The Rebel Mountain Perspective: Who is behind the attack on America History and Heritage, and why?

Published on March 12, 2019

Mark Vogl

The attack on America Heritage and History, from within America itself, is broad-based with clear objectives: destroy the patriotism and pride of Americans, and remove the intellectual and spiritual foundation of the American nation and its citizens.

And, the attack is cleverly designed with a long-range purpose. Many Americans are just too busy to recognize the strategic, long term consequences of removing our national history from a citizen-based nation. And almost no citizens understand the crucial and foundational role Christianity played in the various phases of early development of this nation. As John Adams said of the Constitution: “Our Constitution was made for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.”

While the attack on America began with attacks on Southern Culture and history, it has clearly spread back in time to Columbus and the discovery, exploration and settlement of the colonies and moved all the way to America’s role in the modern world. The attack is continuous and echoed through the reports of mainstream media.

The foot soldiers of the assault appear to be Generation Y (a combination of college students and race-based groups like BLM), a group with no experience and no life accomplishments, who have little understanding of what it takes to make (not write) good history. But the Millennials cannot be the leaders of this effort. Too many resources have been collected and coordinated in the attack.

Statues and artwork have been attacked across the nation. And the sins of America, from the taking of the land from the first immigrants to the Americas, the native Americans, to slavery and “white privilege” are too sophisticated for a young mind to create, and too well disseminated to several generations of college attendees. Writing in the February, 2019 edition of Imprimis, Roger Kimball, editor and publisher of The Criterion, pointed to Notre Dame’s decision to remove a mural of Christopher Columbus in response to a student demonstration illustrates the unwillingness to stand up for American history, or the shared view of academia with race-oriented students that America had an immoral foundation.

From Kimball’s piece, though not his thought, his mentioning of the French Revolution’s Reign of Terror appears to be the same spirit and direction of the present anti-Americanism expressed by our domestic enemies.

I say enemies because they are, their actions directly threaten the future of this nation. To “gut” the history of a people, is to tear out both their heart and their memory. In the case of the United States of America, it is especially important because our nation is to be one where the people’s wisdom sets the course, and the general living environment, and there is an expressed partnership with God, easily found in the Declaration of Independence.

Why was this being done? It seems God provided at least a part of the answer through the writing of Jill Lepore, a Professor of History at Harvard, in an article of hers in the March/April edition of Foreign Affairs Magazine, titled A New Americanism. Dr. Lepore tells us that America’s academia decided to stop writing American history in the 1970’s because they felt the “nation-state” was a bygone political unit. Instead they turned to macro and micro history.

In effect, “pedigreed” history of America took a nose dive, and the unclean, as Dr. Lepore insinuates, took over the writing of American history. But now, since nationalism appears to be both persistent and at this time on the rise, she encourages the establishment historians to once again take up the task of shaping the story of America. She is clear that the history must be told a certain way, if it is to be useful in walking America down a higher road…inconvenient history is not welcome.

And God is certainly inconvenient. I would feel fairly certain the Dr. Lepore does not hold as the first purpose of history that stated in Psalms, Chapter 78 verses 1 – 11.

America has a enemies list that begins with Satan, and works through nations and atleast one worldwide ideology that is even now being brought into America by the remnants of the last President…through the Deep State.

But for those who love America, for those who believe America was the inspiration of God, and has a Divine Purpose, I would strongly encourage you to help create a movement for American history, especially history between 1492 and 1789, which has a strong dose of answers to the question: How did God use Christianity to create the United States of America?

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