Of all of our country’s Confederate monuments, the one in the Martha’s Vineyard community of Oak Bluffs is perhaps the most unique. And until recently, even the SPLC didn;t know that Martha’s Vineyard had a Confederate monument? Why? Because technically speaking, it is a Union monument. A Union monument with a Confederate plaque, installed at the foot of a statue of a Union soldier. So its listed in all the registeries as a Union monument. A monument that nobody was paying attention to until a black person vacationing on the island read the plaque and now the NAACP is demanding to take it down.

The story of how an ode to the Confederacy ended up so far North begins a few years after the WBTS when a man named Charles Strahan, who had fought for the Confederacy, decided to head north after the war in search of a fresh start in Massachusetts. After an apparently chilly reception from the Vineyard community, Strahan, then the owner of the
Martha’s Vineyard Herald, raised money to build a seven-foot-tall statue of a northern soldier, dedicated to the local Union veterans. When it was erected in 1891, Strahan said he hoped the statue would be seen as a gesture of good will, and that one day his Union-allied neighbors could find it in their hearts to offer “more kindness” to his “old comrades” from the Confederacy and add a plaque to it in their honor-there were, as some might say, fine people on both sides.

It took more than 30 years to see Strahan’s dream realized, but in 1925, it happened: A local Union veterans group agreed to add an inscription with some kind words for the Confederacy on the statue. And that’s how Oak Bluffs ended up with a monument to Confederate soldiers “dedicated by the Union veterans of the Civil War, in honor of the Confederate soldiers.” It proclaimed, “The chasm is closed.”

Last weekend, the NAACP voted unanimously to call on the Board of Selectmen to tear down the monument, as well as a marker installed near the statue to explain its backstory, both of which the NAACP has called “a bunch of offensive, history-whitewashing baloney.”

The NAACP sent a spokesman to the March 26 meeting of the Board of Selectmen asking for the momument to be removed.

Recently, Massachusetts has shown it’s willing to topple monuments to Confederates. In 2017, officials removed a large stone tablet on George’s Island installed by the Daughters of the Confederacy that paid tribute to Confederate prisoners of war who died there. At that time it was thought to be the only Confederate monument in the state.

But on the Vineyard, the locals are pushing back in the comments sections of local papers. “Yes! Let’s erase history,” reads one of them, dripping with sarcasm. Another commenter pointed to the NAACP rep’s status as an out-of-towner: “No mere ‘frequent visitor to the Island’ has the right to advocate for removal solely on the basis of his race,” this person’s message reads, adding, “If the plaque so offends Mr. King, I would respectfully remind him that he has many other choices of vacation destinations.”


Interim Chancellor Larry Sparks issued a statement that he is in discussion with historic preservation officials on finding a way to bypass the State’s 2004 monument protection law to remove Confederate monuments from the campus in response to student, faculty and staff passed resolutions earlier this month asking Sparks to remove monuments.


Michael Quess Moore, leader of TakeEmDownNola, the successful effort to remove numerous confederate statues in New Orleans is back in Florida and he bussed his “mob” in with him, reviving a group calling itself TakeEmDownJax. The “Florida” group is also renwing their demand that Jacksonville leaders immediately take down all Confederate monuments on city-owned property, as well as strip the names of Confederate leaders off public buildings and street signs. They also called for an economic boycott of Jacksonville unless City leaders immediately remove the statues and other symbols of the Confederacy, which the activists denounced as rooted in white supremacy and representing racism, hate and slavery.

The group also “hosted” the second “international” TakeEmDownEverywhere rally Saturday afternoon at Confederate Park on Hubbard Street. The Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office estimated 140 people – mostly out-of-town “social justice warriors” – attended the rally that was followed by a panel discussion at the nearby International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers union hall.

The monuments discussed by the panel were the Women of the Confederacy monument in Confederate Park, and the monument of the Confederate soldier in Hemming Plaza downtown.

The Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office maintained a large and visible police presence during the rally which prevented the group from executing their planned vandalism and violence.


If you were born in Lakeland or spent any time here, chances are you’ve never known Munn Park to be without its Confederate statue – otherwise you’d be pushing 110.

That all changed Friday as a contractor began removing the more than century old statue from its base.

