On a summer day in 2017, a group of protesters went to a Memphis park and called for the city government to take down Confederate statues. A man with a bushy gray beard came to the park too in an attempt to reason with the activists. He said that instead of complaining about monuments, they should focus on issues like black-on-black crime. Then the man talked with reporters.

“What I’m tired of is being portrayed as KKK or white supremacist simply because I’m a white guy that wants to preserve my heritage,” he said. This and other comments were broadcast nationally on MSNBC and published in The Commercial Appeal, along with the man’s name: Mike Goza.

Liberal agitators looked up Goza’s Facebook page and saw a picture of one of his young daughters in a Memphis Light, Gas and Water truck. They complained to MLGW, which employed Goza as a skilled technician. The utility “launched an investigation” and fired Goza.

In response, he filed a civil lawsuit, seeking to return to MLGW with back pay and monetary damages. He’s claiming race discrimination and violation of his constitutional rights to free speech and equal protection under the law.

A non-jury trial began last week and concluded Wednesday, with U.S. District Judge Jon P. McCalla presiding. The judge is expected to rule later this month. The case could set precedent.

New technologies such as Facebook allow anyone to express controversial views to a big audience. Facebook also makes it easy for people to track the person down and pressure their employer to fire them.

In most cases, private companies can legally fire employees for things they say. Its called “right to work,” better translated, “right to be fired.” One example is a woman in Alabama was fired in 2004 for putting a bumper sticker on her car promoting Democratic presidential candidate John Kerry. The court upheld her “right to work” when it agreed that employer could fire her for ANY reason. But workers for public employers like MLGW enjoy greater freedoms, because their employer is the government.

In 1968, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled in favor of a schoolteacher who’d written a newspaper letter to the editor and was fired. The court concluded a government employee could make comments on matters of public interest.

While the court does not agree with mr. Goza’s views, it has expressed concern that members of the public pressured MLGW to fire Goza and how that could be weaponized towards “views of a different kind.”

Media outlets argue that shaming “extremists” (on our side of course, not on their side) can serve a greater good. News outlets including ProPublica and Frontline recently identified some “white nationalists,” causing them to lose jobs with a defense contractor and the Marine Corps.

Experts say Goza’s case could impact free speech rights for the many people across the country who work for state, local and federal governments. “It’s millions and millions of people,” said David L. Hudson Jr. a law professor at Belmont University in Nashville who’s written extensively on free speech.

The Goza case could help set precedent, especially if the losing side appeals to the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Sixth Circuit, and could have even more influence if it goes to the Supreme Court, Hudson said.

John Hancock, Oprah, Confederate figures are among 60 people cut from Texas history curriculum

Texas has cut about five dozen people from its social studies curriculum to streamline the number of historical figures about whom students will learn.

The State Board of Education voted on these cuts to the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills, or TEKS, curriculum in November. But a finalized list wasn’t available until recently.

For example, Colin Powell and Oprah Winfrey were cut, as were American Civil Liberties Union leader Clarence Darrow and Republican presidential hopeful Barry Goldwater.

Going deeper into our history, Declaration of Independence signatory John Hancock, whom second-graders were required to learn, was also cut. And eighth-graders will no longer need to learn about John C. Calhoun, Henry Clay or Daniel Webster.

Several other men were axed from a recommended list of “significant individuals and events concerning Texas and the Civil War,” including Confederate Postmaster General John Reagan and Confederate soldier John Bell Hood of Hood’s Texas Brigade, whose likeness adorns a large statute on the state Capitol grounds.

