Harlingen of the Sons of Confederate Veterans, Justo enlisted in the Confederacy in November 1863 as captain of a company of about 37 Hispanics.

One account has Trevino’s principal duties as patrolling the Rio Grande River, as far as Rio Grande City.

His cavalry would have been able to provide extra security to help guard the caravans of cotton wagons under the command of Col. Santos Benavides of Laredo, the highest ranking Tejano in the Confederacy.

That were being transported to the Mexican sea port of Bagdad, across from Boca Chica, to be exported to England and Europe for much needed war supplies for the South.

On May 13, 1865, the last land battle of the Civil War, the Battle of Palmetto Hill, was fought about 16 miles outside of Brownsville.

Since the Confederate victory over the Union forces was mainly because of their cavalry out-flanking the Yankee infantry, Capt. Trevino and his cavalry might have been on the battlefield with Col. Rip Ford of Brownsville.

Trevino and his Tejanos were part of the 2,550 Hispanics from Texas to side with the Confederacy.

Viva Tejas y vivan Los Tejanos.

by Dissident Mama

Apologetics practitioner for Orthodox Christianity, the Southern tradition, homeschooling, and liberty. Recovering feminist-socialist-atheist and retired mainstream journalist turned domesticated belle and rabble-rousing rhetorician.

Good Lord save us from megachurches and the contemporary “worship space” names they litter upon our once Christ-filled landscape. For the love of God: nine Elevation locations in the vapid Reconstructed city of Charlotte were already quite enough. And now the post-modern Christians wanna spread this hipster nonsense all around Carolina. Enough with the plastic “churches,” I say.

Upward. Impact. Summit. These all sound like health-training facilities for outdoorsy types. I totally expect to see a rock-climbing wall featured prominently, perhaps located near the gourmet coffee nook with its nose-pierced Hillsong baristas. New Hope. Life Point. CrossPointe. Such gimmicky gobble-dee-gook, but with the missing hook of a good ad or the clever pitch of a used-car salesman. In an effort to seem generically inclusive and cool, any one of them could be any product, from cardio equipment to condoms.

City Church. Mosaic. The Fellowship Downtown. Yeah, translation: “Oh, please ‘people of color’ come to our church, so we self-loathing white people can say we have ‘urban’ friends.” Just for the record, cool black people find this patronizing.
The Bridge. Journey. I mean, c’mon. One was a Zeppelin song, and the other a seminal ’80s band. What’s next? Heart? Doobie Brotherhood? Gods and Roses? Seriously, why must American Christianity be so retarded and fake?

My family enjoys Jay Dyer’s spoof of the Ameridox phenomenon, with his parody video about the fictional Circus of Power church. Some of the megachurch’s secular lures include “pizza buffet warehouse buffet strip club,” dance troupe, monster truck rally, and hip hop ministry. And we all know this isn’t far off from the truth.

If you think I’m picking too much on Elevation and its dubious churchism, tell me honestly you don’t think the “campus” location seen at top could be an Old Navy store. Or maybe a Bed, Bath, and Beyond. Holy it is not.

You can also take a gander at these Babylon Bee satirical gems: Elevation Church Debuts Water Slide Baptismal, Elevation Church Ordered To Post Photosensitive Seizure Warning Before Worship Services, and Elevation Church To Buy Carolina Panthers For $2.3 Billion. Seriously hilarious.

C’mon, folks. Laughter is some of the best medicine our decaying culture can use. I say, don’t be an April fool and let this clown world steal your joy. Have a good chuckle, won’t you?

Until Next Week
Deo Vindice
Chaplain Ed

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