Lakeland commissioners voted late last year in favor of using money generated by the city’s red light camera citations to pay for the move, which is estimated to cost around $210,000. The vote reversed an earlier decision to require the move to be paid with private funds. Lakeland officials said the cost includes a $20,000 cushion to pay for unforeseen expenses during the four-day removal of the monument.


Forsyth Superior Court Judge Stanley Allen ruled Monday afternoon that legal motions in connection with Winston-Salem, North Carolina’s removal of a downtown Confederate statue will not be heard until April 29.

The United Daughters of the Confederacy also filed a motion asking the Judge to force the City to put the statue back on the corner of Fourth and Liberty streets until the hearing.

Judge Allen said all sides in the case will have a chance to be prepared on April 29 to make their arguments but would not entertain the motion for the statue’s restoration claiming that it was filed too late to be heard.

Last week saw a flurry of legal filings in the case, which pits the UDC against the city, Forsyth County and Winston Courthouse LLC, a company that converted the old courthouse into apartments.

The city and the courthouse owner argue that the statue presents a public safety hazard because of the potential for violence at protests. The UDC maintains the City didn’t have the authority to move the statue on March 12.


In a letter to the Salisbury City Council, Salisbury-Rowan NAACP President Gemale Black is calling for a public hearing to discuss the removal of the Confederate monument located in the median of W. Innes Street in Salisbury.


KOSA TV recently showed a video on their nightly newscast that was obtained from the Midland International Airport. The video shows rapper Tone Loc getting into a heated exchange at the airport before being handcuffed. In the video, the rapper exchanges shouts and swears with a man and woman, repeatedly saying “F— your Confederate s—.”

A witness, who wishes to remain anonymous, said this all started when Tone Loc got upset by a teenage boy wearing a hat with a Confederate flag on it and confronted him. The witness said the man and woman are the boy’s parents who defended their son, saying he can wear whatever he wants. Police arrived soon after and handcuffed Loc.

A spokesperson for the City of Midland said the rapper was detained, but not arrested. The witness said shortly after the video ended, Loc was released after he and the family he was arguing with agreed to go their separate ways.

Loc’s real name is Anthony Terrell Smith. The rapper is known for his hit songs “Wild Thing” and “Funky Cold Medina.”


The Austin school board Monday night voted to rename Sidney Lanier High School, for U.S. Army Sgt. Juan P. Navarro, a 2007 graduate of the school who was killed by an explosive device in 2012 in Afghanistan.

Austin members of the League of United Latin American Citizens submitted a petition with more than 900 signatures to the district calling for Lanier to be renamed for Navarro, who was a school athlete.

The decision to rename the school Juan Navarro Early College High School is contingent on a background check of Navarro, since it was not a name that was brought forward by the Lanier campus advisory council.


The Bishops of the Church of Norway–70% of the people in Norway belong to that church–have issued a statement apologizing for having been pro-life ( No, it’s not a satire. They really did it.

Yup, the bishops regret ever having opposed abortion and are now for it.

Parkland Principal Removed From Duties Pending Investigation

Ty Thompson, the Florida principal who famously hugged his students in the days following the school shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School has been removed from his duties at the school pending the results of an investigation into his conduct Broward County school officials announced last week Thursday.

During the investigation, Thompson will remain at the school to focus on recovery efforts and to provide oversight on the construction of the new replacement building. But the school’s day-to-day operations will be managed by Principal Teresa Hall, who has been serving as a co-principal since last July. Additional oversight and support will be provided by former MSD Principal Dan Traeger.

District administrators based the decision to keep Principal Thompson at the MSD campus in an advisory capacity to be in the best interest of the students and teachers: “Since the tragedy, Thompson has provided stability to the school and community, and has been considered by many to be instrumental in helping with healing and recovery.”

Broward County school officials voted 6 to 3 earlier this month to retain embattled Superintendent Robert Runcie after a number of Parkland parents called for Runcie to be fired over his handling of the school shooting.

The investigation of Thompson has also been expanded to include three assistant principals and is expected to be completed by the end of the school year.


The Governor signs legislation to repeal the ban on smokable medical marijuana.

Hurricane names Florance and Micheal have been retired due to the devertity of the storms recently bearing those names.


Wayne Messam, the little-known mayor of Miramar, Florida, announced Thursday that he is running for president, launching a campaign that will look to accomplish the unlikely: Turning the mayor of the 140,000-person town into the next president of the United States.