Here is a full list of the historical figures eliminated from the Texas curriculum:

  • Francis Scott Key
  • Richard Allen
  • John Hancock
  • Robert Fulton
  • Ellen Ochoa
  • John “Danny” Olivas
  • Juan de Onate
  • Juliette Gordon Low
  • Maria Mitchell
  • Mary Kay Ash
  • Milton Hershey
  • Phillis Wheatley
  • Wallace Amos
  • Carlos Espalier
  • John Tower
  • Jose de Escandon
  • Juan Antonio Padilla
  • Sidney Sherman
  • Stanley Marcus
  • Vicente Filisola
  • Charles Pinckney

  • John Wise
  • Nathan Hale
  • Edwin W. Moore
  • Francis Lubbock
  • John Magruder
  • John Reagan
  • John Bell Hood
  • The Populists
  • Thomas Green
  • Bernardo de Galvez
  • Haym Salomon
  • President James Monroe
  • John James Audubon
  • Stonewall Jackson
  • Estee Lauder
  • Lester Maddox
  • Lionel Sosa
  • Phyllis Schlafly
  • Robert Johnson
  • Barry Goldwater
  • Benjamin Rush
  • Charles Carroll
  • Clarence Darrow
  • Francis Willard
  • George Marshall
  • General George Patton
  • Glenn Curtiss
  • Henry Cabot Lodge
  • John Witherspoon
  • John Peter Muhlenberg
  • Jonathan Trumbull Sr.
  • Oprah Winfrey
  • William Jennings Bryan
  • Natan Sharansky
  • Oscar Romero
  • Colin Powell
  • Daniel Webster
  • Henry Clay
  • John C. Calhoun


Doug Weisz won the 2019 single-frame Champion of Champions with his exhibit “New Orleans in the Confederate Mail System.” The announcement and presentation of the annual award took place in Mesa, Ariz., during the American Philatelic Society’s 2019 Ameristamp Expo held Feb. 15-17. A longtime collector, Weisz is also a full-time dealer in postal history.

As described by the title page, his exhibit illustrates the handling of mail in New Orleans, La., “from the first day the Confederate States assumed their own postal system to the occupation of New Orleans by Union troops: June 1, 1861 to April 25, 1862.”

The exhibit includes New Orleans provisional uses, Confederate stampless unpaid mail and the use of Confederate States postage during the period studied.

“I have been working on it for several years and researching the story for even more,” Weisz said.

He first entered the exhibit at the 2018 Greater Houston Stamp Show, where he won the single-frame grand award.

He plans to continue showing it as a noncompetitive exhibit at future stamp shows and exhibitions, including the March 23-24 Springpex show in Springfield, Va.; the Plymouth Show, April 13-14, in Plymouth, Mich.; Philatelic Show, May 3-5, in Boxborough, Mass.; and Napex, June 7-9, in McLean, Va.


Not since the British Crown sent troops to Lexington and Concord on April 19, 1775, to confiscate the firearms of the colonists has the central government in America attempted to pass laws to confiscate the firearms of innocent Americans-people who have NOT been accused of a crime, charged with a crime or people who have not even threatened to commit a crime.

We are not talking about gun control. We are talking about GUN CONFISCATION.

And who are the ones leading the charge to confiscate our guns? Donald Trump, Marco Rubio and Lindsey Graham – all Republicans.

Graham and his new “best buddy,” anti-gun zealot Senator Richard Blumenthal (D-CT), are scheduling a hearing on Gun Confiscation Orders – sugar-coated as “red-flag laws” – on March 26.

Gun Confiscation “red-flag” Orders were drafted and are being promoted nationally by Leftist anti-gun billionaire Michael Bloomberg.

They would allow an angry relative or the police to make a telephone call to a judge. And, based on that telephone call, the judge can issue an order stripping you of your Second, Fourth, Fifth, and Fourteenth Amendment rights – all without your knowledge.

The first thing you would learn about it is when the SWAT Team arrived at your door in the middle of the night – ready to ransack your home and, if you resisted, to arrest or shoot you.

Senator Graham told CNN: “This [gun confiscation] is to me the area where we [Republicans and Democrats] can come together.”

And, as you know (and if you don’t, it’s because you don’t want to know), President Trump has made it crystal clear that he wants the government to enact these “red flag” gun confiscation laws as soon as possible. And don’t forget that Trump has appointed-and the GOP Senate has confirmed-one of the most disgusting swamp creatures in the world, William Barr, as America’s attorney general.