Messam, in a highly produced video released to CNN, tells voters that he is running for president and rails against what he calls a “broken” federal government in Washington, DC.

by Al Benson, Jr.

Al Benson, Jr., is the Editor of the Copperhead Chronicle. In addition to writing for Southern Patriot and other publications, he is a member of the Confederate Society of America and the League of the South.

No matter what you want to say about the socialists they have a multi-generational world view. The Fabian Socialists are noted for this. They are not in a big rush to push revolutionary socialism down our throats. They are content to do it a little at a time, often in doses we are hardly aware of, but the end result will be socialism for us no matter how you cut the mustard. It may take longer, but the end result will be inevitable. We will get socialism whether we want it or not, often because we were just too lazy or apathetic to be bothered to resist it.

Leon Trotsky, the real big daddy of today’s neo-conservatives, had this to say in regard to the socialists’ multi-generational perspective: “If our generation happens to be too weak to establish socialism over the earth, we will hand the spotless banner down to our children. The struggle which is in the offing transcends by far the importance of individuals, factions, and parties. It is the struggle for the future of all mankind. It will be severe. It will be lengthy. Whoever seeks physical comfort and spiritual calm, let him step aside. In time of reaction it is more convenient to lean on the bureaucracy than on the truth. But all those for whom the word socialism is not a hollow sound but the content of their moral life-forward!” If you want to check out Trotsky’s comments you can find them at:

He said lots more than that, but this will give you some idea of his socialist world view and that it was, and still is, multi-generational. I’ll tell you one thing. For those that seek to change the world, a multi-generational world view is essential because no one is going to accomplish that in one generation. Those who think they will are deluding themselves. The socialists have a plan, an agenda, and outline, if you will that they are following and they are willing to work all their lives to fulfill their part in that plan, knowing they will not live to see it come to fruition but feeling that, somewhere down the road, it will, and they will have played their part in that.

Many years ago, ex-Communist Benjamin Gitlow, wrote a book called The Whole of Their Lives. It was a history of the early days of 20th century communism in this country, toward which domestic and foreign communists committed “the whole of their lives.” He quoted Lenin, where Lenin said: “We must train men and women who will devote to the revolution, not merely their spare evenings, but the whole of their lives.” That’s what most socialists do. They devote the entirety of their lives to this evil purpose-and the lives of their children as well! I am not saying these people will win in the end, but the point is, they are willing to devote everything they have to a cause that is militantly anti-Christ.

The question then arises, are Christians willing to devote even part of their lives to working to defeat this anti-Christ agenda? I can hear the replies even now. “Well, the Lord will take care of all that for us, we don’t need to get involved.” Wrong answer! Yes, the Lord will take care of all that-but He may decide to use you as part of His method of dealing with it. Most Christians don’t want to hear that! It means they may have to do something, get involved, take some responsibility for helping to resist the encroaching socialist evil-and the last thing most Christians want is responsibility. I will never forget my boss when we worked in Illinois, telling me “Christians will flee responsibility as if it were the plague.” He is a Christian, and, in many cases, I am forced to agree with him. He knew whereof he spoke.

I have had the same experience as my boss in Illinois. Even where I am now, I have had some brethren in the faith tell me that the Lord would take care of all the political problems we face. The translation for that comment is: the Lord will take care of the mess we are in so I don’t have to do anything, just go along for the ride. The whole problem with that rationale is the I don’t have to do anything part! Yet that is where most Christians today are at.

The majority Christian world view at this point in history seems to consist of “don’t criticize, be nice, get along with everybody, just be good, and avoid politics, and hope the “rapture” comes along real soon so we can get out of this mess.” I guess you can tell by my commentary that I don’t quite agree with this view. What happens if the “rapture” doesn’t quite come along when you’d like it to or think it should? What do you do then. What do your children, and maybe your grandchildren, do then to deal with what we may have to deal with? What is your world view for their future? Or do you even have one?

Unfortunately today, and for past decades, most Christians seem to find their world view as expressed in the notes in the Scofield Bible-wait for the secret, imminent return of the Lord and don’t bother polishing the brass on a sinking ship. In other words, in regard to the current national situation-do nothing except preach John 3:16, as nothing else really matters. So the socialists take over the world, don’t worry about that, we won’t be here to see it! You’ll have to pardon me if I feel this is rather a shortsighted view.