William Barr is one of the biggest proponents of “red flag” gun confiscation laws in the country. During his confirmation hearings, Barr told Senator Dianne Feinstein that implementing “red flag” gun confiscation laws is the “single most important thing I think we can do in the gun control area.” This is the man who will enthusiastically oversee and enforce gun confiscation in America. Donald Trump appointed-and the GOP Senate confirmed-a tyrannical monster as America’s attorney general.

I am telling you, folks, if we do not bombard our U.S. senators with opposition to this proposed national “red flag” gun confiscation bill-and I mean SO LOUDLY that they cannot ignore us-gun confiscation will soon begin in earnest nationwide. And hear me when I say, not a single gun owner (and that means YOU) will be immune or protected against becoming a victim of this ultimate form of government tyranny.

— the above was excerpted from Chuck Baldwin’s syndicated column.

Dr. Scott Lively To Explore Run for Congress in 2020

Offers Five Point Plan at MA4Trump:

Dr. Lively began his talk at MA4Trump by announcing his intention to explore a run for Congress in 2020, receiving sustained applause from the crowd. He expressed an openness to running in any of the 9 congressional districts and explained that his primary goal in running would be to assist in the reelection of President Trump, using the platform available in a congressional election to champion the Trump platform and tout the president’s achievements.

Dr. Lively explained that his secondary goal would be the restoration of conservative control of the Mass GOP through grass-roots organizing and the recruitment of true conservative voters back into the Republican Party. He noted that if he were running a congressional campaign, his place in the top-tier of the Republican line-up would maximize his influence in the GOP convention of early 2020, and in the 2020 Primary when all 80 of the GOP state committee persons are elected. He also noted that his extensive experience as an international human rights consultant and advocate for populist/conservative values around the world, as well as his deep roots as an 11th generation Bay-Stater with a full palate of professional skills, would make him a formidable opponent to any of the current Dem seat-warmers in the US House of Representatives.

Gov. Jay Inslee enters 2020 presidential race

The Washington governor is aiming to tackle “climate change” as president. And because a recent poll shows that only 38% of prospective Democrat primary voters will vote for a straight white guy (and 3/4 of those saifd they’d vote for Joe Biden) the Governor has issued an appology for being a straight white guy. I’m not making this up, he really did.

Kamala Harris issues an apology.

Not for being the descendent of slave owners. No, she actually appologized for being married to a straight white guy. I guess she saw the same poll Gov. Inslee read?


Robert Francis O’Rourke, a white Irish guy who spent a few extra minutes in a tanning booth and changed his name to “Beto” in a sick attempt to pass himself off to Texas and now America’s voters as a Mexican (did the Dems learn nothing from Lizzy Warren’s fake Pocahantus strategy?) has announced that he, along with about how many dozens of others now, is seeking the Democrat nomination for president in 2020.


The US Dept. of State is offering $1 million and possible “witness protection” for information on the whereabouts of Hamza bin Laden. Hazma is the son of Osama bin Laden and is emerging as the new leader of al-Qa’ida.

by Al Benson, Jr.

Al Benson, Jr., is the Editor of the Copperhead Chronicle. In addition to writing for Southern Patriot and other publications, he is a member of the Confederate Society of America and the League of the South.

Most of us have read about the reparations scam over the years. It seems as though it resurfaces every three or four years and some socialist or group of socialists pushes it for awhile, but can’t quite get enough traction for it and so it goes the way of the Dodo Bird for awhile and resides in political limbo until the next bunch of socialists comes along and tries again.

Let’s be honest here, folks. This is one issue that will never completely go away, as the possibilities for redistributing the wealth with something like this are so strong that the socialists and other Marxists among us just can’t bear to turn loose of it.

I noticed an article on for February 26th by Pat Buchanan about this. Pat observed: “Having embraced ‘Medicare-for-all’ free college tuition and a Green New Deal that would mandate an early end of all oil, gas and coal-fired power plants, the Democratic Party’s lurch to the left rolls on. Presidential candidates Kamala Harris and Elizabeth Warren both called last week for race-based reparations for slavery.

Should you wonder what “race-based” reparations for slavery means, it means that only white folks will get taken to the cleaners for this scam and no one else has to worry. This makes it a patently dishonest scheme right from the git-go as anyone with a brain should be able to figure out.

The slavery situation in this country has always been a complex issue. It was never a situation where all white folks held all black folks in perpetual bondage, regardless of what your “history” professors (what a laugh) have told you.

You had a situation in this country with slavery, which existed in all the original 13 colonies, both north and south and in states in both areas after the War for Independence was over. Slavery in the North didn’t disappear until the early decades of the 19th century–1810-1840 and even later in some Northern states.

Then you had a problem with who owned the slaves, and all the slaveowners were not white folks. Some were, but there were also blacks that owned slaves, and American Indians that owned slaves.

So the question arises, at least to me, and I hope to a bunch of other folks too, as to just how these “race-based” reparations are supposed to be paid. Are descendants of black slave owners going to be forced to pay reparations to the descendants of black slaves they owned? Will descendants of American Indian slave owners be forced to do the same? Or, as I suggested earlier, will this con game be only for fleecing white folks?

And what about all the white folks that never owned any slaves? Do their descendants get to pay too? I’d be willing to bet they do.

I mentioned that Kamala Harris was one of those pushing this foolishness. I ran across a short article on that stated: “Presidential Candidate, Senator Kamala Harris claimed she supports Reparations for African-Americans but forgot to mention that her ancestors owned slaves…The thing is, Kamala’s ancestors used to own slaves–according to her own father…According to Kamala Harris’ father, the Democratic presidential hopeful’s great-grandmom was a Jamaican slave plantation owner who founded the city of Brown’s Town.”

That raises some interesting questions. Would Harris, who is a least partly black, be entitled to reparations, or would she have to pay reparations, seeing that her ancestors owned a slave plantation? Of course that was in Jamaica, so it might not apply here, but there might be people here that would find themselves in that boat. So who would end up paying who?

I’d like to see someone address the issue of whether black descendants of black slave owners would have to pay reparations. And how do we go about determining which blacks were here since slave days as opposed to some that have come here from other places since slavery ended. What about all the blacks up in Minnesota from Somalia that have come here in the last three decades from Africa? Are you going to tell me they are entitled to reparations too, even though their ancestors were never slaves here? I surely hope not because if you do, you will not be enamored of my response.

I can’t get over the sneaky feeling that this scam is directed at white folks to con them into feeling guilty enough over slavery that they’d be willing to fork over something to expiate their supposed guilt. Let me be blunt here. Since no one alive today has ever lived under slavery in this country and since there have not been any slave owners in this country since the passage of the second 13th Amendment, then no one owes anyone else a thin dime for “slavery reparations.” It’s that simple, and I honestly believe that all these Demoncrat political fakers who push this drivel fully realize that fact. I think they are trying to build themselves giant voting blocs for the upcoming 2020 elections.

They want to appear sympathetic to the great toiling masses in this country that are not white so they can howl about how they are trying to help out minority voters. It’s all a croc, or as they say in West Texas, a pile of cow chips! They don’t care about minorities anymore than they care about us deplorable white folks. What they care about are money and power and they are willing to prostitute themselves to those ends.

To say they are pathetic would be to pay them a complement.

by Paul H. Yarbrough

Born in Mississippi, Paul H. Yarbrough now calls Texas home. A critically acclaimed novelist, Paul is now bringing his writing talents to the political arena. He is also the humorist behind the weekly column, Redneck Diary.

The South is and always been conservative. But with the constant hammer of political correctness and political falsehood (redundant?) pounded on it, it has waffled among many who brand it as evil. Punchy from the blows, it has sought to defend itself in the wrong places: In presentism and with Republicans.

Republican and Air Force veteran Mike Hill, the first black elected to state office in the Florida panhandle since the War Between the States, has introduced a bill that would protect all monuments: “The Soldiers’ and Heroes’ Monuments and Memorials Protection Act.”

Naturally, the long knives of presentism and erroneous historical scholarship immediately race to cut Hill’s throat. Newsweek in capturing the story compares Hill to VA Secretary Robert Wllkie, who had previously called Jefferson Davis, among other superlatives, a statesman and a martyr to “The Lost Cause.”