For those interested I would recommend a different view, one you can find in a book published back in 2008 called Why The End Is Not Near by Duane Garner, and published by Athanasius Press. It is still available on Amazon and is not overly expensive. This gives you a whole different perspective on the “end times” and what vision for the future Christians need to have if they are to confront what goes on in the world today, and Christians do need to confront it. Just “being nice” won’t cut it.

Christians need a multi-generational world view that prepares their children to carry on the Christian struggle against anti-Christ ideologies and for the truth. We have to realize that this is a battle we will not win day after tomorrow, but one we must teach our children to fight so they can teach their children to fight it. The best way to do that is with Christian education, keeping your kids out of public schools. In the real world, your kids are going to have to deal with the false doctrine of socialism and its world view. They need to know the truth about it from a Christian perspective and they need to know how to oppose it from a Christian perspective because it ain’t going away without a fight! This shouldn’t be done just because we hate socialists, but rather because we care enough about them to present them with the truth that is in Jesus Christ, because this truth is what will break the back of socialism.

The socialists want to hand their “spotless banner” down to their children. Their “spotless banner” is stained with the blood of millions that would not bow the knee to their false god, and some of those were Christians. So Christians do need to oppose socialism in Christian love-but they do need to oppose it, and to do that, they need to learn what it is all about.


I read the information about Morris Dees being fired. You do know that Millard Fuller, founder of Habitat for Humanity in Americus, GA, was a roommate of Dees at the Univ. of Alabama.

Fuller was an ultra-liberal who would not pledge allegiance to the U. S. flag. He was fired twice by Habitat for Humanity for sexual harassment chargers.

After the first firing, the donations fell off so bad that Jimmy Carter (who was on the Board) said they needed to bring him back to stabilize the getting of donations.

After the second charge a few years later (by either 2 or 3 women), they fired him again. He left and formed the Fuller Center for Housing which today is headquartered in Americus, GA.


Saturday at 11am (March 30) William Smith & Steven Hoy, authors of “Camp Oglethorpe” book will give a brief presentation and book signing at The Cannonball House. This is a great book and so important to the history of Macon. The event is free to members of Friends of Cannonball House Inc (all others $5).

Also, our 5th Annual Beards, Bourbon & BBQ will take place Saturday, April 6th from 6-9pm. This year we will have live music with Fall Line Rambler, a band from Milledgeville, Georgia. Each ticket gets a BBQ plate, a Bourbon tasting and a front row seat to all the fun including the beard contests, music and a fun time spent with friends. All proceeds benefit The Cannonball House. Tickets are $25 (or $50 VIP-get in 30 min early, first in line for bourbon tasting and one free signature cocktail). If any of you are interested in volunteering to help this year Volunteers get in free!

One last announcement: we have just received our first shipment of Cannonball House t-shirts! We have sizes small to 2XL. The shirts sell for $15, so come get one while we have plenty in all sizes.



by Jerry Patterson

Jerry Patterson is a former Texas Land Commissioner, State Senator and retired Marine Vietnam veteran.

“In this enlightened age, there are few I believe, but what will acknowledge, that slavery as an institution is a moral and political evil in any country.” – Robert E. Lee 1856

Could Gen. Robert E.l Lee’s sentiments deter the “tear down those monuments” crowd?

Probably not.

Given their current success in removing monuments to Confederate generals, ignorant politicians and those whose hobby is going through life seeking to be offended, soon will run out of things to be offended by. Why not broaden the list of “offensive” symbols to include slave owners George Washington and Thomas Jefferson and a host of other founders?

Here in Texas you could add slave owning Texas heroes such as Sam Houston, Jim Bowie and William Travis.

Should we banish from public view all monuments to past historical figures who supported white supremacy, advocated secession or made racist comments? Consider Abraham Lincoln. In addition to the Lincoln monument in the nation’s capital, there’s probably not a major city in the country without a school, street or park named after Lincoln (Abilene once had Lincoln Middle School).

What do Lincoln’s own words tell us about “Honest Abe”, “the Great Emancipator?” During one of the famous 1858 debates with Sen. Stephen Douglas, Lincoln explained to the crowd: “I am not, nor ever have been, in favor of bringing about in any way the social and political equality of the white and black races . . . I am not now nor have ever been in favor of making voters or jurors of Negroes, nor of qualifying them to hold office, nor to intermarry with white people . . . there is a physical difference between the white and black races which I believe will forever forbid the two races from living together on terms of social and political equality.

And inasmuch as they cannot so live, while they do remain together there must be a position of superior and inferior, and I as much as any other man am in favor of having the superior position assigned to the white race.”

Lincoln’s prejudices weren’t limited to blacks.

During another debate with Douglas, Lincoln opined: “I understand that the people.”

In Lincoln’s 1861 inaugural address, he endorsed a constitutional amendment, known as the Corwin Amendment, which would forever protect slavery where it existed, telling the audience: “I have no objection to its (Corwin Amendment) being made express and irrevocable”. Lincoln’s goal was to save the Union, writing to abolitionist Horace Greeley: “If I could save the Union without freeing any slaves, I would do it.”

Virtually all white men of that time were white supremacists. Lincoln was no exception, and his comments belie his reputation.

Was Lincoln opposed to secession?

Consider his remarks he made in Congress on January 12, 1848:

“Any people anywhere, being inclined and having the power, have the right to rise up and shake off the existing government, and form a new one which suits them better. Nor is this right confined to cases in which the whole people of an existing government may choose to exercise it. Any portion of such people that can, may revolutionize, and make their own of so much territory as they inhabit.”

This is exactly what the seceding states did in 1861.

Another discomforting fact for today’s advocates of political correctness: In 2011 I sponsored a commemorative license plate for Buffalo soldiers, iconic black U.S. cavalrymen who served on the frontier. Couldn’t today’s Native Americans claim buffalo soldiers participated in a genocidal war against an entire race of people – the American Plains Indians – enslaving them on reservations?

If we’re going to measure Confederates of 150 years ago by today’s standards, shouldn’t we do the same with Lincoln?

Today, it’s Confederates. Who’s next? Buffalo soldiers? Our nation’s founders? Our Texas heroes? The possibilities are limitless.


Dr. Ed is a pastor, author, public speaker, radio personality, lobbyist, re-enactor, and the Director of Dixie Heritage.

Every day I receive an eMail from Twitter calling my attention to the 5 most important tweets of the day. I have NEVER seen a tweet by President Trump in the mix. But at least a few days a week there will be a tweet by Hillary Clinton highlighted. That alone should be enough to tell us that Twitter has an agenda.

Anyway, as I’ve just come home from Cuba, cleared customs/immigration and waiting for the shuttle to take me to offsite parking I am anxious to see my eMail. Looking at my phone one of the first is from Twitter pointing me to a Hillary tweet where the would-be first “lady” president (she may be a female but she is definitely not a lady) says: “Climate Change is a national security issue.”

The next eMail is from MSNBC, a military base had minor flooding when the Missouri River overflowed a few inches due to heavy rain. Of course, MSNBC blew it way out of proportion and also blamed the river’s high level on “climate change.”

Then I hop in the truck, turn on the radio, and Sean Hannity is talking about how President Trump just got $9 billion for the wall and why it was better for him to have declared a “state of emergency” than to have gotten only $5.7 billion from Congress.

And that was the moment of “epiphany.”

The resistance is all for show! The left will ultimatley let Trump have his “state of emergency” and even his wall. And by doing so, they will give themselves power unspeakable.

By making “climate change” a national security issue they have placed it under executive authority. And if not in 2020, in 2024 (maybe sooner if an impeachment or assassination can be arranged) the Marxists will again have a “president” in the White House. When they do, she (intentional pronoun choice) will declare a “state of emergency” based on “climate change.” Remember, “climate change” is whatever they say it is or need it to be at that moment. She will face a little opposition for doing so, and her response will be that if President Trump can declare an “emergency” to build a wall she can do so to effect whatever changes her handlers wish her to make.

And as for the wall, it won’t be doing much to protect us because by then the politicians will have figured out how to neutralize it through expanded legal immigration or some other means.

Still, we continue to fight!

Until Next Week
Deo Vindice!
Chaplain Ed

Dixie Heritage
P.O. Box 618
Lowell, FL 32663