Newsweek wrote: “Wilkie has longstanding links to the neo-Confederate movement, which seeks to cast the Confederacy in a heroic light and downplays its defense of racism and slavery.”

Why didn’t Tom Porter (Newsweek) have the intellectual acumen to mention New England’s defense of racism, slave-trading, and kidnapping? My guess is Porter is a product of public education.

In any event, I have seen no complementary articles on such historical matters as the Massachusetts Puritans making slavery legal, or Peter Faneuil’s family who built the famous (perhaps infamous?) Faneuil Hall with a fortune made in the slave trade. Certainly, no rallies to tear it down because it is a racist monument.

Nor have I seen articles addressing the racist Ivy League Brown University. After all the Brown family ran one of the more vicious and profitable slave-trading businesses in New England.

Recently Davis Elementary school in Jackson, MS, named for Jefferson Davis, and probably the only elementary school in the U.S. to have as alumni two Pulitzer Prize novelists (Welty and Ford) was renamed to Barack Obama Elementary.
Why not rename Brown University to some contemporary feel-good-ism like Michele Obama Equality U. or some such silliness? That would at least be consistent.

This business of remembering the past by calling it the present works for the presentism bigots, whether they be on the left or right, North or South. It is almost sickening to try and fathom the twisted and misunderstood history lessons of the likes of Mark Levine, Sean Hannity or Jonah Goldberg, to name only three who seduce even Southern conservatives with their misguided narratives and then call themselves “conservatives.”

Many Southerners in an effort to gain political ground due to having had to bear the brunt of attacks and name-calling as Jim Crow(ers) and racists have equivocated. They have, as conservative people, been duped into believing that the holy grail of conservatism was the Republican party and Barry Goldwater. Even Ronald Reagan was seduced and ultimately joined the disguised conservatives (Neocons) of Dick Cheney, Bob Bennett, and the Bush bunch et al.

It all started in 1981 when M.E. Bradford was selected by Ronald Reagan as Chairman of the National Endowment for the Humanities. He had the support of no less prominent conservatives than Russel Kirk and Forrest McDonald. But, he had the disdain for Southerners by Neocons such as Norman Podhoretz and William Kristol. Neocon Bob Bennett was selected after Reagan caved.

This was when Southerners, with their conservative views and beliefs, were hoodwinked into being ashamed of who they are because the neocons said so. It’s perhaps ironic that a Yankee, Donald Trump, is now battling for some semblance of a former united union of states-not a national government, but unless the Southern conservatives remember their own history and the truth about it, Trump will fight a losing battle.

As to Jim Crow, that’s a Northern invention. Just ask C. Van Woodward. And you can bet Mike Hill will be castigated as Florida’s Uncle Tom.

by James W. King

James W. King is the Commander of the Sons of Confederate Veterans (SCV) Camp in Albany, Georgia.

January 19, 2019 is the 212th birthday of Confederate General Robert E. Lee who was born in 1807 at Stratford, Westmoreland County, Virginia. He was the son of Revolutionary War hero “Light Horse” Harry Lee and Ann Carter Lee. Young Robert’s role model was George Washington.

Lee was a devout Christian and his greatness can best be judged by the positive statements made by Northerners who were his former enemies and later U.S. presidents and foreign dignitaries. He has always been considered the epitome of a Southern gentleman. In 1880, E. Benjamin Andrews, president of Brown University, and a former Union Veteran stated “Any father when asked who he would want his son to emulate would have to answer Robert E. Lee if he were wise..”

U.S. president Theodore Roosevelt considered Lee the greatest of the great captains that the English speaking people have brought forth. Franklin D. Roosevelt noted that Lee was not only a great General but one of the greatest American Christians. In a letter dated Aug. 9, 1960, President Dwight D. Eisenhower said that Lee was one of the supremely gifted men that America has produced and that a nation of men of Lee’s caliber would be unconquerable in spirit and soul and that modern day American youth should emulate his qualities.

British Army field Marshall G. Joseph Wolseley met Lee during the war. He stated “I judged Lee to be from a different mold and of finer and superior metal than other men.. British Prime Minister Winston Churchill said Lee was one of the noblest Americans ever. When the Confederate army went into Pennsylvania, Lee refused to commit atrocities in retaliation for what Yankees had done in the Southern states saying, “we only make war against armed men and not women and children”. After the war at a time when Lee desperately needed money a Northern insurance company offered him $50,000 for the use of his name. He declined saying, “my name and heritage is about all I have left and it is not for sale.”

Georgia war-era senator Benjamin Harvey Hill expressed a lasting Lee tribute. “He possessed every virtue of other great commanders without their vices. He was a foe without hate, a friend without treachery, a victor without oppression, and a victim without murmuring. He was a public officer without vices, a private citizen without reproach, a Christian without hypocrisy, and a man without guile. He was a Caesar without his ambition, Frederick without his tyranny, Napoleon without his selfishness, and Washington without his reward. He was obedient in authority as a servant and loyal in authority as a true King. He was as gentle as a woman in life, modest and pure as a virgin in thought, watchful as a Roman Vidal in duty, submissive to law as Socrates, and as grand in battle as Achilles.”

Lee opposed slavery and fought for Southern Independence from Northern tyranny, despotism, and dictatorship and to preserve the U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights which were written by America’s founding fathers who were primarily Southern gentlemen from Virginia. After the failed 1848 Socialist revolution in Europe Karl Marx had sent about 2000 European Socialists to New York City. They had joined with American Socialists to form the Republican Party which was similar to the modern Socialist Democratic Party. The New York Tribune newspaper had published 487 of Marx’s articles including the Communist Manifesto. Lincoln was a member of this radical fanatical party. The federal government had been taken over by radicals, fanatics, zealots, and criminals and the South refused to voluntarily be ruled by this class of corrupt criminal Northern politicians and industrialists. Slavery was already a dying institution but Northern abolitionists demanded instant abolition as opposed to the gradual orderly emancipation that was already taking place.

Sixty-eight of 117 Republicans signed a resolution advocating violence and terrorism against the South and this along with the upcoming Morrill tariff tax of 47 to 50 percent was forcing the South into a dependent colonial condition almost as abject as the Roman provinces 2000 years ago under their pro-councils. Altogether there were 10 causes of Southern secession.


Dr. Ed is a pastor, author, public speaker, radio personality, lobbyist, re-enactor, and the Director of Dixie Heritage.

Lord willing, as you are reading this, I am in Havana. This issue of the Dixie Heritage Letter having been finalized on March 14th and scheduled for release on the 22nd. So if something BIG has happened since our last issue and we have failed to report it now you know why.

As I prepared for my trip to Cuba I visited a revered institution of Southern culture, the flea market. Right next to the booth where the Korean guy sells the made-in-China “Rolex” watches – it was hard but I didn’t buy one – is the booth where a Vietnamese guy sells generic faux-leather handbags for $15 each. For an extra $20 he will stamp them with any designer logo you like. While I have no use for a faux-Coach purse I did buy a $5 generic leather wallet from him before stopping at the booth where a friendly middle-eastern lady dressed in a burkha and hijab was selling Confederate Battle Flags and Make America Great Again hats. I was going to buy a gross of flags to take with me. When I told her what they were for she gave them to me. Overhearing me, an older white guy, he used to sell the flags but got tired of being called a racist so he and the muslim lady traded booths, now he sells cell phone accessories and kids toys, also loaded us down with toys to take to the kids in Cuba. A group of total strangers, watching this, asked if they could pray over my family and I ahead of our trip.

So hopefully we will help some of our Cuban friends learn more about their Confederate ancestry (did you know that the Knights of the Golden Circle was established in Havana?) and also encourage them in their Christian faith. Truth be told, Southerners and Cubans are not that different. The weather is just hotter and more humid in Cuba.

Pray for us as we finish our work on the “forbidden island.” I look forward to being back with you again next week. Until then,

Until Next Week,
Deo Vindice!
Chaplain Ed

Dixie Heritage
P.O. Box 618
Lowell, FL 32663